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Goseiger Blog: Movie

Tensou Sentai GoseigerGo! Say! blog.

This is the 4th part of their blogging. The 3rd part is about what they are into recently. For this part, we has a special guest entry.
- Moune has the best picture. :3

Everyone, how are you?
I'm very well!

Well then, the other day, there was an announcement for the production of "Tensou Sentai Goseiger epic On The Movie" that will be in theater on August 7 (Sat).

As Alata, going to the press conference to make the premiere announcement, I was extremely nervous, but somehow I'm able to share it with everyone.

For this movie edition, in addition to 2D, there will also be in 3D.
No doubt, it's a big appeal point!

And also, with even more intensity than the action scenes of the TV series that I think is very skillfully done.

Also, make sure not to miss the beautiful last scene!!

With that, of course the movie and the TV series, please don't miss it!!

Well then, see you later.

This is Alata*

Nice to meet you,
Playing the role of Amachi Shuichiro, I'm Louis Yamada LIII from the duo Beard Baron.
I apologize for the complication...

The things I'm recently am grateful for able to work with many types of character for work.
From shogun, banchou, and also an aristocrat...
When I was thinking that I'm missing something, I was given the professor role, this is it!!

That something is this!! though I didn't really understand.

Since this is a program intended for kids, I went to the filming site somewhat unprepared, which I'm immediately regret.

As expect of Toei-san's traditional series.
Everyone of the staff-san are professionals among professionals, with a stimulating atmosphere, I went into the filming.

Something I noticed recently, Professor Amachi's scene, "..." while saying these words, in order to be a professor, I have numerous of worries...

Please, let me not messed up while being the professor!! (don't really get this sentence, but I think it's a pun with 'hakaze' and 'hakesasenai', well don't quote me. lol)

Hello ♪
This is Eri!!

I think there are people who already knew but Aug 7 (Sat), Goseiger's movie will be in theater.

The name is "Tensou Sentai Goseiger Epic On The Movie"!!!

There was a press conference on June 1st with many camera flashes from the reporters, my heart was beating fast (>_<)

Overwhelm with nervousness that I'm unable to make sense (+_+) laughs

In the movie, the some what different action from the tv series was also a challenge.
Truthfully there are a lot of mistakes...
That my head went completely blank...

But, I did my best!!

Such action scenes that I did myself I hope everyone will watch it!

Furthermore, because the 3D edition is also going to be out,
The appeal of the action scenes that you can't see on TV
I think can be seen many times \(^^)/

Everyone, please look forward to Aug 7 (Sat)~♪♪

Hello everyone♪
Playing the role of GoseiBlack, Agri, I'm Hamao Kyousuke!

The heat is already here~ (^^)
It'll be July soon!!
It's Summer♪
I love Summer, that's why I'm happy ☆
Everyone, which season do you like!? (*^^*)

Well then... ☆ The movie edition that will be open in theater on Aug 7 (Sat)
I want to tell you about the highlight of it (^^)v

Highlight... ... ... Honestly everything♪♪ (laughs)
Even though it's everything, but the part where I especially want to focus on is the sober face of these 5 people in the action scenes!!

For that, everyone did their best, I also challenged myself violently for it!!
You did that type of violent action for the first time!?
Even if I said that bitterly, but I really put all my power in, because I did it with my most effort, I hope ☆ you'll be able to watch the action scenes on screen!!

The other day, after filming, I'm faced with a beautiful setting sun ♪
The filming is going great (^-^ゞ

With that see you next time... ♪ Bye bye (^^)/

This is Moune ♪

Before I noticed July is already here, in the middle of this heat while happily filming for Goseiger ♪

Because I love Summer
I'm very excited (゜▽゜)
with everyone in high spirits!

Speaking of Summer, on Aug 7 (Sat), Goseiger movie will be in theater!

It's in 3D.
Because I'd never seen a 3D movie before I'll look forward to how everything will be like on the big screen!

In addition, there's a intensifying action scene.
Furthermore, you'll be able to see the cool Goseiger.

Whether it's in 3D or 2D, because of its appeal
Please transport yourself to a theater ☆

Moune was able to experienced many things she's unable to do
Definitely check it out ♪

I'll look forward to
meeting everyone at the movie theater (^O^)/

For this picture, everyone strike a pose ♪
What are the 2 Skyick members doing (laughs)

Even though looking cool, but actually hot, this is Hyde.

Last month, there's an announcement for the movie edition for Goseiger.
The nervousness was overwhelming....

But I'm happy to be able to experienced it.
I hope many people can watch it.

The highlight it, of course there are lots of drama and action,
but the current state of Goseiger and the atmosphere are different from the series.

The part where you can't see in the show, you'll be able to see it in the movie, that is one interesting point.

Its appeal is also 3D, it will make your hand become full of sweat.
Don't forget to bring your handkerchief. Just kidding (laughs).

"Kamen Rider W" will also be in theater at the same time,
please look forward to these 2 works.

In theater August 7 (Sat).
Everyone look forward to it!!

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Goseiger epic 21-22 Making Of

• I'm being overwhelm by Kamiki's news, so I'm going to take my time on them.
• I've been reading and catching up with the mangas Detective Conan and Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, so I'm taking my time on translations, so there are going to be slow post from me these 2 weeks. ^^;;

Anyways, onto this week of Goseiger Making Of, taken from Toei's Goseiger official site.

1. Revival of director Nagaishi at the Goseiger filming.
2. The casts are also from the starting point of Goseiger.
3. Director Watanabe also study under this person of charisma.
4. "Eri, I kind of want to eat something sweet~!"
5. Thus, the birth of Patissier Eri!
6. "I'll do my best~"

1. Do~n! (sfx: kind of like ta-da but not as excited, or thump when people put things down in front of you and you kind of stare at it strangely)
2. Don Do~n!!
3. Ga~n!!! (sfx for disappointed)
4. Anticipation! Eri-sensei
5. From an owner of a shop at the filming location.
6. Specially made for Goseiger, fully melon!
"Thank you very much!"
7. Director "We'll be looking forward to Eri's cake"
Assistant director "That's right"
8. "I guess it's not finish yet~ not finish yet~"
9. "I want to hurry and eat it~"

1. Eri "What should I do? I don't have any confident..."
Moune "It'll work out somehow! I supposed" (a play on word, 'kamo ne' into 'Moune', also Eri's catchphrase in the show)
2. That's right! Because my comrades are here!
3. Because my comrades are together, I'll do my best!!
4. "In any case, let's try!" (Alata's catchphrase)
5. Ei! (sfx: trying hard on doing something)
6. Ei!!
7. To have the feeling that you can do it!

1. This is, it's here!
2. Ta-da~!
3. Perfect!
4. For my comrades, you can do anything!
5. That's why, from now on,
6. Please take care of us!
7. Director "It should be here soon, the cake"
Assistant director "That's right"

- Moune and Alata!! ♥ 'Nuff said! >:3

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JUNON August 2010: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview

JUNON August 2010 Issue. Scanned by the lovely Beccy on LJ. Clicked on her link for more great scans! :)

The movie to look forward to this summer! "Karigurashi no Arrietty" is his 5th challenges with Ghibli.
Kamiki Ryunosuke, a 17 years old's sensitivity.
"For my whole life, this is perhaps the first time I think humanity is scary."

Ghibli's works always seems like a close family member.

Studio Ghibli films, such as "My Neighbor Totoro" or "Porco Rosso", from when I was small are always feel so close to me that they has the feeling like that of a "family". Especially "Porco Rosso", I watch it so many times at the same place that I really like it. The last battle was very interesting. Also, "Why did he turned into a pig?" I would thought about it. The next work that I also watch often is "Princess Mononoke". But my childish heart at the time was scared. "Uwah, the heads are flying!" like that.

My first seiyuu work is for "Spirited Away", I was 8 years old, not knowing much about honorific speech (laughs). When talking to the staffs-san, "I like trains...", I completely used casual speech with them (laughs). But I remembered how they still treated me with affections. Even when I got to the studio in order to record for "Karigurashi no Arrietty", with an at home like feeling, they said, "Oh~, long time no see! How are you?". Like that, it has a sense of family.

For Ghibli's film, the various angles and ways you're able to watch it is its charm point. My favorite "Howl's Moving Castle" is the same, Howl's strong and complicated emotions, for example, even though there's a bit of maturity, it's also still childish, I think there are many thoughts inside of him that he's still unable to express. That's why when watching it 10 years later, I think you will be able to drawn out a different impression.

That can also be said for the work this time, "Karigurashi no Arrietty", a lovely and beautiful film that's like a dream. I played the voice of 12 years old "Sho", with a weak heart, unable to do things as he pleased, he come to the house in the forest in order to recuperate from his illness. There, the little person, Arrietty (voiced by Shida Mirai) is living under the floor quietly inorder to hide from humans. These two meet, finding an attraction in the things the other has that they don't, thinking "I want to be together forever", and a hope was born from the excitement. I'm not sure if it's what they call first love, but the two of them drawing from each others' strong point in order to grow, that's their relationship. I think this is one of "Arrietty" charm point.

The charm point of these two are probably also because of the pictures. With an abundant of nature, the color of each and every leaf are totally different, they are drawn vividly.

Arrietty is Shida-san herself! (laughs)

Before I did my recording, I was able to watch the film without any sound. Sho's eyes when he see Arrietty is gentle, and increasingly increasingly becoming stronger, but because Arrietty is a strong girl, such strength and cuteness, even without any voice, really made an impression. And then, comparing this film with others, the lines are not that little. When there are not much lines, perhaps being silence or smile. For that, what are they are feeling, will depend on the people who are watching, and us that are performing the character.

That's why, acting as the voice for Sho is a brand new feeling for me. For example, when I was doing Markl from "Howl" and "Summer Wars", they are characters with comical facial expressions, furthermore, they have an 1.5 times the exaggerated tension in their voice. When I was doing their voice, I actively has the same facial expressions as the character, however, this time for Sho, he's always flat. When he's happy he'll smile, when he's sad his eyes will cast downward. This type of subtle inner restrain for this drama was difficult!

By the way, the scene where Sho is sleeping on the bed, in order to not use my muscle, I sat on the chair, so that the voice coming out will be weaker. Doing such things for the recording was also my first experiences.

Shida Mirai-san, who played Arrietty, also starred in the same drama "Tantei Gakuen Q" with me, so I knew her since my first year in junior high. Arrietty, who's heart is strong and like to do things as she pleased, is exactly like Shida-san! The real person is also like this (laughs). We are the same age, and our friendship is also good, whichever drama we are working on, the other will know about it, that's why it's easy working with her. At the recording site, we never talk about our role, "How far have you studied?" for example, such talks are all that we talked about (laughs).

When I was around 12 years old, I want the bamboo-copter.

For this film, I think the small children who watch it will becoming excited while saying "There may be little people living under the floor board of our house.", even for the adults that watch it, I think they will be inspired. My impression is, Arrietty living in the forest is a part of "nature", with the human Sho who entered this world, perhaps this ideal relationship between "humanity and nature" is created.

In this story, you can also see the viewpoints of the little people. From the eyes of the little people, human are scary to the point of cold sweat. That is an impact impression. First time since birth, the most scary thing is perhaps humans. Humans are destroyer of nature, doing things just for our interests, but to be like Sho, who's facing nature and accepted it, nature may also be able to accept humans. I believe that is what the message this film is trying to pass on.

When I was around 12 years old, I didn't really think there are little people living under the floor, but truthfully, I really want Doraemon's bamboo-copter (laughs). Even now when I'm 17 years old, when talking about time machine with my friends, "Can we really warp physical substances?" we asked while going home (laughs). We had such dreamlike talk about scientific research.

And then, during the summer of my first year in junior high, I went to Disney Land with the managers from my office, I remembered they forced me onto the jet coaster that I dislike against my will in order for me to master it completely (laughs). It was scary, but because of that I'm slowly able to ride it, so from now on, if I were on a date at an amusement park, I will be alright (laughs). I'll be able to say, "I can ride it 4 to 5 times" (laughs).

Of course you can watch "Karigurashi no Arrietty" on a date, but because I think it's a film that take its time in arriving at the ending, people who want to be relax, or people who want to be heal, please definitely come and watch it!

- As always, translation is not perfect. Please tell me! D:
- As always, I'm very thankful for the scanners. Do you know how hard it is to bend your favorite books or magazines in order to share? It's very hard. That's why, I'm very thankful. Thank you! <3
- Kamiki always has an air of gentleness when he's doing solo interview. ^__^;;
- Ok, for this interview, he said his favorite Ghibli film is "Howl's Moving Castle", but for the interview earlier, he said "Porco Rosso"... =___=;; So which on is it Kamiki? lol
- Once again he admitted his close friendship with Shida... They knew each others ever since they're in first year of junior high, so why is he still calling her Shida-san? >___<;; It's alright Kamiki, I don't think the fan girls mind your close relationships. :x
- His managers forcing him to go on Jet-coaster ride. That is too funny. XD;;
- Doraemon! <3<3
- Kamiki talking about time travel... >:3 Love it when I find talk of science in least expected place.
- I love his last picture. It really conveyed his gentleness well. *___*;;

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Pict Up June 2010 : Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) & Shida Mirai (志田未来) Interview

This time, scans are taken from Kamiki's Baidu. :) Thank you to Kamiki Chinese fans. XD;;

The Karigurashi no Arrietty interview is on page 59-62 Pict Up magazine, June 2010 issue. The magazine was on sale on June 18, 2010.

"In order to be in the same spirit, I sported the same ponytail as Arrietty when going to do the recording." the person who said this was the lead in the drama "14 Sai no Haha", "Shokojo Seira", and others, with exceptional acting talent that is getting attention, is Shida Mirai. "Karigugashi no Arrietty" is her fist challenge at voice acting. For this prodigy actress how does she tackle this challenge with her frankness?

-- It's your first challenge as a voice actress ne. When you learn about your participation, what did you think?
Shida: Truthfully, at first I didn't really have confident in my voice. That's why, I thought, is it alright for me to do this?

-- You weren't confident with your own voice?

Shida: My voice is not really feminine, and it's not husky or cool. I think it's a half-baked voice (laugh).

-- What's your thought regarding Ghibli's films?
Shida: Even from the time when I was young, it's my dream to become a person like the ones in Ghibli's film. This time, to able to be a part of the film at such close distance, "Is this really okay?" I thought anxiously.

-- When you read the script, what did you think of Arrietty?
Shida: Even though it's my first time reading an anime script, at first there will be parts where I'm unable to imagine. "She's this kind of girl" I would thought, but 3-4 days before the recording, I'm able to watch the solid film. Seeing such an innocent facial expression and simplicity, I think she's a straightforward girl.

-- With that, were Shida-san able to perform easily?
Shida: Even though she's not just a straightforward person, but there are parts where I'm similar, thus there are parts where I could understand her.

-- Which parts are you similar?
Shida: Things like doing what she pleases (laugh). If I want to eat, I'll eat, if I want to go outside, I'll go -- Arrietty is also that kind of girl, similarly, if people say I can't do something, the more I want to do it. I think such parts are similar to me.

It's not just my play, it's also Arrietty's play.

-- Before the recording, were you nervous?
Shida: I was. From the day before, I was already nervous, on the morning of the actual day... I want to hurry up and do it so I can finish it quickly (laugh). No matter where the site of filming are, I'll still be nervous on the first day, but this time, I'm especially nervous. It's a brand new challenge for me. I was in a state of confusion the moment I stepped into the recording site. "Even though there's a mike, but where should I stand?" or "When do I wear the headphone?" for example.

-- After the performance, is there something that's especially difficult?
Shida: It's the timing. With the timing for Arrietty's talk, my voice is unable to match with hers. This was extremely difficult. For example, being angry at the drum and speak the lines in a heated way, instantly, Arrietty suddenly filled with tears, in order to match that part, my voice also need to be unable to come out. It's not just only my play, it's also Arrietty's play, the two of us must become one, I had this feeling... It was absolutely difficult.

-- How was your co-star, Kamiki Ryunosuke-san? You are the same age, and you both also acted together before, it seems like Kamiki-kun views Shida-san like that of the same mind.
Shida: Same mind? (laugh) But we definitely have a feeling of comrade. On the surface of the drama, I also really respected him, when we are working together, I'm really able to become at ease.

-- Kamiki-san had already worked on 3 Ghibli's long film, his experiences in voice acting are also abundance. Being the dai sempai, does he give out advices?
Shida: Sempai, he doesn't seem like that (laugh). A week before the recording, "What should I do, what should I do..." I would anxiously said. "It's alright, it's alright, everyone are not scary", he told me, with that I'm able to be a little bit at ease. Also, I was by myself on the first, and the second day was together with Kamiki-kun, grandly on the second day, I was able to do it the way I wanted.

No matter the drama, no matter the place, I have the talent to [be able to enjoy it].

-- You always has an impression of grandly perform, are you the type of person who's courageous?
Shida: No, I'm not. I'm really a coward, when doing new things, I'm the type that will avoid challenges as much as possible (laugh). That's why, this time I'm extremely worried.

-- From the point of view of the people watching, even though still young, magnificently with a relaxed attitude, your performance is really good. There are thoughts like "Genius". As for yourself, do you have thoughts that you are "genius"?
Shida: Noo, I don't. Even from the time "Shokojo Seira", even though I was playing an ojou-sama role, I completely unable to be like an ojou-sama, even when speaking the lines, I also thought "What should I do....". I don't have any self-confident. "I wonder if this is alright" I would always thought.

-- Producer Suzuki Toshio gave this comment, "Shida-san is always having fun doing drama.", is this true?
Shida: It's fun. My parents told me, "You can retire whenever you want to.", but my intention is to continue on with it. I think it's enjoyable so I'm continuing it.

-- Was it fun when you first start?
Shida: Perhaps it wasn't really fun. From the time I was little, the day before going to the audition, I cried. But when it was the real thing at the audition, it seems I'm able to do it (laugh). I think because it was enjoyable, that's why I'm able to continue with it.

-- When is a time when you're the most happy as an actress?
Shida: When people said "That scene was nicely done" or "Because you're here, that's why that character was able to exist". I would thought, I'm glad I did it.

-- For this time, what sort of things did the director told you?
Shida: At first I was extremely nervous, that I'm unable to sound like Arrietty. But when I finished, he told me "Gradually, you were able to become Arrietty", it made me extremely happy.

-- Do you want to continue being an actress forever?
Shida: I think I want to get married, and create a family (laugh). But if it's possible I want to continue doing drama forever.

From the period of his child role, his activities in drama, movies, etc.. are flourishing. The name of this prodigy is Kamiki Ryunosuke. From, "Spirited Away" to "Howl's Moving Castle", and also for this work, he is a regular in Ghibli's films. He, who's once again known for his profound voice performance, is just turning 17 years old.

-- This will be your 3rd major Ghibli's film ne. When you learned about your participation, what did you think?
Kamiki: Honestly, I was really happy. At the end of last year, I received a New Year card from the people at Ghibli. It said "We'll look forward to the summer movie!". It looks like a normal greeting, but when I know my voice was going to be appointed again, I was happy.

-- When you read the script of "Karigurashi no Arrietty", what did you think?
Kamiki: From the first impression, I thought it's a very beautiful movie. A peaceful and lovely movie. That's how I felt for the first time.

-- How is it, regarding the role of Sho?
Kamiki: His body is weak, and he's a child who doesn't hold the hope to live. Doesn't talk a lot, a quiet boy are my impressions of him. But, when I was able to watch his images at Ghibli, when he see Arrietty, his eyes is straightforward and strong, I thought he was really a boy who's has a strong heart.

-- For the recording, the schedules seems to be finished really quickly ne.
Kamiki: Even though it was scheduled for 2 days, the recording was practically done by the first day.

-- Are they mostly done in one take?
Kamiki: No no no. The recording is really difficult. Up until now, Markl (of "Howl's Moving Castle") and Koiso Kenji (of "Summer Wars") that I did the voices for, are boys who has fluctuating facial expressions, but this time for Sho, he's a boy that doesn't show things like hiding a bit of his eyes, smile, or emotions on his face. In order for such facial expression and voice to match, it was really difficult. Director Yonebayashi will say, "It's better if you smile just a little bit" or "Try to have a bit more sadness", I have to act while speaking such subtle lines.

Not having to rely on facial expression.... It was difficult using voice to perform.

-- With Ghibli's film as your first, even when you're a voice actor, Kamiki-san has a maturity to you. Why is that?
Kamiki: Eh? Why, I wonder ne (laugh). I think I'm just... a normal high school student, but I wonder why... Why did you think so?

-- Of course, isn't it because of your great character? For example, good voice.
Kamiki: I wonder if that's true. I'm not really confident with my voice. I want to have a more gentler, and peaceful voice.

-- What do you mean?
Kamiki: My ideal is Fukuyama Masaharu-san. When you listen to his singing voice, it make you feel at ease, even though his voice isn't sweet. I'm really jealous of his voice. But because I'm not at that point, I would doubt myself.

-- What do you not like about your voice? Even though I think there are a lot of boys who worry about their changing voice.
Kamiki: I don't really hate it. Un, it's not that I hate it. It's just, the songs I can sing in karaoke are limited that it's vexing (laugh). When I was younger, I can sing simple Mr. Children songs, but now, I'm unable to. Even though I used to be able to do "Nada Sou Sou" by Natsukawa Rimi-san's musical interval, but now, I can't.

-- This time, with the barrier of voice and the way of speaking, what are some request you received?
Kamiki: I was told "Say it a bit more slower" very often. Even when I said things very slow, when I finish speaking the lines, Sho's mouth is still moving.

-- It's because in the director's mind, Sho-kun is speaking in that speed ne.
Kamiki: That's right. That's why I have to say the lines slowly and carefully. That is, for me, a new challenge, this time, I once again realized how difficult voice works are. For example, the tone of the voice. Even though, in drama, the tone is also important, but because our face is also filmed, we can cover it with our facial expressions. But when it's just voice, just lowered your voice a bit for a line will give a different meaning.  Also, because it was decided before hand on Sho's flat facial expression, it was really difficult.... Because I knew of that difficulty, on the site of the drama, I felt I need to be able to convey the pinpoint voice and atmosphere.

17 years old - When you think about it, even with troubles, I'm gradually gaining self-confident.

-- By the way, it seems like tomorrow (May 19) is your birthday ne.
Kamiki: Yes, I'm going to be 17. At last, I come to an age that is appropriate as a high school student (laugh). When you're 16, you still seems like a kid. When you're 18, you can get your license, and you pretty much has an adult presence. But being 17 is really a [high school student] image.

-- How life as a high school student?
Kamiki: I've become foolish (laugh). In my own way, I made friends with everyone, even in school, I think I'm a guy who live the funnest student life. Whenever I talk to my friends, they always told me "You seems to be having the most fun."

-- Not only having fun at school, but also the stairway to being an actor, from feelings to face is also ascending ne.
Kamiki: I think I'm able to do it because of my growth. Recently, because I gradually become more self confident, my way of speaking has gotten better.

-- For that, what was your turning point?
Kamiki: When I was doing "Bloody Monday" this year, for the drama I thought about it deeply. How should I portray the character, for example, how should I portray it so that people can see this evil role, for example. I researched a lot, and I was worried over it. Even though I certainly struggled with the image of that role, I think that's when I became a bit more confident in myself. But it's a story that happen just recently (laugh).

-- Your increasingly leaping forward, we'll look forward to it.
Kamiki: I'll do my best from now on. Even though I'm still ignorant, by gaining a lot of knowledge, be able to consider many things, and then able to reach a conclusion so that I'll be able to have confidence in my performance, I'll do my best!

- Much thanks to Chinese fans for the super clear scans!! <3<3
- It was kinda interesting translating this. Not only did I learn a few new words, I also learned a few things about Shida too. Her part was the last part that I translated, so I remember more from her parts than Kamiki's parts.
- Shida is a coward and doesn't like new challenges? Whaaatt?? o__O;; Totally different from what one would expected of her.
- Shida cried the day before her audition when she was younger... aw, that is cute.
- Shida tied her hair up in a ponytail like Arrietty so she could be in character... LOL!! <3
- They only did their recording in 2 days... That's amazing!
- Kamiki's talk about ages and image... funny. Though I think 16 years old already has that image of a high school student.
- I actually got a chance to hear Natsukawa Rimi-san singing "Nada Sou Sou" live during one of my trip to Vietnam. Her voice is so..... clear and cute. <3 The other Japanese artists at that time also have amazing and strong voices, kinda made the Vietnamese singers there seems like small fries/plankton, imho.
- Funny how Kamiki always want to better his voice for..... karaoke. XDD;;
- Fukuyama Masaharu fan boy! <3
- Ghibli sending Kamiki New Year Card. Hahaha.
- Hate to say it once again... but what are they wearing. >_<;; Shida looks slightly better, but Kamiki's pant is a bit.... :x They should have wore those clothes from the praying ceremony or something. Those are nice... :<

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Goseiger epic 19-20 Making Of

This week Tensou Sentai Goseiger Making Of. From TVAsahi Goseiger site.

P1. What's love?!  I'll teach you!
P2. Your chest is, for example, palpitating ne
P3. I experienced a lot of love when I was young
P4. The feeling of your heart beating when you commute to school...
P5. Also, the different heart beats after school...
P6. Unrequited love, you don't want it, but it's there
P7. "Iya~, I understand what you mean, director"
P8. When you're starting to loose your patience...
P9. Using your keitai, baki! (the sound of punching your phone number to call someone?)

P1. And then, various confession
P2. Slowly, but impatiently
P3. Em... It's embarassing...
P4. Anyways, it's this feeling
P5. "Director, what about the story of epic 19?"
P6. Ah, oops, I was a bit too excited talking about love stories...

P1. Story of epic 19 is
P2. Included these two sentai OB (old boy) for this "drama"
P3. Accepted to appear
P4. Ogawa-san, Hirose-san
Thank you very much!
P5. Things will get hotter from now on,
We'll do our best!!

- Hirose Satomi and Ogawa Teruaki are from Ninja Sentai Kakuyranger, and Ninja White and Ninja Red, respectively.
- OB = old boy = retiree

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little DJ - Chiisana Koi no Monogatari Offical Photobook

After much brooding and wanting, I finally decided to tighten my wallet and bought some Little DJ stuffs that I'd been wanting for a long time. And look at what arrived on Monday. :D

Little DJ manga, official photo book, and book! :D

Initially, I only wanted the manga and the book, but since I didn't want to pay the shipping from YESASIA, I decided to add the official photo book. It turned out that the official photo book is my favorite purchase from the 3 items. ^__^;; But the official photo book was smaller than I'd thought, I'm usually used to art book sizes, so I thought it was going to that size, but it was really small. The manga is normal takubon size, and the book is really small and cute. <3

I just skimmed a bit of the manga, and there are a few changes from the manga and the movie. I haven't look at the book (the surplus of kanji kinda scared me), so I don't know the differences between the manga, movie, and book. But... looking at the pictures made me so happy. They have a lot of really nice pictures of Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko!!!

Some pictures from the official photo book. I took it with my phone camera, and my hand tends to shake so the pictures didn't come out as clear as I'd like. Sorry. It's so nice and pretty, I don't think I'll ever scan it. But there are some pretty nice scans around on the web (if you find it, tell me!), and you can also purchased one for yourself! >:3 You won't be disappoint. :)


My favorite photos are the ones where Tarou (Kamiki Ryunosuke) is gently watching over Tamaki (Fukuda Mayuko). <3 They are so cute! Especially, the hospital scenes. X3

And at the end, they have interviews of the casts, director, and author.... :DD If I have time, I'll think about translating it.