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Ueto Aya (上戸彩) & Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) "Install" Interview

Sad to say, I haven't watch the movie "Install"... So, don't ask me why I'm translating this. lol. But do tell me if I got any information wrong.

Another very old interview, taken from CinemaToday.

Covering - Text - Pictures : FLiX Movie Site

"Install" novel, wrote by winner of Akutagawa Prize, Wataya Risa, when she was just 17 years old, became a film. A normal high school student and a precocious elementary student are working part time on an erotic internet chat site, while trying to install oneself once again, it's a drama about youth and puberty. The two main characters with a relaxed attitude, Asako and Kazuyoshi, played by Ueto Aya and Kamiki Ryunosuke, we will listen to them talk from each stages to the most risked scene of the movie.

■ Erotic chat is, as I thought, embarrassing.
Q. The protagonist Asako is 17 years old, Aya-chan is also 17 years old. Because you both are the same age, do you feel empathy toward Asako's outlook in life?
Ueto Aya: I don't have any empathy for her at all. Because I'm a completely different type, and I don't have friends who are like Asako, that's why I don't really understand a girl like Asako. Because you need to possess something in order to film (confuse by this sentense?). It's just that, Asako is a girl who has no personality, and character. While I was forming this character, I thought perhaps I should not give her any habits to make it real. So that the people watching wouldn't see her strength, I hope they can see this.

Q. How are the risky lines by Kamiki Ryunosuke, playing elementary school student Kazuyoshi, who introduce the part time job Erotic chat to this Asako?
Ueto Aya: When I watched the finished product, it's embarrassing. Because, there were risky lines exchange between the two. At the filming site, we were able to say the lines naturally, with composure but... It's embarrassing right, Ryu (turning to Kamiki Ryunosuke)!

■ Ryu is a train maniac.
Q. Continuing with "Namida wo Fuite", how is co-staring together with Ryunosuke-kun for "Install"?
Ueto Aya: For me, it was great that it's Ryu, I thought because it's Ryu, I'm relieved. It's easier to act, but conversely, doing the last scene that has a bit risky scene, because it's Ryu, I'm also nervous. But if it's not Ryu, the way of talking between them, or that yaritori game, I don't think I'll be able to do them. Isn't that right, Ryu (turning to him with a smile).

Q. Though both of you are close, but when the camera is not rolling, what kind of things do you do?
Ueto Aya: We're always together. We would spread out notebook out and draw. And because Ryu is fast at memorizing his lines, we would practices our scenes for the next day. Even though I have to look at my script, Ryu was able to say things smoothly. Ah, also, we play with train. Because Ryu is a train maniac.
Kamiki Ryunosuke: We paint pictures, go to look at trains, and I take pictures.

■ If Aya-chan is big sister....
Q. In the film you two become accomplices, and also close friends. If you two really become sibblings, are you up to the task?
Ueto Aya: How about it, if I'm your older sister?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: ........ Definitely, I think it'll be good.
Ueto Aya: What was that pause about. If I'm always at home, would that's also be good?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Uh, un.
Ueto Aya: It seems I'm no good (laugh).

Q. A question for the two of you, is there something difficult for this work?

Ueto Aya: There are a lot of scenes where I taste drinks....
Kamiki Ryunosuke: The two of us need to begin drinking at the same time, but because we didn't stop at the same time, it was hard that our breathing doesn't match.
Ueto Aya: The thing like timing, is really hard. After that is Ryu's lines. Kind of like, first drink, then say our lines, then drink again. After that, I think everything continue smoothly.

■ A bit risky scene is also...
Q. Able to follow each others' timing perfectly, after that the last risky scene is definitely difficult right?
Ueto Aya: Wasn't it a bit awkward?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: (blank expression)
Ueto Aya: Ryu also seems to be like that (laugh). But because I know Ryu around the time I was in junior high... Because we need to act as a man and as a woman, somehow a strange atmosphere, during the filming, it's the same, and after watching it, it's also awkward (laugh). It was embarrassing.

■ Throw away with all one's strength
Q. By the way, everything in Asako's room are completely thrown away, for the two of you, are you able to throw everything away like that?
Ueto Aya: Though I like simple room, it's not "Need" and "Don't need", it's a too precise way of doing things. But the things I can't throw away, are the valuable things people made and give me as presents.
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Though there's a lot of notebooks in my desk, but I will tidy them up. Ah, but it's not for studying, I draw a lot of pictures on it (laugh).

Q. In Kazuyoshi's room, he's also raising seamonkey right.
Ueto Aya: In tutorial teaching materials, those things are microbes right? They are small and hard to see.
Kamiki Ryunosuke: If you use a magnification glass, you can enlarge them in order to see them.

Q. By the way, is there anything you are raising as your pet?
Ueto Aya: Even though I really love dog, I don't raise them. Because they are living beings, and someday you have to separate from them, that's why I can't raise pet. Ryu is raising dog, right?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Un. I'm raising 2 dogs.

■ In retrospect! Macintosh - Color Classic II
Q. The story begins with Asako throwing away her computer while Kazuyoshi pick them up, for your two, do you use computer?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: I think I am able to use it only a bit... But in order to looking train time schedules, I'll use the internet! But such old computer (Macintosh - Color Classic II) that appears in the movie, it's my first time seeing one!
Ueto Aya: If I'm by my self, I can't really handle it. I need my manager's help in order to go on my homepage and write entry, the site was made inorder for fans to view (not sure about this sentence). I often use my cellphone for mail!

Q. Well then, lastly please give a message to the readers and everyone what to look forward to when the movie is in theater.

Ueto Aya: Asako's parents and Kazuyoshi's parents are very strong individuals. Actually, Kazuyoshi's father is the director. Anyways, I think you can relax while watching whether you're one person or many people. Please, have fun watching it at the theater.
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Kazuyoshi is dilligent, adult-like, and a kid who do chat, but occasionally there will be interesting things, please watch it!
Ueto Aya: With the 2 of us doing comical things, please laugh even in theater. Ne!

These two are exactly like an older sister and younger brother. Aya-san's kindly worry about Ryunosuke, in order for this angelic, smile from Ryunosuke that's free of worries. They are very charming humans. For the movie, the computer master, Ryunosuke-kun, and the relationship with his disciple, Aya-san, is subtle, not a pair of lovers, not sister and bother... this subtle distance is this film's essence.

- Excuse some incorrect translations.
- Ueto Aya's inability to use a computer make sense for her preferences with writing letters. X3
- Kamiki and train, and Kamiki and his notebooks. ^__^;;
- Love how close these two seems to be, though I feel sorry for Aya that she got rejected to be Kamiki's older sister. I guess already having an older sister really made Kamiki think twice about having another one. ^^;;
- Now I really want to watch "Namida wo Fuite". It has Eguchi Yosuke, Ninomiya Kazunari, Kamiki, etc... Sound interesting!

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