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News: "MaiMai Shinko" to be Release as DVD, High School Student, Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子), is all Smiles.

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I was waiting and hoping someone would translate it for me (very lazy), but since nobody care, I guess I can care. lol... ^^;;

"MaiMai Shinko" to be Release as DVD, High School Student, Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子), is all Smiles.

On April 23, at Shimashino City, Kichijouji Baus Theater, actress Fukuda Mayuko has a stage greeting for the movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" (Mai Mai Miracles).

This animation movie, from the original work by Akutagawa award author, Takagi Nobuko, set in year 30 of Showa, is an autobiographical novel modeling from her own childhood. After opening to the public on November of last year, it resulted in an exceptional 6 months of long run hit. Due to the citizens from the same town of the original work wished to screen this movie for a long period, at the same theater, they decided on screening the movie for another 3 weeks, playing the voice of the lead heroine Shinko by Fukuda Mayuko, and director Katabuchi Sunao went on stage.

With this stage greeting to be her first job since entering high school, Fukuda said "It's a really wonderful work! I'm, of course, is extremely moved, I'm glad that my father was originally from Yamaguchi, for which ever generation you are from, I think you can be move by this work." and she talked about various things to love of different generations.

As for director Katabuchi, counting his domestic stage greetings, this will be his 30th times. "Every day, looking at each and every guest's face made me really happy, even when there are no stage greeting, I would also go to the theater." with a deep feeling, he expressed to the full house visitors.

And also, the stage greeting is live broadcasted on NicoNico Douga and USTREAM, with USTREAM opperating together with Twitter, Fukuda and director Katabuchi tackle many questions. For example, one question asked, "Shinko-chan imagines various things from 1000 years before, what does Fukuda-san usually imagine?", to which Fukuda answered, "If I had this conversation to my friends, perhaps how should I face them... for example, I would always think when I don't meet them. Again, after watching this movie, I think it really made me feel again how precious my friends and family are."

Furthermore, between the fans, concerning the subject of the movie to become DVD, an announcement was made that the DVD is decided to be release around the summer time. With this surprising announcement, a round of applause was heard from the audiences.

From now on, cities that was determined to screen the movie are Tokyo, Saitama, Niigata, and Shizuoka.

"MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" is distributed by Shochiku, currently open to the public.


Fukuda Mayuko's First Work Since Becoming a High School Student, Thanking the Fans for the Long Run of "MaiMai Shinko~"

Open to the public November 21 of last year, with popularity from the fan's assistance, the anime movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" was showed country wide. Playing for around half a year, an exceptional long run hit, it became to be known as "MaiMai Phenomenon", for the gratitude toward the fans, on April 23, at Kichijouji Baus Theather, a stage greeting took place with director Katabuchi Sunao and in charge of the voice for Shinko, Fukuda Mayuko.

Entering high school this spring, this stage greeting is the first job since becoming a high school student, she said "When I heard about the long run of the movie, I was surprise. Beginning screening last November, and not yet finish, I'm really happy." She expressed her gratitude.

On the other hand, director Katabuchi said, the stage greeting on this day is "exactly the 30th time domestically" and then revealed, "Because so far, the period for screening movie is 130 days, (after counting) to come back one time in April. I had a feeling, arn't you guys are the number 1 frequenter..." (No idea what he meant, perhaps he mean people keep coming back to the movie despite being so long since screening, compare to his other movies?). He continues "It's become increasingly more enjoyable to see each of the many guests' faces, even when there are no meetings, I still went to the theater" talking of his feelings toward this work and the assistant of the fans.

On this day, representative of the production committee, from Avex's producer, the decision to release the DVD was reported, a loud applaud from the audience was heard. Though the details are not yet announce, "We think that it will be release this year, when the sun are shining intensely", implying the launching will be around summer time.

Also, there's a net live broadcast on NicoNico Douga and USTREAM, questions via the internet was also answered. For Fukuda-san "Shinko-chan having fun imagining things 1000 years ago, do you also enjoying yourself imagine up things like Shinko-chan?", "Though I'm always imagine various things, if I talk to my friends about them, they would probably reply, things like that are not interesting." she replied, making everyone laugh. (not really sure about this part)

Lastly, a message from Fukuda, "After entering high school, I separated with my junior high friends who were always together. Though we do keep contact, and occasionally meet up, but for the first time, not be together every day, I felt the natural talks that we did together everyday became precious. When I think about such important people, I would be very touched by this movie, and can feel the warmness of this work. Lastly, please enjoy yourselves."



Fukuda Mayuko "Chatting is the best!"

On the 23rd at Tokyo, Kichijouji Baus Theater, actress, Fukuda Mayuko (15) voice acting the lead role for the anime movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" (directed by Katabuchi Sunao), attended a stage greeting in order to commemorate the long run of the movie. The movie is a story of friendship from elementary students, set in 1955 at Yamaguchi, Houfu City. It began showing in November of last year. This month, after entering high school, "While doing homeworks with my girl friends at the school dining hall, chatting together was the most fun."


Continuing Into High School - Fukuda Mayuko, Earnestly Parting With Close Friends

On the 23rd, actress Fukuda Mayuko (15), and director Katabuchi Sunao (49) attended the stage greeting for the movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou". On the net, activities like signatures and others, from the steady support of the fans, the movie was able to underwent a country wide long run. "It's because of you that I'm able to stand here. There are a lot of gratitude from me." from director Katabuchi's deeply touching greeting. Fukuda, who first entry on stage after entering high school, said earnestly, "Having to be separate with my close friends from junior high, I felt that the normal things we talk to each other about everyday became precious." Then she quickly change to talk about the impression of the movie, "Another time where I think friends are precious is this movie where I think it's very heart touching."


Exceptional Hit With the General Public Allows for Not Less than 6 Months of Long Run! "MaiMai Shinko" With High School Student Fukuda Mayuko Entry Director is also nervous! -

On the 23rd, at Kichijouji Baus Theater, first begin screen from last year, the long running movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" continues with a stage greeting with Fukuda Mayuko, who voice the lead role of Aoki Shinko, and director Katabuchi Sunao made an entrance.

Fukuda, who was born on August 1994, this spring became a high school student. This stage greeting is her first job since entering high school, there is still innocent remain. "When I heard that this movie is in its long run, I was surprise. It was open to the public November (of last year), and yet it's still running. I'm very happy. Thank you very much." she reply with a lovely smile. Since opening country wide to the public November of last year, concerning this work that's still running for 6 months, "Because it's a wonderful film. I'm also very touched, because my father and grandfather are originally from Yamaguchi, I can say that I'm very glad. I think it's a work that any generation can understand." she talked about the charms of the film.

Incidentally, this time at Kichijouji Baus Theater where the movie was screen, the long screening of the movie was implemented due to the wishes of the citizens. Though there were fears that there won't be a DVD for this film, during this event an announcement was made about the releasing of this DVD around the summer time, causing the audience to raise a cheer. "It's all thanks to your support. Up until now, I thought it was hard doing this movie, but the bonds of the guests who came at to the theater, and I'm able to see people in the lobby and other places having a relation to each other. From now on, if there are chances of meeting each other at the movie, I think we will also want to come rushing. Because of this Fukuda-san is able to stand here and also the decision to release the DVD was reached. With the appearance of the leading voice actress standing here really made one nervous (laugh)." the director reflected with delight.

The original work, with the same name, is by Akugata author, Katagi Nobuko, a autobiographical novel. Depicting third grade, elementary student, Shinko (Fukuda), with an abundant of imagination, and a transfer student from Tokyo, even with bitter experiences at times, they slowly grow with their companions.

The movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" is open to the public at Kichijouji Theater.


Anime Movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", After Showing for Half a Year is The Long Awaited DVD Decision. -

It was announced that the movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", which had been showing since November of last year, will turn into DVD.

There might be thoughts such as "Shouldn't it be normal for a movie to turns into DVD and Blu-ray?", but with its first showing having poor reviews, with only the exception of Yamaguchi prefecture extending their screening, whether or not to change it to a movie is completely uncertain. However, with things like words of mouth, resulting the popularity to be spread, the progress to turn to DVD was safely executed.

Details below.

The announcement was made at Kichijouji Baus Theater, currently showing "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" stage greeting. Left is director Katabuchi Sunao, right is Fukuda Mayuko-san, voice acting the lead character, Aoki Shinko.

This is the first time Fukuda-san faces the fans and mass media since became a high school student this April. With her father originally from Yamaguchi prefecture, concerning this work where her grandfather from her father's side is from, "I'm very glad." she expressed, and about entering high school and part from her junior high friends, similar to the parting of Shinko and Kiiko in this work.

For Director Katabuchi, this will be his 30th stage greeting. So far, the movie have been screen 130 days, it seems like there will be another stage greeting this April. On April 18, on the broadcast of "MAG-Net", "MaiMai Shinko" was featured, with this, the long running movie was made possible, and he was able to directly thanks the fans' power.

The movie will be showing at Kichijouji Baus Theater until April 30, then CINEMA eRA of Shizuoka City from 5/1-5/14, Cine-Wind of Niigata from 5/1-5/21, Cineplex of Saitama from 5/15-5/23, Laputa ASAGAYA from 5/30-6/5. Particularly, on 5/19 of Laputa ASAGAYA, a meeting will be held for the 10th Laputa Animation Festival 2010, it seems that "MaiMai Shinko" and director Katabuchi's older work, "Princess Arete" will be showing.

On the official site, pictures from the movie are now free for public uses. Using the pictures to blog about your impression after watching the movie is OK, so those that went to see the movie, please definitely write about your impressions of the movie.

Original scenes, open to the public! Movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" official blog.

Random Notes:
- All these translations will last me months... *dead* =__=;; There are quite a lot of mistakes, please don't be shy and point them out! :)
- There's also a 2ch thread about the news as well. Mostly people just comment on how she changed (not as cute) as she grow, and how she became fatter (what? really? o_o;;)... Though one comment made me laugh, Fukuda Mayuko was changed into FUGUda Mayuko (FUGU = blow fish). Japanese netizens are harsh, but sometimes really funny. ^__^;;

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