Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maimai Miracles - Heaven's Door Movie and Manga

Since I am having Fukuda Mayuko-chan withdrawing symptoms, with her exams coming and she's pausing acting for a bit and all, I guess I can talk about other things related to her.

First news, or semi-news. While doing the PR event for "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" road show at Osaka, director Katabuchi Sunao talked a bit about Fukuda Mayuko's and Mizusawa Nako's promise. Apparently, during the promotions in 2009, these two promised each others to go watch a movie together. The movie that they chose was Micheal Jackson's "This is it". But at the site, there were too many people that they weren't able to watch it. From a Japanese BBS. Lol


The other day (like many many weeks ago), while feeling bored, I went to rewatch some of Mayuko's vids on youtube (yes, youtube is my friend). One of those thing that I watch is Heaven's Door trailer. As always, usually, after watching something, I would always star it, then go down to read the comments. One of the comment talk about the manga Heaven's Door based on the movie, which instantly reminded me that I didn't get a chance to finish that manga. ^^;; So as quickly as possible, I went and read it from the beginning again to the finish.

The story is slightly modified version of the movie, which I'll talk about it later. But on the last chapter, there's a drawn picture of Mayuko-chan. Obviously, I cannot express my delight when I saw the picture and the message that accompanied it. The author even went as far to say that she's the "jewel" of Japan. No really! As a fan, that really made me happy that she's being recognized. :) It's really wonderful. Thank you very much for the people at Nagareboshi Manga for scanslating it.

Heaven's Door manga is made by Hongo Ranko. At first it ran as a one shot, but after getting the okay from the publisher, the mangaka was able to continue it into 4 chapters, which made it perfectly fit as a tankubon. Similar to the movie, or rather, the manga is based from the movie, it follows Masato and Harumi as they rediscover the world during their last few days of life. There are obvious changed throughout the manga. For example, Masato and Harumi never discover that free stash of cash in the back of their stolen car, and of course, they were never chase by the (ah the word escape me), the evil organization. The money that they spent are from what Masato got when he tried holding up the gas station and the post office. This was a good change, as it helps focus more on the story of Masato and Harumi. And thus helps us understand them a bit more than the movie (particularly Harumi). The police are never humanized, rather they are constantly deem as an evil as they try to stop Harumi and Masato in enjoying their last days and accomplishing their goals.

There's also another big change to the story, and that is romance. Unlike the movie, where both Masato and Harumi relationships are purely platonic, the relationships between these two in the manga are more romantic, after all, it is a shoujo manga. For this part, I felt it was rather awkward than romantic. It wasn't anything about the age, but there was just something missing from them that I would think "aw". Personally, for this part, I preferred the way the movie did it better. I feel their support to each other better in the movie, while the manga made it seems as if everything was just for Harumi and perhaps Masato to experience love for the first and last time.

I don't really remember if the manga addressed much of Masato's past, particularly relating to his mother (pretty sure there aren't anything about it, correct me if I'm wrong), but I wished both the movie and (perhaps) the manga explore this a bit. But overall, I did enjoyed it very much. You should check it out when you get a chance.

The other day, there was a news that talk about SP drama (which has the great Tsutsumi Shinichi-san) being turned into a manga, and it's being the first time that ever happen. But I wondered if it's the first time a movie is turning into a manga like Heaven's Door? One of Mayuko's fan told me that there's a manga of Nihon Chinbotsu where Mayuko also has the opportunity to act in. I want to read it. :o

Anyways, while we are on the topic of Heaven's Door, for those that haven't had the chance to watch it, you can preview my favorite among favorites Heaven's Door OPV that beautifully portrayed Harumi and Masato journey to the sea.

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