Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goseiger epic 15-16 Making Of

I only started reading the making of from the beginning of Tensou Sentai Goseiger. I didn't bother reading Shinkenger's, which I kind of regret now. The pictures are really cute. I always wanted to translate them, but didn't get the motivation until now. Lol. I really wished I did this earlier from the first episode though. ^^;; Now it's kind of too late. =____=;;

Taken from Tensou Sentai Goseiger Toei TV.

Picture 1. Director "I have something I want to say!"
P2. Moune "What is it?" Hyde "Tell us~"
P3. " For the episode 15 and 16..."
P4. "These two stories..."
P5. "will be the last (of the arc)!" (It's actually said, 'It's planned to be the last time filming!' but I don't think they are changing director so that doesn't really make sense. ^^;;)
P6. Are you serious~!?
P7. "Wa~, I said it~"

P1. Even when covered with wounds
P2. Smile!
P3. The last story!
P4. Fighting Dereputa
P5. is the hightlight
P6. Of the last story!!
P7. As we became worn out...
P8. even as going to the end...
P9. even when the rainy days are abundant...

P1. there things we like (about them)~
P2. Zukko~n! (sound effect)
P3. the image of Alata and Eri is...
P4. I said stop it, you!
P5. Dynamic Alata!
P6. Like that, there are a lot of things that happened.
P7. These 5 people
P8. with their strengths
P9. (while making) the last story!!

P1. And thus, from this point on
P2. something new will begin
P3. With our smiling faces
P4. we'll do our best!
P5. The challenges for Goseiger are still continuing on.
From now on, please cheer us on.

- Though surprisingly I don't ship Hyde/Moune, but the pictures with those two are really cute! The picture with Eri and Alata are cute as well, but I also don't ship Alata/Eri. Lol
- Hyde and Moune poking the director is so adorable. But why are there so many pictures of them together, and none of Agri and Moune sibling? ^^;;
- Dynamic Alata (pun with the title of epic 16) made me laugh.
- I really really REALLY like reading the making of. ^^;;

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