Sunday, May 9, 2010

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) "Dancing to Perfume"

Leave it to Sanspo to do something different from the rest, and much later than the rest. ^^;;

The anime movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" (director Katabuchi Sunao), that actress Fukuda Mayuko voice acting for the lead part, is going to be on sale as DVD form on July 23rd.

With the setting of Yamaguchi, Houfu rural landscape, the story tells about an elementary student grow along with her friendships, from April, Fukuda, who also entered a new school year, has the same feelings as the protagonist.

From Sankei Sports, "While doing homework together with my friends after school at the school's cafeteria, we also dance and sing to our favorite Perfume's songs." she revealed. With classmates coming to to see her because she's a performer, she talks about how coming into contact with normal people make her the most happy. "I think having various of personal experiences with my friends are also very important." she said while pledging to continuing studies and works together.

- Don't know why my fan blog suddenly becoming to be my Fukuda Mayuko translation blog. =____=;; But whenever I translate, I noticed how much information I don't know of the people I like at all. That's why, I don't think I could be a fanatic fan, probably a casual/closet fan.
- Some translations might be wrong. Apologies! >A<;;
- But the DVD is going to be out July 23rd. After all these times and despite having to read so many mixed reviews of the movie, I'm excited! :D

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