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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) : "Arthur and the Minimoys Strange World" Feature

I haven't watch this movie either.... D: For some reasons, I'm a lot picky when it comes to what to watch with Kamiki and his works. Wonders why... :x

Taken from goo eiga.

An interview with Kamiki Ryunosuke, dubbing for the Japanese version of "Arthur and the Minimoys", as Arthur, the pure boy who's brimming with curiousity. Talking about his impression of director Luc Besson and the creation of the character.

- What were your thoughts when watching the movie for the first time?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: The scene where Arthur changed into a minimoy, with just moment of real life to 3D animation, it's very interesting. Up until now, I haven't seen anything like that before, so the scene really left an impression. It's really like living in a dream.

- What's your impression of director Luc Besson?
Kamiki: I was really nervous before meeting him, but after our meeting, in reality he would jokes around and make others laugh, I thought "He's a kind and playful person." When I gave him the confections from Tokyo as a souvenir, he would say, "What's this, this will make me fat! And I'm trying to loose weight!" (laugh).

- What are your impressions of Toda Erika-san, Enari Kazuki-san, and Gackt-san?
Kamiki: I'm sorry to say, but I haven't met Toda-san, Gackt-san, nor Enari-san. It seems like Enari-san dubbed his voice before me, it's my first time hearing his dubbed voice. The first time I listened to it, I thought "It's really Prince Betameche!" I was really surprised. As for Gackt-san, his voice is pretty, but when it's low and dubious... it has a scary appeal. I think Toda-san's voice is pretty and gentle.

- What's your common feature with Arthur?
Kamiki: Arthur is a boy that's full of spirits and like adventures, but I think perhaps his brimming with curiousity personality is similar to me. I often take a stroll. If there's a road that I can't go into, I would want to go. I'm also interest in things that can't be seen, I think those are our common features.

- Is this your first time dubbing? What's a difficult point?
Kamiki: Because it's originally a movie from a foreign country, it was difficult to make the sound meet the mouth movement. Japanese and foreign language is different, using the speech with the same meaning, it would be either too long or too short, matching them is difficult.

- What's your aim while creating the role?
Kamiki: At first, I want to convey Freddie-kun's Arthur's feelings, but "Freddie-kun is continuously acting his emotions, so I should try to became Arthur instead" I later thought. Freddie Highmore-san, who's the protagonist, his facial expressions are very rich and natural... somehow, though I can't really say it in my standpoint, I want to follow his example.

- If you were to become like the 2mm tall Minimoy, what would you like to try doing?
Kamiki: I want to try explore under the house's furniture. Because normally you wouldn't be able to do so. I want to try going into those crevices or cracks (laugh). And then, I want to try using the bath. It's a bit small when using it normally with my normal size, when become around 2mm, it will become like an enormous heated swimming pool.

- Acting as the starring roles from movies to drama, do you feel pressured?
Kamiki: When hearing the story for the first time, I will be a bit nervous, but when I come to the actual spot (for work), it became enjoyable, slowly my nervousness disintergrate. But somewhere there are thoughts like "I'm playing the lead part, so I really need to do it properly." I'm not conscious about the differences in movie and drama. That's why, when I act, I treated it as the same.

- Which actor are you aiming for?
Kamiki: Ikariya Chousuke-san and Johnny Depp-san. I acted together with Ikariya-san in an old drama, whether it's short story, song, dance, acting, musical instrument, he can do anything, "So cool, so amazing" I thought. As for Johnny Depp-san, I watched "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Finding Neverland", and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", but all those are not his true face. In order to become completely the character, erasing your own face, I thought that was amazing.

- After this, what kind of role would you like to try?
Kamiki: I want to try a role that's similar to myself. I'm an easily excited person that talk a lot, and a bit scatterbrain. Up until now, I've been doing a lot of roles that are almost adult or roles that are cool, but I think I want to try acting in a role that's similar to myself. After that, a villain role! I also want to try a criminal role. Also comedy, I want to try challenging a humorous movie. Because I really like comedy, not just the person laughing, but I want to take up the challenge of the person that create laughter.

- What's your favorite comedy movie or show?

Kamiki: My favorite comedy movie is "Trick". Even though you can't say it's just comedy, but there are places where you can laugh. As for comedy show, I've been busy recently that I wasn't able to watch any. But I really like things that are funny. My favorite performers are Taka and Toshi-san. Though we're appearing together lately, they are really funny!

- It seems that you have hobby of taking pictures, in the future, will you also want to try becoming a cameraman?
Kamiki: I think in the future, I still want to be an actor. Though I don't have the feelings of my picture "to be professional", I like taking photo, I think I want to take pictures of things like the scenery.

- Please give a message to those that look forward to the film.
Kamiki: "Arthur and the Minimoys' Strange World" is about Arthur who travel to Minimoys' world, it's an adventure about love, and friendship. While traveling together with everyone in the theater, I'm glad to receive your feelings.

With which ever questions throw at him, Kamiki-kun replied with a carefree smile. Though with an innocent face, his answers are very adult like an actor growing steadily.

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- Actors he's aiming for are quite high up there. ^^;;
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