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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) In 24 Hours TV Special Drama "Miporin no Ekubo"

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Hirosue, Nagase co-star in "24 Hour Television" drama special

The drama special for this year's "24 Hour Television" telethon has been
revealed. The drama is titled "Miporin no Ekubo" and will star Ryoko Hirosue
(29) with TOKIO's Tomoya Nagase

Hirosue and Nagase will play a married couple in this tearjerker, based
on a true story of two parents who are told that their daughter Miho
(played by Manatsu Kimura) has one year left to live due to a brain
tumor. The drama depicts the family's remaining time together, including
the 359 letters that Miho drew before her death.

NTV will air the drama on the night of August 28. The "24 Hour
Television" program will start earlier that day.

News from Sponichi. Translating from Japanest.

Crying Together... Hirosue & Nagase, Acting as a Married Couple

Hirosue Ryoko (29) and Nagase Tomoya (31), member of the popular band TOKIO, will work together in this year 24hTV drama special, "Miporin no Ekubo" (Miporin's Dimples).  The show will be broadcast on August 28 to 29.

They will be acting as married couple for this drama, and this will be the first time they work together. This drama is based on the original work of the same name by Ogata Noriko, based on a true story about a young girl who died when she was 13 years old due to brain tumor.

Hirosue will act as a mother who love her young daughter Miho (play by Kimura Manatsu, 9 years old). After she was diagnosed with the disease, Miho was predicted to only be able to live for a year. In reality, Hirosue has a 6 years old son, thus when she was invited to participate in this drama, she only hesitated for a second. After reading the script for the drama, she was trully moved by the bonds of this family. "If I'm Miho's mother, then it's not the time for me to cry." she said with determination for this challenge.

The same could be said for Nagase. Even though he's the main personality of TOKIO, but similarly to Hirosue, after reading the script, he cried. "I don't have a wife, and of course, kids, so at first I didn't think I can perform this role." he revealed. But he was given a role about a film for beloved daugters, about the happiness of to be able to continue on living. Even though the theme is heavy, the set is very cheerful, with Hirosue Ryoko, Fukuda Mayuko (15, acting as the eldest sister), and Kimura, he brightly smiles "If I have a beautiful wife and cute children like them, I don't think I'll leave my house."

Official site of the drama.
- Other cast of the film will include Tanaka Misako.
- Kimura Manatsu as Okazaki Miho (young daughter)
- Hirosue Ryoko as Okazaki Riko (mother)
- Nagase Tomoya as Okazaki Shouki (father) (guessing on his name)
- Fukuda Mayuko as Okazaki Minami (eldest daughter)

Promotion Clip

- How about that? A translation from a Vietnamese source this time? >:3 Fufu~ Because my Vietnamese is much much better than my Japanese and Chinese, but about the same as my English (but my Vietnamese grammar is better than my English grammar). X3;;
- This will be the second time that Nagase and Fukuda worked together since Heaven's Door. Also the nth time that Hirosue and Fukuda worked together (Summer Snow, Little DJ, GOEMON). These two are also in the same agency (FLaMme). So much connections! You can make a relationship chart out of this. XD;;
- I never seen Kimura Manatsu before, so I don't know much about her.
- Funny how people were saying that Hirosue (29) must have been 14 sai no haha herself in order to conceive Mayuko (15). lol ^^;; But Miho is 13 when she died, so her elder sister being 15 isn't too far fetched. Nagase and Hirosue are playing older (age-wise) characters.
- People are also saying after Masato and Harumi died (Heaven's Door), they are reborn again to be father and daughter. XD;; Actually, that would be REALLY cute! But the whole family picture is really cute. All of them make a cute family. <3

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