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Audition March 2009: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interviews

Article from Images from Fukuda Mayuko fan BBS.

On the March issue (2009) of the magazine Audition, there are 2 interviews of Fukuda Mayuko. She appeared on the front cover as well as the COVER SPECIAL interview (pages 23-25), and then an interview with one of 4 heroines for movies opening in spring of 2009 (page 8).

SPECIAL Interview with Aspired Cinema Girl. (page 8)

If you have an interest in being an actress, you must want to be "A movie heroine"!
An admired actress will carried themselves in which way, many people must be wondering!
Therefore! We asked for the first time, noticeable heroines, who are having movie coming out now and after this, "the way to create a heroine".

Fukuda Mayuko-san

The fourth heroine, and first time leading in the movie "Heaven's Door" with the role Harumi, practically it seems like you had chosen to act as her.
Fukuda: Yes. After reading the script, I thought, by all means, I want to act as Harumi. For this drama, Masato and Harumi, because these two characters' distances and atmospheres are important, while we were filming, somehow, one highlight is that it seems like their atmosphere and feelings became natural, it's a strong attraction (for each other).

When you met with director Arias, were you able to form a concept for the character?
Fukuda: At that time, Harumi was ready within me, practically, I thought I want to hurry and act her out. Because, if I'm unable to perform her, what will Harumi become, I thought (laugh).

After reading the script, in order to create the character, what kind of things do you use as your foundation?
Fukuda: For a person, each and everyone are different, even if there are people who are alike, the things that they bring are different. The character that I became, in the end, are from my emotions collected together after reading the scripts, from the experiences everyday, to the things that you see, I think they all have an indirect connection. When you experience all sort of things, you will be able to feel many different emotions, I think that is what important?

The role you acted and the you normally, do you feel there are differences?
Fukuda: I try to not be conscious of it. Using my own personality as a base and then changing it. Because it's not good to create a different human from zero, I will create the character this way, with the purpose of performing the role as the main portion, and act in accordance to that, keeping in the changes when saying the lines.

From the time when you was given the role Harumi to the time when you begin filming, what kind of things did you do to create your character?
Fukuda: It was half a year. During that time, along with Nagase-san, first time co-starring together, and various of other people, we would read our scripts, practically there are a lot of things I didn't really understand without trying to act at the filming site. But because of that, when we did the real filming, and I had to act again, Harumi's image became strong in my mind and I was able to act with a peace of mind. The approach to do things in long term no matter the short time you had, every day was a challenge.

What kind of performance do you think is an ideal performance?
Fukuda: I always think that it's a performance without any planning, but you are able to bring out the character's emotions. In addition, a new subject is created from this work, what kind of images will come, you're conscious of how to show it. Even with the camera in place, you're not aware of it half of the time, you'll worry about it. Never forget the feeling of loving to make good work and drama.

From director Arias' eyes, Mayuko-chan's charm is...
"After the scene where Fukuda-san crying while shouting, I asked "What kind of things did you think of when doing that scene?" Because it's like a real performance. Then, Fukuda-san answered, "I don't remember anything." I responded, "What do you mean?", and "When it's a situation where you cry, I will cry." Fukuda-san, not feeling anything, answered. In that way, day by day, she completely turned into the role of 'Harumi'."

COVER SPECIAL - Fukuda Mayuko (pages 23-25)

It's exactly 1 year since appearing in the front cover (of Audition), Fukuda Mayuko-chan appearing once again as the cover girl. Taken aback by her adult-like appearance, her youthful merit of life are now opposite each other in the "now"...

You really give an impression like an expression "Rushing into 'Me - the 2nd part'" in a magazine interview.
Fukuda: Because I became a 2nd year junior high student, the way I view things changed greatly, "First part" of myself seems like a different person. Perhaps, I think it's because every human changed, moreover, because of work and drama, my way of thinking also greatly change. Perhaps, "Heaven's Door" was a big trigger.

Then, compare to before, are you able to quickly change from on to off?
Fukuda: During the filming period, there's a part of me that will switched on. For that time, even the occasional breaks, that feeling of worry will not go away. For my mind to rest, I would have to do it slowly. I think it's my own special way to switch over...

What's your goal as an actress?
Fukuda: Before, while performing, I would think it's only necessary to get a feel of the situation. Of course, even now, I still think that if you forget about that, the product will become fake. But addition to that, when making a work, it's also necessary that you think about the whole picture in completion while performing. That's why, I want to be able to perform a drama with these two points.

Before meeting with the director, you read the script, for this period what's your impression?
Fukuda: The atmosphere between Masato and Harumi are not written in the script, I think this part is this work's appeal. There are a lot of scenes that I would carefully wondered how I should try to perform at the filming site, "Ah, I want to try to act this". The works I did before, I also thought this, but this time, the feeling was particularly strong.

The character Mayuko-chan played, Harumi, has an illness and doesn't have much longer to live, a difficult role. Upon performing her, were you confused (on how to perform)?
Fukuda: She's a bit unique, but acting out the meaning of a human, I don't feel the other roles are any different.

Harumi, along with Masato, who's also doesn't has long to live, goes to find the sea, were you able to sympathize with such feeling?
Fukuda: The feeling of not having enough time or freedom, I wondered if I'm able to challenge that feeling. As for me, I have a lot of times, so I'm able to do anything. But because there are things that I put off to the last minute, there are many challenges that I has to give up.

If you're Harumi, would you be able to have the similar action?
Fukuda: It's difficult to imagine as myself... But if I don't think about the circumstances around me, I think just looking at the figure of Harumi in the now is very cool. When you think about their 'must do it at any cost' action, there's the part of worry about what's in front of you, for me, facing that "now", I really can't do it.

Then, what do you think of a man like Masato?
Fukuda: Even though at first I was perplexed by their age differences, when he always takes the lead when they are doing things together, he's a person that watch over Harumi. In that way, even if their age and their gender and various other differences, confronting things together with Harumi, I think that's wonderful.

Between the two of them are an emotions transcend love affections.
Fukuda: For the connection between people, a form of friendship and love are first. For me also, at first thinking about it, there are many moments where you are facing each other. Each time, confronting each other with new feelings, I think you will surely like that person even more.

In an earlier interview, you mentioned that you like to be able to see the other person's acting performance during an audition, has that change?
Fukuda: It hasn't change. But recently, because I haven't had the chance of going to such audition, it's a bit disappointing. "For this role, this is how this person act out!" I would think while feeling really happy when watching, it's interesting.

Please tell us how you prepare for the audition!
Fukuda: The ones that I accepted, there are a lot of auditions that I decided on the role. I really want to experience a brand new feeling at the site, "The feelings that are stirring within me, I want to do it in such way." those kind of feelings I received are strong. (She probably means she want to use such strong feelings to perform her role.)

You're a student preparing for exam this year right?
Fukuda: I think having future prospects that are piling up are important. But because I'm entering "Me - the second part", will have doubts like 'What's going to happen now?'. To some extent, trying out 'sink or swim' challenges may also be good.

Then, what will happen in regard to doing drama?
Fukuda: When I think about it, because I'm restricting myself from doing dramas, I'm feeling at ease, furthermore, I'm excited about the things I can do. On the other hand, it's not so scary working on drama. Even now, I'm been doing it with feelings of love and fun, but the sense of responsibility is high.

What's your reason?
Fukuda: Because I like doing drama, that's why I don't think it's scary. While setting my aim on higher and higher goals, thinking of wanting to work on good projects, recently, this feeling swiftly became stronger. Even though there are bitter times, there's a part of me that think it's great. After all, because I'm doing it, I want to absorb various things, and I also want to tackle it with all my might.

Random Notes:
- This translations particularly took me a very long time because there are many parts that I didn't understand completely. So much that I sometimes have to rely on google translation to get the gist of the meaning (it was that bad). So please tell me if there are any mistakes. I'm sure there are a lot of them.
- Not sure if it's because the interview is recent (well last year recent), but the grammar was really confusing. There are parts where I thought she said it in a negative form, but looking at it as a whole, it's contradicting her next sentences. I'm sorry for all the mistakes. lllorz
- But look, pretty pictures. hahaha... ^___^;;;

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