Friday, April 16, 2010

Fukuda Mayuku (福田麻由子): OBIRIN semi updated.

Continued from my last post.

Well, there aren't anything to confirm the news of Fukuda Mayuko going to Obirin yet (should I call it Obirin or J.F. Oberlin?), but there was a blog post from her schoolmate.

This is just my personal theory and conjectures from his blog.

His entry pretty much said that since school started, it was hard for shy people to make friends if they came from the outside.

- This proved the possibility that Mayuko went to a escalator school, because outsider will take examination to get in, but the people already in the system would already made friends and knew each others from before. Though Hinode is also an escalator private school (in which Kamiki Ryunosuke went in his junior high days).

He also said that a school in Tokyo Metropolitan area, famous people entering is normal, because apparently he went/go to a school with Kuwata Masumi's kid, where sometimes, Kuwata Masumi would visit. But having a entertainer going to the same school is impressive.
- I think this implied that not a lot of famous people go to this school, thus we can officially eliminates Hinode as a possibility. While it is true that Obirin does have many entertainers, but none of them were born in the 90s, or Heisei era.

The verdict? Yes, the possibility of Obirin as Mayuko's high school is quite high.

I also went and check Obirin's alumini sisters, Maeda Ai and Maeda Aki, to see if they work during their high school. It seems that Maeda Ai did, though not a lot, in Maeda Aki's case, none at all. Maeda Aki seems to put priority in school work and put the entertainment world on hold. Bad news or good news? You decide.

Anyways, translation from the blog.

Ah, that's right
There's a performer entered my school.
Even though it's a person called Fukuda Mayuko, but it seems like an important person had enter.
Even though I'm not sure if it's alright for me to say it. (Not sure if he should reveal that she entered his school? or to say she's a normal/important person?)

From the school in Tokyo Metropolitan area, I wonder if (famous people) entering school is normal.
When Kuwata Masumi's child attend a school, Kuwata Masumi would occasionally visits.
I mean that Kawata Masumi, the professional baseball player from Tokyo Giants.

But, even though I just know today that Fukuda entered this school, she was on T.V. a lot.
For example, 10 Promises to My Dog, and Jyoou no Kyoushitsu...
Impressive... w (w = Japanese internet slang for laughter)
Having a performer near you, somehow I'm deeply moved.
The people from other class, coming to this girl class, to see her are so many that it's amazing.
Poor Fukuda-san.

People going to her class to look at her. Poor Mayuko indeed. But hopefully people will write about the meeting. Lol, not that I encourage stalkers. ^___^;;

By the way, it seems like the promotional event for "Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" is still underway. On April 17, there's an event where they will give out free postcard. Also, on April 23, Fukuda Mayuko and the director will have another stage greetings! Which means, hopefully more news! :D

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