Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tokusatsu boys in June Seventeen

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Even though I know outside of tokusatsu, they are just normal models/actors/etc..., but it's still strange whenever I come across their pages in magazines. X3

Philip (Suda Masaki) from Kamen Rider W, the newest Kamen Rider series.
Why so cute Philip?
From the three tokusatsu boys, he looks the most of out character, so I didn't really feel as strange about him compared to the rest. But, with his normal hair, without all the paper clips that Philip dons, Masaki is really cute! Though Philip is really cute as well. <3<3

Alata (Chiba Yudai), GoseiRed, from Tensou Sentai Goseiger, this year sentai series.
Yudai is the most strange for me. Since he's the current Red this year, and see him here except with a slightly different hair.... Strange, just really strange. X3;; Can't help but think Eri might be shock that he's having a date instead of saving the world. lol Outside of the show, his atmosphere is still very much like Alata, instead of just another cool guy. That's why.... it's strange!

Shiba Takeru (Matsuzaka Tori), ShinkenRed, from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, last year sentai series.
I really have a love-hate relationship with Takeru, but Tori is good eye candy in the series, though not much of an actor. :x I like this date the most, they really look like a cute couple. Even though Tori still looks exactly the same as when he was Takeru, I guess it's because his show is over that I didn't really mind much, compare to Yudai. Though it's still strange and funny. XD;; But this photo shoot is so cute! Both of them are so cute! <3

And though I don't think Sakurada Dori ever been in tokusatsu before, or at least the ones that I'd watched (edit: Okay, he's apparently going to be in the newest Den-O movie, so now he's officially a tokusatsu boy lol), I enjoyed him and his funny faces in THE GAME - Boy's Film Show backstage (his story is not bad as well). :3 Plus, it has Okamoto Anri. :D I think the picture with them in uniform are really cute! :3

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