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OtonaFami: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Shida Mirai (志田未来): On the Opposite Side of the Window a Little Love is Found.

Just when I was afraid that I won't be able to keep my New Year Resolution of translating at least one thing a week, as I stumbled onto Shida Mirai's baidu page..... Well, here's the translation for this week. ^^;; Thank you Shida Mirai's Chinese fans!!! Thank you! :D Though I wished they has bigger and better scan. I'm squinting and guessing the kanji of the article, and using their Chinese translations, so I apologize ahead for the strange translation. ^^;;

Well, beggar can't be chooser. :P

This is from OtonaFami August, 2010 issue. I'm going to skip the introduction because it just talk a bit about the story of Studio Ghibli's newest work, "Karigurashi no Arrietty". If you never heard of it, you can just casually click on the link to get to the wiki page. :) Yay for wiki! XD;;

The story of two of them, venturing into each others' world for just 1 week of summer.

-- Good job on finishing your voice recording. This is Shida-san's first challenge as a voice actress right?
Shida: Its difficulties is a bit different from doing drama and movies. I co-acted with Kamiki-kun before, but when talking about voice acting, Kamiki-kun is the sempai, it made me feel like I'm following him!
Kamiki: I'm actually also nervous. I thought the lines for "Sho" seems to be easy to perform, but... this time it's actually the most difficult.

-- Which part was difficult?
Kamiki: No matter how many times I did jobs involved voice acting, I always able to merge my mood with the characters when I act. But as for Sho, I'm unable to express his feelings. For example, when he's sad, he will lower his head a bit, and when he's happy, his eyes will show a little bit of gentleness. Because our expressions doesn't match and I can't deliver his atmosphere, it was a lot of trouble for me. And then, he talk very slowly. I unable to match his mouth even though I tried to speak slowly, that another voice actress Kimura (Eriko, guessing the kanji)-san have to say "A bit slower" many times, I'm really sorry.
Shida: As for me, synchronizing the lips movement with my voice is very hard. Arrietty and I, combining the two of us into one was really difficult.

-- For the part with the two of you, were you able to do it smoothly?
Kamiki: That's right. Our first time working together was for the television drama "Tantei Gakuen Q" (2006), even though it has been 4 years since then, we were still able to have that familiarity (from 4 years ago). We were somehow able to peacefully worked together.
Shida: But because the lines are a bit long to say, whenever I made a mistake after his (long) lines, I felt very guilty.

-- Compare to "Tantei Gakuen Q", is there a part that you think the other has grown?
Shida: I don't think he really changed (laugh).
Kamiki: To say that I didn't really change, those words really made me happy (laugh). Shida-san's appearance became like an adult, but when talking about her character, it didn't really seems like she change.

-- Are there any similarities between your partner and the character he/she played?
Kamiki: I think both Shida-san and Arrietty, they like to take action (laugh).
Shida: Un. "Do whatever you want.", and "Say whatever you want to say." that part is exactly like me (laugh). Sho's heart is strong and gentle, that part is similar to Kamiki-kun. His appearance is a bit like Kamiki-kun, right.

-- That's true. What are your favorite Ghibli's work?
Kamiki: "Porco Rosso"! When it was first open in theater around the time when I was an elementary student, I watched it at least 10 times. The last battle left a deep impression that I can still remember it now.
Shida: As for me, it's "Laputa: Castle in the Sky". I like the scene where Sheeta ate the bread and egg in one bite because it is so cute.

-- (laugh) That's really cute. Well then, please talk about a point of this work that you're confident with.
Kamiki: The inner feelings that can touch others. Sho, who has a weak body and willpower, when he met Arrietty, he was able to find hope. Because of that his heart changed, and perhaps he was able to moved her.
Shida: As for me then it's probably, the scene where Sho-kun and Arrietty are meeting.  Because her innermost feelings was moved and come out, her fighting spirits was able to come alive. I think that perhaps it's because of this thinking that this work can be accomplished.

-- Please tell us in what ways "Karigurashi no Arrietty" can be enjoyed?
Shida: This movie showed the way of life of the little people and human. I think that "Life" is a big theme of this work.
Kamiki: For this whole movie, there are many things that you are able to naturally feel. When you look at it that way, I think we can naturally co-exist. That is Sho and Arrietty's development, please feel that atmosphere between them.

- Once again, I apologize if anything doesn't make sense! >_<;;
- The part where Kamiki talk about their friendliness from 4 years ago is still the same, I actually snorted. Come on, you guys go to the same school and in the same class for two years... =___=;; Of course you're going to be still friendly even after all those time. Hahaha.
- What are they wearing...? XD;; Lol Especially Shida, who looks like she's wearing a pillowcase... o_O;; But both of their hair is nice... X3
- I'm surprised that Kamiki called Shida, 'Shida-san', and Shida calling Kamiki 'Kamiki-kun'.... o___o;; I would've thought they are already on a nickname basis. I guess I was wrong? Perhaps I've been reading too much fanfics. ^^;;
- I love that both of them say Ghibli's older works when talking about their favorite Ghibli's work. <3 Yea, the older works are the better one, imho. Not the newer ones from Spirited Away onward, though they are still good, just not as good as the older ones. But I'm surprised that they all named Miyazaki-sensei's works rather than Takahata-sensei... ;__;

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  1. Maybe because it is an interview they use to call their names with honorifics.
    I think they only use nicknames if they are talking to themselves and also to control the fans... :)