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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview : I'm similar to Nona-kun

Another Kamiki old interview. Taken from Yomiuri.

Decided to translate this because Kamiki's and Ghibli's 4th cooperation (Karigurashi no Arrietty) is going to be out in July 17! :D

Published on Febuary 28, 2008 in Yomiuri Newspaper.

For 'Ghibli Museum, Mitaka' in Tokyo, director Miyazaki Hayao created 3 newest short film, which can be chosen selectively and watch until March 13. One work from these 3, "Hoshi wo Katta Hi", is based on a story by painter Inoue Naohisa, who painted the fantasy work "iblard". Acting as the voice for the protagonist, Nona, is Kamiki Ryunosuke. (Interviewer: Yoda Kenichi)

-- Have you seen the finished work?
Kamiki: Not yet. Though, some times ago, I watched the film without music with Ooizumi You-san...

-- Do you want to quickly see it?
Kamiki: Yes!

-- How were you able to act as Nona?
Kamiki: At first, when I learned that they haven't decided on anyone yet, I asked "I want to audition, can I?", it was a challenge. On the appointed day, when I went to the studio to try out my voice, director Miyazaki told me "Wait a second", when I was wondering what's going on, he said "Let's start recording like this.", and just like that, it became a real recording.

-- Were you surprised?
Kamiki: I was shocked (laugh). Because, I didn't think it was really going to be a real recording.

-- What did director Miyazaki explain about the work?
Kamiki: We had a discussion about Nona-kun, a boy who's running away from reality. I remember we talk about such circumstances of the story, but we didn't discuss about the little details.

-- Do you have a circumstance where you also run away from reality?
Kamiki: U~n... It's actually something that happened recently, I broke something important in my house, at that time I had a strong wish, "Please let this be a dream!" (laugh).

-- What's something you can see yourself in Nona?
Kamiki: When he fixedly gazed at the star seed and decided to raise it, I think that he's similar to me. Because I'm very curious, when I have an interest in something, I'll become absorbed and forget about other things.

-- What are you into right now?
Kamiki: Train. Though I love the sound of the train when the motor goes gashagasha, right now, I love the body of the train. Also, recently, I've been bringing my digital camera with me, I've also been taking pictures of many things.

-- For example?
Kamiki: There's a lot of scenery pictures. A rock from an area, for example. I don't really take picture of people.

-- It will be good if you have an exhibition.
Kamiki: Yes! It's just that, I've been taking pictures that I think are interesting, but the people who look at them will think that the pictures are strange...

-- From participating in 3 of Miyazaki's work, "Spirited Away" as Bou, "Howl's Moving Castle" as Markl, and this, which character do you think you're closest with?
Kamiki: Perhaps Markl. Normally, I'm very spirited, even at the site, I'm always talking. About "Howl", even though a lot of people record their voices individually, I was able to meet with Kimura (Takuya, who did the voice of Howl)-san only once, but I was extremely happy. He's like a prince, I thought he was "Cool!".

-- Is the director strict?
Kamiki: He's always very kind. But, no matter which work it was, he always told me, "Be a little bit more normal!".

-- Did you frequently meet with the director?
Kamiki: Beside from when I record, other than that we don't meet. When we met for "Hoshi wo Katta Hi", he said "Your voice is getting lower.", which surprised me.

-- You're going to be a junior high student in April. From now on, what kind of actor are you aspired to be?
Kamiki: The person I respect is Ikariya Chosuke-san. Even with age, he's able to perform well, I want to be able to continue on as an actor. (The way I translate this sentence may give the wrong impression... Kamiki meant Ikariya-san still always give great performance... Nothing bad about the age thing.)

"Hoshi wo Katta Hi"
While walking in a desert, a young boy, Nona (Kamiki Ryunosuke) suddenly meet a mysterious woman, Nigna (Suzuki Kyoka), and he begins to work on her plantation. One day, he was given a 'star seed' in exchange for the vegetables by two strangers. Approximately 16 minutes. Until March 13, you can choose 1 from this 3 new films, "Yadosagashi", "Mizugumo Monmon" and "Hoshi wo Katta Hi", to watch. The museum required date and time reservation.

Onto other stuffs... So, because "Karigurashi no Arrietty" is going to be out in about 1 month, Kamiki also begins to appear in magazine...

These scans are from the newest Awesome! issue (I'm guessing July issue?). Scan by the gracious king-kun. Please click on the link to see more great scans by her(?). :)

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