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Goseiger Blog: Movie

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog.

This is the 4th part of their blogging. The 3rd part is about what they are into recently. For this part, we has a special guest entry.
- Moune has the best picture. :3

Everyone, how are you?
I'm very well!

Well then, the other day, there was an announcement for the production of "Tensou Sentai Goseiger epic On The Movie" that will be in theater on August 7 (Sat).

As Alata, going to the press conference to make the premiere announcement, I was extremely nervous, but somehow I'm able to share it with everyone.

For this movie edition, in addition to 2D, there will also be in 3D.
No doubt, it's a big appeal point!

And also, with even more intensity than the action scenes of the TV series that I think is very skillfully done.

Also, make sure not to miss the beautiful last scene!!

With that, of course the movie and the TV series, please don't miss it!!

Well then, see you later.

This is Alata*

Nice to meet you,
Playing the role of Amachi Shuichiro, I'm Louis Yamada LIII from the duo Beard Baron.
I apologize for the complication...

The things I'm recently am grateful for able to work with many types of character for work.
From shogun, banchou, and also an aristocrat...
When I was thinking that I'm missing something, I was given the professor role, this is it!!

That something is this!! though I didn't really understand.

Since this is a program intended for kids, I went to the filming site somewhat unprepared, which I'm immediately regret.

As expect of Toei-san's traditional series.
Everyone of the staff-san are professionals among professionals, with a stimulating atmosphere, I went into the filming.

Something I noticed recently, Professor Amachi's scene, "..." while saying these words, in order to be a professor, I have numerous of worries...

Please, let me not messed up while being the professor!! (don't really get this sentence, but I think it's a pun with 'hakaze' and 'hakesasenai', well don't quote me. lol)

Hello ♪
This is Eri!!

I think there are people who already knew but Aug 7 (Sat), Goseiger's movie will be in theater.

The name is "Tensou Sentai Goseiger Epic On The Movie"!!!

There was a press conference on June 1st with many camera flashes from the reporters, my heart was beating fast (>_<)

Overwhelm with nervousness that I'm unable to make sense (+_+) laughs

In the movie, the some what different action from the tv series was also a challenge.
Truthfully there are a lot of mistakes...
That my head went completely blank...

But, I did my best!!

Such action scenes that I did myself I hope everyone will watch it!

Furthermore, because the 3D edition is also going to be out,
The appeal of the action scenes that you can't see on TV
I think can be seen many times \(^^)/

Everyone, please look forward to Aug 7 (Sat)~♪♪

Hello everyone♪
Playing the role of GoseiBlack, Agri, I'm Hamao Kyousuke!

The heat is already here~ (^^)
It'll be July soon!!
It's Summer♪
I love Summer, that's why I'm happy ☆
Everyone, which season do you like!? (*^^*)

Well then... ☆ The movie edition that will be open in theater on Aug 7 (Sat)
I want to tell you about the highlight of it (^^)v

Highlight... ... ... Honestly everything♪♪ (laughs)
Even though it's everything, but the part where I especially want to focus on is the sober face of these 5 people in the action scenes!!

For that, everyone did their best, I also challenged myself violently for it!!
You did that type of violent action for the first time!?
Even if I said that bitterly, but I really put all my power in, because I did it with my most effort, I hope ☆ you'll be able to watch the action scenes on screen!!

The other day, after filming, I'm faced with a beautiful setting sun ♪
The filming is going great (^-^ゞ

With that see you next time... ♪ Bye bye (^^)/

This is Moune ♪

Before I noticed July is already here, in the middle of this heat while happily filming for Goseiger ♪

Because I love Summer
I'm very excited (゜▽゜)
with everyone in high spirits!

Speaking of Summer, on Aug 7 (Sat), Goseiger movie will be in theater!

It's in 3D.
Because I'd never seen a 3D movie before I'll look forward to how everything will be like on the big screen!

In addition, there's a intensifying action scene.
Furthermore, you'll be able to see the cool Goseiger.

Whether it's in 3D or 2D, because of its appeal
Please transport yourself to a theater ☆

Moune was able to experienced many things she's unable to do
Definitely check it out ♪

I'll look forward to
meeting everyone at the movie theater (^O^)/

For this picture, everyone strike a pose ♪
What are the 2 Skyick members doing (laughs)

Even though looking cool, but actually hot, this is Hyde.

Last month, there's an announcement for the movie edition for Goseiger.
The nervousness was overwhelming....

But I'm happy to be able to experienced it.
I hope many people can watch it.

The highlight it, of course there are lots of drama and action,
but the current state of Goseiger and the atmosphere are different from the series.

The part where you can't see in the show, you'll be able to see it in the movie, that is one interesting point.

Its appeal is also 3D, it will make your hand become full of sweat.
Don't forget to bring your handkerchief. Just kidding (laughs).

"Kamen Rider W" will also be in theater at the same time,
please look forward to these 2 works.

In theater August 7 (Sat).
Everyone look forward to it!!

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