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Pict Up December 2007: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) x Hideshima Fumika (秀島史香)

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In issue December 2007 of Pict Up (on sale October 18), there's a conversation between Fukuda Mayuko and FM Radio DJ, Hideshima Fumika.

Fukuda Mayuko x Hideshima Fumika, when you watch "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", you can see the charms of the radio.

In the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", Fukuda Mayuko-san played the heroine of the story. A gentle story about a faint love story with a boy who aspired to be a DJ, using DJ as the media to touch the heart others. With the connection of being a DJ, this time she will come face to face with a person from television, radio and other field, who's activity is mainly DJ, Hideshime Fumika-san! It seems like there are many things in common between an actress an a DJ...

Hideshima: Even though Fukuda-san is a first year junior high student, what kind of things do you do at schoo?
Fukuda: I'm class representative. Because the first semester is soon over, I also want to continue with it next semester.
Hideshima: Hee~! So you're the type that like to take charge.
Fukuda: Right now is the exact time for the student council committee election. My best friend is running for student council official, so right now, she's working on her campaign speech.
Hideshima: With promises like "We'll be going to this place for our field trip!" right.
Fukuda: During school lunch we'll ask everyone "Please vote for me!" (laugh).
Hideshima: That sound really fun~, life of junior high student!
Fukuda: Yes, it's extremely fun.
Hideshima: Tamaki, whom Fukuda-san played, was brought into the hospital due to injury. Did you really feel like you're the one that's hospitalized?
Fukuda: Because with the cast on, elbows and my legs can't move, I really feel like I'm injured. Practically, I had to use wheelchair and crutches, so all these hardship, I understand very much.

Hideshima: Being an actress, you become another person, so how do you expand to your role?
Fukuda: I read the script many times. When it's a laughing scene, I will read it while laughing, when it's a crying scene, I'll become sad, when I read I'm able to get the emotions of the person. So I think that's when I'm first able to create the character.
Hideshima: So do you mean, first you get an understanding of the character, then by the time you act it out, you'll naturally move as the character, and your facial expression changed?
Fukuda: In actuality, when coming into the filming site, I'm already in character. In this case, my acting partner who played the role of Tarou-kun is Kamiki (Ryunosuke)-kun, his character is the one that created Tamiki.
Hideshima: I'm the same, there's another person name Piston Nishisawa-san that I worked together for our program, with his encouragement, a person I didn't know myself was able to come out. Kamiki-kun is what kind of person?
Fukuda: He's extremely SHY BOY. Even when I talked to him, ".... you're right." "Huh, it's already over?" I thought (laugh).
Hideshima: He can't continues with the conversation (laugh).
Fukuda: But for the second part of the filming, we were able to slowly become friends.
Hideshima: Fukuda-san, when you're conscious of the opposite sex, do you become shy?
Fukuda: Not at all. I really want to become in love~!
Hideshima: It'll be fine, love is not something you do, but something you fall into!
Fukuda: Eh~, is that so (laugh)? Like for this work, I would like to try going on a movie date.
Hideshima: When you become an adult, movie date become a standard (laugh). It would be good if "Little DJ" also become a wonderful date movie. When adult watch it, they think back to when they are little, that would be good. But I think this work also give the junior high students and high school student who watch it to think "I need to tell my most important person my feelings tonight!".

Hideshima: Normally, do you listen to the radio?
Fukuda: Even though up until now I haven't been listening, Okano Akihito of my favorite band, Porno Graffitti, is a personality for the radio show "All Night Nippon". Even though it's late Saturday night, when I don't have work on Sunday, I'll stay up listening to it. With my earphone on while laying in my futon, and feeling like we are chatting to each other, my heart will go kyun (laugh).
Hideshima: That's really nice~. As for me, due to my father's work, I went to America when I was 6th grade elementary school student. Because I didn't know English, it can't be help that I was insecure while going to school. Even though it's the first time I got my own room, my room is quiet that it felt lonely, I didn't like going to school the next day, and thought of many things that I'm unable to sleep. But when I listen to the radio, I was able to. Having the radio next to my pillow and listen to its voice, it make you think that you're not the only one, and that radio is really nice! That's when I want to be a DJ for a radio. Kind of like the feeling of having it close to your ear.
Fukuda: When I hear "What kind of music do you like?" from the radio, I would reply "I like this and this".
Hideshima: For the people who work at the radio, this is made them the most happy!
Fukuda: Compare to television, radio give a closer feeling. For television, even though the host will also ask questions, but for radio, isn't it like the audiences have a lot to say?
Hideshima: Right, right. For television, you can't immediately give feedback to their chat after it was over. As for the DJ, there are a lot of things that we can learn from the listener. Reactions like "This is good" will come. I think that even when we don't know each others, somehow, we're connected. Mayuko-san also send in fan letters right?
Fukuda: Yes. When I write letter, I'll write many pages, however, I have to deal with the stamp price being 80yen. But when I send it, it made me happy.
Hideshima: For an elementary student, 80yen is a lot.
Fukuda: When I received letters like "When I see Mayuko-chan, I also want to become an actress, so I auditioned for roles." it made me really happy.
Hideshima: When you read such letters you thought, I must also do my best. The mutual power that you give each other like that is great. For Mayuko-san, you also can't see the face of the people who watch your work right?
Fukuda: One time I got a chance to be in a stage play, that time, as I entered the stage and see so many people coming to watch, Amazing! I thought. Reading the survey and acting at small place for people to see, that also made me happy.
Hideshima: From movie to drama to stage play, from now on, the width of your presentation widen. Even though I'd done music programs, I definitely want to have a debuted singer as my guest. What are your plans after?
Fukuda: I don't have any now (laugh).
Hideshima: Even though you're not sure about what your next work will be (laugh), let's meet again!
Fukuda: Yes, definitely!

Blog entry of Hideshima Fumika about the interview with Fukuda Mayuko.
Written October 18, 2007. (Probably after the talk they have for Pict Up.)

In my heart, I screamed this.
For the magazine "Pict Up", a conversation with 13 years old actress, Fukuda Mayuko-san.

Even though she's very in demand for television, movies, and CM,
(able to personally knocked me out in "Byakuyakou")
is actually a first year junior high student, a cute girl.
Working as a class representative with a very brisk character, when she burst open her smile, zukyun.

What kind of thing are popular!?
What's your favorite music!?
Do you have a person you like!?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry for my persistent questions.

Her direct attitude toward acting is also kirakira (sparkling) radiantly.
Gave me a lot of motivation.

Mayuko-san is the heroine for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~".
The love between her and the hospital DJ, Kamiki-kun, who's fighting with his own illness, made me go dokidoki (heart beat).
It's a gently conscientious work with the combination of words and music from the radio.

As a person who's working in the radio industry, I wondered if was able to do it well.
The emotions of my original intention and dream was awaken.
There are also many times when things didn't go well, and even now, I still make a lot of mistakes,
Those time where I was crushed and left a dent, and then fall down like zudo~n (splatter?), in the end, I think I'll do it carefully tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I was moved to tears.
A handkerchief won't be enough, it required a bath towel.
It became soggy while I watch.
The movie is open in theaters on December. Certainly.

Mayuko-san, I can see she will become a more and more wonderful actress in the future.
Premonition~!! I'll look forward to it~!!

- There maybe some incorrect part about the translation. :x
- What Mayuko thinks of Kamiki: shy boy and mysterious/strange (because of his quick change in tension). Hahahaha... XD;;
- Hideshima Fumika is nice! And I like her name. :) The part where she talk about her loneliness when she was in America is sad. By the way, she's fluent in English!! Amazing!
- I knew she was class representative when she was in elementary, but Mayuko was also the class representative in junior high as well. That's really cool. I wondered if she continued to be class representative in high school.

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