Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Liar Game X: The Phantom Episode

FujiTV continues to milk Liar Game with another announcement, "Liar Game X".

After fan success of "Liar Game", they did a second season "Liar Game 2" as well as a movie to (hopefully) end it all, "Liar Game Final Stage" that will be shown in March. FujiTV also made a spin off of Liar Game, "Liar Game Episode Zero", which contains 3 set of stories, each about Nao, Akiyama, and Yokoya 7 years prior to meeting each other in Liar Game. Each stories are 4 short episodes each, with 12 episodes total. "Liar Game Episode Zero" is screen online (FujiTV onDemand) where viewers are required to pay to watch.

Perhaps with the success of not only "Liar Game season 2", but also "Liar Game Episode Zero", FujiTV decided to air the 10th episode of "Liar Game season 2" on FujiTV On Demand, calling it the Phantom 10th episode "Liar Game X". Similar to episode Zero, viewers will have to view it online and need to pay a fixed amount (210 Yen = around $2 USD). This episode will tied the ending of season 2 to the movie, showing Nao's decision to entered Liar Game again as well as Akiyama's continuing search for the boss of Liar Game in the Garden of Eden.

So the chronological orders of Liar Game will be like this:
1. Liar Game Episode Zero
2. Liar Game
3. Liar Game Season 2
4. Liar Game X (the phantom episode 10)
5. Liar Game The Final Stage

For international Liar Game live action fans, it will be extremely hard to get their hand on Episode Zero and Liar Game X, since to view the episode, you need to have a Japanese IP address. So unless some Japanese person download and upload it for us, we will probably never see it again. That is, unless FujiTV decided to sells them as DVD, or an add on to the movie DVD.

Source: Mainichi. Not a translation.

More of Fukuda Mayuko pictures of Liar Game Episode Zero. How I wished I could watch it, not only as a fan of Mayuko, but also a fan of Liar Game. ;__;


  1. is liar game X is a movie ,, or a normal episode ??.

    And after liar game X is there another episode ??

    Is it this march , 2010??

  2. Liar Game X is a normal episode (22 minutes) that you watch on Fuji's site.

    After Liar Game X, there's the movie (Liar Game the Final Stage). The movie is air in March, 2010.

    Sorry if it's not clear before.

  3. Aww. I really hope someone uploads the final stage. ^ - ^' I had been anticipating this part since they announced it! <3

  4. Is it true that it takes about 6 months for the Final Stage Movie to release?
    Well, I do hope there are people who will upload Liar Game X. I would really give him/her a huge hug! ^_^
    Anyway, it seems like it's available in torrent already, so perhaps, I could watch it...if someone subs it...T_T.

    Thanks for the Loaded Info!!! ^_^

  5. Really? Where's the torrent for Liar Game X? o__O;; I thought it usually 3 months for the movie to release on dvd. (I really don't know.. sorry).. ^^;;

  6. Wahhh... I hope some subbers out there would sub episode X and episode 0 and more so the final stage when it'll be finally out on DVD.

    Super excited for these!!! esp the movie! kyaaa! *since it'd be like difficulty to watch eps X and 0. :(

  7. LIAR GAME THE MOVIE NOW POSTED ON DRAMACRAZY.NET! OMG! It was great xD Can't predict what's gonna happen next xD

  8. I can't find link of Liar Game X, could you help me??


  9. Episode 0:

    Liar Game Reborn Series (It's not that great but here:)

    Liar Game Reborn Special: Fukunaga vs Yokoya

    Alice in Liar Game

    Liar Game Reborn