Saturday, March 20, 2010

20th Century Boys: Our Flags

Finally got time to watch the third installment of the 20th Century Boys Trilogy, Our Flag.

Rather than talking about how the story changed/shortened/dismissed/added, or how the cg effects are, or how different it was from the manga (I'm a fan of the manga by the way, everyone should read it!)...

Well, I just want to say, there are surprisingly a lot of guest stars. Lol, but most importantly...

Look, what did I tell you, Kamiki Ryunosuke is indeed in the show~! I like his acting here. Hard to act when they don't show your face, but he did well. I particularly like the scene where Kenji thought nothing changed when he played rock, but something indeed changed.

Also teenage princess Chacha and young Goemon (from Goemon 2009). LOL. Or rather Sanae (Fukuda Mayuko) and her little brother (Hirota Ryohei).

Funny how every actor/actress is inter-related with each other through other works. Like Sanae and Shogun are young Akari and her dad in the movie 10 Promises to my Dog. Or Yukiji and Shogun as lovers in Aishiteiru to Ittekure (my, they really changed). Etc... The world is really small. Or rather, Japanese entertainment is really small. ^___^;;

Lastly, hmm, he looks familiar, though I can't seem to pinpoint where I'd seen him from, or who he is.. orz


  1. Hi! I really like your blog! You have so many nice translations and good information ^^b

    I would really like to watch the "20th Century Boys" trilogy, do you know where? xD

  2. ^^;; Thank you for your kind words.

    I watched it via torrent. If you google 20th century boys movie download, you will find it.