Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Sakuraba Nanami (桜庭ななみ) "Summer Wars" Interview

Old interview taken from Tokyo Headline web. Continuing with Kamiki translation of his old stuffs. :)

Director Hosoda Mamoru, from the 2006 summer break hit movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", his latest work "Summer Wars" will be in theater from August 1. Voicing the 17 years old, timid, math genious Kenji, and his a bit clumsy, but beautiful sempai, Natsuki, also are gaining notices from this season's drama, Kamiki Ryunosuke and Sakuraba Nanami!

First time working together, and exactly like the character they played. Now, they will completely open themselves to each others with mutual friendship.

Kamiki Ryunosuke: During this time, while I'm watching "Futatsu no Spica", I thought 'Ah! It's Nanami-sempai!' (laugh).
Sakuraba Nanami: This time, even though I'm playing the sempai role, it's actually Kamiki-kun that's the sempai.
Kamiki: But Sakuraba-san is older, so you're naturally the "sempai".
Sakuraba: No no, when it's about work, I'm the kouhai! That's why, I can't use such word to describe myself (laugh).
Kamiki: As for me, using the school as a base for comparing the people from the same generation. Of course, they are also partners at work, but people around the same years has a school-like feeling. And thus, "sempai"!
Sakuraba: I'm just the "sempai" by only the voice (laugh). (as in, because she's voicing the older character... I think)
Kamiki: It's basically because we are in characters ne.
Sakuraba: That's not true (laugh)!
Kamiki: But for me, the first time we met, I was really nervous. "How old are you?" "I'm 16." "Oh, I'm a year older", I remember such conversation was quickly finished (laugh).
Sakuraba: It's like there's a wall (laugh)
Kamiki: I'm not sure if we were able to connect with the next few topic, but for our first day at the recording, it was like that. At first, I called you "Sakuraba-san", but it felts distant, that's why when I try to call you 'sempai', it's as if we're able to open our hearts to each other better.
Sakuraba: From then on, it's as if we became closer friends.
Kamiki: With that, we begins to talk a lot about school. And then, "Minmin Daha" topic for example (laugh).
Sakuraba: Kamiki-kun always looks sleepy.
Kamiki: It seems like I get really sleepy this season (laugh). Going to the recording place after school, and then at the studio, it's quiet and feel really nice... (laugh)
Sakuraba: Do you know of "Kyokyo Daha"? (From the same maker of Minmin Daha, but I think it's a stronger drink)
Kamiki: I know of it. It's even stronger right. But I think it's a bit too strong, when Yokokawa (Takahiro)-kun who voiced Sakuma drank "Minmin Daha", Nanami-sempai asked "Is it good?"...
Sakuraba: From that point on, we began to talk with each others a lot.
Kamiki: We became friends thanks to "Minmin Daha" (laugh)
Both: Thank you very much! (laugh) (thanking the Minmin Daha)

The story is about saving the virtual world with the analogue power, "bonds between people", during the recording, each of their presences also helps the other.

Kamiki: It's my first challenge at trying acting in a comical role, because it's an anime, that's why it's more difficult. When I try to discussed it with the director Hosoda, with 3-4 items in the studio, in front of the mike, he suggested me to try the same actions as Kenji. For the scene where Kenji stumbled, I also stumbled, for the scene where he picked up an object, my body would move. Even though it's my first time trying that sort of method, I think it's great.
Sakuraba: As for my case, my greatest impression is for the scene where Natsuki cried. In the booth, it was only myself, but I have to be able to cry as well as act. It's also my first challenge at voice acting, everyone around me helped me a lot.... when I thought about that, tears was able to come out. Kamiki-kun also really encouraged me. Even when I made so many mistakes...
Kamiki: No no. Same with me, always calming things down, it helps me a lot. Even when I'm a bit air headed...
Sakuraba: That's not true (laugh)!
Kamiki: But when answering questions, they arn't related to each others...
Sakuraba: When I'm nervous, my brain won't be able to make a connection with the questions. I need to calm myself down in order to understand it...
Kamiki: Even when I'm unable to correct it... (laugh)

Animation movie as the stage, acting as important roles, there's more than enough fascination of this movie for these two. What they think each others should try acting as a character for a manga or anime is?

Kamiki: Even though, I really like and watch a lot, both the manga and anime of "Death Note", but the recent serial story "Bakuman", the voice of the heroine "Azuki Miho" seems to match her. If it's "Bakuman", I also want to try it.
Sakuraba: If that's so, then we will be able to work again. As for me, I like "Crayon Shin-chan", perhaps Kamiki-kun could be the voice for 'high school student Shin-chan' (laugh).
Kamiki: Shin-chan's image will changed, is that really alright (laugh). "Shinosuke desu!"
Sakuraba: I definitely want you to try it (laugh)!
Kamiki: Ora, Shinosuke desu! (imitating Shin-chan)
Sakuraba: Ahaha (roar of laughter)

Kamiki-kun has "Akahana no Sensei", Sakuraba-san has "Koishite Akuma ~Vampire Boy", they are in the middle of acting for this season's drama. Even though both of them are this busy, how would they like to spend this summer break?

Kamiki: I want to travel with Seishun 18 kippu!
Sakuraba: Do you like train?
Kamiki: I do like train, but I also like to travel. With my camera, I want to travel alone for around 5 days. Basically, not using a limited express (fast train), but a slow train.
Sakuraba: Slow train...
Kamiki: It will be an interesting summer vacation, I want to leave a lot of memories.
Sakuraba: As for me, making good memories is good enough for me. It's a yearly custom to return to my parent's home and do barbecue, and then going to the beach with friends.

For these 2 who are reaching out with "Summer Wars", they will probably have wonderful memories!

- Truthfully, I didn't want to translate this until I've watch the movie... But I don't want to watch the movie and then didn't like it in the end because my expectation is too high from all the praises it has. So I'm waiting to read more bad reviews (there are some out there, they are wonderfully written and also very objective btw. I love reading bad reviews, it give more food for thoughts). So in the end, I'm just too lazy to watch the movie. ^^;;
- Kamiki and his excitements on train, while leaving Sakuraba confuse = Hilarious.
- I'm really happy that Kamiki likes "Bakuman" like me, but I think Azuki Miho is the weakest link of the manga. Her presences is only a goal/trophy for Mashiro... And the connection with Mashiro's uncle and Azuki's mom made the story more... cliche. Kaya is a much better character in comparison. :< But I guess Sakuraba's voice do fit Azuki's character. But I can't see Kamiki as Mashiro.... :x
- But I would love to hear Kamiki imitating Shin-chan. XD;; That part is quite funny.
- I love how they bond over energy drinks. XD;; That's too funny.


  1. thanks for translating this!
    your articles are always so well documented ^^
    and also your post about mayuko's new 24 hour drama, (hopefully it'd be subbed)
    after reading it I wondered which language is more difficult chinese, vietnamese or japanese

  2. Hmmm, good questions.

    Character-wise, I think Chinese is the most difficult since they has some many characters to memorized, and there's also simplified and traditional forms. Basically, you must be able to read lots of hanzi in order to understand it. Where as for Japanese, there are Kanji, but there are also hiragana and katakana. When you read a manga (for example) it has furigana next to the kanji to make it easier to read (for those harder kanji).

    Grammar wise, Chinese is definitely easier to learn since you don't conjugate words like the Japanese and English do. For example, 'is' to 'isn't' for English, the Japanese has 'desu' and 'janai' or 'ja arimasen' or 'dewa arimasen', but Chinese and Vietnamese you only put the word/character in front of it, 'shi' to 'bushi' for Chinese and 'co' to 'khong co' for Vietnamese.

    The Vietnamese got the best of both world (though in a way it's also not as cool). Vietnamese adopted the romanji way of writing since the French colonization, so nowadays, you write things using the alphabet rather than characters. And since Vietnamese was once (very very long ago) a part of Chinese and later its colony, its grammar is similar to Chinese, where as there are no conjugation unlike English and Japanese.

    If I was to rank from easiest to hardest, it has to be Vietnamese>Japanese>Chinese. But that may be my bias (being born in Vietnam and all). In the end, the more you're interest in a language or culture, the easier it is to learn it. Since I'm not really interest in France and Spain, I probably never able to learn Spanish and French. ^^;;

    My only problem with Vietnamese translations is that there are not a lot! :< Or at least not enough that I feel helpful. Like, they always translate things that I usually don't care about, so I can't really use them. Or they most of the time will translate things from English to Vietnamese, so by the time the Vietnamese edition is out, the English version is already floating around on the net for a while. D:

    Sorry for the long reply. =___=;;

    But, I hope the 24h drama will be sub too. XD;; It probably will, because Johnnies' fans are really amazing. >:3

  3. your explanation gave me an idea about the level of difficulty of these 3 languages