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"Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" - Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) "the Growth of 3 Years is Amazing"

Actually, the title kind of puzzled me. :x

Taken from CinemaCafe.

"Arthur and the Minimoys", the story about young boy who changed into 2 mm tall, helping the secret world from crisis that made adult and children fascinated with excitement. About 3 years after, the second part of the trilogy, "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" will soon be in theaters. With director Luc Besson's love call, Kamiki Ryunosuke will once again take up the dubbing for the Japanese version of the protagonist, Arthur. Beside from being an actor, this 16 years old also had experiences with voice acting in his abundant careers, how is he really? Before the movie to be open in theater, we will listen to him talk.

It had been 3 years since this French work by director Besson was released. Similar to last time, on a day with the full moon, Arthur return to the 'Minimoys' world', after dubbing for this work, Kamiki shared about the disadvantage "At the beginning, it's really difficult."
"In the movie, Freddie-kun (playing Arthur) had grown, his face became adult-like, my voice had also become deeper, because both of us had grown, at first, it was difficult to find the balance. But slowly, as I do it, the feelings of being out of place disappeared. From the boy Arthur in the first movie, I think the growth in 3 years is amazing. And thus I want to learn more and more about him."

During this 3 years, similarly growing up in a blink of time... but each of their thoughts are different, for Kamiki how was these 3 years?
"3 years... it's long. First moving up from junior high to high school is a big event, your surrounding also changed, and then to grow accustom to the change also feel long. During those time, you really see the growth, there are things you become worried about, and the things you want to do, you were able to do them as the 3 years passed. Though it's a bit recent, after acting in "Kaze no Garden" (FujiTV), in order to be able to do the role, I have to do a lot of research, so that the drama could be more realistic (this sentence is purely guess). As an actor, that rising type of consciousness of your character is the number one thing that I think as "growth" for me."

Another highlight of the movie, as we see him grows, the love between Arthur and Minimoy's princess, Selenia, also develop. In order to meet Arthur again on the full moon, Princess Selenia practice singing to convey her maiden's feelings, this is somehow very charming, what's Kamiki's thought about it?
"It's very sweet, I like it a lot! She's always so firm and seems as if pulling him along, but then her timid side also showed. I think that meek expression is very cute."

Since childhood, he had many experiences in movies and drama, when it come to his private life, this life size 16 is also showing his honesty. Though it seems like he joined the light music club in high school, on the other hand, his love for trains from his childhood is still strong.
"Though I haven't begin doing the activity regularly, right now I'm practicing guitar, because there are a lot of people in my class that's able to play an instrument, it's only normal to make a band! Like that, I entered the light music club. Because we have recitals, I definitely want to play in front of everyone. I also still like them (railroad)! Though I tried to hide it (laugh). Once, while I was telling my friends this and that about train, his face became stiff, so I thought that I should stop having a one side chat..."

Talking about the second chapter of the long awaited trilogy, "This movie talk about how people become stronger when they have things to protect, and further more, the beauty of honesty" said Kamiki-san. Decisively, what's your favorite scene?
"This time, it's where they're out at Minimoy's world's main street. There are really a lot of characters about, no matter how many times I watch it, I would think 'Huh? There's also this person here?'"

Last question. If Kamiki-san shrink to "2mm" like Arthur, what kind of world would you like to explore?
"I want to explore my own room. The angle you look at things are "different" but it's not at all different, from looking at things at my normal size, I'm interest in how it will look like when I'm 2 mm tall. It will be good if I can gathered things from the cracks that I dropped (laugh)."

- Translation may be incorrect, as usual.
- Not sure what to say, but why the ugly clothes, Kamiki? :<
- Kamiki is making his own K-ON story at his school. Lol. X3 Wonders who else is in it.

Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard Japanese trailer

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