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OtonaFami: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Shida Mirai (志田未来): On the Opposite Side of the Window a Little Love is Found.

Just when I was afraid that I won't be able to keep my New Year Resolution of translating at least one thing a week, as I stumbled onto Shida Mirai's baidu page..... Well, here's the translation for this week. ^^;; Thank you Shida Mirai's Chinese fans!!! Thank you! :D Though I wished they has bigger and better scan. I'm squinting and guessing the kanji of the article, and using their Chinese translations, so I apologize ahead for the strange translation. ^^;;

Well, beggar can't be chooser. :P

This is from OtonaFami August, 2010 issue. I'm going to skip the introduction because it just talk a bit about the story of Studio Ghibli's newest work, "Karigurashi no Arrietty". If you never heard of it, you can just casually click on the link to get to the wiki page. :) Yay for wiki! XD;;

The story of two of them, venturing into each others' world for just 1 week of summer.

-- Good job on finishing your voice recording. This is Shida-san's first challenge as a voice actress right?
Shida: Its difficulties is a bit different from doing drama and movies. I co-acted with Kamiki-kun before, but when talking about voice acting, Kamiki-kun is the sempai, it made me feel like I'm following him!
Kamiki: I'm actually also nervous. I thought the lines for "Sho" seems to be easy to perform, but... this time it's actually the most difficult.

-- Which part was difficult?
Kamiki: No matter how many times I did jobs involved voice acting, I always able to merge my mood with the characters when I act. But as for Sho, I'm unable to express his feelings. For example, when he's sad, he will lower his head a bit, and when he's happy, his eyes will show a little bit of gentleness. Because our expressions doesn't match and I can't deliver his atmosphere, it was a lot of trouble for me. And then, he talk very slowly. I unable to match his mouth even though I tried to speak slowly, that another voice actress Kimura (Eriko, guessing the kanji)-san have to say "A bit slower" many times, I'm really sorry.
Shida: As for me, synchronizing the lips movement with my voice is very hard. Arrietty and I, combining the two of us into one was really difficult.

-- For the part with the two of you, were you able to do it smoothly?
Kamiki: That's right. Our first time working together was for the television drama "Tantei Gakuen Q" (2006), even though it has been 4 years since then, we were still able to have that familiarity (from 4 years ago). We were somehow able to peacefully worked together.
Shida: But because the lines are a bit long to say, whenever I made a mistake after his (long) lines, I felt very guilty.

-- Compare to "Tantei Gakuen Q", is there a part that you think the other has grown?
Shida: I don't think he really changed (laugh).
Kamiki: To say that I didn't really change, those words really made me happy (laugh). Shida-san's appearance became like an adult, but when talking about her character, it didn't really seems like she change.

-- Are there any similarities between your partner and the character he/she played?
Kamiki: I think both Shida-san and Arrietty, they like to take action (laugh).
Shida: Un. "Do whatever you want.", and "Say whatever you want to say." that part is exactly like me (laugh). Sho's heart is strong and gentle, that part is similar to Kamiki-kun. His appearance is a bit like Kamiki-kun, right.

-- That's true. What are your favorite Ghibli's work?
Kamiki: "Porco Rosso"! When it was first open in theater around the time when I was an elementary student, I watched it at least 10 times. The last battle left a deep impression that I can still remember it now.
Shida: As for me, it's "Laputa: Castle in the Sky". I like the scene where Sheeta ate the bread and egg in one bite because it is so cute.

-- (laugh) That's really cute. Well then, please talk about a point of this work that you're confident with.
Kamiki: The inner feelings that can touch others. Sho, who has a weak body and willpower, when he met Arrietty, he was able to find hope. Because of that his heart changed, and perhaps he was able to moved her.
Shida: As for me then it's probably, the scene where Sho-kun and Arrietty are meeting.  Because her innermost feelings was moved and come out, her fighting spirits was able to come alive. I think that perhaps it's because of this thinking that this work can be accomplished.

-- Please tell us in what ways "Karigurashi no Arrietty" can be enjoyed?
Shida: This movie showed the way of life of the little people and human. I think that "Life" is a big theme of this work.
Kamiki: For this whole movie, there are many things that you are able to naturally feel. When you look at it that way, I think we can naturally co-exist. That is Sho and Arrietty's development, please feel that atmosphere between them.

- Once again, I apologize if anything doesn't make sense! >_<;;
- The part where Kamiki talk about their friendliness from 4 years ago is still the same, I actually snorted. Come on, you guys go to the same school and in the same class for two years... =___=;; Of course you're going to be still friendly even after all those time. Hahaha.
- What are they wearing...? XD;; Lol Especially Shida, who looks like she's wearing a pillowcase... o_O;; But both of their hair is nice... X3
- I'm surprised that Kamiki called Shida, 'Shida-san', and Shida calling Kamiki 'Kamiki-kun'.... o___o;; I would've thought they are already on a nickname basis. I guess I was wrong? Perhaps I've been reading too much fanfics. ^^;;
- I love that both of them say Ghibli's older works when talking about their favorite Ghibli's work. <3 Yea, the older works are the better one, imho. Not the newer ones from Spirited Away onward, though they are still good, just not as good as the older ones. But I'm surprised that they all named Miyazaki-sensei's works rather than Takahata-sensei... ;__;

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Pict Up December 2007: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) x Hideshima Fumika (秀島史香)

Taken from

In issue December 2007 of Pict Up (on sale October 18), there's a conversation between Fukuda Mayuko and FM Radio DJ, Hideshima Fumika.

Fukuda Mayuko x Hideshima Fumika, when you watch "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", you can see the charms of the radio.

In the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", Fukuda Mayuko-san played the heroine of the story. A gentle story about a faint love story with a boy who aspired to be a DJ, using DJ as the media to touch the heart others. With the connection of being a DJ, this time she will come face to face with a person from television, radio and other field, who's activity is mainly DJ, Hideshime Fumika-san! It seems like there are many things in common between an actress an a DJ...

Hideshima: Even though Fukuda-san is a first year junior high student, what kind of things do you do at schoo?
Fukuda: I'm class representative. Because the first semester is soon over, I also want to continue with it next semester.
Hideshima: Hee~! So you're the type that like to take charge.
Fukuda: Right now is the exact time for the student council committee election. My best friend is running for student council official, so right now, she's working on her campaign speech.
Hideshima: With promises like "We'll be going to this place for our field trip!" right.
Fukuda: During school lunch we'll ask everyone "Please vote for me!" (laugh).
Hideshima: That sound really fun~, life of junior high student!
Fukuda: Yes, it's extremely fun.
Hideshima: Tamaki, whom Fukuda-san played, was brought into the hospital due to injury. Did you really feel like you're the one that's hospitalized?
Fukuda: Because with the cast on, elbows and my legs can't move, I really feel like I'm injured. Practically, I had to use wheelchair and crutches, so all these hardship, I understand very much.

Hideshima: Being an actress, you become another person, so how do you expand to your role?
Fukuda: I read the script many times. When it's a laughing scene, I will read it while laughing, when it's a crying scene, I'll become sad, when I read I'm able to get the emotions of the person. So I think that's when I'm first able to create the character.
Hideshima: So do you mean, first you get an understanding of the character, then by the time you act it out, you'll naturally move as the character, and your facial expression changed?
Fukuda: In actuality, when coming into the filming site, I'm already in character. In this case, my acting partner who played the role of Tarou-kun is Kamiki (Ryunosuke)-kun, his character is the one that created Tamiki.
Hideshima: I'm the same, there's another person name Piston Nishisawa-san that I worked together for our program, with his encouragement, a person I didn't know myself was able to come out. Kamiki-kun is what kind of person?
Fukuda: He's extremely SHY BOY. Even when I talked to him, ".... you're right." "Huh, it's already over?" I thought (laugh).
Hideshima: He can't continues with the conversation (laugh).
Fukuda: But for the second part of the filming, we were able to slowly become friends.
Hideshima: Fukuda-san, when you're conscious of the opposite sex, do you become shy?
Fukuda: Not at all. I really want to become in love~!
Hideshima: It'll be fine, love is not something you do, but something you fall into!
Fukuda: Eh~, is that so (laugh)? Like for this work, I would like to try going on a movie date.
Hideshima: When you become an adult, movie date become a standard (laugh). It would be good if "Little DJ" also become a wonderful date movie. When adult watch it, they think back to when they are little, that would be good. But I think this work also give the junior high students and high school student who watch it to think "I need to tell my most important person my feelings tonight!".

Hideshima: Normally, do you listen to the radio?
Fukuda: Even though up until now I haven't been listening, Okano Akihito of my favorite band, Porno Graffitti, is a personality for the radio show "All Night Nippon". Even though it's late Saturday night, when I don't have work on Sunday, I'll stay up listening to it. With my earphone on while laying in my futon, and feeling like we are chatting to each other, my heart will go kyun (laugh).
Hideshima: That's really nice~. As for me, due to my father's work, I went to America when I was 6th grade elementary school student. Because I didn't know English, it can't be help that I was insecure while going to school. Even though it's the first time I got my own room, my room is quiet that it felt lonely, I didn't like going to school the next day, and thought of many things that I'm unable to sleep. But when I listen to the radio, I was able to. Having the radio next to my pillow and listen to its voice, it make you think that you're not the only one, and that radio is really nice! That's when I want to be a DJ for a radio. Kind of like the feeling of having it close to your ear.
Fukuda: When I hear "What kind of music do you like?" from the radio, I would reply "I like this and this".
Hideshima: For the people who work at the radio, this is made them the most happy!
Fukuda: Compare to television, radio give a closer feeling. For television, even though the host will also ask questions, but for radio, isn't it like the audiences have a lot to say?
Hideshima: Right, right. For television, you can't immediately give feedback to their chat after it was over. As for the DJ, there are a lot of things that we can learn from the listener. Reactions like "This is good" will come. I think that even when we don't know each others, somehow, we're connected. Mayuko-san also send in fan letters right?
Fukuda: Yes. When I write letter, I'll write many pages, however, I have to deal with the stamp price being 80yen. But when I send it, it made me happy.
Hideshima: For an elementary student, 80yen is a lot.
Fukuda: When I received letters like "When I see Mayuko-chan, I also want to become an actress, so I auditioned for roles." it made me really happy.
Hideshima: When you read such letters you thought, I must also do my best. The mutual power that you give each other like that is great. For Mayuko-san, you also can't see the face of the people who watch your work right?
Fukuda: One time I got a chance to be in a stage play, that time, as I entered the stage and see so many people coming to watch, Amazing! I thought. Reading the survey and acting at small place for people to see, that also made me happy.
Hideshima: From movie to drama to stage play, from now on, the width of your presentation widen. Even though I'd done music programs, I definitely want to have a debuted singer as my guest. What are your plans after?
Fukuda: I don't have any now (laugh).
Hideshima: Even though you're not sure about what your next work will be (laugh), let's meet again!
Fukuda: Yes, definitely!

Blog entry of Hideshima Fumika about the interview with Fukuda Mayuko.
Written October 18, 2007. (Probably after the talk they have for Pict Up.)

In my heart, I screamed this.
For the magazine "Pict Up", a conversation with 13 years old actress, Fukuda Mayuko-san.

Even though she's very in demand for television, movies, and CM,
(able to personally knocked me out in "Byakuyakou")
is actually a first year junior high student, a cute girl.
Working as a class representative with a very brisk character, when she burst open her smile, zukyun.

What kind of thing are popular!?
What's your favorite music!?
Do you have a person you like!?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry for my persistent questions.

Her direct attitude toward acting is also kirakira (sparkling) radiantly.
Gave me a lot of motivation.

Mayuko-san is the heroine for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~".
The love between her and the hospital DJ, Kamiki-kun, who's fighting with his own illness, made me go dokidoki (heart beat).
It's a gently conscientious work with the combination of words and music from the radio.

As a person who's working in the radio industry, I wondered if was able to do it well.
The emotions of my original intention and dream was awaken.
There are also many times when things didn't go well, and even now, I still make a lot of mistakes,
Those time where I was crushed and left a dent, and then fall down like zudo~n (splatter?), in the end, I think I'll do it carefully tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I was moved to tears.
A handkerchief won't be enough, it required a bath towel.
It became soggy while I watch.
The movie is open in theaters on December. Certainly.

Mayuko-san, I can see she will become a more and more wonderful actress in the future.
Premonition~!! I'll look forward to it~!!

- There maybe some incorrect part about the translation. :x
- What Mayuko thinks of Kamiki: shy boy and mysterious/strange (because of his quick change in tension). Hahahaha... XD;;
- Hideshima Fumika is nice! And I like her name. :) The part where she talk about her loneliness when she was in America is sad. By the way, she's fluent in English!! Amazing!
- I knew she was class representative when she was in elementary, but Mayuko was also the class representative in junior high as well. That's really cool. I wondered if she continued to be class representative in high school.

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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Interview : I'm similar to Nona-kun

Another Kamiki old interview. Taken from Yomiuri.

Decided to translate this because Kamiki's and Ghibli's 4th cooperation (Karigurashi no Arrietty) is going to be out in July 17! :D

Published on Febuary 28, 2008 in Yomiuri Newspaper.

For 'Ghibli Museum, Mitaka' in Tokyo, director Miyazaki Hayao created 3 newest short film, which can be chosen selectively and watch until March 13. One work from these 3, "Hoshi wo Katta Hi", is based on a story by painter Inoue Naohisa, who painted the fantasy work "iblard". Acting as the voice for the protagonist, Nona, is Kamiki Ryunosuke. (Interviewer: Yoda Kenichi)

-- Have you seen the finished work?
Kamiki: Not yet. Though, some times ago, I watched the film without music with Ooizumi You-san...

-- Do you want to quickly see it?
Kamiki: Yes!

-- How were you able to act as Nona?
Kamiki: At first, when I learned that they haven't decided on anyone yet, I asked "I want to audition, can I?", it was a challenge. On the appointed day, when I went to the studio to try out my voice, director Miyazaki told me "Wait a second", when I was wondering what's going on, he said "Let's start recording like this.", and just like that, it became a real recording.

-- Were you surprised?
Kamiki: I was shocked (laugh). Because, I didn't think it was really going to be a real recording.

-- What did director Miyazaki explain about the work?
Kamiki: We had a discussion about Nona-kun, a boy who's running away from reality. I remember we talk about such circumstances of the story, but we didn't discuss about the little details.

-- Do you have a circumstance where you also run away from reality?
Kamiki: U~n... It's actually something that happened recently, I broke something important in my house, at that time I had a strong wish, "Please let this be a dream!" (laugh).

-- What's something you can see yourself in Nona?
Kamiki: When he fixedly gazed at the star seed and decided to raise it, I think that he's similar to me. Because I'm very curious, when I have an interest in something, I'll become absorbed and forget about other things.

-- What are you into right now?
Kamiki: Train. Though I love the sound of the train when the motor goes gashagasha, right now, I love the body of the train. Also, recently, I've been bringing my digital camera with me, I've also been taking pictures of many things.

-- For example?
Kamiki: There's a lot of scenery pictures. A rock from an area, for example. I don't really take picture of people.

-- It will be good if you have an exhibition.
Kamiki: Yes! It's just that, I've been taking pictures that I think are interesting, but the people who look at them will think that the pictures are strange...

-- From participating in 3 of Miyazaki's work, "Spirited Away" as Bou, "Howl's Moving Castle" as Markl, and this, which character do you think you're closest with?
Kamiki: Perhaps Markl. Normally, I'm very spirited, even at the site, I'm always talking. About "Howl", even though a lot of people record their voices individually, I was able to meet with Kimura (Takuya, who did the voice of Howl)-san only once, but I was extremely happy. He's like a prince, I thought he was "Cool!".

-- Is the director strict?
Kamiki: He's always very kind. But, no matter which work it was, he always told me, "Be a little bit more normal!".

-- Did you frequently meet with the director?
Kamiki: Beside from when I record, other than that we don't meet. When we met for "Hoshi wo Katta Hi", he said "Your voice is getting lower.", which surprised me.

-- You're going to be a junior high student in April. From now on, what kind of actor are you aspired to be?
Kamiki: The person I respect is Ikariya Chosuke-san. Even with age, he's able to perform well, I want to be able to continue on as an actor. (The way I translate this sentence may give the wrong impression... Kamiki meant Ikariya-san still always give great performance... Nothing bad about the age thing.)

"Hoshi wo Katta Hi"
While walking in a desert, a young boy, Nona (Kamiki Ryunosuke) suddenly meet a mysterious woman, Nigna (Suzuki Kyoka), and he begins to work on her plantation. One day, he was given a 'star seed' in exchange for the vegetables by two strangers. Approximately 16 minutes. Until March 13, you can choose 1 from this 3 new films, "Yadosagashi", "Mizugumo Monmon" and "Hoshi wo Katta Hi", to watch. The museum required date and time reservation.

Onto other stuffs... So, because "Karigurashi no Arrietty" is going to be out in about 1 month, Kamiki also begins to appear in magazine...

These scans are from the newest Awesome! issue (I'm guessing July issue?). Scan by the gracious king-kun. Please click on the link to see more great scans by her(?). :)

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Liar Game Episode Zero: Episode of Nao

I'm unable to download the file, and I'm also unable to embed the video from Baidu, so click on the link to view it.

This is just the part concerning Nao, can't seems to find the others for some reason... :x Well, enjoy it for now until download links for the rest are available. ^^;; I may add the links for the others when I find it. ^^

LG0 Nao

+Episode of Nao (Baidu)

+Episode of Nao (Youku)

Toda Erika as Kanzaki Nao
Fukuda Mayuko as young Kanzaki Nao.
Wada Sokou
Ikeda Tetsuhiro
Harumi Shihou

This episode Zero is pretty self explanatory and easy to understand. So I'll write about the outline for people who can't wait for the subs. Spoiler!

The show started with images of Kanzaki Nao (Toda Erika) during her Liar Game phases and about how easily fooled she is. Thus this story is pretty much goes to show why she still trust people.

7 years ago, Kanzaki Nao (Fukuda Mayuko) was in charged of the money for her class' culture festival. But she lent it to an old guy who needed money at the time (Ikeda Tetsuhiro). That's why her classmates was getting angry at her for giving that money away. So she decided to wait for him at that spot, which is where she first met an aspired musician, Eto Koichi (Wada Sokou). Interestingly, Eto Koichi is the same person who helped Nao during the third arc of season 1, at the house. Nao then helped him back by clearing his debt.

Anyways, Eto Koichi cheered her up with his songs and gave her his guitar picks as a present. Because of his songs, Nao decided to continue to wait for the guy she lent her money to, but the guy still didn't come. This is perhaps my opinion, but her trust may have began to wane a bit here.

And then, they have a flashback to his own story. He was swindled by a fake music producer (Harumi Shihou), giving him all his saving only to find that it was all a lie (thinking back about it, this was probably the reason why Eto Koichi joined Liar Game). While being hungry and poor, he came across a house with its back door open, that's when he decided to rob the place. But coincidently, it was the home of Nao. When he realized that it was her house, she caught him in the act. Dun dun dun....

But, instead of calling the police on him, Nao told him to run away. She even goes as far as not minding that her money was stolen. Feeling guilty about it, Eto Koichi apologized and put the money back before he left. This is why she decided to trust people once more. So she decided to wait for the man again. In the end, he came back to return the money to her.

The show concluded that that's why even during all the things that happened during the course of Liar Game, she still believe in the people around her.

- I like how this episode give background story to, not only Kanzaki Nao, but also Eto Koichi (because he was also one of my favorite player during Liar Game 1, he's so nice!).
- The man who played the swindler producer, Harumi Shihou, is Yasukawa Norihiko from Liar Game season 2, during the Angels and Demons game. He's part of the 3 people team that Katsuragi Ryo (Kikuchi Rinko, Akiyama's college classmate) is leader of. It's too bad his background wasn't explored more, beside the he's a swindler even from 7 years ago. ^^;; But it can't be helped, with the short story and all.
- There are some parts of the show that I thought Mayuko's Nao is really like Toda Erika's Nao. Like her expressions and stuffs. It's a bit similar.
- Interestingly, Mayuko and Wada Sokou also appeared together in Heaven's Door. Or at least that's what they'd said, though I don't remember him in there at all. ^^;; It's kind of cool they co-star together again in Liar Game Episode Zero.

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Goseiger epic 17-18 Making Of

Continue with this week Tensou Sentai Goseiger Making Of. :) Taken from TVAsahi Goseiger website.

P1. With the arrival of the new enemy, Yuumajuu...
P2. The numbers of victims increased.
P3. They appeared unexpectedly!
P4. With the Amachi being careless...
P5. Become tied up in bandages~
P6. And be reduced to this!

P1. Even when the Goseiger is in this condition
P2. "Director, what should I do?" "It's alright!"
P3. Because "GoseiKnight won't allow it"
P4. Cool on rainy days at the filming site
P5. Still cool even when it's hot
P6. Goseiger increasingly becoming more mature!
With GoseiKnight and also the movie, yoroshiku onegaishimasu (please treat us well).

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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Sakuraba Nanami (桜庭ななみ) "Summer Wars" Interview

Old interview taken from Tokyo Headline web. Continuing with Kamiki translation of his old stuffs. :)

Director Hosoda Mamoru, from the 2006 summer break hit movie "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time", his latest work "Summer Wars" will be in theater from August 1. Voicing the 17 years old, timid, math genious Kenji, and his a bit clumsy, but beautiful sempai, Natsuki, also are gaining notices from this season's drama, Kamiki Ryunosuke and Sakuraba Nanami!

First time working together, and exactly like the character they played. Now, they will completely open themselves to each others with mutual friendship.

Kamiki Ryunosuke: During this time, while I'm watching "Futatsu no Spica", I thought 'Ah! It's Nanami-sempai!' (laugh).
Sakuraba Nanami: This time, even though I'm playing the sempai role, it's actually Kamiki-kun that's the sempai.
Kamiki: But Sakuraba-san is older, so you're naturally the "sempai".
Sakuraba: No no, when it's about work, I'm the kouhai! That's why, I can't use such word to describe myself (laugh).
Kamiki: As for me, using the school as a base for comparing the people from the same generation. Of course, they are also partners at work, but people around the same years has a school-like feeling. And thus, "sempai"!
Sakuraba: I'm just the "sempai" by only the voice (laugh). (as in, because she's voicing the older character... I think)
Kamiki: It's basically because we are in characters ne.
Sakuraba: That's not true (laugh)!
Kamiki: But for me, the first time we met, I was really nervous. "How old are you?" "I'm 16." "Oh, I'm a year older", I remember such conversation was quickly finished (laugh).
Sakuraba: It's like there's a wall (laugh)
Kamiki: I'm not sure if we were able to connect with the next few topic, but for our first day at the recording, it was like that. At first, I called you "Sakuraba-san", but it felts distant, that's why when I try to call you 'sempai', it's as if we're able to open our hearts to each other better.
Sakuraba: From then on, it's as if we became closer friends.
Kamiki: With that, we begins to talk a lot about school. And then, "Minmin Daha" topic for example (laugh).
Sakuraba: Kamiki-kun always looks sleepy.
Kamiki: It seems like I get really sleepy this season (laugh). Going to the recording place after school, and then at the studio, it's quiet and feel really nice... (laugh)
Sakuraba: Do you know of "Kyokyo Daha"? (From the same maker of Minmin Daha, but I think it's a stronger drink)
Kamiki: I know of it. It's even stronger right. But I think it's a bit too strong, when Yokokawa (Takahiro)-kun who voiced Sakuma drank "Minmin Daha", Nanami-sempai asked "Is it good?"...
Sakuraba: From that point on, we began to talk with each others a lot.
Kamiki: We became friends thanks to "Minmin Daha" (laugh)
Both: Thank you very much! (laugh) (thanking the Minmin Daha)

The story is about saving the virtual world with the analogue power, "bonds between people", during the recording, each of their presences also helps the other.

Kamiki: It's my first challenge at trying acting in a comical role, because it's an anime, that's why it's more difficult. When I try to discussed it with the director Hosoda, with 3-4 items in the studio, in front of the mike, he suggested me to try the same actions as Kenji. For the scene where Kenji stumbled, I also stumbled, for the scene where he picked up an object, my body would move. Even though it's my first time trying that sort of method, I think it's great.
Sakuraba: As for my case, my greatest impression is for the scene where Natsuki cried. In the booth, it was only myself, but I have to be able to cry as well as act. It's also my first challenge at voice acting, everyone around me helped me a lot.... when I thought about that, tears was able to come out. Kamiki-kun also really encouraged me. Even when I made so many mistakes...
Kamiki: No no. Same with me, always calming things down, it helps me a lot. Even when I'm a bit air headed...
Sakuraba: That's not true (laugh)!
Kamiki: But when answering questions, they arn't related to each others...
Sakuraba: When I'm nervous, my brain won't be able to make a connection with the questions. I need to calm myself down in order to understand it...
Kamiki: Even when I'm unable to correct it... (laugh)

Animation movie as the stage, acting as important roles, there's more than enough fascination of this movie for these two. What they think each others should try acting as a character for a manga or anime is?

Kamiki: Even though, I really like and watch a lot, both the manga and anime of "Death Note", but the recent serial story "Bakuman", the voice of the heroine "Azuki Miho" seems to match her. If it's "Bakuman", I also want to try it.
Sakuraba: If that's so, then we will be able to work again. As for me, I like "Crayon Shin-chan", perhaps Kamiki-kun could be the voice for 'high school student Shin-chan' (laugh).
Kamiki: Shin-chan's image will changed, is that really alright (laugh). "Shinosuke desu!"
Sakuraba: I definitely want you to try it (laugh)!
Kamiki: Ora, Shinosuke desu! (imitating Shin-chan)
Sakuraba: Ahaha (roar of laughter)

Kamiki-kun has "Akahana no Sensei", Sakuraba-san has "Koishite Akuma ~Vampire Boy", they are in the middle of acting for this season's drama. Even though both of them are this busy, how would they like to spend this summer break?

Kamiki: I want to travel with Seishun 18 kippu!
Sakuraba: Do you like train?
Kamiki: I do like train, but I also like to travel. With my camera, I want to travel alone for around 5 days. Basically, not using a limited express (fast train), but a slow train.
Sakuraba: Slow train...
Kamiki: It will be an interesting summer vacation, I want to leave a lot of memories.
Sakuraba: As for me, making good memories is good enough for me. It's a yearly custom to return to my parent's home and do barbecue, and then going to the beach with friends.

For these 2 who are reaching out with "Summer Wars", they will probably have wonderful memories!

- Truthfully, I didn't want to translate this until I've watch the movie... But I don't want to watch the movie and then didn't like it in the end because my expectation is too high from all the praises it has. So I'm waiting to read more bad reviews (there are some out there, they are wonderfully written and also very objective btw. I love reading bad reviews, it give more food for thoughts). So in the end, I'm just too lazy to watch the movie. ^^;;
- Kamiki and his excitements on train, while leaving Sakuraba confuse = Hilarious.
- I'm really happy that Kamiki likes "Bakuman" like me, but I think Azuki Miho is the weakest link of the manga. Her presences is only a goal/trophy for Mashiro... And the connection with Mashiro's uncle and Azuki's mom made the story more... cliche. Kaya is a much better character in comparison. :< But I guess Sakuraba's voice do fit Azuki's character. But I can't see Kamiki as Mashiro.... :x
- But I would love to hear Kamiki imitating Shin-chan. XD;; That part is quite funny.
- I love how they bond over energy drinks. XD;; That's too funny.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) In 24 Hours TV Special Drama "Miporin no Ekubo"

Taken from tokyograph

Hirosue, Nagase co-star in "24 Hour Television" drama special

The drama special for this year's "24 Hour Television" telethon has been
revealed. The drama is titled "Miporin no Ekubo" and will star Ryoko Hirosue
(29) with TOKIO's Tomoya Nagase

Hirosue and Nagase will play a married couple in this tearjerker, based
on a true story of two parents who are told that their daughter Miho
(played by Manatsu Kimura) has one year left to live due to a brain
tumor. The drama depicts the family's remaining time together, including
the 359 letters that Miho drew before her death.

NTV will air the drama on the night of August 28. The "24 Hour
Television" program will start earlier that day.

News from Sponichi. Translating from Japanest.

Crying Together... Hirosue & Nagase, Acting as a Married Couple

Hirosue Ryoko (29) and Nagase Tomoya (31), member of the popular band TOKIO, will work together in this year 24hTV drama special, "Miporin no Ekubo" (Miporin's Dimples).  The show will be broadcast on August 28 to 29.

They will be acting as married couple for this drama, and this will be the first time they work together. This drama is based on the original work of the same name by Ogata Noriko, based on a true story about a young girl who died when she was 13 years old due to brain tumor.

Hirosue will act as a mother who love her young daughter Miho (play by Kimura Manatsu, 9 years old). After she was diagnosed with the disease, Miho was predicted to only be able to live for a year. In reality, Hirosue has a 6 years old son, thus when she was invited to participate in this drama, she only hesitated for a second. After reading the script for the drama, she was trully moved by the bonds of this family. "If I'm Miho's mother, then it's not the time for me to cry." she said with determination for this challenge.

The same could be said for Nagase. Even though he's the main personality of TOKIO, but similarly to Hirosue, after reading the script, he cried. "I don't have a wife, and of course, kids, so at first I didn't think I can perform this role." he revealed. But he was given a role about a film for beloved daugters, about the happiness of to be able to continue on living. Even though the theme is heavy, the set is very cheerful, with Hirosue Ryoko, Fukuda Mayuko (15, acting as the eldest sister), and Kimura, he brightly smiles "If I have a beautiful wife and cute children like them, I don't think I'll leave my house."

Official site of the drama.
- Other cast of the film will include Tanaka Misako.
- Kimura Manatsu as Okazaki Miho (young daughter)
- Hirosue Ryoko as Okazaki Riko (mother)
- Nagase Tomoya as Okazaki Shouki (father) (guessing on his name)
- Fukuda Mayuko as Okazaki Minami (eldest daughter)

Promotion Clip

- How about that? A translation from a Vietnamese source this time? >:3 Fufu~ Because my Vietnamese is much much better than my Japanese and Chinese, but about the same as my English (but my Vietnamese grammar is better than my English grammar). X3;;
- This will be the second time that Nagase and Fukuda worked together since Heaven's Door. Also the nth time that Hirosue and Fukuda worked together (Summer Snow, Little DJ, GOEMON). These two are also in the same agency (FLaMme). So much connections! You can make a relationship chart out of this. XD;;
- I never seen Kimura Manatsu before, so I don't know much about her.
- Funny how people were saying that Hirosue (29) must have been 14 sai no haha herself in order to conceive Mayuko (15). lol ^^;; But Miho is 13 when she died, so her elder sister being 15 isn't too far fetched. Nagase and Hirosue are playing older (age-wise) characters.
- People are also saying after Masato and Harumi died (Heaven's Door), they are reborn again to be father and daughter. XD;; Actually, that would be REALLY cute! But the whole family picture is really cute. All of them make a cute family. <3

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goseiger epic 15-16 Making Of

I only started reading the making of from the beginning of Tensou Sentai Goseiger. I didn't bother reading Shinkenger's, which I kind of regret now. The pictures are really cute. I always wanted to translate them, but didn't get the motivation until now. Lol. I really wished I did this earlier from the first episode though. ^^;; Now it's kind of too late. =____=;;

Taken from Tensou Sentai Goseiger Toei TV.

Picture 1. Director "I have something I want to say!"
P2. Moune "What is it?" Hyde "Tell us~"
P3. " For the episode 15 and 16..."
P4. "These two stories..."
P5. "will be the last (of the arc)!" (It's actually said, 'It's planned to be the last time filming!' but I don't think they are changing director so that doesn't really make sense. ^^;;)
P6. Are you serious~!?
P7. "Wa~, I said it~"

P1. Even when covered with wounds
P2. Smile!
P3. The last story!
P4. Fighting Dereputa
P5. is the hightlight
P6. Of the last story!!
P7. As we became worn out...
P8. even as going to the end...
P9. even when the rainy days are abundant...

P1. there things we like (about them)~
P2. Zukko~n! (sound effect)
P3. the image of Alata and Eri is...
P4. I said stop it, you!
P5. Dynamic Alata!
P6. Like that, there are a lot of things that happened.
P7. These 5 people
P8. with their strengths
P9. (while making) the last story!!

P1. And thus, from this point on
P2. something new will begin
P3. With our smiling faces
P4. we'll do our best!
P5. The challenges for Goseiger are still continuing on.
From now on, please cheer us on.

- Though surprisingly I don't ship Hyde/Moune, but the pictures with those two are really cute! The picture with Eri and Alata are cute as well, but I also don't ship Alata/Eri. Lol
- Hyde and Moune poking the director is so adorable. But why are there so many pictures of them together, and none of Agri and Moune sibling? ^^;;
- Dynamic Alata (pun with the title of epic 16) made me laugh.
- I really really REALLY like reading the making of. ^^;;

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) - Onitsuka Tadashi (鬼塚忠) : Best Seller 'Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~'

Taken from Rakuten Books.

Kamiki Ryunosuke "My first time with the record"
Onitsuka Tadashi "It has to be Kamiki-kun"

After admitted into a seaside hospital, young boy, Tarou, began to touch others' lives with his DJ as well as experience a fleeting love, for this 200,000 copies best seller novel "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~" (Popular Company) by author Onitsuka Tadashi, Kamiki Ryunosuke-san is playing the protagonist for the movie adaption. Before it being released in theater on December 15, we visit the author, Onitsuka-san, and the lead actor, Kamiki-san, for a chat.

Onitsuka Tadashi-san
Born in 1965, he graduated from Kagoshima University. He studied abroad in England during his 2nd year. In 2001, he established Appleseed Agency and became a writer agent. His literary works included "The Agent" (Random House Koudansha), "Kaikou wo Wataru Violin" (cowritten) (Kawade Shobou Shinja), and others.

Kamiki Ryunosuke-san
Born in 1993. Appearing in many dramas and movies such as NHK Taiga "Yoshitsune", morning drama "Dondo Hare", "Tantei Gakuen Q" (NTV) and others. In 2005, he won the Japanese Movie Critics Rookie of the Year award for the movie "Otou-san no Back-drop". In 2006, he won Japanese Awards Best Newcomer for the movie "The Great Yokai War".

"Little DJ ~ Chiisana Koi no Monogatary~" movie homepage.

-- What's your thought after reading the original work?
Kamiki-san: Though there are a few differences between the book and the movie, but they both have the same 'warmth'. From a diferent angle, it feels like you're walking alongside with the story.

-- Acting as the protagonist for a best seller novel, do you feel pressured?

Kamiki-san: Strangely, I don't feel pressured. After receiving the script, it's just having a lot of first time challenges. DJ, love, illness, these 3 challenges. So, I think having to face these challenges is like challenging new things.

-- What's on your mind while creating the role?
Kamiki-san: It's illness and DJ. Even though I was admitted to the hospital when I was younger, I'm unable to recollect any of it. From then on, I'm always healthy. That's why I discussed it with my family and the people around me, after listening to illness stories, I acted base on that. As for DJ, before the filming, I'm able to have an experienced DJ to teach me many things.

-- Do you have a common feature with Tarou?
Kamiki-san: A long time ago, my grandfather often listen to the baseball broadcast on the radio. While listening next to him, I also try to do impressions of the baseball broadcast. Unexpectedly, that's also a common feature with Tarou. Also, friends. Tarou and together with (his friend) Clutch playing catch, for example. I also often play catch with my friends. But, a love with Tamaki, it's my first time (laugh).

-- Onitsuka-san, after success with this work, it seems like you have Kamiki-san in mind right from the start right?
Onitsuka-san: After the story was solidify, I thought Kamiki-kun would be the best. There are 2 reasons. First, for difficult situations like love or kindness, it's only Kamiki-kun can do such expressions. Another reason is, when this story pop into my head, even though I call this a love story, I thought "I want this work to reserve through history". With that, in order to this work to reserve through history, I thought, it got to be Kamiki-kun, an actor who will prosper.

-- How did you start writing?
Onitsuka-san: When I was writing and collecting data for a critical biography of president Yamazaki Rinko of the Japanese Women Doctor Scientific Society, I listen from the hospital broadcast that she's a director in, about a story of a boy, for that moment, in myself an image started to grow. Slowly, the characters solidify, I was able to see the story outlines, Kamiki-kun face also appeared.

-- For people from Kamiki's generation who's watching this, there are frequent used of some old songs, what do you think about this?
Kamiki-san: I don't think it's old. There are also tunes that I know, and the songs that I liked are put into my ipod to listen. Truthfully, it was my first time touching a record at the filming site. Even though I know of the existence of the record. It's also my first time putting the needle in place. Perhaps it's because that I was born in a generation that doesn't have it, the record have an adult-like image. I'm very happy to be able to touch it, I think it's really cool.

Onitsuka-san: Cetainly, the music at that time isn't as simple as now. Using your money to buy it, it became an extremely valuable existence.

Kamiki-san: When think about it, I feel that it's great that the generations from the 70s, and 80s exist. It's a feeling like something that humanity left behind. Right now, we press a switch on, but for in the case of record, we have to drop the needle. In another time, a different way for a different generation, I would think about them. While dropping the needle, it's a feeling of achievement. Kind of like "Ah, it's turning". It's a fresh feeling.

-- For this work, what kind of person do you want to read, and to see it?
: For example, the people who are in the same generation as me would be good. Unable to be honest. Unable to say things because you're ashamed of the things you want to say. This movie is for such people to become more honest. Because I'm also in my rebellious age (laugh). Simply put, after being dirtied, it's a feeling that you can clean your heart once again.

-- Lastly, please say one word to our readers.

Kamiki-san: Even though you're unable to honestly say things like "Thank you" or "I'm sorry", but truthfully, they are very important words, it's my feelings for this work. It's a very kind work. By the way, though the movie open from December 15, if you have a date during Christmas, I think it would also be great if you're able to see this movie.

Onitsuka-san: From the book to the movie, there's a little different approach to the story. I hope you'll read the original novel, and also watch the movie. If you're able to get your hand on the book, movie, official book, soundtrack, comic and other forms of "Little DJ", I think it would be great.

- There are several parts where I didn't really get it. :<
- Sorry for the late translation. Real life stuffs. :x
- I want the comic, book, movie, official book, and soundtrack. X3;; Though I have some backstage pictures from the Little DJ movie, but it would be great if I can watch it from the DVD. ^__^;;
- At first I thought Onitsuka-san (the author of Little DJ) was a woman. ^^;; Didn't know he was a man. But I thought it was great being an agent and then writing your own novels. You can read another interview of him here, where he talk about his other work, "Quartet!". Though it's probably not the same, it kind of reminded me of the "Quartet for Two" movie with Amami Yuuki. Except that only the daughter and the mother play piano. ^^;; Great movie by the way.
- Kamiki have the best appearances during Little DJ promotions, imho. XD;;

Also something I think is amazing, author Onitsuka Tadashi, playing the theme song of Little DJ. >:3 He's so good and humble!! <3 Composed by Sato Naoki.