Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fan responses to Shida Mirai (志田未来) and Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) in Ghibli's film

While looking around for their pictures, I can't help but think, Kamiki need to appears in more magazines!!! \(>o<#)/

As you probably already know, source from TokyoGraph...

Shida Mirai and Kamiki Ryunosuke will be working together again, since Tantei Gakuen Q, for Studio Ghibli's newest movie, "Karigurashi no Arrietty", which will be open to the public on July 17.

"Karigurashi no Arrietty" is adapted from the novel, "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton, about the little people who live beneath the floor boards and survive by "borrowing" items from the owners of the house. Shida will helps voice the heroine, Arrietty (one of the borrower), while Kamiki will be voicing Sho, the human who discover Arrietty. Other casts included Miura Tomokazu (58), Otake Shinobu (52), Takeshita Keiko (56), and Kiki Kirin (67).

Apparently, this will be Shida's first challenge with voice acting. While the other casts are experienced voice actors/actresses, only Kamiki had worked with Studio Ghibli before for "Howl's Moving Castle" (as the adorable Markl) and "Spirited Away" (as the huge baby Bou).

The director for this film is Yonebayashi Hiromasa, and this will be his directing debut work. He had worked along side with the two big wigs of Ghibli, Miyazaki Hayao and Takahata Isao, working from clean-up animation to animation director. Having taken a class on Miyazaki Hayao/Ghibli, thus knowing a bit about the inner circle of Ghibli (though not a lot), I think he's probably a candidate for shouldering the Ghibli films in the future (after Miyazaki-sensei and Takahata-sensei retired), that is if this movie is good.

 I like Studio Ghibli's works. Though I like the childlike fantasy stories that Miyazaki-sensei (My Neighbor Totoro) offered, I tends to move toward Takahata-sensei's a touch of reality stories more (Graves of Fireflies), but My Neighbor Totoro still is my favorite Studio Ghibli's film. Yonebayashi seems to work more with Miyazaki-sensei, so I think his works will go toward the fantasy direction (as if the storyline didn't tell you already lol).

"The Borrower" is actually one of my favorite adaption chapter from Doraemon, so I'm happy to know that it's made into a movie. And having Studio Ghibli working on it made it better. I think so far only Studio Ghibli animation is able to made that slice-of-life/warm-heart/nostalgia feels to it (Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou also has this feel). Other animation studios tend to be more newer/pop feel to their animation (hard to explain). Even without Kamiki name attached to it, I can't wait!!

Fans of Shida Mirai x Kamiki Ryunosuke will be happy because they will have A LOT of interviews together from now on, or until the end of the movie promotion period.

But, that's not going to be all that my entry is about. Hahaha... ^^;;

While browsing, I came across the 2chan thread about this piece of news, and I'm surprised at the split reactions. (I lost the link, sadly... so most of the things I said probably sound made up and malicious to Shida's fans, but that's not it.. Sorry! ^^;;)

While Shida's fans are in a frenzy with the happy news, Japanese fans of Ghibli and animation in general are in another type of frenzy, the not happy kind.

According to 2chan, when auditioning for the roles, the director was amazed at Shida's ability. Quote "Everyone else seem so monotonous, but when she begins, it seems like her voice contains 10 different colors." It was only later that the director found out that she is THE Shida Mirai.

- Some of 2chan responses for this is: "Is he living under a rock? If you are working in the entertainment industry or the popular culture, he probably know at least a little bit about her." They have a point.

While the Japanese seems pleased with the news of Kamiki working again with Ghibli, the news of Shida working as a voice actress seems to go in the other directions. Some responses include, "She has lisps", "I hate Shida. I'm not watching.), and "This movie will just be an hour and 30 minutes of Shida Mirai's promotion video" (I found this extremely funny).

Other than that they also compared Shida with Kamenashi Kazuya. If you didn't know already, Kamenashi is considered by the viewers to be NTV's rating poison. For some quite obvious reasons (imho it's more because of the story-line direction rather than his acting alone), Kamenashi's dramas do not get good ratings, thus his dramas' ratings are in the one digits. But, despite the ratings, NTV continues to use Kame, thus the 2chan-er concluded that there might be something going on between NTV and Kame's company. After all, Arashi was featured in NTV for their 10th year anniversary. In similar situation, Shida's dramas also suffered from the recent trend. She seems to be well like by NTV as well, and most of the drama she lead in also have lower ratings. NTV seems like it has ties in to Studio Ghibli, so because of that Shida was able to get the role. (I wasn't aware of this at all).

After looking at the cast list (btw, most of the casts are actors/actresses), the majority wasn't happy that actors/actresses are pushing into voice actors/actresses territory. Some comments include, "Not all good actors are good voice actors.", "Studio Ghibli has recently begins to go down.", "The animation industry will go down!", and "Studio Ghibli seems like they casting actors/actress just to promote the movie rather than for the good of the movie." Again, even though I know nothing about the anime voice acting world, 2chan has a point.

Well, I really don't know if Shida will fit as Arrietty or not, but her voice seems like it will be good for those strong headed and slightly bratty characters. So only time will tell.

It really made me wondered if Fukuda Mayuko suffered the same fate as Shida when her name was announced as the cast of Maimai Shinko, because Mizusawa Nako was mentioned that her voice doesn't fit for her Kiiko role in Maimai Shinko.

Another thing that really make me wondered. Why is it that Kamiki's fans didn't have any reactions to Kamiki's dubbing work for the second French movie, Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard, with GACKT? Was it because it's only the 2nd movie? Was it because it's only a dubbing work? Why? Well, it's not as if people care about the first movie either where he also did the dubbing for that as well. Lol, well, just my rant.


  1. I think it's great Shida Mirai gets a voice acting role :D I love Shida-san<3
    And Kamiki is just my all-time favorite voice actor, so that's make it even better! XD
    I don't care what other people say, I love this match! ;D
    Can't wait~ ^ o ^

  2. eeeeeehhhhh~ sugoiina....kamiki-niisan is going top b a seiyuu again!!!(ignoring shida)hehheeh..but kamiki-niisan is really a good actor....i cant wait to c this anime!!!!!