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Goseiger Blog: Members Introduction

Something different from my usual stuffs! >w<;;

I'm actually a sentai fan girl. I enjoy watching Tensou Sentai Goseiger a lot. It's an enjoyable show (same with the other super sentai shows). Thus, a translation from Go! Say! blog.

This is the second part of their 5 people blogging (1st part is the introduction of themselves and their character, which I'm skipping). I was waiting until this week for Kento to finish off this 2nd part. Depending on the topic, I might or might not translate their next blog posts.


Playing GoseiRed Alata role
I'm Chiba Yudai.

Today, to everyone
I want to report about
the truths of Goseiger

First is,
playing the role of GoseiPink, Eri
Rika-chan (Satou Rika-chan).

Rika-chan is
the same personality as the my-pace Eri.
But, she's very diligent
I know that her scripts are full with written memos.

playing the role of GoseiBlue, Hyde
is Kento (Ono Kento-kun).

Kento is,
from the first impression, he seems very cool,
but after becoming friends,
surprisingly, he's a comedian,
similar person as me!
I'm relief (laugh).
Ah, he's an angel.
This type of Kento,
who always looking at things around him.
I also noticed.

And then,
concerning GoseiBlack, Agri,
played by Mao (Hamao Kyousuke).

Mao is,
extremely cute.
But his awareness is always high.
Although he's younger,
I'm always following his examples.
But, I also know that unexpectedly,
his playfulness will also appears.
Also, his tsubo jokes (tsukkomi and boke) are lame (laugh).

about Mikki (Niwa Mikiho-chan)
who plays GoseiYellow, Moune.

Mikki is,
From my first impression, she seems mischievous
but the truth is, she's an extremely pure,
and diligent girl.
Also, even though thin,
she always eat her obentou without leaving anything.
This, I noticed.

With various things,
everyone did their best
to become friends.

"Tensou Sentai Goseiger"
Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (Please treat us well)

From Alata

Hello (・ω・´)
From things about Eri, I'm Satou Rika!

Mou, even though it's already April, this coldness... ... ...

I wonder if there are still people who haven't put away the kotatsu Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)

But, just a bit more.

Lets all wait for it to become a bit warmer ♪

Now, this time, I, Satou Rika, will introduce to you things about my co-actors!

Doing something fun like this ♪
I love it (≧∇≦)

With that said, I'm going to expose the true face of Goseiger's members that you don't know!

Chiba Yudai-kun.

Chiba-kun is,
similar to his appearance, extremely cute and innocent  person ♪
He also do pretty interesting things (laugh)
Even so, he's reliable!
I think it's admirable that he's able to hold on properly to his purpose.

Next is
Hamao Kyousuke-kun.

Hamao-kun is a very obedient and genuine person!
When I'm around 18 years old, am I obedient like this...
I thought (laugh)
Beside from being 18 years old, from the 5 people, I think he's number one at calming down.

And now, next up is
Niwa Mikiho-chan.

Mikki is, even though younger than Rika, she's more level-headed,
I learned a lot from Mikki.
Moreover, despite being so cute,
she is a girl who would make weird face with me (laugh)
I'm glad Mikki is the same GoseiGirls. ♪

Last is
GoseiBlue Ono Kento-kun.

Ono-kun is, I think the number 1 my pace person!!
Of course, I meant it in a good way (laugh)
Even with his appearance, I does interesting things, there's quite a gap ♪

These 5 people are protecting the earth.
"Tensou Sentai Goseiger" kore kara, yoroshiku ne ♪ (slightly less humble version of Alata's)

Playing the role of GoseiBlack - Agri, I'm Hamao Kyousuke ☆(^^)/

For this time,
I think I will introduce everyone from Goseiger ♪♪(*^^*)

First is... GoseiRed, Alata role, Chiba-chan (Chiba Yudai) ♪
  About Chiba-chan...
Simply put, he's a veeerrryyy wise person!! o(^o^)o

From my viewpoint, Chiba-chan is sociable, clever,
possessed many different abilities, a wonderful person ☆ that's what he is (^^ゞ
He also can do many different type of imitations...
(つ´∀`)つ Respects ☆ (laugh)

Next!! Playing GoseiPink, Eri's role is Rika-chan (Satou Rika) ☆

Rika-chan is...
Straightforward, a person who battles on difficult circumstances!!

Getting on the location bus, the time until arriving at the filming location,
"Let's all read our script ♪" Rika-chan would say ☆
After arrive at the site for the next scene, she would times an times again practice her script...
She's extremely hard working!!
I must also do my best... (..)

Next ☆ GoseiYellow, Moune's role is Mikki (Niwa Mikiho) ☆

Mikki is...
Kind, level-headed like an older sister!!

The role Agri, that I play, is the older brother, but (^_^;)
Normally, it's reverse, Mikki gives off the feeling of an older sister ☆

Even on the film set, she would make tea for everyone,
For the real performance, she's also level-headed ☆
She's really an older sister ☆ (laugh)

Last is GoseiBlue, Hyde's role by Kento (Ono Kento)!!

Kento is...
A level-headed person, the member's mood maker ♪♪ (^^ゞ

Regarding to the role, always in character,
Amazing... ♪ I would feel this
Then, immediately switching and making everyone laugh!!
It felt like Kento is trying to calm everyone down ♪♪ (^-^)/

... Even though it's not skillfully written (^^;
These are from everyone ☆☆(^^)/

From now on, I'll use all my might to do my best
"Tensou Sentai Goseiger" yoroshiku onegai tashimasu!! (more humble version of Alata's)

Well then, this is Hamao Kyousuke ☆☆


GoseiYellow - Moune's role
I'm Niwa Mikiho.

It's already the 2nd time on this blog ♪
This time, I'll tell you what I notice from everyone in Goseiger.

First is,
GoseiBlue - Hyde's role
Things about Kento, Ono Kento-kun.

He's fuwafuwa (light an airy)
On the bus to the location, he's the first to fall asleep.
Quite quickly. laugh
I love his absurd playfulness
Always bringing everyone together.
Also uniquely same age!!

GoseiBlack - Agri's role
Things about Mao, Hamao Kyousuke-kun.

He's awfully pure and dilligent.
Even when playing the older brother role
His concentration while acting together
is what I respect.
Also, his tsubo jokes are lame
I always got hooked and laugh.
He's always smiling.

GoseiPink - Eri's role
Things about Rika-chan, Satou Rika-chan.

Rika-chan is, mou when we're together
She's an existence that bring relief.
We're mutually getting relief from each others.
When we talk
Rika-chan's choice of words are
extremely funny
always brought laughter ♪

Eri Moune combi is the most compatible!!

GoseiRed - Alata's role
Things about Chiba-chan, Chiba Yudai-kun.

He's exactly Alata.
The minus ions are always there!
He's level-headed when there's a purpose
Even when he doesn't say it
always, able to pull
the 4 of us along!
Also, when our tension is high
we will dance together. laugh

The 5 people, it's good that each are different from the other ★

From now on, we as Goseiger
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

It would be great it
our chances of meeting everyone quickly increase ♪

Well then, see you next time!
This picture is GoseiGirls
"Eri Moune" combi ♪

Hello everyone.

4 months had quickly passed from when we first start filming.
The flowing time coincide with the extremely quick experiences,
speedily helps in making friends with everyone (laugh), our friendships deepen.

For that, I'll introduce the members.

Chiba-chan (Chiba Yudai).
Even though there's an image of obedience.....
when begin to talk, he can't stop!
Also, he's a genius at mimicking animals.
This way, even though ba-chi- (I have no idea what this mean, maybe it's backward of Chiba? o_O;;)
His power of concentration is above the rest,
and skillful when switching from ON to OFF. (like turning his acting on to off)

Rika-chan (Satou Rika).
A natural airhead.
Anywhere you look at her is a natural airhead.
Also, free spirit.
Even so... when you look at her, her calmness can heal you.
I think all the members definitely agree with this.

Mao (Hamao Kyousuke).
Manly! Also kind.
A flawless man.
Even though the youngest, he's level-headed.
I follow his examples a lot.

Mikki (Niwa Mikiho).
Because she loves pastry,
she would often give out candy.
More than the others, her affections toward her comrades are large
very kind.

I love this of everyone.

Please watch Goseiger from now on.

- I just realised that Satou Rika is in VOICE with Eita, Ishihara Satomi, and Ikuta Toma as the nurse that like Toma. (o_O;;) *shocked* Why didn't I notice it before? lllorz
- Anyways, everyone is so cute! >:3

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