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News: "MaiMai Shinko" to be Release as DVD, High School Student, Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子), is all Smiles.

I really don't know if I should do a translation for each news piece as a separate entry, since each of them say something different with different pictures, or one post for all the related news in one entry, since generally they all say the same thing. ^^;;

I was waiting and hoping someone would translate it for me (very lazy), but since nobody care, I guess I can care. lol... ^^;;

"MaiMai Shinko" to be Release as DVD, High School Student, Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子), is all Smiles.

On April 23, at Shimashino City, Kichijouji Baus Theater, actress Fukuda Mayuko has a stage greeting for the movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" (Mai Mai Miracles).

This animation movie, from the original work by Akutagawa award author, Takagi Nobuko, set in year 30 of Showa, is an autobiographical novel modeling from her own childhood. After opening to the public on November of last year, it resulted in an exceptional 6 months of long run hit. Due to the citizens from the same town of the original work wished to screen this movie for a long period, at the same theater, they decided on screening the movie for another 3 weeks, playing the voice of the lead heroine Shinko by Fukuda Mayuko, and director Katabuchi Sunao went on stage.

With this stage greeting to be her first job since entering high school, Fukuda said "It's a really wonderful work! I'm, of course, is extremely moved, I'm glad that my father was originally from Yamaguchi, for which ever generation you are from, I think you can be move by this work." and she talked about various things to love of different generations.

As for director Katabuchi, counting his domestic stage greetings, this will be his 30th times. "Every day, looking at each and every guest's face made me really happy, even when there are no stage greeting, I would also go to the theater." with a deep feeling, he expressed to the full house visitors.

And also, the stage greeting is live broadcasted on NicoNico Douga and USTREAM, with USTREAM opperating together with Twitter, Fukuda and director Katabuchi tackle many questions. For example, one question asked, "Shinko-chan imagines various things from 1000 years before, what does Fukuda-san usually imagine?", to which Fukuda answered, "If I had this conversation to my friends, perhaps how should I face them... for example, I would always think when I don't meet them. Again, after watching this movie, I think it really made me feel again how precious my friends and family are."

Furthermore, between the fans, concerning the subject of the movie to become DVD, an announcement was made that the DVD is decided to be release around the summer time. With this surprising announcement, a round of applause was heard from the audiences.

From now on, cities that was determined to screen the movie are Tokyo, Saitama, Niigata, and Shizuoka.

"MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" is distributed by Shochiku, currently open to the public.


Fukuda Mayuko's First Work Since Becoming a High School Student, Thanking the Fans for the Long Run of "MaiMai Shinko~"

Open to the public November 21 of last year, with popularity from the fan's assistance, the anime movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" was showed country wide. Playing for around half a year, an exceptional long run hit, it became to be known as "MaiMai Phenomenon", for the gratitude toward the fans, on April 23, at Kichijouji Baus Theather, a stage greeting took place with director Katabuchi Sunao and in charge of the voice for Shinko, Fukuda Mayuko.

Entering high school this spring, this stage greeting is the first job since becoming a high school student, she said "When I heard about the long run of the movie, I was surprise. Beginning screening last November, and not yet finish, I'm really happy." She expressed her gratitude.

On the other hand, director Katabuchi said, the stage greeting on this day is "exactly the 30th time domestically" and then revealed, "Because so far, the period for screening movie is 130 days, (after counting) to come back one time in April. I had a feeling, arn't you guys are the number 1 frequenter..." (No idea what he meant, perhaps he mean people keep coming back to the movie despite being so long since screening, compare to his other movies?). He continues "It's become increasingly more enjoyable to see each of the many guests' faces, even when there are no meetings, I still went to the theater" talking of his feelings toward this work and the assistant of the fans.

On this day, representative of the production committee, from Avex's producer, the decision to release the DVD was reported, a loud applaud from the audience was heard. Though the details are not yet announce, "We think that it will be release this year, when the sun are shining intensely", implying the launching will be around summer time.

Also, there's a net live broadcast on NicoNico Douga and USTREAM, questions via the internet was also answered. For Fukuda-san "Shinko-chan having fun imagining things 1000 years ago, do you also enjoying yourself imagine up things like Shinko-chan?", "Though I'm always imagine various things, if I talk to my friends about them, they would probably reply, things like that are not interesting." she replied, making everyone laugh. (not really sure about this part)

Lastly, a message from Fukuda, "After entering high school, I separated with my junior high friends who were always together. Though we do keep contact, and occasionally meet up, but for the first time, not be together every day, I felt the natural talks that we did together everyday became precious. When I think about such important people, I would be very touched by this movie, and can feel the warmness of this work. Lastly, please enjoy yourselves."



Fukuda Mayuko "Chatting is the best!"

On the 23rd at Tokyo, Kichijouji Baus Theater, actress, Fukuda Mayuko (15) voice acting the lead role for the anime movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" (directed by Katabuchi Sunao), attended a stage greeting in order to commemorate the long run of the movie. The movie is a story of friendship from elementary students, set in 1955 at Yamaguchi, Houfu City. It began showing in November of last year. This month, after entering high school, "While doing homeworks with my girl friends at the school dining hall, chatting together was the most fun."


Continuing Into High School - Fukuda Mayuko, Earnestly Parting With Close Friends

On the 23rd, actress Fukuda Mayuko (15), and director Katabuchi Sunao (49) attended the stage greeting for the movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou". On the net, activities like signatures and others, from the steady support of the fans, the movie was able to underwent a country wide long run. "It's because of you that I'm able to stand here. There are a lot of gratitude from me." from director Katabuchi's deeply touching greeting. Fukuda, who first entry on stage after entering high school, said earnestly, "Having to be separate with my close friends from junior high, I felt that the normal things we talk to each other about everyday became precious." Then she quickly change to talk about the impression of the movie, "Another time where I think friends are precious is this movie where I think it's very heart touching."


Exceptional Hit With the General Public Allows for Not Less than 6 Months of Long Run! "MaiMai Shinko" With High School Student Fukuda Mayuko Entry Director is also nervous! -

On the 23rd, at Kichijouji Baus Theater, first begin screen from last year, the long running movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" continues with a stage greeting with Fukuda Mayuko, who voice the lead role of Aoki Shinko, and director Katabuchi Sunao made an entrance.

Fukuda, who was born on August 1994, this spring became a high school student. This stage greeting is her first job since entering high school, there is still innocent remain. "When I heard that this movie is in its long run, I was surprise. It was open to the public November (of last year), and yet it's still running. I'm very happy. Thank you very much." she reply with a lovely smile. Since opening country wide to the public November of last year, concerning this work that's still running for 6 months, "Because it's a wonderful film. I'm also very touched, because my father and grandfather are originally from Yamaguchi, I can say that I'm very glad. I think it's a work that any generation can understand." she talked about the charms of the film.

Incidentally, this time at Kichijouji Baus Theater where the movie was screen, the long screening of the movie was implemented due to the wishes of the citizens. Though there were fears that there won't be a DVD for this film, during this event an announcement was made about the releasing of this DVD around the summer time, causing the audience to raise a cheer. "It's all thanks to your support. Up until now, I thought it was hard doing this movie, but the bonds of the guests who came at to the theater, and I'm able to see people in the lobby and other places having a relation to each other. From now on, if there are chances of meeting each other at the movie, I think we will also want to come rushing. Because of this Fukuda-san is able to stand here and also the decision to release the DVD was reached. With the appearance of the leading voice actress standing here really made one nervous (laugh)." the director reflected with delight.

The original work, with the same name, is by Akugata author, Katagi Nobuko, a autobiographical novel. Depicting third grade, elementary student, Shinko (Fukuda), with an abundant of imagination, and a transfer student from Tokyo, even with bitter experiences at times, they slowly grow with their companions.

The movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" is open to the public at Kichijouji Theater.


Anime Movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", After Showing for Half a Year is The Long Awaited DVD Decision. -

It was announced that the movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", which had been showing since November of last year, will turn into DVD.

There might be thoughts such as "Shouldn't it be normal for a movie to turns into DVD and Blu-ray?", but with its first showing having poor reviews, with only the exception of Yamaguchi prefecture extending their screening, whether or not to change it to a movie is completely uncertain. However, with things like words of mouth, resulting the popularity to be spread, the progress to turn to DVD was safely executed.

Details below.

The announcement was made at Kichijouji Baus Theater, currently showing "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" stage greeting. Left is director Katabuchi Sunao, right is Fukuda Mayuko-san, voice acting the lead character, Aoki Shinko.

This is the first time Fukuda-san faces the fans and mass media since became a high school student this April. With her father originally from Yamaguchi prefecture, concerning this work where her grandfather from her father's side is from, "I'm very glad." she expressed, and about entering high school and part from her junior high friends, similar to the parting of Shinko and Kiiko in this work.

For Director Katabuchi, this will be his 30th stage greeting. So far, the movie have been screen 130 days, it seems like there will be another stage greeting this April. On April 18, on the broadcast of "MAG-Net", "MaiMai Shinko" was featured, with this, the long running movie was made possible, and he was able to directly thanks the fans' power.

The movie will be showing at Kichijouji Baus Theater until April 30, then CINEMA eRA of Shizuoka City from 5/1-5/14, Cine-Wind of Niigata from 5/1-5/21, Cineplex of Saitama from 5/15-5/23, Laputa ASAGAYA from 5/30-6/5. Particularly, on 5/19 of Laputa ASAGAYA, a meeting will be held for the 10th Laputa Animation Festival 2010, it seems that "MaiMai Shinko" and director Katabuchi's older work, "Princess Arete" will be showing.

On the official site, pictures from the movie are now free for public uses. Using the pictures to blog about your impression after watching the movie is OK, so those that went to see the movie, please definitely write about your impressions of the movie.

Original scenes, open to the public! Movie "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" official blog.

Random Notes:
- All these translations will last me months... *dead* =__=;; There are quite a lot of mistakes, please don't be shy and point them out! :)
- There's also a 2ch thread about the news as well. Mostly people just comment on how she changed (not as cute) as she grow, and how she became fatter (what? really? o_o;;)... Though one comment made me laugh, Fukuda Mayuko was changed into FUGUda Mayuko (FUGU = blow fish). Japanese netizens are harsh, but sometimes really funny. ^__^;;

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Goseiger Blog: Members Introduction

Something different from my usual stuffs! >w<;;

I'm actually a sentai fan girl. I enjoy watching Tensou Sentai Goseiger a lot. It's an enjoyable show (same with the other super sentai shows). Thus, a translation from Go! Say! blog.

This is the second part of their 5 people blogging (1st part is the introduction of themselves and their character, which I'm skipping). I was waiting until this week for Kento to finish off this 2nd part. Depending on the topic, I might or might not translate their next blog posts.


Playing GoseiRed Alata role
I'm Chiba Yudai.

Today, to everyone
I want to report about
the truths of Goseiger

First is,
playing the role of GoseiPink, Eri
Rika-chan (Satou Rika-chan).

Rika-chan is
the same personality as the my-pace Eri.
But, she's very diligent
I know that her scripts are full with written memos.

playing the role of GoseiBlue, Hyde
is Kento (Ono Kento-kun).

Kento is,
from the first impression, he seems very cool,
but after becoming friends,
surprisingly, he's a comedian,
similar person as me!
I'm relief (laugh).
Ah, he's an angel.
This type of Kento,
who always looking at things around him.
I also noticed.

And then,
concerning GoseiBlack, Agri,
played by Mao (Hamao Kyousuke).

Mao is,
extremely cute.
But his awareness is always high.
Although he's younger,
I'm always following his examples.
But, I also know that unexpectedly,
his playfulness will also appears.
Also, his tsubo jokes (tsukkomi and boke) are lame (laugh).

about Mikki (Niwa Mikiho-chan)
who plays GoseiYellow, Moune.

Mikki is,
From my first impression, she seems mischievous
but the truth is, she's an extremely pure,
and diligent girl.
Also, even though thin,
she always eat her obentou without leaving anything.
This, I noticed.

With various things,
everyone did their best
to become friends.

"Tensou Sentai Goseiger"
Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (Please treat us well)

From Alata

Hello (・ω・´)
From things about Eri, I'm Satou Rika!

Mou, even though it's already April, this coldness... ... ...

I wonder if there are still people who haven't put away the kotatsu Σ( ̄◇ ̄*)

But, just a bit more.

Lets all wait for it to become a bit warmer ♪

Now, this time, I, Satou Rika, will introduce to you things about my co-actors!

Doing something fun like this ♪
I love it (≧∇≦)

With that said, I'm going to expose the true face of Goseiger's members that you don't know!

Chiba Yudai-kun.

Chiba-kun is,
similar to his appearance, extremely cute and innocent  person ♪
He also do pretty interesting things (laugh)
Even so, he's reliable!
I think it's admirable that he's able to hold on properly to his purpose.

Next is
Hamao Kyousuke-kun.

Hamao-kun is a very obedient and genuine person!
When I'm around 18 years old, am I obedient like this...
I thought (laugh)
Beside from being 18 years old, from the 5 people, I think he's number one at calming down.

And now, next up is
Niwa Mikiho-chan.

Mikki is, even though younger than Rika, she's more level-headed,
I learned a lot from Mikki.
Moreover, despite being so cute,
she is a girl who would make weird face with me (laugh)
I'm glad Mikki is the same GoseiGirls. ♪

Last is
GoseiBlue Ono Kento-kun.

Ono-kun is, I think the number 1 my pace person!!
Of course, I meant it in a good way (laugh)
Even with his appearance, I does interesting things, there's quite a gap ♪

These 5 people are protecting the earth.
"Tensou Sentai Goseiger" kore kara, yoroshiku ne ♪ (slightly less humble version of Alata's)

Playing the role of GoseiBlack - Agri, I'm Hamao Kyousuke ☆(^^)/

For this time,
I think I will introduce everyone from Goseiger ♪♪(*^^*)

First is... GoseiRed, Alata role, Chiba-chan (Chiba Yudai) ♪
  About Chiba-chan...
Simply put, he's a veeerrryyy wise person!! o(^o^)o

From my viewpoint, Chiba-chan is sociable, clever,
possessed many different abilities, a wonderful person ☆ that's what he is (^^ゞ
He also can do many different type of imitations...
(つ´∀`)つ Respects ☆ (laugh)

Next!! Playing GoseiPink, Eri's role is Rika-chan (Satou Rika) ☆

Rika-chan is...
Straightforward, a person who battles on difficult circumstances!!

Getting on the location bus, the time until arriving at the filming location,
"Let's all read our script ♪" Rika-chan would say ☆
After arrive at the site for the next scene, she would times an times again practice her script...
She's extremely hard working!!
I must also do my best... (..)

Next ☆ GoseiYellow, Moune's role is Mikki (Niwa Mikiho) ☆

Mikki is...
Kind, level-headed like an older sister!!

The role Agri, that I play, is the older brother, but (^_^;)
Normally, it's reverse, Mikki gives off the feeling of an older sister ☆

Even on the film set, she would make tea for everyone,
For the real performance, she's also level-headed ☆
She's really an older sister ☆ (laugh)

Last is GoseiBlue, Hyde's role by Kento (Ono Kento)!!

Kento is...
A level-headed person, the member's mood maker ♪♪ (^^ゞ

Regarding to the role, always in character,
Amazing... ♪ I would feel this
Then, immediately switching and making everyone laugh!!
It felt like Kento is trying to calm everyone down ♪♪ (^-^)/

... Even though it's not skillfully written (^^;
These are from everyone ☆☆(^^)/

From now on, I'll use all my might to do my best
"Tensou Sentai Goseiger" yoroshiku onegai tashimasu!! (more humble version of Alata's)

Well then, this is Hamao Kyousuke ☆☆


GoseiYellow - Moune's role
I'm Niwa Mikiho.

It's already the 2nd time on this blog ♪
This time, I'll tell you what I notice from everyone in Goseiger.

First is,
GoseiBlue - Hyde's role
Things about Kento, Ono Kento-kun.

He's fuwafuwa (light an airy)
On the bus to the location, he's the first to fall asleep.
Quite quickly. laugh
I love his absurd playfulness
Always bringing everyone together.
Also uniquely same age!!

GoseiBlack - Agri's role
Things about Mao, Hamao Kyousuke-kun.

He's awfully pure and dilligent.
Even when playing the older brother role
His concentration while acting together
is what I respect.
Also, his tsubo jokes are lame
I always got hooked and laugh.
He's always smiling.

GoseiPink - Eri's role
Things about Rika-chan, Satou Rika-chan.

Rika-chan is, mou when we're together
She's an existence that bring relief.
We're mutually getting relief from each others.
When we talk
Rika-chan's choice of words are
extremely funny
always brought laughter ♪

Eri Moune combi is the most compatible!!

GoseiRed - Alata's role
Things about Chiba-chan, Chiba Yudai-kun.

He's exactly Alata.
The minus ions are always there!
He's level-headed when there's a purpose
Even when he doesn't say it
always, able to pull
the 4 of us along!
Also, when our tension is high
we will dance together. laugh

The 5 people, it's good that each are different from the other ★

From now on, we as Goseiger
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

It would be great it
our chances of meeting everyone quickly increase ♪

Well then, see you next time!
This picture is GoseiGirls
"Eri Moune" combi ♪

Hello everyone.

4 months had quickly passed from when we first start filming.
The flowing time coincide with the extremely quick experiences,
speedily helps in making friends with everyone (laugh), our friendships deepen.

For that, I'll introduce the members.

Chiba-chan (Chiba Yudai).
Even though there's an image of obedience.....
when begin to talk, he can't stop!
Also, he's a genius at mimicking animals.
This way, even though ba-chi- (I have no idea what this mean, maybe it's backward of Chiba? o_O;;)
His power of concentration is above the rest,
and skillful when switching from ON to OFF. (like turning his acting on to off)

Rika-chan (Satou Rika).
A natural airhead.
Anywhere you look at her is a natural airhead.
Also, free spirit.
Even so... when you look at her, her calmness can heal you.
I think all the members definitely agree with this.

Mao (Hamao Kyousuke).
Manly! Also kind.
A flawless man.
Even though the youngest, he's level-headed.
I follow his examples a lot.

Mikki (Niwa Mikiho).
Because she loves pastry,
she would often give out candy.
More than the others, her affections toward her comrades are large
very kind.

I love this of everyone.

Please watch Goseiger from now on.

- I just realised that Satou Rika is in VOICE with Eita, Ishihara Satomi, and Ikuta Toma as the nurse that like Toma. (o_O;;) *shocked* Why didn't I notice it before? lllorz
- Anyways, everyone is so cute! >:3

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4/23 (Friday), Online Live Broadcast of Stage Greeting with Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Late on my part (lazy), but you might be able to catch it!

Taken from "MaiMai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" production blog.

The day before yesterday, the 17th (Saturday), Kichijoji Baus Theater begins showing (MaiMai Shinko) as late show.

On the 23rd (Friday), it was decided that there will be a stage greeting!

Stage Meeting Outline

- Date: April 23 (Friday)
Place: Kichijoji Baus Theater
Time: 20:30-21:00 (8:30pm - 9:00pm)
(at 21:00/9:00pm, the movie will start, so please be careful of the time!)
Who: Director Katabuchi Sunao, Fukuda Mayuko (voice: Aoki Shinko)
For ticket details, please look at the theater's web page.

Web Double Live Broadcast (of the stage meeting)

There will be a live broadcast of the meeting at NicoNico Douga "MadHouse Channel"!

Further more!
USTREAM, working together with Twitter, will also show the live broadcast!

During the live broadcast, there will be a corner where Twitter users can ask questions to the people up at the stage!

- Please be sure to follow official account "@maimai_shinko"!
The harsh tag is #maimai_shinko.

Important Announcement
There will be an important announcement for "MaiMai Shinko"! Please anticipate it!


It's a LIVE BROADCAST of the stage greeting!

Need I say more? It's a rare chance to see Mayuko live! So be sure to watch!

It will be Mayuko's first time, since becoming a high school student, to be out in the public again!

Also, don't forget that the time specified is Japan time, so be sure to convert it into your own time!


Edit: Just finished watching the live broadcast. I stayed up all night in order to catch it (because if I go to bed, I won't be able to wake up in time =___=;;).

The whole thing was 30 minutes, but they only uploaded 12 and a half minutes of it so far. I'll post the rest if it show up. The more interesting part is the second part.

Mayuko-chan looks pretty and all grown up here. I'm surprised. Did my best to took some captures, but all of them are blurry. We'll have to wait for the official sources for the clearer ones.

The host introduced Mayuko right away as just entered high school.

Mayuko said at how surprised she is about the long running promotion, and how happy she was when she learned about it.

They had some questions and answers from the twitters. Most of the questions (though not a lot) were directed to Mayuko. I didn't really hear clearly most of the talk, but they will finally be releasing the DVD for MaiMai Shinko. That is the special announcement. It's really funny that the twitters at the sides was "Please quickly release it as DVD!"

In order to commemorate this special announcement of MaiMai Shinko to release as DVD, they brought out this globe thing (I forgot what it's called, but when you pull the string, streamers and a banner with words of congratulation will come out, see pictures). Mayuko was appointed as the one who pull the string as the audience finish saying "Omedetou~"  (Congratulations~). What's funny was that the ball was stuck and so nothing came out after she pulled, director Katabuchi had to help out, while the audiences were trying to elongate their "Omedetooooouuuuu~". It was really cute.

After that Mayuko received flowers from the audiences and they began taking pictures for the press.

Here's the first half of the live broadcast.

If the video doesn't work, go here for the clip.

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Fan responses to Shida Mirai (志田未来) and Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) in Ghibli's film

While looking around for their pictures, I can't help but think, Kamiki need to appears in more magazines!!! \(>o<#)/

As you probably already know, source from TokyoGraph...

Shida Mirai and Kamiki Ryunosuke will be working together again, since Tantei Gakuen Q, for Studio Ghibli's newest movie, "Karigurashi no Arrietty", which will be open to the public on July 17.

"Karigurashi no Arrietty" is adapted from the novel, "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton, about the little people who live beneath the floor boards and survive by "borrowing" items from the owners of the house. Shida will helps voice the heroine, Arrietty (one of the borrower), while Kamiki will be voicing Sho, the human who discover Arrietty. Other casts included Miura Tomokazu (58), Otake Shinobu (52), Takeshita Keiko (56), and Kiki Kirin (67).

Apparently, this will be Shida's first challenge with voice acting. While the other casts are experienced voice actors/actresses, only Kamiki had worked with Studio Ghibli before for "Howl's Moving Castle" (as the adorable Markl) and "Spirited Away" (as the huge baby Bou).

The director for this film is Yonebayashi Hiromasa, and this will be his directing debut work. He had worked along side with the two big wigs of Ghibli, Miyazaki Hayao and Takahata Isao, working from clean-up animation to animation director. Having taken a class on Miyazaki Hayao/Ghibli, thus knowing a bit about the inner circle of Ghibli (though not a lot), I think he's probably a candidate for shouldering the Ghibli films in the future (after Miyazaki-sensei and Takahata-sensei retired), that is if this movie is good.

 I like Studio Ghibli's works. Though I like the childlike fantasy stories that Miyazaki-sensei (My Neighbor Totoro) offered, I tends to move toward Takahata-sensei's a touch of reality stories more (Graves of Fireflies), but My Neighbor Totoro still is my favorite Studio Ghibli's film. Yonebayashi seems to work more with Miyazaki-sensei, so I think his works will go toward the fantasy direction (as if the storyline didn't tell you already lol).

"The Borrower" is actually one of my favorite adaption chapter from Doraemon, so I'm happy to know that it's made into a movie. And having Studio Ghibli working on it made it better. I think so far only Studio Ghibli animation is able to made that slice-of-life/warm-heart/nostalgia feels to it (Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou also has this feel). Other animation studios tend to be more newer/pop feel to their animation (hard to explain). Even without Kamiki name attached to it, I can't wait!!

Fans of Shida Mirai x Kamiki Ryunosuke will be happy because they will have A LOT of interviews together from now on, or until the end of the movie promotion period.

But, that's not going to be all that my entry is about. Hahaha... ^^;;

While browsing, I came across the 2chan thread about this piece of news, and I'm surprised at the split reactions. (I lost the link, sadly... so most of the things I said probably sound made up and malicious to Shida's fans, but that's not it.. Sorry! ^^;;)

While Shida's fans are in a frenzy with the happy news, Japanese fans of Ghibli and animation in general are in another type of frenzy, the not happy kind.

According to 2chan, when auditioning for the roles, the director was amazed at Shida's ability. Quote "Everyone else seem so monotonous, but when she begins, it seems like her voice contains 10 different colors." It was only later that the director found out that she is THE Shida Mirai.

- Some of 2chan responses for this is: "Is he living under a rock? If you are working in the entertainment industry or the popular culture, he probably know at least a little bit about her." They have a point.

While the Japanese seems pleased with the news of Kamiki working again with Ghibli, the news of Shida working as a voice actress seems to go in the other directions. Some responses include, "She has lisps", "I hate Shida. I'm not watching.), and "This movie will just be an hour and 30 minutes of Shida Mirai's promotion video" (I found this extremely funny).

Other than that they also compared Shida with Kamenashi Kazuya. If you didn't know already, Kamenashi is considered by the viewers to be NTV's rating poison. For some quite obvious reasons (imho it's more because of the story-line direction rather than his acting alone), Kamenashi's dramas do not get good ratings, thus his dramas' ratings are in the one digits. But, despite the ratings, NTV continues to use Kame, thus the 2chan-er concluded that there might be something going on between NTV and Kame's company. After all, Arashi was featured in NTV for their 10th year anniversary. In similar situation, Shida's dramas also suffered from the recent trend. She seems to be well like by NTV as well, and most of the drama she lead in also have lower ratings. NTV seems like it has ties in to Studio Ghibli, so because of that Shida was able to get the role. (I wasn't aware of this at all).

After looking at the cast list (btw, most of the casts are actors/actresses), the majority wasn't happy that actors/actresses are pushing into voice actors/actresses territory. Some comments include, "Not all good actors are good voice actors.", "Studio Ghibli has recently begins to go down.", "The animation industry will go down!", and "Studio Ghibli seems like they casting actors/actress just to promote the movie rather than for the good of the movie." Again, even though I know nothing about the anime voice acting world, 2chan has a point.

Well, I really don't know if Shida will fit as Arrietty or not, but her voice seems like it will be good for those strong headed and slightly bratty characters. So only time will tell.

It really made me wondered if Fukuda Mayuko suffered the same fate as Shida when her name was announced as the cast of Maimai Shinko, because Mizusawa Nako was mentioned that her voice doesn't fit for her Kiiko role in Maimai Shinko.

Another thing that really make me wondered. Why is it that Kamiki's fans didn't have any reactions to Kamiki's dubbing work for the second French movie, Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard, with GACKT? Was it because it's only the 2nd movie? Was it because it's only a dubbing work? Why? Well, it's not as if people care about the first movie either where he also did the dubbing for that as well. Lol, well, just my rant.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fukuda Mayuku (福田麻由子): OBIRIN semi updated.

Continued from my last post.

Well, there aren't anything to confirm the news of Fukuda Mayuko going to Obirin yet (should I call it Obirin or J.F. Oberlin?), but there was a blog post from her schoolmate.

This is just my personal theory and conjectures from his blog.

His entry pretty much said that since school started, it was hard for shy people to make friends if they came from the outside.

- This proved the possibility that Mayuko went to a escalator school, because outsider will take examination to get in, but the people already in the system would already made friends and knew each others from before. Though Hinode is also an escalator private school (in which Kamiki Ryunosuke went in his junior high days).

He also said that a school in Tokyo Metropolitan area, famous people entering is normal, because apparently he went/go to a school with Kuwata Masumi's kid, where sometimes, Kuwata Masumi would visit. But having a entertainer going to the same school is impressive.
- I think this implied that not a lot of famous people go to this school, thus we can officially eliminates Hinode as a possibility. While it is true that Obirin does have many entertainers, but none of them were born in the 90s, or Heisei era.

The verdict? Yes, the possibility of Obirin as Mayuko's high school is quite high.

I also went and check Obirin's alumini sisters, Maeda Ai and Maeda Aki, to see if they work during their high school. It seems that Maeda Ai did, though not a lot, in Maeda Aki's case, none at all. Maeda Aki seems to put priority in school work and put the entertainment world on hold. Bad news or good news? You decide.

Anyways, translation from the blog.

Ah, that's right
There's a performer entered my school.
Even though it's a person called Fukuda Mayuko, but it seems like an important person had enter.
Even though I'm not sure if it's alright for me to say it. (Not sure if he should reveal that she entered his school? or to say she's a normal/important person?)

From the school in Tokyo Metropolitan area, I wonder if (famous people) entering school is normal.
When Kuwata Masumi's child attend a school, Kuwata Masumi would occasionally visits.
I mean that Kawata Masumi, the professional baseball player from Tokyo Giants.

But, even though I just know today that Fukuda entered this school, she was on T.V. a lot.
For example, 10 Promises to My Dog, and Jyoou no Kyoushitsu...
Impressive... w (w = Japanese internet slang for laughter)
Having a performer near you, somehow I'm deeply moved.
The people from other class, coming to this girl class, to see her are so many that it's amazing.
Poor Fukuda-san.

People going to her class to look at her. Poor Mayuko indeed. But hopefully people will write about the meeting. Lol, not that I encourage stalkers. ^___^;;

By the way, it seems like the promotional event for "Mai Mai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" is still underway. On April 17, there's an event where they will give out free postcard. Also, on April 23, Fukuda Mayuko and the director will have another stage greetings! Which means, hopefully more news! :D

Monday, April 12, 2010

Horikoshi 2010 New First Years of Class 1-D Without Fukuda Mayuko

The names are out. Information taken from Baidu (because Chinese fans are super devoted and amazing). :) Took me some times to figure out that I need to switch from the Chinese hanzi to Japanese kanji in order for the name to show up on search engine. ^__^;;

For some reason, d-addicts wiki doesn't work for me, so I linked their profile from their official talent site instead.


1. 新井 美生 Arai Miu (aka Arai Moe 荒井萌; blog)
2. 岡本 杏理 Okamoto Anri (Seira's best friend from Shokojo Seira; blog)
3. 香川 サヤ Kagawa Saya (blog)
4. 川口 春奈 Kawaguchi Haruna (Himeji Rinka in the drama Yankee-kun to Megane-chan)
5. 小池 彩梦 Koike Ayame (blog)
6. 清水 富美加 Shimizu Fumika
7. 栂野 理紗子 Togano Risako (won the music category from 12th Japan Bishojo contest)
8. 溝口 恵 Mizoguchi Megumi (a Nicola model, blog)
11. 小越 勇輝 Ogoe Yuuki (blog)
12. 北村 将清 Kitamura Shousei (Amuse's member; appeared in THE GAME Show w/Kamiki et al.)
13. 須賀 健太 Suga Kenta (blog)

I hope this is not the complete list, because there are only 3 guys. :x What ever happen to all the Johnnies? lol I'm happy that Suga Kenta got in though. :D

As you can see from this list, Fukuda Mayuko is not listed. She ended up not going to Horikoshi nor the school that Ueno Juri and Hongo Kanata went (Hinode High school; surprise, it's also Takahashi Ai-chan high school). While I am quite amused at the response of the despairs from the fans, but not all is lost!

Instead, from the rumor I gathered from the internet is that she's going to J.F. Oberlin High school (桜美林高校 or OBIRIN Senior High School) instead. Remember, rumors are only rumors until it's proven with proofs, so take this with a grain of salt.

From a little bit of researching, J.F. Oberlin is a co-ed, escalator, Christian, private school. Escalator school basically means that when moving up a system (junior high to high school), it's not required to take the entrance examination. It seems to have a connection to university as well. I think this kind of schools are hard to get into, but once you are there, you don't have to worry about entrance exams every 3 years. It's also a sister school to Oberlin College in Ohio, USA. School curriculum included English, Math, Language, Social studies, Bible studies, and Science. Every morning, there's a worship before class. There are worship events during the week as well. Some students from this school are Maeda Ai (model/actress), Maeda Aki (model actress), etc... (mostly people I don't know). But you can check the wiki site for the list.

This excerpt which described the school. You can read more about it here.
J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools was established in Japan in 1946, and has expanded steadily over the next sixty years into the present institution. The Machida campus, located on the outskirts of the Tokyo Metropolitan area, encompasses an educational complex which consists of a kindergarten, a junior high school, a senior high school, a four-year university, and a graduate school. In total, there are over 10,000 students studying here.

I'm actually impressed that Mayuko thought that far ahead into her university age and choose this school instead of others. It seems like a famous school. So to get accept into this type of school, she must have studied a lot. But the whole religious worshiping kind of worried me. I think it's more because I read too many Christian school stories/manga (none of them are bad, just... scary).

Of course I'm disappointed that she's not in Horikoshi. I think it would be awesome if Fukuda Mayuko and Suga Kenta are classmates!! It's such a shame they are not... >__<;; But on the other hand, as long as the school allows her to continue working and making dramas/movies, I'm happy!

!!Please allow her to continue working!! PLEASE!! >A<;;

After taking a look at the school site, I think she will have plenty of fun there. That's what she wanted isn't it? To gather a lot of life experiences and enjoy them.

Though, my ultimate dream would be having Mamayu (Fukuda Mayuko) and Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu from AKB48) in the same class... Hahaha. Their nicknames are cute and similar, and they are the same age too. But since Mayuyu's birthday is at the end of March, I don't know if she's in 2nd year or 1st year of high school (school start in April after all). ^^;;

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Last Summer Collection

I come up with lame titles. lllorz

The last part of the summer trilogy, from Fukuda Mayuko Library Collection and Fukuda Mayuko Yukata Collection, plus some extras.

They are from UTB:h magazine by wani book, published in September 2008.