Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kamiki!

Hope Spring will continues forever in your life. :)

Already 17... Just a few years ago, I first saw him in the NHK taiga drama, Yoshitsune, staring Takizawa Hideaki. He's the cutest kid I'd ever seen. Even though still young, his acting shines so brightly that I'm unable to look away. Even now, that image of the bright and cheerful Shanao still implanted deeply in my mind, stronger than Tarou (Little DJ), Kyuu (Tantei Gakuen Q), and even Gaku (Kaze no Garden). I think it's as they say, first impressions are always the strongest.

But even though his face may change through out the years, from girlishness to boyish to handsome, when he begins to smile, he's still the same cheerful and bright Shanao of 5 years ago. Do continue that smile from here on out, never let that fade.

Random obligatory birthday post. >:3

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