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Kamiki Ryunosuke Bible: A beginner compilation

Credits to King-kun for taking her(?) time scanning and uploading. This is from JUNON October 2009 issue.

Decided to translate this instead of others. Lol... For a few questions, the text was blurry so I omitted them. Sorry... =__=;; Some of the kanji are hard to read, so I pretty much play 'guess the kanji' game. I still have much to learn. =__=;; There are lots of translation mistakes.... like always. >_<;; Anyways, hope you enjoy. :3

Ryu-kun tackling 100 questions with a super honest side.

Kamiki Ryunosuke played the cool "Yaegashi-kun" in the drama "Akahana no Sensei". Even though he begins his activity from a young age, he will answer everyone's questions "How is he like normally?", by tackling his first challenge with 100 questions! He answered everything with care while enjoying himself. After it was done, Ryu-kun only uttered one thing. "The questions about love was really fun!"

1. Height? 167cm
2. Weight? 48kg
3. Foot size? 26.5cm
4. Eyesight? Right is 1.5, left is 1.2
5. How fast when running 100m? 13.73 sec. I can run away fast (laugh).
6. Special skill? Tennis, table tennis/ping-pong, darts
7. What song do you always sing at karaoke? Fukuyama Masaharu's "Hello". Fukuyama-san's song fit with my singing range.
8. Favorite music? Always Fukuyama-san, sometimes, Mr. Children and RADWIMPS. Because of my mother's influence, I also listen to Chopin.
9. Favorite book? For novel, "The Manzai" by Asano Atsuko-san. For manga, "Bakuman." (Yay! Bakuman! :D)
10. Favorite season? Summer

11. Favorite color? From when I was young, it was orange. In school, the pen I used are mostly orange.
12. Favorite TV show? Comedy programs, or 24 Hour Police (警察24時) (laugh).
13. Favorite comedian? Takatoshi-san. The timing of tsukkomi is perfect, and the boke (responses) are surreal.
14. Favorite scenery? The night view on the mountain at Hakodate. (Little DJ anyone? >:3)
15. Most dislike thing in this world? Long and big legs spiders. In order to remove it from my room, I'll vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner (laugh).
16. Hated food? Green peas
17. Favorite food? Nattou. Up until now, I don't mix it, but recently, I began to mix it and it also taste good. As for sweets, An-dango (strained bean paste).
18. Favorite kind of pasta? Mushroom and bacon together.
19. Favorite food that your mother make? When I had a fever, my mom made me stew with suiton and pig.
20. Rice or bread? I can't survive with 1 serving a day with rice. Usually 2 large servings.

21. Udon or soba? I love zaru soba (a cold soba dish with shredded nori seaweed).
22. Habit? Always saying "It's alright!"
23. Collection? Guitar picks. The cute and interesting ones. I also received one from Fukuyama-san.
24. What did you got into (hobby)? This year, approximately 2 months, is guitar.
25. Treasure item? JUNON September issue, with Take-chan (Satou Takeru) and (Miura) Haruma-kun, the photo of the 3 of us together. For some reason, I always bring it in my bag (laugh).
26. One word/phrase that describe your personality? The value of time. I eat fast, I also finished my summer break homework during July. Even for work, I'll beat my manager to the filming location.
27. Family members? Grandfather, grandmother, older sister, mother, father, and me. And also a kitten that my father picked up. Our family is very lively.
28. Something your parents get mad at you every day? Not turning off the light in the toilet, and also not take the hair drier out of the socket.
29. How many people in your cellphone? Around 350, I have a lot of friends.
30. Ring tone? "Ame Otoko" by RADWIMPS

31. A mail you still keep? During my junior high graduation, a sempai that always took care of me gave me a letter with a lengthy congratulations mail.
32. Outfit you wear when sleep? The bottom is pajama pant, the top is a tank top. I like that feeling where my skin touch the futon.
33. What kind of underpants? Boxer pants, mainly black.
34. The time in your life where you cried the most? During junior high graduation ceremony, I cried when I was singing the school's song. "No way, I'm already like this?" After that, I cried while watching "ROOKIES~ Graduation" movie.
35. Favorite thing about your face and a complex? I'm please with my double eyelids. When I have lack of sleep or in the evening, my double eyelids are very distinct, that's why at night, when I'm with my family, I may have the best face (laugh). Complex is for year round, my lips (not sure what つさがさ means).
36. Right now, the thing you want the most? White work boots.
37. Favorite fashion? I like the clothes from the brand Kingly Mask. The colors are basically white, black, and pink. Recently, I like Converse's white and black things, I want to try on different colors.
38. Your favorite thing that you recently bought? Electric guitar called SG.
39. Do you believe in fortune telling? I believe. But I only use the bad ones as a reference.
40. Something you think you shouldn't do? When I fumble with my words when chatting normally

41. Favorite shampoo? MACHERIE. The smell is nice, and the treatment make your hair silky.
42. Favorite toothpaste? Clear Clean
43. Shower or bath? Bath. With the music on, while sinking yourself in the bathtub and singing along.
44. Thing you can't throw away? I can't throw notebooks away. The notebooks that I used and the notebooks that I'm going to use are accumulating so much that the drawer of my desk broke.
45. A wish to god? I want to quickly be an adult. I want to drive a car, and and the echo of an adult is cool. And also I want my quality of speaking to be better.
46. When you receive a mail, do you reply at once? If it's my friend. Otherwise, I'll reply when I can.
47. One thing you can't stop when you start doing? When I start cleaning, I won't stop until everything is clean.
48. Something that's always must be in your bag? iPod, "No music, no life"!
49. How much money did you bring today in your wallet? Just before, my grandmother gave me 7000 yen to spend.
50. What's the first thing you spend money on? I'll go to the convenient store and became broke to buy juice, and food (laugh).

51. How many best friends? 5 people.
52. What do they call you? Ryu
53. Who are your close friends in entertainment? Take-chan, Haruma-kun, and Hongo Kanata-kun.
54. A recent memory with your friends? With Sakamoto Shogo-kun, who's in the same company, we had a guitar session for 3 hours. He's skill at fragments (don't get this part). He's my guitar teacher.
55. How are you like at school? I stood out as a pleasant and also a bad existence (?).
56. What you need to do after waking up early? Stretch. And after that, listening to Fukuyama-san's "Sore ga Subete sa".
57. Method to reduce stress? Be in extreme high spirits when you karaoke alone (laugh).
58. If the world is destroy tomorrow, what will you do? I'll do whatever I usually do.

Love and Girl
59. What's your type of girl? A friendly person, and also a person with strong determination and strengths in her eyes.
60. When's your first love? During kindergarten, I started liking her when she simply told me she likes me. But the next day, she was holding hand with another boy, I was shocked (laugh).

61. A girl's action that make your heart beat? The profile when she's seriously doing something.
62. What a girl can say that make you happy? When she says "Your voice is good", it makes me the most happy.
63. First thing you look at a girl when meeting for the first time? Perhaps her eyes.
64. How should an ideal confession be like? Meeting directly and saying it straight.
65. Ideal date? Because I like the stars, we'll go to the planetarium to watch the stars. Before the date, I will study diligently about stars.
66. Girlfriend and friends, which is more prioritize?  Both girlfriend and friends, which one I make the promise first to will be prioritize.
67. What would you like your girlfriend to call you? Ryu
68. What flower would you give her? 1 sunflower (sunflowers, my favorite >:3)
69. What happen if you fall in serious love? I think I'll look at nothing but her. I may be in so much happiness that I'll constantly be in high tension (laugh).
70. To love or to be love? To love! And then, I'll give more effort in order to be loved.

71. Is it OK if your girlfriend gives you restrictions? Only to a certain extend. "Today, I'm going karaoke with my friends." "With who?", to this degree, sometimes is acceptable.
72. If you're a girl, will you talk with Kamiki Ryunosuke? No, I think I'm noisy and annoying.
73. What do you do when your love is rejected? I won't talk to anyone. I'll just do things alone. I won't care about whatever clothes I put on.
74. For this Christmas, if you have a girlfriend, what will your plans be? I want to give her present. But, even if meeting just a tiny bit is enough. I won't know what to talk about, so we'll be just meeting until 9 o'clock in the evening (laughs).
75. What would you want her to do? Nothing, just as long as she only have me. I'll love all of her completely.
76. Something a girl said that shocked you? During junior high, they said, "About Kamiki, I won't go after someone famous like him." (not sure)
77. A memory about Valentine? During junior high, "A return gift of candy is good", so my return gifts are usually based on that memory. I'll definitely make good memories in high school.
78. What kind of fragrance on a girl do you like? The scent of soap.
79. Do you understand the feelings of girls who want to look at your keitai? If they are distrust of me, I would rather they say it. Because doing that is too fast.
80. If your girlfriend allows, do you want to make out/flirt? Occasionally (laugh).

81. What are your views about love? Mostly, I tends to fall in love. Perhaps, it's because the person I like is there that I'm able to do my best, I'm the type that grow with love.

82. A habit in "Akahana no Sensei"? Yaegashi's behavior. For example, the way he holds his bag, his posture when walking, and the ruthlessness toward his teacher. His image is very cool.
83. From now on, what should we notice about Yaegashi-kun? Will there be a smile from Yaegashi or not? Also, please watch his cool character and how he speak his lines in comedy scenes.
84. What is popular among the casts? Play around with Ozumi Yo-san.
85. A line that gave you an impression? When Yaegashi said "Thank you for (helping?) Wada." The first time he said something so manly, I really like it.
86. At what age did you felt that you're an actor? Around the time of "Tantei Gakuen Q". But after meeting with Kuramoto Sou-sensei in "Kaze no Garden", I'm even more conscious on my acting. All at once, the way I think, the way I look at things totally changed.
87. What is your thought with so many people you don't know watching over you as you grow? I'm thankful. They are like my relatives so I can be in a peace of mind.
88. A happy memory of the child acting period? For example, "Aikurushii", the actors from my generation are having fun filming this work for 3 straight months.
89. Beside from being an actor, what other occupation do you want to do? A photographer.
90. Where do you memorize your lines? In my room by myself. I can memorize my lines in just one time after reading it when I was younger, but recently, I have to re-read it many times.

91. A thing you always bring to the filming site? Just my wallet and keitai.
92. A time you think you're famous? When I watch a movie or drama I'm in, I thought "Ah, it's me".
93. The tastiest location bento? My favorites are the one where I got lucky and get hamburger and spaghetti that the lunch vendor made.
94. Are you worried about others criticisms? I'll use it as a reference.
95. What's the most important thing about being an actor? You're not acting the role, you have to forget yourself and become the other person.
96. Most respected actor? Nakai Kiichi-san. During "Kaze no Garden", when he got in the role, I see only him as my father.
97. A person you want to try appearing together? Fukuyama Masaharu-san. I want to be an adult like him.
98. From now on, a role you want to try? A delinquent like in "Gokusen".
99. A moment where you felt happiness while working? (When people told him) "I was cheered up.", with the aide of words I was able to help people.
100. How is Kamiki Ryunosuke 10 years from now? I want to become popular and cool. As for being an actor, "When acting, I can't see Kamiki (but only see the character)" I want to be told this. Then, my quality of speaking will raise, I want to be a person that make people smile!

- It's not really 100 questions with all those omitting, just pretend, I guess... =__=;; Thank you for the Chinese translators!! (So glad I took Chinese during school, though, I still have to look up every other words. >_<;;) And also kanahe-san from livejournal for the better scan. :D Now it's really is 100 questions. :3 (Sorry it took me so long to finish).
- lol at Kamiki and his fan boy of Fukuyama Masaharu (though a good choice).
- Some of the questions are really... wow. Like the one about his underpants.... o__O;; I mean, really? lol


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