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"Shit Bomb" is Very Funny. I'm Glad I'm Able to Experienced It!

Director Yukisada Isao, Kamiki Ryunosuke, and Ohgo Suzuka interview for "Into the Faraway Sky".

Taken from CinemaToday.

There's also an interview clip on the site. Be sure to check it out!

Isao Yukisada, famous for his hit movies "Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World" and "Kita no Zeronen", this time he will be direct his own first original script "Into the Faraway Sky". This work is about a memory of a summer where the children create a miracle with their own hand. Along with carefree acting of Kamiki Ryunosuke and Ohgo Suzuka, director Yukisada Isao will talk about the work.

■ "I'm glad it's these 3" without regret, the movie was produced.
Q. Kamiki-san, Ohgo-san, and also Sasano Yuma-san. These 3 casts are perfect.
Isao: It's really a coincidence. When I first met Kamiki-kun, his voice was beginning to change. At that time, the feeling of wanting to film the work was strong, so I thought I really need to hurry.... If I was to film it now with the current Kamiki Ryunosuke, it will be plain (He actually said mazui, which means bad awkward, etc... but I think this is more to his meaning, where you can see the growth of Ryosuke along side Kamiki's voice breaking.... ^^;;). And I think Hiharu role is only for Ohgo Suzuka. With these two, who are the same age, I discovered Sasano Yuma, I thought it have to be the 3 of them... Perhaps, even years later, the image of these 3 will not collapse in me. There's no mistake, I'm glad it's these 3, and thus I produced this movie without any regret.

Q. What are your impressions after reading the script?
Kamiki: When I first read the script, I thought it's really strange that I didn't really understand it much. The scenes, and also the situations for example, I can't imagine any of it at all, but when we begin filming, when I read to myself, I was able to imagine past the circumstances and into a very beautiful place, it has a mysterious atmosphere, what kind of image will come in the movie, I look forward to it.
Ohgo: The story of this film is handed directly to me by director Isao, I thought I really want to do this. When I was reading the script, the children are our generations, it's a story that's very real, I thought it was interesting.

■ I was surprised at how diffrent Kamiki-kun's voice is.
Q. You two had worked together 2 years ago in "Aikurushii". How was appearing together again after a long time?
Kamiki: From the time of the drama, her height became taller and also a bit adult-like, also, because she has a quiet and composed atmosphere, I impatiently thought "What should I do....". I was extremely surprised.
Ohgo: When compare to the time of the drama, I was surprised that his voice changed. When we first talk together, I already thought ....... "Ah, your voice......" (laugh).

Q. How did you create your character this time?
Kamiki: For me, Ryosuke's character is the exact opposite of myself, he's a person with many emotions, in that way, I acted him as a person with a cool appearance. But it was difficult, I have to ask my family for their opinions.
Ohgo: Director Isao helps me pull out a portion of Hiharu that was similar to myself, but I didn't really thought "how difficult....."

■ When I was a kid, I would normally made "Shit Bombs".
Q. In the movie, there's a lot of episode where the children are happy, the most interesting is "shit bomb", where did you get the idea?
Isao: I made the shit bomb when I was a kid (laugh). Though for the children of today, they don't have that sort of prank... Somehow, it seems to be fun. My children are in the 4th grade, but there's a big reaction for it. They want to try it! (laugh).
Kamiki: Sasano-kun also think the same way, even though it's an ordinary fun, the generation of today can't really do those kind of prank, so I'm glad we was able to experienced it. It's really fun.

Q. It seems like boys will eternally enjoy using "shit" (as joke), does Kamiki-san also has the same thinking?
Kamiki: I'm the same, also between my friends, even when talking between ourselves, we will have a good laugh (laugh).

Q. Ohgo-san, when you see such boys like that, what do you think of them?

Ohgo: When I was watching the film, "Woa, that's amazing..." I thought. Though I wasn't at the location when the scene was film, I was able to see these two reactions first hand (laugh). But even with such boys, when you don't think about the differences between boys and girls, you can talk about a lot of things, it's very enjoyable. Not being embarrassed and just talk normal is nice.

Q. What does Kamiki-san think of girls from your own generation?
Kamiki: For me, during elementary school, I was able to talk normally to the girls like friends.

■ This movie showed that miracles can be created by our own hand.

Q. For this movie, how should be approach it?
Isao: Right now, Japanese movies are popular. But I don't think there are a lot of movie that's similar to this movie. Thought it's a fantasy, it's not a distant fantasy. It's a fantasy that we can overlap with our own life, if we take off the weight on our shoulder, and remove the reasoning, I think you will enjoy it. It's good if parent and child watch it, it's also good if couples watch it. For anyone who had once been a child, perhaps everyone will come to understand, with things that make them laugh, I thought "if I can produce a story, where 'only yourself know of the truth', it would be great".
Kamiki: As for me when watching the movie, able to face forward, and to encourage others. Because it's a movie that showed miracles can be create by your own hand, also human are very important, I think it's great if people are able to watch it.
Ohgo: I hope that adults and children are able to enjoy themselves while watching the movie, it would be great if they can freely experiences different things from this film.

Kamiki, who talk with a carefree smile, and Ohgo, who sometimes looks downward with embarrassment as she talk. And the director, Isao, who delightfully looking forward to these two future, seems like a father figure to these two. Kamiki and Ohgo, and also Sasano Yuma, these 3 kids, while being watched over by the director, able to show their carefree performance in this mysterious, and somehow missed fantasy movie "Into the Faraway Sky", a work that can be view between family members and friends.

- Translations might not make senses. Apologies! (=___=;;)
- I would love to see Ohgo and Kamiki together again. :D Though I never really finish Aikurushii. ^^;; But I want to see Ohgo and Mayuko in a drama together first, then Mayuko and Shida, and then Ohgo and Kamiki. >:3
- Ohgo's really quiet. ^^;; She rarely talked that much at all.
- It make no sense for me that there's only 1 pic of Kamiki solo, and one pic of the 3 of them. The rest are images from the movie. At least they should have 1 pic of Ohgo or something. >___>;;

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