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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) - Onitsuka Tadashi (鬼塚忠) : Best Seller 'Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~'

Taken from Rakuten Books.

Kamiki Ryunosuke "My first time with the record"
Onitsuka Tadashi "It has to be Kamiki-kun"

After admitted into a seaside hospital, young boy, Tarou, began to touch others' lives with his DJ as well as experience a fleeting love, for this 200,000 copies best seller novel "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~" (Popular Company) by author Onitsuka Tadashi, Kamiki Ryunosuke-san is playing the protagonist for the movie adaption. Before it being released in theater on December 15, we visit the author, Onitsuka-san, and the lead actor, Kamiki-san, for a chat.

Onitsuka Tadashi-san
Born in 1965, he graduated from Kagoshima University. He studied abroad in England during his 2nd year. In 2001, he established Appleseed Agency and became a writer agent. His literary works included "The Agent" (Random House Koudansha), "Kaikou wo Wataru Violin" (cowritten) (Kawade Shobou Shinja), and others.

Kamiki Ryunosuke-san
Born in 1993. Appearing in many dramas and movies such as NHK Taiga "Yoshitsune", morning drama "Dondo Hare", "Tantei Gakuen Q" (NTV) and others. In 2005, he won the Japanese Movie Critics Rookie of the Year award for the movie "Otou-san no Back-drop". In 2006, he won Japanese Awards Best Newcomer for the movie "The Great Yokai War".

"Little DJ ~ Chiisana Koi no Monogatary~" movie homepage.

-- What's your thought after reading the original work?
Kamiki-san: Though there are a few differences between the book and the movie, but they both have the same 'warmth'. From a diferent angle, it feels like you're walking alongside with the story.

-- Acting as the protagonist for a best seller novel, do you feel pressured?

Kamiki-san: Strangely, I don't feel pressured. After receiving the script, it's just having a lot of first time challenges. DJ, love, illness, these 3 challenges. So, I think having to face these challenges is like challenging new things.

-- What's on your mind while creating the role?
Kamiki-san: It's illness and DJ. Even though I was admitted to the hospital when I was younger, I'm unable to recollect any of it. From then on, I'm always healthy. That's why I discussed it with my family and the people around me, after listening to illness stories, I acted base on that. As for DJ, before the filming, I'm able to have an experienced DJ to teach me many things.

-- Do you have a common feature with Tarou?
Kamiki-san: A long time ago, my grandfather often listen to the baseball broadcast on the radio. While listening next to him, I also try to do impressions of the baseball broadcast. Unexpectedly, that's also a common feature with Tarou. Also, friends. Tarou and together with (his friend) Clutch playing catch, for example. I also often play catch with my friends. But, a love with Tamaki, it's my first time (laugh).

-- Onitsuka-san, after success with this work, it seems like you have Kamiki-san in mind right from the start right?
Onitsuka-san: After the story was solidify, I thought Kamiki-kun would be the best. There are 2 reasons. First, for difficult situations like love or kindness, it's only Kamiki-kun can do such expressions. Another reason is, when this story pop into my head, even though I call this a love story, I thought "I want this work to reserve through history". With that, in order to this work to reserve through history, I thought, it got to be Kamiki-kun, an actor who will prosper.

-- How did you start writing?
Onitsuka-san: When I was writing and collecting data for a critical biography of president Yamazaki Rinko of the Japanese Women Doctor Scientific Society, I listen from the hospital broadcast that she's a director in, about a story of a boy, for that moment, in myself an image started to grow. Slowly, the characters solidify, I was able to see the story outlines, Kamiki-kun face also appeared.

-- For people from Kamiki's generation who's watching this, there are frequent used of some old songs, what do you think about this?
Kamiki-san: I don't think it's old. There are also tunes that I know, and the songs that I liked are put into my ipod to listen. Truthfully, it was my first time touching a record at the filming site. Even though I know of the existence of the record. It's also my first time putting the needle in place. Perhaps it's because that I was born in a generation that doesn't have it, the record have an adult-like image. I'm very happy to be able to touch it, I think it's really cool.

Onitsuka-san: Cetainly, the music at that time isn't as simple as now. Using your money to buy it, it became an extremely valuable existence.

Kamiki-san: When think about it, I feel that it's great that the generations from the 70s, and 80s exist. It's a feeling like something that humanity left behind. Right now, we press a switch on, but for in the case of record, we have to drop the needle. In another time, a different way for a different generation, I would think about them. While dropping the needle, it's a feeling of achievement. Kind of like "Ah, it's turning". It's a fresh feeling.

-- For this work, what kind of person do you want to read, and to see it?
: For example, the people who are in the same generation as me would be good. Unable to be honest. Unable to say things because you're ashamed of the things you want to say. This movie is for such people to become more honest. Because I'm also in my rebellious age (laugh). Simply put, after being dirtied, it's a feeling that you can clean your heart once again.

-- Lastly, please say one word to our readers.

Kamiki-san: Even though you're unable to honestly say things like "Thank you" or "I'm sorry", but truthfully, they are very important words, it's my feelings for this work. It's a very kind work. By the way, though the movie open from December 15, if you have a date during Christmas, I think it would also be great if you're able to see this movie.

Onitsuka-san: From the book to the movie, there's a little different approach to the story. I hope you'll read the original novel, and also watch the movie. If you're able to get your hand on the book, movie, official book, soundtrack, comic and other forms of "Little DJ", I think it would be great.

- There are several parts where I didn't really get it. :<
- Sorry for the late translation. Real life stuffs. :x
- I want the comic, book, movie, official book, and soundtrack. X3;; Though I have some backstage pictures from the Little DJ movie, but it would be great if I can watch it from the DVD. ^__^;;
- At first I thought Onitsuka-san (the author of Little DJ) was a woman. ^^;; Didn't know he was a man. But I thought it was great being an agent and then writing your own novels. You can read another interview of him here, where he talk about his other work, "Quartet!". Though it's probably not the same, it kind of reminded me of the "Quartet for Two" movie with Amami Yuuki. Except that only the daughter and the mother play piano. ^^;; Great movie by the way.
- Kamiki have the best appearances during Little DJ promotions, imho. XD;;

Also something I think is amazing, author Onitsuka Tadashi, playing the theme song of Little DJ. >:3 He's so good and humble!! <3 Composed by Sato Naoki.

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