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Zettai Reido - Highlights from the Staffs Zoom In!

Taken from Zettai Reido Official Site. Translating the second part since it has Fukuda Mayuko.

Part 2. The direction for Izumi first in charge of the case is...?
Key person - Message from Fukuda Mayuko-san!

"Serial Killing of School Animals" is the first case that Sakuragi Izumi (Ueto Aya) in charge of. While Izumi and Tsukamoto Keigo (Miyasako Hiroyuki) search, the appearance of a mysterious girl, Sawai Haruna (Fukuda Mayuko), and her relation to the "Chiyama Case" of five years ago made her to be the prime suspect.

On the filming for this day, on the sport ground is the setting for the "Chiyama Case". Many children gathered at the filming location. Though the children are nervous because they have never done a drama scene before, somehow the filming was able to continue until the last part where only the confusion voices are recorded. The staffs stand in the middle of the sport ground, and surrounding them, the children are in standby. "Who ever I point to, please scream!" instructed the staff as the children nodded with a serious face. With the warm sunlight of this spring day, on the sport ground, "the screams of terrors" will even make the adult shudders. Even despite the children acting experiences are few, they are the true voice of the children. In this scene, it also feels like a conductor with his orchestra.

As the children scenes are finished, Ueto Aya-san steps on the scene. Relieved from their finished duty, completely relax, "Otsukare-sama deshita~" the children smile while taking their rewards. As Miyasako Hiroyuki-san also enter the scene, standing in front of the stone tablet, the filming began. During the intervals, the talks between these two seem fun, while Ueto-san is filming her solo scenes, Miyasako-san is within the sport ground, sitting on the swing, looking intensely into his bag. With such a serious facial expression, we would think he's preparing his lines for the next scene, but actually, he's playing a keitai game (laugh). And then, at that time, on a corner of the sport ground, Fukuda Mayuko-san, who's playing the role of Sawai Haruna, is in standby. Using the time in the middle of filming, she's sitting, facing the arts staffs, as they diligently moving their pencil (to put makeup on her). Even though Fukuda-san has a serious expression on her face, sometimes, she will give an awkward smile to the staffs and visitors who are standing around.

We recieved a message from Fukuda Mayuko-san, who's the key person for this "serial case killing of school animal".

"Sawai Haruna role that I'm acting as, from now on, what kind of person will she progress into, and though the background story of what kind of feelings she held day to day after the case is not show, acting is a bit difficult. Haruna's thoughts toward Yuki-chan cause her strong feelings toward the case, she doesn't understand which is 'the true Haruna'. For me, perhaps, she's unable to see her own true feelings. There are also scenes in episode 6 where her mother appears. As Haruna, if I'm able to portray Haruna's only one regret with great care and conscientious expressions, I think that would be great.

For a case, of course, the first thing one would think of are the assailants and the victims, but truthfully, the people concern are not just family members or the officials, but also everyone that the case caused pains and injury to their heart. For the feelings of those people, I think it's great if a role like Haruna will be able to convey it."

In episode 6 (broadcast on May 18), Izumi will continue to go deeper into the core of the case. Also, on official homepage, quizzes will start with "Zettai Reido" original goods to be give away as presents! The questions will be publish every Friday in the "Special" tab. Please check before the broadcast!

The show, as well as quiz, please don't miss it!

Episode 6 Preview from the official site!

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