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Tantei Gakuen Q Special Interview: Kamiki Ryunosuke-kun (神木隆之介) x Shida Mirai-san (志田未来)

Because I did mentioned before that I like interviews between people. It shows their friendships. :D

I actually like Kamiki Ryunosuke a lot. He's on even platform with Fukuda Mayuko in my book. Even though he's still young, he has a lot of talents. He's also extremely cute, and gradually becoming handsome as he grew (hahaha). I don't usually/never translates his stuffs alone, since he has much much much more international fans that are willing to translate, and their translation are probably better too. To compare to Mayuko, who received a lot of hates/dislikes from the international fangirls, of course I would want to promote her more. Right? But once in a while, a Kamiki Ryunosuke interview without Mayuko-chan is good too. ^__^;;

Though I'm kind of meh for Shida Mirai, I think her role as Megu is definitely one of the best so far for her, right after her role in BOSS and a bit before Jyoou no Kyoushitsu. The rest are rather boring. Yes, even her "14-sai no haha" and her princess Seira roles are boring. I actually watch them from beginning to the end just for her, but in the end, I felt like it was a waste of time. She didn't impress me. And lets not talk about "Dream Again"! UGH! Also watched "Nobody to Watch over me", it was alright. *ducksfromflyingbricks* But I also think that it was also partially the story lines' fault for my lacks of interests in Shida's acting. Maybe one day, she will impress me, who knows.

Anyways, enough of my ranting and on to the interview.

Taken from MouRa.

Everytime, members of class Q would reliably solve difficult but skillful tricks. This time, playing the the lead parts, these two will talk from the other side of filming site to the highlights of the show from now on. In the drama, with a bit of adult faces of Kamiki Ryunosuke-kun and Shida Mirai-san, please enjoy as we take a peek to their entire manzai-like (comic) talk.

Kamiki: "Her atmosphere become more adult-like, most of all, her hair also gotten longer."
Shida: "Kamiki-kun is, his height became longer (laugh)."

After 1 year since appearing together, what are you impressions of each other?
--Both of you met from last year "Tantei Gakuen Q" special drama right? After 1 year since appearing together, what are your impressions of each other?
Kamiki: It'd been a long time since we see each others, her atmosphere become more adult-like, most of all, her hair also gotten longer.
Shida: "Hair gotten longer." he said (snickers).
Kamiki: That's because, your hair was spread out at shoulder length during the special. Ever since then, we haven't see each other, so that's why, my impression is "Ah, her hair gotten longer", I was shocked.

--A year ago and today, which hair style suits her?
Kamiki: ....... (troubled).
Shida: The one right here is "today".
Kamiki: Lo.. long hair, it's long hair (in a state of confusion).

--What about your impression of Kamiki-kun?
Shida: Kamiki-kun is, his height gotten longer (laugh). And then, I think he became more gentle. Even though up until now, he's in a daze, there are times where he will do things with spirits. The other day, when my hand was full with carrying bento and tea, unexpectedly, he would lend me a hand.
Kamiki: (awkwardly) Even though, it looks like I "stole it away".
Shida: At that moment, I thought "Hey, you stole someone else's tea!" (laugh). But after, I realized "Ah, he was worried about me."

The atmosphere of the filming site is entirely like a school.
--Because there are a lot of co-actors around the same age, the atmosphere at the filming site seems fun.
Kamiki: It's incredibly fun. It felt like we are friends from the same class. In reality, we would goes back and forth between each others, and talks about school would pile up. Yamada (Ryosuke)-kun, Wakaba (Katsumi)-kun, and even Kaname (Jun)-san are very interesting characters, we never stop laughing.
Shida: Because I'm the only girl, at first, I would be anxious and wondered "Is it going to be alright?", when we began filming, that worry was forgotten... It was fun making friends with everyone.

--Because Kaname-san is the only one with an age gap, was there any uncomfortable feelings?
Shida: None at all.
Kamiki: Kaname-san talk to all of us about various interesting things. Just before the filming, he would make all of us laugh with his interesting talks, but when filming started, he will be the only one not laughing. I'm always unable to stop laughing and became a victim (laugh).

That reminded me, even when there are nothing, I would fall down.
--From Kamiki-kun point of view, is there a feeling of gap between the usual Shida-san and her role as "Megu"?
Kamiki: Gap.... When talking about this, they mostly resembled each others. Very cheerful, bright, and occasionally level head.
Shida: Wait a second... "Occasionally"?
Kamiki: Ahaha...... (sweat).
Shida: Don't say "occasionally"!
Kamiki: But, trully, the always fun and talk a lot "cheerful Megu" is like this.

--Then, what about Kamiki-kun and "Kyuu"?
Shida: Aren't we always together? Cheerful, always facing forward, also a bit scatterbrain.

--And your counterattack is....
Kamiki: Which reminded me, even when there's nothing, I would fall down. Even when there's a level on the road, I would often bump into it. Even things such as wall....... I would bump into meaningless things. For such things, I may be a bit of a scatterbrain.

--Does the fall caused you to NG?
Kamiki: Occasionally (laugh). The scene in the mission room where I sit down on a chair and then quickly get up, the seat would go into the interior of the desk, so I'm unable to escape.

--Does Shida-san have any big mistake?
Shida: Even though I didn't make any big mistakes..... The steps at the mission room entrance is shaped like a net. My heels would get stuck in it and fall out.

Kyuu and Ryu, which type do you like?
--So far, while filming, which scene do you think is the most impressive?
Kamiki: Episode 6, when I had a quarrel with Ryu. Before the rehersal, Yamada-kun said "Considering Ryu's character, even in a quarrel scene, he probably would still be composed." I also said "Conversely, he would has a lot of strength." But, during the practice, the beginning of the rehearsal, for the line "Don't say trust so easily!", he said it in a incredibly threatening manner, and hit my chest with an incredible force.... For a moment, 'my eyes became round' and "EH?" (laugh). I was shocked.
Shida: As for me, episode 1, the scene where Q class have to solve a riddle. At first, everyone try to solve it by themselves, the scene for the solution for the case, it really left an impression.

--Well then, when making your character, do you have something you aim for?
Kamiki: The usual Kyuu and the Kyuu that changed after solving a case. He's always a scatterbrain, even though a cheerful boy, switching to become diligent when concerning a case... With liveliness, I want to try to be like that.
Shida: Megu is a girl that's always facing forward, even when facing a painful scene she won't be sad. I thought to express those kind of cheerful expression is good.

--Megu has a special talent for 'photographic memory'. Does Shida-san has confident in your memory? I heard that before going to film a scene, you seems like you memorized everything...
Shida: It's not just only me, my co-actors and everyone remember their lines. Right?
Kamiki: ........
Shida: No no, really, everyone remember it.
Kamiki: As for me, for example, during the rehearsal, only occasionally I'm able to leap into my lines. Because of that, sometimes I think I'm so troublesome... I'm sorry (then, bowing to Shida-san).
Shida: But, for the scene where Kyuu solve the tricks, there a lot of must have explanations. So, it's normal to make a mistake (encouraging Kamiki-kun). It's really difficult for Kamiki-kun.

--Nice support. Then, from Shida-san's point of view, the Kyuu and Ryu from the drama, which is your type?
Shida: Both of them are not my type (plainly). It's not exciting talking to Ryu. And Kyuu is Kyuu, when I'm in a pinch, it doesn't look like I'll be able to be saved by him.....
Kamiki: How about Kinta?
Shida: That's right, among the people from Q class, I think Kinta is the best!

To believe that "This is justice!", I think each person have their own thoughts about it.
--By the way, do you read mystery novels?
Kamiki: Even though I don't really read mystery novels, I occasionally watch case and reasoning dramas. I like to "solve mystery", it's not only in drama, I also really like quiz. But I don't have Kyuu's level of reasoning (laugh).
Shida: I often read them. While reading it, reluctantly I become troubled by the criminal and the trick. Then, eventually, I would read the end. After knowing who the criminal is, I would continue to read it, kind of like that.

--This time, while acting as a "detective", what impression for this type of career do you have?
Kamiki: I think it's cool. Reasoning power and insights are needed for this job. That type of parts are what I admired. Anyhow, cool.
Shida: I also think it's cool. To excel at insights and actions, I think it's a occupation that we definitely unable to do.

--Dan-sensei taught "The most important requirement of a detective is a heart to enforce justice", do you two have this part in you?
Kamiki: Justice.... I haven't really thought deeply about it.... but for every person, I think that there's "justice in self". Among that, for each person would believe that "this is justice", I also want to go through this.
Shida: Me too, everyone's justice are different. But, even if someone say otherwise, I would still believe and go through that justice.

--The filming is nearing its end, please tells us some highlights from now on.

Kamiki: The truth to the organization "Pluto", the past of each members of Q class and little by little the truths will be clarified at the last episode. Please look forward to this part. I would be happy if people watch it.
Shida: The anxious confrontation between "Pluto" and tantei gakuen, Ryu's true meaning as a comrade for Q class, I want to give attention to such points.

--And lastly, please give a message to the viewers.

Kamiki: For those that read the original work, and even those that doesn't, I think this drama is interesting, myself and even Kyuu with all our might, became acquainted with each other. Please watch it.
Shida: Please enjoy watching it, we did our best while filming even when hot. Even though there's not a lot left, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

--Thank you very much. We will look forward to the development of end stage.

Random Notes:
- It was really fun translating this, though as usual, there are some parts that I wasn't sure about (especially at the end where my brain cells are fried).
- For some reason, I think Kamiki's type of girl is Shida. *laugh* He's always say "Cheerful, bright, and talk a lot!" when ask to describe his ideal girl in interview. Lol. Though the Mayuko fan girl in me is crying a little inside. ^^;;;
- Kaname Jun seems really fun and cool.
- I laugh out loud when Shida said that her type is neither Ryu nor Kyuu, but Kinta. What will the Kamishi and Yamashi fans think now. Poor Kazuma, who wasn't even considered as a choice. lol
- I also laughed when Shida thought Kamiki was stealing her tea, even though he was trying to help her. XD;; They seems really close, I wondered if this period is when all of them decided to enter Horikoshi together. ^__^;;


  1. Thanks for translating!!
    It was really cute, but I'm a YamaShi fan after all, haha, but it does seem that they're really cute xD Shida is lucky that she gets to co-star alongside all these cute guys!! I also thought it was funny when she said that her type was Kinta hahah

  2. Thank you for reading. Though I agreed that Shida get to costar along with a lot of ikemen. Haha. She seems to have a good personality as well.

  3. Thanks for translation. I'm not suprised she choose Kinta among them. Mirai's type is hot,mature and manly guy.

  4. their both so cute! mirai is so level-head for her age! i always wonder what kind of boyfriend she has for in real life!

  5. Agreed. XD Though I think most of the girls around her age are surprisingly level-headed. ^__^;; Ohgo Suzuka and Fukuda Mayuko are the same.