Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Liar Game Episode Zero: Episode of Nao

I'm unable to download the file, and I'm also unable to embed the video from Baidu, so click on the link to view it.

This is just the part concerning Nao, can't seems to find the others for some reason... :x Well, enjoy it for now until download links for the rest are available. ^^;; I may add the links for the others when I find it. ^^

LG0 Nao

+Episode of Nao (Baidu)

+Episode of Nao (Youku)

Toda Erika as Kanzaki Nao
Fukuda Mayuko as young Kanzaki Nao.
Wada Sokou
Ikeda Tetsuhiro
Harumi Shihou

This episode Zero is pretty self explanatory and easy to understand. So I'll write about the outline for people who can't wait for the subs. Spoiler!

The show started with images of Kanzaki Nao (Toda Erika) during her Liar Game phases and about how easily fooled she is. Thus this story is pretty much goes to show why she still trust people.

7 years ago, Kanzaki Nao (Fukuda Mayuko) was in charged of the money for her class' culture festival. But she lent it to an old guy who needed money at the time (Ikeda Tetsuhiro). That's why her classmates was getting angry at her for giving that money away. So she decided to wait for him at that spot, which is where she first met an aspired musician, Eto Koichi (Wada Sokou). Interestingly, Eto Koichi is the same person who helped Nao during the third arc of season 1, at the house. Nao then helped him back by clearing his debt.

Anyways, Eto Koichi cheered her up with his songs and gave her his guitar picks as a present. Because of his songs, Nao decided to continue to wait for the guy she lent her money to, but the guy still didn't come. This is perhaps my opinion, but her trust may have began to wane a bit here.

And then, they have a flashback to his own story. He was swindled by a fake music producer (Harumi Shihou), giving him all his saving only to find that it was all a lie (thinking back about it, this was probably the reason why Eto Koichi joined Liar Game). While being hungry and poor, he came across a house with its back door open, that's when he decided to rob the place. But coincidently, it was the home of Nao. When he realized that it was her house, she caught him in the act. Dun dun dun....

But, instead of calling the police on him, Nao told him to run away. She even goes as far as not minding that her money was stolen. Feeling guilty about it, Eto Koichi apologized and put the money back before he left. This is why she decided to trust people once more. So she decided to wait for the man again. In the end, he came back to return the money to her.

The show concluded that that's why even during all the things that happened during the course of Liar Game, she still believe in the people around her.

- I like how this episode give background story to, not only Kanzaki Nao, but also Eto Koichi (because he was also one of my favorite player during Liar Game 1, he's so nice!).
- The man who played the swindler producer, Harumi Shihou, is Yasukawa Norihiko from Liar Game season 2, during the Angels and Demons game. He's part of the 3 people team that Katsuragi Ryo (Kikuchi Rinko, Akiyama's college classmate) is leader of. It's too bad his background wasn't explored more, beside the he's a swindler even from 7 years ago. ^^;; But it can't be helped, with the short story and all.
- There are some parts of the show that I thought Mayuko's Nao is really like Toda Erika's Nao. Like her expressions and stuffs. It's a bit similar.
- Interestingly, Mayuko and Wada Sokou also appeared together in Heaven's Door. Or at least that's what they'd said, though I don't remember him in there at all. ^^;; It's kind of cool they co-star together again in Liar Game Episode Zero.


  1. Aside from Matsuda Shota, I also fancied Wada Soko in the series like a lot. I cried so much 'cause of him. That scene in the revival game where he got restructured and the scene where he thought he was to be banished from the Garden of Eden really made me cry. I just can't help it. He got such a nice character. He's quite innocent like Nao, too. Seeing him cry made me cry...

  2. Me too. XD;; I was really shocked that he went to the other team first in the Garden of Eden. I would have thought that he'll join Nao's team from the very beginning. :< But the part where I thought he was going to be kicked out, I was like OMG OMG NO NO NO!! >_<;; Love his character.

    Now that you mentioned it, you're right. He does have a slightly innocent character like Nao. :o