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Shinko, finally meeting with Kiiko

Taken from Making of Maimai Shinko blog.
Dubbing begins on Sunday, the 5th day of the month.

The castings are determined, the main casts are inside, a man from Yamaguchi prefecture is present to help, while women and children are familiarizing themselves with Yamaguchi dialect.
Coming from Houfu to supervise dialect is Morikawa Nobuo-san, who talked a bit about the rules of Yamaguchi dialect.

Members presented at Matsutake headquarters' conference room are:
- Shinko = Fukuda Mayuko (junior high student)
- Kiiko = Mizusawa Nako (junior high student)
- Mitsuko = Matsumoto Tamaki (elementary student)
- Shigeru = Nakashima Kazuya (elementary student)
- Tatsuyoshi = 江上晶真 (high school student)
- Mitsuru = Nishihara Nobuhiro (high school student)
- Ippei = Tomizawa Kazato (elementary student)
- Kioka-san = Kitamura Shizue (adult)
- Hatomi = Semi Kikuyo (adult)
- Maid = Hisano Michiko (adult)

This day is the first meeting for the cast. Playing Hisako, Honjou Manami-san, and Nagiko, Morisako Ei-san, are unfortunately unable to come due to conflicting schedules.

Also today, Mizusawa Nako-kun came pulling luggage from Nagoya.
Fukuda Mayuko-kun discovered Nishihara Nobuhiro-kun during the greeting. Both of them co-stars together in "Jyoou no Kyoushitsu".
Shinko's grandmother "Hatomi" played by Semi Kikuyo-san is a stage-performer. She became the one to oversees the younger children and was called "Obaachan", it was inexcusable of us, however she was the first to plunged into "Maimai" party after playing the magnificent Yezo elder for a play called "Kamuinomi" (To Pray to the God). Up until Shinko's grandfather's generation, her family are people born from the earth (farmers), Obaachan, who's a landowner's daughter, is aloof with a composed presence.
Originally from Yamaguchi prefecture, from the beginning during the audition, Hisano Michiko-san is care for the child actors in front of the mike, which helps us tremendously. As for the performance, she was asked to lead in helping with the small nuances of the dialects for the actors to follow.

"From Yamaguchi, for the people who don't know and people who knew, I'm Morikawa."

Morikawa-san is a personnel from Houfu city library (currently the director), with a role of dialect researcher, come to helps introduce Yamaguchi prefecture. He also seems to bring a catch phrases as well.

Comparing Yamaguchi dialect with Tokyo's intonation, just these three names "Hiroshi" "Mitsuru" "Fukuda", the intonations are different.
Because, there are numerous amount of vowel.

"'Akai' is 'akee' (あけー), 'kaigishitsu' is 'kaagishitsu' (けーぎしつ)" (Akai = red, kaigishitsu = conference room)

This 'kee' (けー) is a sound between 'ka' and 'ke'. For standard Japanese, there are numerous of vowels 'A I U E O' in order to express in writing.
I felt that it's a little bit similar to Nagoya dialect.

"For Nagoya dialect, it's 'Kyaagishitsu' (きゃーぎしつ). To compare Nagoya dialect, Yamaguchi dialect is ___ ____." (note: yes, it's a fill in the blank thing.)

With this, he teased Nako-kun a bit, who came from Nagoya.
We then had a rehearsal, where Morikawa-san show then a model sentence with everyone else trying to copy.
After feeling that everyone seems to understood Yamaguchi dialect.
"Who want to listen to their lines?"
"Me" said Kitamura-san, "This 'Houtacchoukisan yo' line..."
"'Houtacchoukisan yo' means 'Please ignore it.'"
With this atmosphere, everyone raise their hands with questions. From elementary, junior, high school students, as well as adults, everyone are mixed in this Yamaguchi dialect school.

"It's break time. When it's finish, lets go one time to watch the movie."
Everyone started talking at the same time.

However, during the break, Fukuda Mayuko-kun is by herself, staring fixedly at the script. Like a racehorse, earnestly put forth efforts into her role. While the children around her are loosen up, she's still like that even at break time?

Then, Nako-kun slowly took a seat beside her.

Nako: "Would you like to eat dango together?"
Mayuko: "Eh?"
Nako: "Hajimemashite." (First time meeting. /Nice to meet you.)
Mayuko: "Ah. U, un...."

Mayuko extended her hand out for the dango.

It's going smoothly, these casts.

Fukuda Mayuko, who's playing the lead part, come prepared to get into her role before anyone else.
Mizusawa Nako is, even though a year older than Fukuda Mayuko, able to became friend with Fukuda Mayuko, who enters the world of acting at the age of 4.

Elementary student Nakashima Kazuya is frolic around while following high school student 江上晶真. 江上-kun also properly grabs his hand.
Like a situation in a drama, Matsumoto Tamaki who is embarrassed of adult, would have a constant face, occasionally showing a innocent "childlike" face.

Random note:
- Translations are wrong, very wrong. D: Journal entry are hard to translate, harder than spoken interviews. :< I'm sorry. <(_ _|||)>
- I tried my best with their names, but I can't seems to find the correct furigana for 江上晶真. He is actually playing Sunako's first love (which he rejected her) for the drama Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge with Kamenashi Kazuya. I didn't want to butcher his name so I left it in Kanji. ^_^;;
- Nishihara Nobuhiro and Fukuda Mayuko, Jyoou no Kyoushitsu reunion. XD;; Surprisingly I like his character in the show. :) My favorite male student character (I guess). Hahaha.
- Kiiko and Shinko first meeting is cute. :) The awkwardness of Mayuko and the assertiveness of Nako. Highly amusing. X3
- Yamaguchi dialect lesson was interesting. But I failed translating them.
- The whole time line thing totally confused me. Corrected me if I'm wrong, is he saying the first recording was done when Nako was in junior high? Which means she's probably 9th grades at the time? o_O;; I thought it was only last year, while she was a 10th grader.

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