Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liar Game X Special

Thanks to an anonymous poster telling me about it. :D

Liar Game X Special is out for view/download (thank you very much WonSoKaLineFan from d-addicts!!!). The special is only 2 seconds less than 11 minutes which talk about the period between the ending of Liar Game second season and the beginning of the Liar Game: The Final Stage movie.

I actually thought it will be at least longer, at least 30 minutes of Liar Game goodness. So it was a disappointment. I think they are using the special in order to prevent inconsistency in the movie. The special doesn't have much, but you can see Matsuda Shota speaking English.. XD;; (I just realized that he's my age... =___=;;)

Now I can't wait to see if someone will upload Episode Zero. :D


  1. its gone! and i thougt i would finally see it!! :'(

  2. if it's delete again, try the download link. :x

  3. Is there an english subbed one? O_o
    I reallly want to watch it... but I dont understand japanese T^T

  4. yep yep, is there an english subbed one? or chinese subbed? i dont understand jap too. (:

  5. @Jo and Anonymous

    There's no English sub at the moment. But I'm sure there are already Chinese sub (Chinese fans are really on top of things lol).

    But I'm not sure where to get it. You can try searching on Youku or Tudou or Baidu, since I'm assuming that you can read/write Chinese, I think you'll have an easier time finding it than me. ^^;;