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Tokusatsu boys in June Seventeen

Testing new image uploader... :x

Even though I know outside of tokusatsu, they are just normal models/actors/etc..., but it's still strange whenever I come across their pages in magazines. X3

Philip (Suda Masaki) from Kamen Rider W, the newest Kamen Rider series.
Why so cute Philip?
From the three tokusatsu boys, he looks the most of out character, so I didn't really feel as strange about him compared to the rest. But, with his normal hair, without all the paper clips that Philip dons, Masaki is really cute! Though Philip is really cute as well. <3<3

Alata (Chiba Yudai), GoseiRed, from Tensou Sentai Goseiger, this year sentai series.
Yudai is the most strange for me. Since he's the current Red this year, and see him here except with a slightly different hair.... Strange, just really strange. X3;; Can't help but think Eri might be shock that he's having a date instead of saving the world. lol Outside of the show, his atmosphere is still very much like Alata, instead of just another cool guy. That's why.... it's strange!

Shiba Takeru (Matsuzaka Tori), ShinkenRed, from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, last year sentai series.
I really have a love-hate relationship with Takeru, but Tori is good eye candy in the series, though not much of an actor. :x I like this date the most, they really look like a cute couple. Even though Tori still looks exactly the same as when he was Takeru, I guess it's because his show is over that I didn't really mind much, compare to Yudai. Though it's still strange and funny. XD;; But this photo shoot is so cute! Both of them are so cute! <3

And though I don't think Sakurada Dori ever been in tokusatsu before, or at least the ones that I'd watched (edit: Okay, he's apparently going to be in the newest Den-O movie, so now he's officially a tokusatsu boy lol), I enjoyed him and his funny faces in THE GAME - Boy's Film Show backstage (his story is not bad as well). :3 Plus, it has Okamoto Anri. :D I think the picture with them in uniform are really cute! :3

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"Shit Bomb" is Very Funny. I'm Glad I'm Able to Experienced It!

Director Yukisada Isao, Kamiki Ryunosuke, and Ohgo Suzuka interview for "Into the Faraway Sky".

Taken from CinemaToday.

There's also an interview clip on the site. Be sure to check it out!

Isao Yukisada, famous for his hit movies "Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World" and "Kita no Zeronen", this time he will be direct his own first original script "Into the Faraway Sky". This work is about a memory of a summer where the children create a miracle with their own hand. Along with carefree acting of Kamiki Ryunosuke and Ohgo Suzuka, director Yukisada Isao will talk about the work.

■ "I'm glad it's these 3" without regret, the movie was produced.
Q. Kamiki-san, Ohgo-san, and also Sasano Yuma-san. These 3 casts are perfect.
Isao: It's really a coincidence. When I first met Kamiki-kun, his voice was beginning to change. At that time, the feeling of wanting to film the work was strong, so I thought I really need to hurry.... If I was to film it now with the current Kamiki Ryunosuke, it will be plain (He actually said mazui, which means bad awkward, etc... but I think this is more to his meaning, where you can see the growth of Ryosuke along side Kamiki's voice breaking.... ^^;;). And I think Hiharu role is only for Ohgo Suzuka. With these two, who are the same age, I discovered Sasano Yuma, I thought it have to be the 3 of them... Perhaps, even years later, the image of these 3 will not collapse in me. There's no mistake, I'm glad it's these 3, and thus I produced this movie without any regret.

Q. What are your impressions after reading the script?
Kamiki: When I first read the script, I thought it's really strange that I didn't really understand it much. The scenes, and also the situations for example, I can't imagine any of it at all, but when we begin filming, when I read to myself, I was able to imagine past the circumstances and into a very beautiful place, it has a mysterious atmosphere, what kind of image will come in the movie, I look forward to it.
Ohgo: The story of this film is handed directly to me by director Isao, I thought I really want to do this. When I was reading the script, the children are our generations, it's a story that's very real, I thought it was interesting.

■ I was surprised at how diffrent Kamiki-kun's voice is.
Q. You two had worked together 2 years ago in "Aikurushii". How was appearing together again after a long time?
Kamiki: From the time of the drama, her height became taller and also a bit adult-like, also, because she has a quiet and composed atmosphere, I impatiently thought "What should I do....". I was extremely surprised.
Ohgo: When compare to the time of the drama, I was surprised that his voice changed. When we first talk together, I already thought ....... "Ah, your voice......" (laugh).

Q. How did you create your character this time?
Kamiki: For me, Ryosuke's character is the exact opposite of myself, he's a person with many emotions, in that way, I acted him as a person with a cool appearance. But it was difficult, I have to ask my family for their opinions.
Ohgo: Director Isao helps me pull out a portion of Hiharu that was similar to myself, but I didn't really thought "how difficult....."

■ When I was a kid, I would normally made "Shit Bombs".
Q. In the movie, there's a lot of episode where the children are happy, the most interesting is "shit bomb", where did you get the idea?
Isao: I made the shit bomb when I was a kid (laugh). Though for the children of today, they don't have that sort of prank... Somehow, it seems to be fun. My children are in the 4th grade, but there's a big reaction for it. They want to try it! (laugh).
Kamiki: Sasano-kun also think the same way, even though it's an ordinary fun, the generation of today can't really do those kind of prank, so I'm glad we was able to experienced it. It's really fun.

Q. It seems like boys will eternally enjoy using "shit" (as joke), does Kamiki-san also has the same thinking?
Kamiki: I'm the same, also between my friends, even when talking between ourselves, we will have a good laugh (laugh).

Q. Ohgo-san, when you see such boys like that, what do you think of them?

Ohgo: When I was watching the film, "Woa, that's amazing..." I thought. Though I wasn't at the location when the scene was film, I was able to see these two reactions first hand (laugh). But even with such boys, when you don't think about the differences between boys and girls, you can talk about a lot of things, it's very enjoyable. Not being embarrassed and just talk normal is nice.

Q. What does Kamiki-san think of girls from your own generation?
Kamiki: For me, during elementary school, I was able to talk normally to the girls like friends.

■ This movie showed that miracles can be created by our own hand.

Q. For this movie, how should be approach it?
Isao: Right now, Japanese movies are popular. But I don't think there are a lot of movie that's similar to this movie. Thought it's a fantasy, it's not a distant fantasy. It's a fantasy that we can overlap with our own life, if we take off the weight on our shoulder, and remove the reasoning, I think you will enjoy it. It's good if parent and child watch it, it's also good if couples watch it. For anyone who had once been a child, perhaps everyone will come to understand, with things that make them laugh, I thought "if I can produce a story, where 'only yourself know of the truth', it would be great".
Kamiki: As for me when watching the movie, able to face forward, and to encourage others. Because it's a movie that showed miracles can be create by your own hand, also human are very important, I think it's great if people are able to watch it.
Ohgo: I hope that adults and children are able to enjoy themselves while watching the movie, it would be great if they can freely experiences different things from this film.

Kamiki, who talk with a carefree smile, and Ohgo, who sometimes looks downward with embarrassment as she talk. And the director, Isao, who delightfully looking forward to these two future, seems like a father figure to these two. Kamiki and Ohgo, and also Sasano Yuma, these 3 kids, while being watched over by the director, able to show their carefree performance in this mysterious, and somehow missed fantasy movie "Into the Faraway Sky", a work that can be view between family members and friends.

- Translations might not make senses. Apologies! (=___=;;)
- I would love to see Ohgo and Kamiki together again. :D Though I never really finish Aikurushii. ^^;; But I want to see Ohgo and Mayuko in a drama together first, then Mayuko and Shida, and then Ohgo and Kamiki. >:3
- Ohgo's really quiet. ^^;; She rarely talked that much at all.
- It make no sense for me that there's only 1 pic of Kamiki solo, and one pic of the 3 of them. The rest are images from the movie. At least they should have 1 pic of Ohgo or something. >___>;;

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"Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" - Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) "the Growth of 3 Years is Amazing"

Actually, the title kind of puzzled me. :x

Taken from CinemaCafe.

"Arthur and the Minimoys", the story about young boy who changed into 2 mm tall, helping the secret world from crisis that made adult and children fascinated with excitement. About 3 years after, the second part of the trilogy, "Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard" will soon be in theaters. With director Luc Besson's love call, Kamiki Ryunosuke will once again take up the dubbing for the Japanese version of the protagonist, Arthur. Beside from being an actor, this 16 years old also had experiences with voice acting in his abundant careers, how is he really? Before the movie to be open in theater, we will listen to him talk.

It had been 3 years since this French work by director Besson was released. Similar to last time, on a day with the full moon, Arthur return to the 'Minimoys' world', after dubbing for this work, Kamiki shared about the disadvantage "At the beginning, it's really difficult."
"In the movie, Freddie-kun (playing Arthur) had grown, his face became adult-like, my voice had also become deeper, because both of us had grown, at first, it was difficult to find the balance. But slowly, as I do it, the feelings of being out of place disappeared. From the boy Arthur in the first movie, I think the growth in 3 years is amazing. And thus I want to learn more and more about him."

During this 3 years, similarly growing up in a blink of time... but each of their thoughts are different, for Kamiki how was these 3 years?
"3 years... it's long. First moving up from junior high to high school is a big event, your surrounding also changed, and then to grow accustom to the change also feel long. During those time, you really see the growth, there are things you become worried about, and the things you want to do, you were able to do them as the 3 years passed. Though it's a bit recent, after acting in "Kaze no Garden" (FujiTV), in order to be able to do the role, I have to do a lot of research, so that the drama could be more realistic (this sentence is purely guess). As an actor, that rising type of consciousness of your character is the number one thing that I think as "growth" for me."

Another highlight of the movie, as we see him grows, the love between Arthur and Minimoy's princess, Selenia, also develop. In order to meet Arthur again on the full moon, Princess Selenia practice singing to convey her maiden's feelings, this is somehow very charming, what's Kamiki's thought about it?
"It's very sweet, I like it a lot! She's always so firm and seems as if pulling him along, but then her timid side also showed. I think that meek expression is very cute."

Since childhood, he had many experiences in movies and drama, when it come to his private life, this life size 16 is also showing his honesty. Though it seems like he joined the light music club in high school, on the other hand, his love for trains from his childhood is still strong.
"Though I haven't begin doing the activity regularly, right now I'm practicing guitar, because there are a lot of people in my class that's able to play an instrument, it's only normal to make a band! Like that, I entered the light music club. Because we have recitals, I definitely want to play in front of everyone. I also still like them (railroad)! Though I tried to hide it (laugh). Once, while I was telling my friends this and that about train, his face became stiff, so I thought that I should stop having a one side chat..."

Talking about the second chapter of the long awaited trilogy, "This movie talk about how people become stronger when they have things to protect, and further more, the beauty of honesty" said Kamiki-san. Decisively, what's your favorite scene?
"This time, it's where they're out at Minimoy's world's main street. There are really a lot of characters about, no matter how many times I watch it, I would think 'Huh? There's also this person here?'"

Last question. If Kamiki-san shrink to "2mm" like Arthur, what kind of world would you like to explore?
"I want to explore my own room. The angle you look at things are "different" but it's not at all different, from looking at things at my normal size, I'm interest in how it will look like when I'm 2 mm tall. It will be good if I can gathered things from the cracks that I dropped (laugh)."

- Translation may be incorrect, as usual.
- Not sure what to say, but why the ugly clothes, Kamiki? :<
- Kamiki is making his own K-ON story at his school. Lol. X3 Wonders who else is in it.

Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard Japanese trailer

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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Next Work - Narration

Taking a break from Kamiki translations. :3

Along with Nogiwa Yoko, Mayuko will helps with the narration for NHK educational show, NHK Premium 8 <Culture - Arts> Portrait of the Master Series "Degas Dancing Pictures". The host will be Morimoto Nami.

It is a 90 minutes show, broadcast on BShi Channel of NHK, from 8:00pm to 9:30pm. The show is a documentary of various famous people from history around the world.

This particular episode will be about Edgar Degas, a French artist, famous for his dancing paintings, particularly ballet. You can read more about him and see examples of his works by clicking on his name. It will be broadcast on June 1st, 2010.

More information here.

- New work!! :D
- Even though it's only narrating, I'm glad. Unlike with the others *coughKamikiahem*, where I can pick and choose what to watch from them, with Mayuko, I'll take whatever I can get. ^__^;;
- It's an educational documentary about arts, somehow that's really cool, or maybe it's just me. ^^;; With promoting her 3 favorite books a few months ago and then this, her image suddenly became more like the studious type.

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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) : "Arthur and the Minimoys Strange World" Feature

I haven't watch this movie either.... D: For some reasons, I'm a lot picky when it comes to what to watch with Kamiki and his works. Wonders why... :x

Taken from goo eiga.

An interview with Kamiki Ryunosuke, dubbing for the Japanese version of "Arthur and the Minimoys", as Arthur, the pure boy who's brimming with curiousity. Talking about his impression of director Luc Besson and the creation of the character.

- What were your thoughts when watching the movie for the first time?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: The scene where Arthur changed into a minimoy, with just moment of real life to 3D animation, it's very interesting. Up until now, I haven't seen anything like that before, so the scene really left an impression. It's really like living in a dream.

- What's your impression of director Luc Besson?
Kamiki: I was really nervous before meeting him, but after our meeting, in reality he would jokes around and make others laugh, I thought "He's a kind and playful person." When I gave him the confections from Tokyo as a souvenir, he would say, "What's this, this will make me fat! And I'm trying to loose weight!" (laugh).

- What are your impressions of Toda Erika-san, Enari Kazuki-san, and Gackt-san?
Kamiki: I'm sorry to say, but I haven't met Toda-san, Gackt-san, nor Enari-san. It seems like Enari-san dubbed his voice before me, it's my first time hearing his dubbed voice. The first time I listened to it, I thought "It's really Prince Betameche!" I was really surprised. As for Gackt-san, his voice is pretty, but when it's low and dubious... it has a scary appeal. I think Toda-san's voice is pretty and gentle.

- What's your common feature with Arthur?
Kamiki: Arthur is a boy that's full of spirits and like adventures, but I think perhaps his brimming with curiousity personality is similar to me. I often take a stroll. If there's a road that I can't go into, I would want to go. I'm also interest in things that can't be seen, I think those are our common features.

- Is this your first time dubbing? What's a difficult point?
Kamiki: Because it's originally a movie from a foreign country, it was difficult to make the sound meet the mouth movement. Japanese and foreign language is different, using the speech with the same meaning, it would be either too long or too short, matching them is difficult.

- What's your aim while creating the role?
Kamiki: At first, I want to convey Freddie-kun's Arthur's feelings, but "Freddie-kun is continuously acting his emotions, so I should try to became Arthur instead" I later thought. Freddie Highmore-san, who's the protagonist, his facial expressions are very rich and natural... somehow, though I can't really say it in my standpoint, I want to follow his example.

- If you were to become like the 2mm tall Minimoy, what would you like to try doing?
Kamiki: I want to try explore under the house's furniture. Because normally you wouldn't be able to do so. I want to try going into those crevices or cracks (laugh). And then, I want to try using the bath. It's a bit small when using it normally with my normal size, when become around 2mm, it will become like an enormous heated swimming pool.

- Acting as the starring roles from movies to drama, do you feel pressured?
Kamiki: When hearing the story for the first time, I will be a bit nervous, but when I come to the actual spot (for work), it became enjoyable, slowly my nervousness disintergrate. But somewhere there are thoughts like "I'm playing the lead part, so I really need to do it properly." I'm not conscious about the differences in movie and drama. That's why, when I act, I treated it as the same.

- Which actor are you aiming for?
Kamiki: Ikariya Chousuke-san and Johnny Depp-san. I acted together with Ikariya-san in an old drama, whether it's short story, song, dance, acting, musical instrument, he can do anything, "So cool, so amazing" I thought. As for Johnny Depp-san, I watched "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Finding Neverland", and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", but all those are not his true face. In order to become completely the character, erasing your own face, I thought that was amazing.

- After this, what kind of role would you like to try?
Kamiki: I want to try a role that's similar to myself. I'm an easily excited person that talk a lot, and a bit scatterbrain. Up until now, I've been doing a lot of roles that are almost adult or roles that are cool, but I think I want to try acting in a role that's similar to myself. After that, a villain role! I also want to try a criminal role. Also comedy, I want to try challenging a humorous movie. Because I really like comedy, not just the person laughing, but I want to take up the challenge of the person that create laughter.

- What's your favorite comedy movie or show?

Kamiki: My favorite comedy movie is "Trick". Even though you can't say it's just comedy, but there are places where you can laugh. As for comedy show, I've been busy recently that I wasn't able to watch any. But I really like things that are funny. My favorite performers are Taka and Toshi-san. Though we're appearing together lately, they are really funny!

- It seems that you have hobby of taking pictures, in the future, will you also want to try becoming a cameraman?
Kamiki: I think in the future, I still want to be an actor. Though I don't have the feelings of my picture "to be professional", I like taking photo, I think I want to take pictures of things like the scenery.

- Please give a message to those that look forward to the film.
Kamiki: "Arthur and the Minimoys' Strange World" is about Arthur who travel to Minimoys' world, it's an adventure about love, and friendship. While traveling together with everyone in the theater, I'm glad to receive your feelings.

With which ever questions throw at him, Kamiki-kun replied with a carefree smile. Though with an innocent face, his answers are very adult like an actor growing steadily.

- *braindead* Pretty pictures~~ *___*;;
- Actors he's aiming for are quite high up there. ^^;;
- *braindead* <(_ _)>

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Ueto Aya (上戸彩) & Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) "Install" Interview

Sad to say, I haven't watch the movie "Install"... So, don't ask me why I'm translating this. lol. But do tell me if I got any information wrong.

Another very old interview, taken from CinemaToday.

Covering - Text - Pictures : FLiX Movie Site

"Install" novel, wrote by winner of Akutagawa Prize, Wataya Risa, when she was just 17 years old, became a film. A normal high school student and a precocious elementary student are working part time on an erotic internet chat site, while trying to install oneself once again, it's a drama about youth and puberty. The two main characters with a relaxed attitude, Asako and Kazuyoshi, played by Ueto Aya and Kamiki Ryunosuke, we will listen to them talk from each stages to the most risked scene of the movie.

■ Erotic chat is, as I thought, embarrassing.
Q. The protagonist Asako is 17 years old, Aya-chan is also 17 years old. Because you both are the same age, do you feel empathy toward Asako's outlook in life?
Ueto Aya: I don't have any empathy for her at all. Because I'm a completely different type, and I don't have friends who are like Asako, that's why I don't really understand a girl like Asako. Because you need to possess something in order to film (confuse by this sentense?). It's just that, Asako is a girl who has no personality, and character. While I was forming this character, I thought perhaps I should not give her any habits to make it real. So that the people watching wouldn't see her strength, I hope they can see this.

Q. How are the risky lines by Kamiki Ryunosuke, playing elementary school student Kazuyoshi, who introduce the part time job Erotic chat to this Asako?
Ueto Aya: When I watched the finished product, it's embarrassing. Because, there were risky lines exchange between the two. At the filming site, we were able to say the lines naturally, with composure but... It's embarrassing right, Ryu (turning to Kamiki Ryunosuke)!

■ Ryu is a train maniac.
Q. Continuing with "Namida wo Fuite", how is co-staring together with Ryunosuke-kun for "Install"?
Ueto Aya: For me, it was great that it's Ryu, I thought because it's Ryu, I'm relieved. It's easier to act, but conversely, doing the last scene that has a bit risky scene, because it's Ryu, I'm also nervous. But if it's not Ryu, the way of talking between them, or that yaritori game, I don't think I'll be able to do them. Isn't that right, Ryu (turning to him with a smile).

Q. Though both of you are close, but when the camera is not rolling, what kind of things do you do?
Ueto Aya: We're always together. We would spread out notebook out and draw. And because Ryu is fast at memorizing his lines, we would practices our scenes for the next day. Even though I have to look at my script, Ryu was able to say things smoothly. Ah, also, we play with train. Because Ryu is a train maniac.
Kamiki Ryunosuke: We paint pictures, go to look at trains, and I take pictures.

■ If Aya-chan is big sister....
Q. In the film you two become accomplices, and also close friends. If you two really become sibblings, are you up to the task?
Ueto Aya: How about it, if I'm your older sister?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: ........ Definitely, I think it'll be good.
Ueto Aya: What was that pause about. If I'm always at home, would that's also be good?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Uh, un.
Ueto Aya: It seems I'm no good (laugh).

Q. A question for the two of you, is there something difficult for this work?

Ueto Aya: There are a lot of scenes where I taste drinks....
Kamiki Ryunosuke: The two of us need to begin drinking at the same time, but because we didn't stop at the same time, it was hard that our breathing doesn't match.
Ueto Aya: The thing like timing, is really hard. After that is Ryu's lines. Kind of like, first drink, then say our lines, then drink again. After that, I think everything continue smoothly.

■ A bit risky scene is also...
Q. Able to follow each others' timing perfectly, after that the last risky scene is definitely difficult right?
Ueto Aya: Wasn't it a bit awkward?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: (blank expression)
Ueto Aya: Ryu also seems to be like that (laugh). But because I know Ryu around the time I was in junior high... Because we need to act as a man and as a woman, somehow a strange atmosphere, during the filming, it's the same, and after watching it, it's also awkward (laugh). It was embarrassing.

■ Throw away with all one's strength
Q. By the way, everything in Asako's room are completely thrown away, for the two of you, are you able to throw everything away like that?
Ueto Aya: Though I like simple room, it's not "Need" and "Don't need", it's a too precise way of doing things. But the things I can't throw away, are the valuable things people made and give me as presents.
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Though there's a lot of notebooks in my desk, but I will tidy them up. Ah, but it's not for studying, I draw a lot of pictures on it (laugh).

Q. In Kazuyoshi's room, he's also raising seamonkey right.
Ueto Aya: In tutorial teaching materials, those things are microbes right? They are small and hard to see.
Kamiki Ryunosuke: If you use a magnification glass, you can enlarge them in order to see them.

Q. By the way, is there anything you are raising as your pet?
Ueto Aya: Even though I really love dog, I don't raise them. Because they are living beings, and someday you have to separate from them, that's why I can't raise pet. Ryu is raising dog, right?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Un. I'm raising 2 dogs.

■ In retrospect! Macintosh - Color Classic II
Q. The story begins with Asako throwing away her computer while Kazuyoshi pick them up, for your two, do you use computer?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: I think I am able to use it only a bit... But in order to looking train time schedules, I'll use the internet! But such old computer (Macintosh - Color Classic II) that appears in the movie, it's my first time seeing one!
Ueto Aya: If I'm by my self, I can't really handle it. I need my manager's help in order to go on my homepage and write entry, the site was made inorder for fans to view (not sure about this sentence). I often use my cellphone for mail!

Q. Well then, lastly please give a message to the readers and everyone what to look forward to when the movie is in theater.

Ueto Aya: Asako's parents and Kazuyoshi's parents are very strong individuals. Actually, Kazuyoshi's father is the director. Anyways, I think you can relax while watching whether you're one person or many people. Please, have fun watching it at the theater.
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Kazuyoshi is dilligent, adult-like, and a kid who do chat, but occasionally there will be interesting things, please watch it!
Ueto Aya: With the 2 of us doing comical things, please laugh even in theater. Ne!

These two are exactly like an older sister and younger brother. Aya-san's kindly worry about Ryunosuke, in order for this angelic, smile from Ryunosuke that's free of worries. They are very charming humans. For the movie, the computer master, Ryunosuke-kun, and the relationship with his disciple, Aya-san, is subtle, not a pair of lovers, not sister and bother... this subtle distance is this film's essence.

- Excuse some incorrect translations.
- Ueto Aya's inability to use a computer make sense for her preferences with writing letters. X3
- Kamiki and train, and Kamiki and his notebooks. ^__^;;
- Love how close these two seems to be, though I feel sorry for Aya that she got rejected to be Kamiki's older sister. I guess already having an older sister really made Kamiki think twice about having another one. ^^;;
- Now I really want to watch "Namida wo Fuite". It has Eguchi Yosuke, Ninomiya Kazunari, Kamiki, etc... Sound interesting!

Next Challenge as a Villian!? Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Acting in Yukisada Coming of Age Fantasy

While I think the movie "Into the Faraway Sky" is just plain weird, I do like the friendships between the 3 grown-ups as well as the 3 children. :) I think if the story isn't so strange, I would probably like it a lot more. XD;;

Translation may be incorrect!!

Old interview, taken from

Even though he's 14 years old, Kamiki Ryunosuke already has 11 years of career experiences. Currently working on the television drama "Tantei Gakuen Q" and "Dondo Hare", acting as the lead magnificantly in the 2005 movie "The Great Yokai War", with "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~" will be showing this Winter (2007), as well as voice acting for "Spirited Away", "Piano no Mori", etc... literally, many versatility activities.

He will shed that image he had up until now, in order to act as Ryosuke, a boy with a bit of rebellious and lone wolf atmosphere, in "Into the Faraway Sky". We will now listen to Kamiki-kun talk about his work with "Crying out Love in the Center of the World" director, Yukisada Isao, for this peculiar fantastic atmosphere film.

Due to the circumstances of his father's work, Ryosuke has to change school to a town in the countryside. Having living in the city, he has a bit refine atmosphere to him that make his classmates hard to approach.
"Even though, it's not that I did anything special for his character creation, but I tried my best for his rebelliousness. His facial expression is of course, arrogant, the feeling of laughing at others, so I have to remember it in order to possess a bit of that portion."

In other words, does that mean Kamiki-kun's and Ryosuke's characters are different from each other...? "That's right. I'm the complete opposite." said the smiling Kamiki-kun. "At first, Ryosuke is rebellious, from there, he will bend forward." from the director, talking about his strong impression.
"From reading the script, it's sad, at first I thought, what a lonely boy. He changed school many times, and even in the city, he doesn't have any friends. And then, when he moved to Kohei's town, it's as if it's the first time he had friends, and best friends."

Ryosuke meeting Kouhei, who's like the boss, and slowly begin to make friends. Having a lot of co-actors around him who are his generation, Kamiki seems like he had a lot of fun.
"Because it's really like going on a school field trip with your class, it was extremely fun. The filming is at Hokkaido. Obihiro, Nemuro, and Abashiri (cities of Hokkaido, probably where the filming sites are). During our time off from filming, together, we would go to eat ramen together and buy things from the department store in front of the station (laugh). Even now, I still keep in contact with Sasano-kun (who acted as Kouhei) and them, and hang out together."

Ryosuke's father in this work is Miura Tomokazu, also Kouhei's father is Kohinata Fumiyo, mama of the bar is Ootake Shinobu, and others, actors and actresses with different strengths are gathered in this film. Acting and interacts together with veterans is also important.
"Particularly advices, were given to me, but we don't talk about our acting. But particularly, Miura-san is usually a very kind person, but when he gets in character, he became a strict, and cold father, because of that I thought it was really amazing."

"(Acting as a) different person, becoming a different person is very enjoyable." said Kamiki-kun. After this, "I want to try acting as a villian" he said boldly with a smile. "Because living normally, you can't be like that, so I want to try experience being bad". We'll be increasingly looking forward to his future.

Into the Faraway Sky (Toku no Sora ni Kieta) trailer

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Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) Supporting RONIN Sunglasses

Because I felt like I owed Kamiki something for his birthday, I think I'll start translating some of his stuffs, that I'd been wanting to do for a long time, from now on, or at least until I either run out of things or feel tired. Lol.

We'll start it off with a short blog post. :3

Taken from Travois Room. Written on January 5, 2010.

Teepee Outdoor Design is part of RONIN Sunglasses agency in the Saitama area.

For this RONIN, there's a young actor that's helps support it.

Young actor

Kamiki Ryunosuke

Even though this "Kamiki Ryunosuke" is called a prodigy child actor, I think he became an adult because he's already a first year high school student... was heard from the neighborhood lady's conversations. I think the first time he visit this firm was when he was in 5th or 6th grades of elementary school, but with the time quickly passing, it's like he became a different person.

This year too, we will be looking forward to his activities!

Everyone, please also support him ♪

Amuse's Site

- Teepee Outdoor Design is a RONIN Sunglasses dealer in Saitama prefecture.
- It seems like Kamiki Ryunosuke is the nephew of the owner there, according to this RONIN's blog.

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Fukuda Mayuko in Zettai Reido Episode 5-6

Ugh, I hate flikr's 200 pictures limits. Anyone know where I can get free unlimited (or at least large) picture hosting site? :< Photobucket's limited upload is annoying too. D: I'm think I will soon have to be paying for the pro account.. But I don't know whether I should choose flikr or photobucket, or even some other site entirely. Isn't there any where else that host a lifetime account for cheap? :<

Just going to talk about the case for episode 5-6 of Zettai Reido, not the core storyline. I haven't watch Zettai Reido from the first episode (just episodes 4-6), so I know nothing about the characters/main storyline. Major spoiler and lots of pictures!

I don't know how to properly cut entries on blogspot, so sorry for those with slow internet. =__=;;

For this case, former boss of Sakuragi Izumi (Ueto Aya) visit the office and handed them information about the new case, hoping they would help him solve it before he retire (or something like that). The case was approved and Izumi was put in charge, with Tsukamoto Keigo (Miyasako Hiroyuki) as her support.

Rabbits raised by various schools are being slashed and killed, thus the case was named "Serial Case of Killed School Animal" (my title). They noticed that the first recorded incident for this case was located at Chiyama West Elementary around 3 (or 2) years ago. This caused the detectives to remember to another case, happened 5 years ago at the same school. On May 30th of 2005, a killer come to the school, he injured 6 people and killed 8. It was then called "Chiyama Case".This case was particularly significant for Tsukamoto because he was also on the same case at that time.

Moving forward to now, Izumi and Tsukamoto begins to search for leads, with no avail, they turned back to Chiyama elementary school for a visit. There, they suddenly meet a high school girl (Fukuda Mayuko), calling herself Miyata Yuki, and told them that the "Chiyama Case" is still going on. At first, she doesn't seems so strange, but Tsukamoto suddenly remembered something about the "Chiyama Case" as he heard the name Miyata Yuki. He went back to search for the file, on which he found that Miyata Yuki was one of the dead victim at that time. This prompt him to visits Miyata Yuki's house for information.

Meanwhile, Izumi continue to search, and she noticed a story that was told by the school boys about the girl with the red hair tie. Somehow some kid saw a girl with a red hair tie near the rabbit cage. Between the children, the story evolved into a monster in the shape of the girl with the red hair tie that can kill you (etc... Lol imaginative kids). Hearing this, Izumi sketched a picture of the girl that called herself Miyata Yuki and ask around whether it was her with the red hair tie, to which, the replies are yes.

While searching, Izumi noticed the girl and she decided to follow her. They went up the rooftop of a building, and she was noticed. Izumi decided to ask her for information, but the girl was vague and not helpful.

"It was me that killed Miyata Yuki!"

While Tsukamoto visit Miyata Yuki's house, he noticed a picture of Miyata Yuki and a girl (her friend). Both of them are wearing hair ties, the friend in particular is wearing a red hair tie. He is then able to find her real name as Sawai Haruna, Miyata Yuki's best friend. They tried calling her home, but it she haven't been coming home often, and she usually go out.

That night, the forensic team noticed another message from a message board in which they found the next place that the serial rabbit killer is going to be. Izumi and Tsukamoto rushed to the indicated school. They split up to find the assailant. Tsukamoto notice the girl from before and she lunged at him with a knife. After she noticed that he's the detective before, she looks confused and ran away. Tsukamoto received slight injuries in his left arm, but before Izumi can follow the girl, Tsukamoto stop her, as he begins to suspect that she's not a suspect.

But because Sawai Haruna was found at the scene of the crime, she become the main suspect to this case. While they search for her, they also searched her house and noticed on her laptop is detailed information about the case they are following. She was found and capture, while in the middle of her escape, in a net cafe.

They took her back to the office for questioning, in which Izumi and Tsukamoto was in charged. But despite Izumi's accusations, Sawai Haruna never admit to the serial killing of animals. This frustrated Izumi, but Tsukamoto told her to come back again tomorrow. While checking Haruna's possessions (lots of knives), the forensic team found that she's been to the area where the animals were kill, but there wasn't enough evidences to find her guilty of the crime (shoe prints doesn't match, no trace of animal blood, only trace of Tsukamoto's blood, etc...). This made the team to change their investigation to a different direction.

While Haruna was detained at her house, and her knives taken away, unbeknown to others, another knife was hidden in her desk drawer.

Haruna was then taken back to the office the next day to be questioned by Tsukamoto. She looks at his wound, in which he replied that it was fine, and ask her why she was at the crime. She doesn't reply, so she was let go once again. This time, Tsukamoto decided to stake out in front of her home. As she was checking message boards in her home that night for new information, Haruna noticed something and rushed out.

At the scene of the crime, the assailant was found to be the worker who are taking care of school animals (I think). He was surrounded by a lot of cops. While he try to run away, Haruna jump out to stop him, with a knife on her hands. They struggles for a few second, to which Haruna was on the loosing side. Before he was about to stab her with his own knife, Tsukamoto jumped out to the rescue, and the worker was caught.

Haruna asked him why did he want to kill those small animals that her best friends loved so much. He answered it was because of her, crying that day. Because it made him think if he can make more weak animals die, then more children will be sad. Because killing them are fun.

This angered Haruna, but before she could run up and slapped him, Tsukamoto did it for her. The guy was then taken away.

Back at the office, Haruna finally confessed why she was at the crime scenes again and again. It was in order to stop the assailant from hurting all the animals that her best friend, Miyata Yuki, loved so much.

But, what's the true reason for her words "I was the one that killed Miyata Yuki."? For this part, please watch the drama. :D

Because it was also her part for the death of Miyata Yuki, Sawai Haruna was arrested. This act from Tsukamoto enormously helped Haruna relieved her 5 years deep of pains. And the case is finally closed.

- Even though I was really worried about Mayuko's acting the whole time, I felt relieved while watching this. Her acting is still great as ever, particularly her crying scenes. My this girl could really make others cry, even when watching it sub-less. And her subtle change in expressions are great (the part where she's browsing the internet, and then her eyes changed their shape when she noticed something). And how she portrayed a person who had been regretting for years, that was also really well done. Though I think she's able to play characters with dark past really well (Byakuyako, Jyoou no Kyoushitsu, Teru Teru no Ashita, L Change the World, Kiri no Hi, Heaven's Door, etc...), I hope she's not going to be typecast into this type of character all the time. ^^;; Another great actor is Miyasako-san who played Tsukamoto, very cool! Funny, people was like, it's Keroyon (20th Century Boys) when talking about him!

- Even though the online communities are discussing how she became uglier/fat as she grown, I found her to be more prettier (especially in episode 6). You can see the adult presences in here. She didn't make me think she's a kid at all. Even while watching Yamada in Hidarime Tantei Eye or Shida Mirai in Shokojo Seira, I would think they are in middle school, but for Mayuko, I was thinking high school student the whole time (ok, except for that part where she's supposed to be a middle school student). lol.. And she really became prettier (but her skin got worst... =___=;; She need immediate skin care! >__<;;). Was it because of the hairstyle? lol

- I love it when the actors are acting as evil characters. There would be this glint in their eyes that supposed to be evil, but I would think... KAKOIII~!! <3<3 Like Kamiki Ryunosuke in Bloody Monday, or Shida Mirai in BOSS, and especially Fukuda Saki in LIFE (though I don't have the picture for her, but she's great!). The only different between Mayuko and the examples I'd mentioned is that she's not supposed to be bad.

- It makes me wonders how easy it is for people to obtain knives in Japan. Like, I've never seen so many scenes where she's holding a knife in one episode like this one. Surely, with all those knives, Haruna may have been arrested for carrying dangerous weapons or something. :x One thing I noticed from the fans, they said knives and Mayuko suited each others... Lolol. XD;;

- For more pictures of Fukuda Mayuko in Zettai Reido, please go here.

- For Zettai Reido download, please take your time and visit D-Addicts! :D