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BARFOUT: Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) x Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

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On page 30 of issue December 2007 (on sales on November 17) of BARFOUT, there's an interview of Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~".

Currently 14 years old Kamiki Ryunosuke and 13 years old Fukuda Mayuko. With these ages, they already had a long career. Often appeared in much discussed works, their reputations had already began to accumulated. Unexpectedly the movie, "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", where these two first co-act together is going to be open to the public. The setting is in 1977, a hospital near the beach in Hakodate. After being hospitalized, Tarou (Kamiki) began to work as a DJ on the broadcasting system to act as a moral support to the patients. And then, he falls in love with Tamaki (Fukuda)... A pure and bittersweet first love is portrayed in this work, also the importance of conveying your emotions, and to give someone your honest feelings. Similar to their roles, we will listens to these two talk about this work and love during the period they change from children to adult.

What's your impression of the movie after it's finish with the production?
Kamiki: When I just got the script for the first time, I thought a lot about 'to live'. After seeing the finished production, once again I think it is more emphasized. I think I'm very grateful to a lot of people.
Fukuda: The characters and everyone that are in love with someone, it remain imprinted in my mind. I think, from family, to friends, to Tarou and Tamaki, the feelings of love between people are packed in this movie.

First time co-acting together, what are your impressions of each others?
Kamiki: From watching 'Jyoou no Kyoushitsu' (NTV 2005), her role's image is a strong but adult-like girl. But in reality, she's a very cheerful girl, very adult-like compared to me, a wonderful actress. She's able to throw back anything that's given to her while we are acting, she really has a sense of security. (Maybe he means that she was able to fulfill whatever the director asked her to do..?)
Fukuda: I also watched several of his works, so I knew about him before we got to co-act together. (From the viewpoint of while acting for this work) Tarou-kun is someone who make the role of Tamaki became alive. Tamaki is an extremely honest person, where whatever she thinks will appears on her face, in that way I'm very similar. At first, I wasn't able to create this character. But because Tarou-kun exists, I was able to become familiar with Tamaki and her feelings.

Is there a scene that you can't forget?
Kamiki: The scene where Tamaki enters Tarou's bed in the night and they listened to the radio together. Everything was a first time for me, so I was extremely nervous. I wondered if I'm really alright, my heart was beating so fast.
Fukuda: Eh, is that so! It was so difficult entering the bed with the cast on my leg that I didn't really remember (laugh). As for me, the scene where the two of us view the Orion. If we're able to see a star bellow the Orion, then our wish would come true, I like the Tarou-kun that wasn't able to say his wish (laugh). Hey, do you have someone you currently like?
Kamiki: Eh eh!? (fidgets) ......... I'm normal (which probably means he doesn't right now). From the beginning, when I was around 1 and a half years old, I did. At the supermarket, it seems like I liked an older sister that worked there. I don't really remember, but my mother told me about it. After that, it's in elementary school. Ah, I haven't have a deep love, but... When I was in first grade, there's a girl that I liked. In fourth grade, there's a different girl that I liked. In fifth grade...
Fukuda: Eh, aren't you changing too fast? I haven't experience love yet, so I don't really understand it... But my ideal type is Porno Graffiti's Okano Akihito-san (V).
Kamiki: With different people, like the opposite sex, the character and the way of thinking are different, so I think it's nice when your thoughts clashed or merged together. It's like, you can compensate each others when you have different or the same ideals.

One of the important theme in this work is 'the importance of conveying your feelings', it's something that's not only restricted to love right?
Kamiki: There are things you are able to say to your family, but rapidly became something that you can't share to your friends. Rather, be your confidence in your speech, and use your own words to talk to your your partner, they will not be hurt by it. That's why you should separate your thinking. After watching this movie, I want to spent more time on important things. Even 'at this moment', the chance to communicate will not come back. That's why, the way of thinking to make up one's mind and say it would come. I want to live with no regret.

Lastly, please tell us about some thing that you like (that have to do with love).
Fukuda: The manga "Kira Kira 100%" by Mizusawa Megumi-san. It's a story about a plain high school female student confessing her love to the guy she like, and for him, she changed herself to become beautiful. Somehow, it's very nice.
Kamiki: The movie "Crying Out Love, In The Center Of The World". Even though it's painful, I think the boyfriend protecting his girlfriend is very manly (bright laugh).

Random Notes:
- A lot of parts I wasn't too sure about, particularly the part where Kamiki talk about the theme of the movie. I apologized! (_ _lll)
- I love how Mayuko is such a fan girl. lol
- I'm amused at Kamiki's extensive love life. lol. I had the same reaction as Mayuko regarding his quick change.
- Kira Kira 100% is published in Ribon, which is my favorite manga magazine. Mizusawa Megumi is closed friend to Wataru Yoshizumi, whom is my favorite shoujo mangaka. :D
- "Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World" (aka Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu) includes casts Osawa Takao (JIN), Nagasawa Masami, Shibasaki Kou, etc... It was later made into a drama (which became famous) staring Yamada Takayuki and Ayase Haruka. Interestingly, Shibasaki Kou ended up singing the theme song for the drama version.

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Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview: With a smile, "I'm not cool at all!"

An old newspaper article during Byakuyakou days I found on the net. It was hard to read (the kanji) so I turned to my favorite Mayuko's citation place for help. ^^;; Lucky for me, this was in one of the entry. :D

Taken from

An interview of Fukuda Mayuko from Asahi Newspaper, published on January 28, 2006.

11 years old. Even though she's only in 5th grades, with her thinking not less than an adult, but in fact, it really depends on the situations and her companions right?
"That's right, with that, I'm not really a child." She quickly replied.

Drama appearances followed each other. Acting as the cool, honor student in "Jyoou no Kyoushitsu", and in the current airing drama "Byakuyakou" (on TBS), playing the heroine Yukiho's younger years. Yuki-chan concealing her loneliness and despair.

"It took me time to grasp the situation, like why does she thinks like this, I would thought about it one at a time. But the moment where the scene finish filming, I'm back to normal. Because, always being gloomy isn't much fun."

Even though wanting to make use of her natural acting sense, she hasn't decide on her future yet. "At this point in time, I don't want to decide."

At school, she likes arithmetic. "When answering one question at a time, I would be able to think about it. I'm poor at memorization."

Usually, she's "Talkative, cheerful, my pace (doing things at her own pace)". And also smile a lot. "I'm not cool (calm and compose) at all!"

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Midnight Eye Interview

Taken from Midnight Eye.

In an interview with Michael Arias, the director for Heaven's Door, Fukuda Mayuko's name was mentioned and discussed.

An excerpt of the interview pertaining Mayuko:

Can we talk a little bit about the main actress, Mayuko Fukuda? It's a very challenging piece for such a young actress, because to me at least, her character is very much the emotional center of story.

The film starts out very much centered in the guy's world and then at some point it makes a shift: she takes over as the center of the movie and he assumes a role that's subordinate to hers. The point of view also changes, we go from seeing things through his eyes to seeing them through hers. At the end of the movie she definitely is the emotional center of it. As the guy gets weaker and weaker I wanted us to feel that she is getting stronger and stronger. There's almost a maternal instinct in her that takes over.

That was a little tricky, because Nagase's character by nature is a little easier for people to empathize with: he's just a regular guy who finds out that he has only a few days left to live. She is something quite different: grown up in this sterile environment and still at a young age, she has only a few months to live. Her point of view is a little harder to grasp at first. I wanted him to be a regular guy and her to be a sort of foil, someone who disturbs his trajectory.

Tomoya Nagase and Mayuko Fukuda are both great actors, but she's a very, very smart little girl. She has been acting since she was six, but she said she only started really thinking about what she was doing recently. She always knew that she enjoyed acting, but she said Heaven's Door was the first project where she tried to think about what she was doing. Children have a way of inhabiting themselves in a very different way than adults do and we were seeing her make that transition. She's got an amazing sense of timing and she's an incredible ad-libber. An actor is not an actor if they can't ad-lib, but you can throw Mayuko into any situation and she will be very quick to get what's required. There were scenes that were quite emotional and afterward I would ask her "What were you thinking about?" and she would always say that she didn't remember anything. To me that says that she really is one hundred percent there.

I have not spent a whole lot of time around 13-year-old girls, so I was a little worried about how to approach her, though. A lot of the movie hangs on her performance. I was nervous about it, but then you get to know her and she is not a 13-year old at all. It's like talking to an adult, just in her approach to the role. She's read the script better than anyone else and she's asking some very serious questions. Very impressive. And yet she is a 13-year-old girl, she's there with her cell phone, doing her schoolwork, calling her parents.

How did you find her?

We auditioned that part to death. We saw all the actresses between 11 and 18, about 200 of them. There were some very talented young women, but 13-year-old girls either look 9 or they look 19 - there is no 13-year-old. That lasts for like five seconds and then they're grown up. It was very difficult to find someone who looked like what we pictured as 13. And then also to find someone who, without having it all explained, could grasp the nature of Harumi's character. Someone who's been living in a hospital for most of her life may have a very different outlook on life, may have seen a lot of stuff that goes on there, like death and aging. But at the same time she is someone who is very innocent, having grown up in a very sheltered environment. Mayuko got all that. She came in for the audition already in character. All the other actresses came in and we had some chitchat with them, asked them what their hobbies were and if they only had a few days to live how they would want to spend them. Mayu came in and wreaked havoc on this whole process. She was the last person we auditioned. She came in and totally subverted this little routine we would do with the actresses. Since by this time we had already auditioned a couple hundred girls, we had gotten it down to a real routine. It was frustrating, because we were running out of options and started to think about making the girl older or younger or more of just a normal kid. And then Mayu came in and really surprised us, really kind of controlled the whole audition, which was quite intense.

For example?

Well, we would kind of do our small talk with her and she would just hold on to a question for what seemed like minutes. But at the same time she wouldn't let you look away from her. You'd throw her the ball and she would just hang on to it and then toss it back to you when you least expected it. It was just the timing of her answers and the way she would really stare straight at you. You know, we actually went through a few scenes with her, using a young actor to play opposite her, and she just totally dominated. She was the first actress who really got it, who you could really believe.

I know it's an old interview, but it's still good. I suggest everyone to read the whole thing. You will find a lot of interesting off-screen information. Good for those that are interested in a filming/animation career. It's in English too. :D

They talked a bit about Mayuko's power to ad lib here. If you want to see one of her example of ad lib, check Veoh for her Shujiinashi clip. You might be amazed. By the way, the DVD for that is also out!

On another note, I found the behind the scene for the host scene in Heaven's Door, where Mayuko has a chance to act with the Ninomiya Kazunari of the popular ARASHI. Though this is mainly about Nino, there are some of Nagase's silliness in it. So whether you are a fan of Nino, Nagase, or Mayuko, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. :)

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Maimai Miracles - Heaven's Door Movie and Manga

Since I am having Fukuda Mayuko-chan withdrawing symptoms, with her exams coming and she's pausing acting for a bit and all, I guess I can talk about other things related to her.

First news, or semi-news. While doing the PR event for "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" road show at Osaka, director Katabuchi Sunao talked a bit about Fukuda Mayuko's and Mizusawa Nako's promise. Apparently, during the promotions in 2009, these two promised each others to go watch a movie together. The movie that they chose was Micheal Jackson's "This is it". But at the site, there were too many people that they weren't able to watch it. From a Japanese BBS. Lol


The other day (like many many weeks ago), while feeling bored, I went to rewatch some of Mayuko's vids on youtube (yes, youtube is my friend). One of those thing that I watch is Heaven's Door trailer. As always, usually, after watching something, I would always star it, then go down to read the comments. One of the comment talk about the manga Heaven's Door based on the movie, which instantly reminded me that I didn't get a chance to finish that manga. ^^;; So as quickly as possible, I went and read it from the beginning again to the finish.

The story is slightly modified version of the movie, which I'll talk about it later. But on the last chapter, there's a drawn picture of Mayuko-chan. Obviously, I cannot express my delight when I saw the picture and the message that accompanied it. The author even went as far to say that she's the "jewel" of Japan. No really! As a fan, that really made me happy that she's being recognized. :) It's really wonderful. Thank you very much for the people at Nagareboshi Manga for scanslating it.

Heaven's Door manga is made by Hongo Ranko. At first it ran as a one shot, but after getting the okay from the publisher, the mangaka was able to continue it into 4 chapters, which made it perfectly fit as a tankubon. Similar to the movie, or rather, the manga is based from the movie, it follows Masato and Harumi as they rediscover the world during their last few days of life. There are obvious changed throughout the manga. For example, Masato and Harumi never discover that free stash of cash in the back of their stolen car, and of course, they were never chase by the (ah the word escape me), the evil organization. The money that they spent are from what Masato got when he tried holding up the gas station and the post office. This was a good change, as it helps focus more on the story of Masato and Harumi. And thus helps us understand them a bit more than the movie (particularly Harumi). The police are never humanized, rather they are constantly deem as an evil as they try to stop Harumi and Masato in enjoying their last days and accomplishing their goals.

There's also another big change to the story, and that is romance. Unlike the movie, where both Masato and Harumi relationships are purely platonic, the relationships between these two in the manga are more romantic, after all, it is a shoujo manga. For this part, I felt it was rather awkward than romantic. It wasn't anything about the age, but there was just something missing from them that I would think "aw". Personally, for this part, I preferred the way the movie did it better. I feel their support to each other better in the movie, while the manga made it seems as if everything was just for Harumi and perhaps Masato to experience love for the first and last time.

I don't really remember if the manga addressed much of Masato's past, particularly relating to his mother (pretty sure there aren't anything about it, correct me if I'm wrong), but I wished both the movie and (perhaps) the manga explore this a bit. But overall, I did enjoyed it very much. You should check it out when you get a chance.

The other day, there was a news that talk about SP drama (which has the great Tsutsumi Shinichi-san) being turned into a manga, and it's being the first time that ever happen. But I wondered if it's the first time a movie is turning into a manga like Heaven's Door? One of Mayuko's fan told me that there's a manga of Nihon Chinbotsu where Mayuko also has the opportunity to act in. I want to read it. :o

Anyways, while we are on the topic of Heaven's Door, for those that haven't had the chance to watch it, you can preview my favorite among favorites Heaven's Door OPV that beautifully portrayed Harumi and Masato journey to the sea.

Liar Game X: The Phantom Episode

FujiTV continues to milk Liar Game with another announcement, "Liar Game X".

After fan success of "Liar Game", they did a second season "Liar Game 2" as well as a movie to (hopefully) end it all, "Liar Game Final Stage" that will be shown in March. FujiTV also made a spin off of Liar Game, "Liar Game Episode Zero", which contains 3 set of stories, each about Nao, Akiyama, and Yokoya 7 years prior to meeting each other in Liar Game. Each stories are 4 short episodes each, with 12 episodes total. "Liar Game Episode Zero" is screen online (FujiTV onDemand) where viewers are required to pay to watch.

Perhaps with the success of not only "Liar Game season 2", but also "Liar Game Episode Zero", FujiTV decided to air the 10th episode of "Liar Game season 2" on FujiTV On Demand, calling it the Phantom 10th episode "Liar Game X". Similar to episode Zero, viewers will have to view it online and need to pay a fixed amount (210 Yen = around $2 USD). This episode will tied the ending of season 2 to the movie, showing Nao's decision to entered Liar Game again as well as Akiyama's continuing search for the boss of Liar Game in the Garden of Eden.

So the chronological orders of Liar Game will be like this:
1. Liar Game Episode Zero
2. Liar Game
3. Liar Game Season 2
4. Liar Game X (the phantom episode 10)
5. Liar Game The Final Stage

For international Liar Game live action fans, it will be extremely hard to get their hand on Episode Zero and Liar Game X, since to view the episode, you need to have a Japanese IP address. So unless some Japanese person download and upload it for us, we will probably never see it again. That is, unless FujiTV decided to sells them as DVD, or an add on to the movie DVD.

Source: Mainichi. Not a translation.

More of Fukuda Mayuko pictures of Liar Game Episode Zero. How I wished I could watch it, not only as a fan of Mayuko, but also a fan of Liar Game. ;__;