Wednesday, January 13, 2010

UTB 185: From White to Colorful Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Taken from Scans are not mine, taken from the web. ^__^;;

UTB (Up to Boy) June 2008 Issue 185, in 100 People of Today: Young Women Talent feature (on page 17), there's an interview with Fukuda Mayuko.

From movies to drama, she played many roles from the shadow (side roles?), but as she matured, she gave a powerful impression as an actress. However, as we listen to her speak, that image quickly crash.

Fukuda: When shooting for a movie, because I always was given young or flashy clothes to wear, I begins to think "It's fun wearing cute clothes." Even though there are a lot of clothes that I want, but my mother decided on how to spend the budget (laugh).

Having a limit on pocket money, she's really a junior high student (laugh). Addition to clothes, right now, what other interests are rapidly increasing?

Fukuda: Perhaps a favorite band! From song to the musician, I love them all. Every time there's a live, I would go!! There are various songs that I listened to, because my dad and mom taught me a lot that's why my school friend's hobbies sometimes don't match a lot (laugh). Also, currently, at all cost, I want to try bass guitar, that's why my dad promised that he will buy me one, I can't wait.

Due to the results of busy works, she's may be a slow starter compare to her friends. To be honest, recently she started to become assertive when having various interests.

Fukuda: Up until earlier, to like who and to like what, I really don't have any thoughts about it. Even I was shocked. At school recently, I got into the fads of love stories. I want to fall in love!

Just open her eyes in an enjoyable world, and begin liking various things!! The girl was able to say it honestly as she sparkles.

- This was in 2008 (a year an a half ago), and she want to play a bass?! My, that's so cool. Her image in my mind keep changing. lol
- And she like cute clothes. XD;; So cute! Definitely different from the characters that she played.
- I wondered what how much pocket money she was given. Shida Mirai was given monthly 1000 yen for her 1st year of junior high, 3000 yen for 2nd year, and 5000 yen for her 3rd year. I don't know, back in the day, I didn't get any pocket money at all. :/ We were really poor.

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