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SEDA: Culture no ma - Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

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On page 105 of SEDA's January 2008 issue, there's an interview for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~" with actor and actress Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko. After, they also answered 4 questions.

Kamiki Ryunosuke, played 12 years old boy, with Fukuda Mayuko, played a 13 years old girl, created a fresh love story for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~". Talking about each of their favorite radio programs, music, movie, and etc... their distances shortened as their innocent emerged.

Kamiki Ryunosuke: This work was full of first challenges like DJ, illness, love story. The most difficult was performing illness. From my perspective, I never experience getting really sick before. I consulted my family about what kind of feelings you get when you contract a disease.
Fukuda Mayuko: Because I have not yet experience love, before acting I thought, I need to do something! I asked the people around me "What is love?". I asked everyone this, but the moment where they talk about love stories, everyone had a happy expression, it was cute! I tried using and consulting those facial expressions.

It's your first time appearing together right? What are your impression of each other?
Kamiki: Even though she's a year younger, I thought she was like an adult, doing things with a level-headed. When talking, I tend to change subjects, frequently a natural air-head, but Fukuda-san would bring the subject back to its origin. She was helpful.
Fukuda: Because I want to try acting with him, I would be very happy when we talk. When we met, he's my pace, a very interesting person. When I talk to him, he'll be "Ah.." or "Un...", and the conversation would quickly end. I tried my best to talk a lot, and when I thought we'd become friends, after one week of filming, we would revert back to the beginning. I was sad... (laugh).
Kamiki: That time, because normally at school, I don't usually talk to the girls, I became nervous and the conversation was unable to continue. I would brood that it's difficult to continue, but because of the unnecessary nervourness that I wasn't able to talk.
Fukuda: And then, Kamiki-kun will quickly chew on candy (toffee). I didn't like this (laugh). At the filming site, this kind of thing happened a lot.
Kamiki: When I'm hungry, I would chew on it (candy) as soon as possible...

Your movie role is very similar to your personality, even now, it felt like Fukuda-san is a step leading over Kamiki-kun (as in pulling him along)! Lastly, what's the highlight of the movie?
Fukuda: The characters all have someone they love. It's not only pertaining to lovers, but also family, and friends. It's a work that after you watch, you will think, having a family is nice, having friends are nice, and having someone to love is nice.
Kamiki: It's a movie that you can earnestly experience the importance of conveying your feelings. Please watch it!

Question 1: A song you recommend?
Kamiki: Mr. Children's "Kimi ga suki". It's a slow tempo song that's pleasant, you'll calm down when you listen to it. Lately, I'd always been listen to this before I go to bed.
Fukuda: Shiina Ringo's "Yokushitsu" and Porno Graffitti's "Club Underworld". Shiina-san, even thought high, her voice is not thin, which I like. As for Porno Graffitti-san, of course I love their song, but I'm a fan of Akihito-san, I collected every CD and magazine appearances.

Question 2: A performer that you aspired to be?
Kamiki: My target is an actor that their acting can give people something. Along with personality, my ideal is Tsumabuki Satoshi-san. When I watch "Namida Sou Sou" and "Dororo", when I get familiar with his characters, I thought he was really cool.
Fukuda: Ohgo Suzuka-san who'd appeared in "Sexy Voice and Robo". We appeared together before when we was young, and it seems like our mothers are on good terms, but I have no recollection of it... I was to try to meet her.

Question 3: What's your type for the opposite sex?
Kamiki: A person who's happy, bright, and able to say things honestly. Because I have bad points, I want her to be able to point it out. The type that can talk plainly to one's family, a kind of person that's easy to socialized.
Fukuda: Black hair, slightly long with a feeling of floating, not too tall or too short... Porno Graffitti's Akihito-san is my ideal (laugh). As for character, a fun person that can get excited over things is my type. A person that's obedient is not good.

Question 4: What's a moment that you feel blessed?
Kamiki: A message "I became full of spirit." from fan letter from a person who saw my acting made me really happy. I really like this work that I can be helpful to people, I thought that I need to work harder.
Fukuda: The time where I'm watching "Sexy Boy and Robo". I really got into watching it repeatedly. The content is very profound! I thought that it was great that I happen to encounter this drama.

Random Notes:
- It's funny how Kamiki keeps having to explain himself from Mayuko's words. lol. The interviewer is right, Mayuko really does seems to lead over Kamiki at times.
- Kamiki's taste of song is similar to mine, slow tempo songs. While Mayuko's taste in musics are mostly rock/indies. You can tell she got her taste from her father.
- I have to laugh at Mayuko and her continuous fan girl of Porno Graffitti's Okano Akihito-san, and then her fan girl for Ohgo Suzuka. Though I'm surprised their mothers are on good terms (during that time they worked together). I want to see Ohgo Suzuka and Mayuko in a drama together again! (wishful thinking). ^^;;

Some images from Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~ Official Photobook

Lastly, one of my favorite music video for Little DJ. You should also read the translation for the song in order to absorb mv more. Everything went really well with each other. Created by the talented RXFmokyunl.

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