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Fukuda Mayuko in Zettai Reido Episode 5-6

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Just going to talk about the case for episode 5-6 of Zettai Reido, not the core storyline. I haven't watch Zettai Reido from the first episode (just episodes 4-6), so I know nothing about the characters/main storyline. Major spoiler and lots of pictures!

I don't know how to properly cut entries on blogspot, so sorry for those with slow internet. =__=;;

For this case, former boss of Sakuragi Izumi (Ueto Aya) visit the office and handed them information about the new case, hoping they would help him solve it before he retire (or something like that). The case was approved and Izumi was put in charge, with Tsukamoto Keigo (Miyasako Hiroyuki) as her support.

Rabbits raised by various schools are being slashed and killed, thus the case was named "Serial Case of Killed School Animal" (my title). They noticed that the first recorded incident for this case was located at Chiyama West Elementary around 3 (or 2) years ago. This caused the detectives to remember to another case, happened 5 years ago at the same school. On May 30th of 2005, a killer come to the school, he injured 6 people and killed 8. It was then called "Chiyama Case".This case was particularly significant for Tsukamoto because he was also on the same case at that time.

Moving forward to now, Izumi and Tsukamoto begins to search for leads, with no avail, they turned back to Chiyama elementary school for a visit. There, they suddenly meet a high school girl (Fukuda Mayuko), calling herself Miyata Yuki, and told them that the "Chiyama Case" is still going on. At first, she doesn't seems so strange, but Tsukamoto suddenly remembered something about the "Chiyama Case" as he heard the name Miyata Yuki. He went back to search for the file, on which he found that Miyata Yuki was one of the dead victim at that time. This prompt him to visits Miyata Yuki's house for information.

Meanwhile, Izumi continue to search, and she noticed a story that was told by the school boys about the girl with the red hair tie. Somehow some kid saw a girl with a red hair tie near the rabbit cage. Between the children, the story evolved into a monster in the shape of the girl with the red hair tie that can kill you (etc... Lol imaginative kids). Hearing this, Izumi sketched a picture of the girl that called herself Miyata Yuki and ask around whether it was her with the red hair tie, to which, the replies are yes.

While searching, Izumi noticed the girl and she decided to follow her. They went up the rooftop of a building, and she was noticed. Izumi decided to ask her for information, but the girl was vague and not helpful.

"It was me that killed Miyata Yuki!"

While Tsukamoto visit Miyata Yuki's house, he noticed a picture of Miyata Yuki and a girl (her friend). Both of them are wearing hair ties, the friend in particular is wearing a red hair tie. He is then able to find her real name as Sawai Haruna, Miyata Yuki's best friend. They tried calling her home, but it she haven't been coming home often, and she usually go out.

That night, the forensic team noticed another message from a message board in which they found the next place that the serial rabbit killer is going to be. Izumi and Tsukamoto rushed to the indicated school. They split up to find the assailant. Tsukamoto notice the girl from before and she lunged at him with a knife. After she noticed that he's the detective before, she looks confused and ran away. Tsukamoto received slight injuries in his left arm, but before Izumi can follow the girl, Tsukamoto stop her, as he begins to suspect that she's not a suspect.

But because Sawai Haruna was found at the scene of the crime, she become the main suspect to this case. While they search for her, they also searched her house and noticed on her laptop is detailed information about the case they are following. She was found and capture, while in the middle of her escape, in a net cafe.

They took her back to the office for questioning, in which Izumi and Tsukamoto was in charged. But despite Izumi's accusations, Sawai Haruna never admit to the serial killing of animals. This frustrated Izumi, but Tsukamoto told her to come back again tomorrow. While checking Haruna's possessions (lots of knives), the forensic team found that she's been to the area where the animals were kill, but there wasn't enough evidences to find her guilty of the crime (shoe prints doesn't match, no trace of animal blood, only trace of Tsukamoto's blood, etc...). This made the team to change their investigation to a different direction.

While Haruna was detained at her house, and her knives taken away, unbeknown to others, another knife was hidden in her desk drawer.

Haruna was then taken back to the office the next day to be questioned by Tsukamoto. She looks at his wound, in which he replied that it was fine, and ask her why she was at the crime. She doesn't reply, so she was let go once again. This time, Tsukamoto decided to stake out in front of her home. As she was checking message boards in her home that night for new information, Haruna noticed something and rushed out.

At the scene of the crime, the assailant was found to be the worker who are taking care of school animals (I think). He was surrounded by a lot of cops. While he try to run away, Haruna jump out to stop him, with a knife on her hands. They struggles for a few second, to which Haruna was on the loosing side. Before he was about to stab her with his own knife, Tsukamoto jumped out to the rescue, and the worker was caught.

Haruna asked him why did he want to kill those small animals that her best friends loved so much. He answered it was because of her, crying that day. Because it made him think if he can make more weak animals die, then more children will be sad. Because killing them are fun.

This angered Haruna, but before she could run up and slapped him, Tsukamoto did it for her. The guy was then taken away.

Back at the office, Haruna finally confessed why she was at the crime scenes again and again. It was in order to stop the assailant from hurting all the animals that her best friend, Miyata Yuki, loved so much.

But, what's the true reason for her words "I was the one that killed Miyata Yuki."? For this part, please watch the drama. :D

Because it was also her part for the death of Miyata Yuki, Sawai Haruna was arrested. This act from Tsukamoto enormously helped Haruna relieved her 5 years deep of pains. And the case is finally closed.

- Even though I was really worried about Mayuko's acting the whole time, I felt relieved while watching this. Her acting is still great as ever, particularly her crying scenes. My this girl could really make others cry, even when watching it sub-less. And her subtle change in expressions are great (the part where she's browsing the internet, and then her eyes changed their shape when she noticed something). And how she portrayed a person who had been regretting for years, that was also really well done. Though I think she's able to play characters with dark past really well (Byakuyako, Jyoou no Kyoushitsu, Teru Teru no Ashita, L Change the World, Kiri no Hi, Heaven's Door, etc...), I hope she's not going to be typecast into this type of character all the time. ^^;; Another great actor is Miyasako-san who played Tsukamoto, very cool! Funny, people was like, it's Keroyon (20th Century Boys) when talking about him!

- Even though the online communities are discussing how she became uglier/fat as she grown, I found her to be more prettier (especially in episode 6). You can see the adult presences in here. She didn't make me think she's a kid at all. Even while watching Yamada in Hidarime Tantei Eye or Shida Mirai in Shokojo Seira, I would think they are in middle school, but for Mayuko, I was thinking high school student the whole time (ok, except for that part where she's supposed to be a middle school student). lol.. And she really became prettier (but her skin got worst... =___=;; She need immediate skin care! >__<;;). Was it because of the hairstyle? lol

- I love it when the actors are acting as evil characters. There would be this glint in their eyes that supposed to be evil, but I would think... KAKOIII~!! <3<3 Like Kamiki Ryunosuke in Bloody Monday, or Shida Mirai in BOSS, and especially Fukuda Saki in LIFE (though I don't have the picture for her, but she's great!). The only different between Mayuko and the examples I'd mentioned is that she's not supposed to be bad.

- It makes me wonders how easy it is for people to obtain knives in Japan. Like, I've never seen so many scenes where she's holding a knife in one episode like this one. Surely, with all those knives, Haruna may have been arrested for carrying dangerous weapons or something. :x One thing I noticed from the fans, they said knives and Mayuko suited each others... Lolol. XD;;

- For more pictures of Fukuda Mayuko in Zettai Reido, please go here.

- For Zettai Reido download, please take your time and visit D-Addicts! :D

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