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Gyao Magazine Dec 2009 - Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

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December issue of Gyao Magazine that was on sale on November 4th, on page 98-99, there's an interview of the seiyuu for the anime movie "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", Fukuda Mayuko.

Because the original work is from year 30 of Showa, an era way before Mayuko-chan was born, what kind of image does it has as you read the script?
Honestly speaking, at the beginning, I wasn't able to form an image of a lot of scenery and city parts. However, as I was watching the clips, I noticed that the things written on the script was different. "The daily life at that period is like this." I thought as I read Takagi Nobuko sensei's original work after. When there are things that I don't understand from the script, I would turn to the clip and the original work for help.

Have you ever been to the Yamaguchi, where the movie is set at?
Actually, my father's hometown is present in the story of the movie, Houfu City. Because right now, my grandfather live near there, during Obon and New Year, around 1-2 times a year, I would go to visit.

That's really a strange coincidence! Well then, do you have a scenery that you remember?
It's as I thought, now, it's different... when comparing that time, there were advancement. So when I look at my grandfather, who live at that place forever, I think he will get a different impression. I want my grandfather to hurry up and watch it.

You seem to really looking forward to going to Yamaguchi next time.
: Even though I am looking forward to it, I'll be worried about speaking dialect. I'm nervous on hearing what the locals think about the way I speak their dialect. Yamaguchi dialect are different through the period. When my grandfather, who's from Shinko's era, speak with accent, occasionally I wouldn't be able to understand. (laugh)

How is it when trying voice acting?
Even though the dialect gave me a lot of trouble, but thanks to this I became conscious of the importance of delivering voices. The atmosphere will be different even with a slight increase of volume. I think it doesn't just apply to being a seiyuu, but also a normal performance. Up until now, because I realized that I haven't taken notice to the importance of voice, I think that "I still have more to go."

This time, you're playing Shinko who is a third grader, what kind of child is Mayuko-chan when you're the same age?
I might be even more proactive (laugh). I was in the representative committee. I like speaking in public and putting the class in order. Also, I would always think with spirit "I won't loose to the adults." Because when I go to work, there are always adults around me, I would want to quickly become and adult and over take them. But recently, because in order to become adult, the me now need to put my most efforts in doing what I can do now, I think that's more important. It's because now, I'm a third year junior high student, that's why I must think of my work and what course/direction I will take.

You're a student preparing for exam right? Right now, you must be studying everyday so that there aren't any free time to play with your friend?
Now, in order to prepare for entrance exams, I'm restraining myself from taking works, on the contrary, because of this, the time I'm able to meet up with my friends increase. Everyday, meeting friends at school, naturally right now, it's incredibly enjoyable.

What do you do with your friends?
We will have a DVD appreciation meeting and play Shogi.

Shogi are not considered to be cool right! Had it became fashionable at school?
Maybe, perhaps it's not just between me and my friends (laugh). At first, I didn't really know how to play, so before, I would quickly advance my pieces, not I'm able to play properly. Because our levels are low, that's why the battle will be fun, but lately, when having a battle with my father, it became 3 consecutive defeats (laugh). Beside that, we also play Othello and board game. After that, we will do nothing but talk. Recently, for 8 hours straight, we would talk with each other.

What kind of topics come up?
"What's the best thing to do to make our chest bigger?" or "How to make our leg slimmer?" (laugh). We also often discuss about our favorite artists and actor/actress.

Who's your favorite artist?
Porno Graffiti and Shiina Ringo-san. As for actress, I like Ohgo Suzuka-chan. Also, the number one person that I respect is Kawakami Mieko-san. I'm a big fan!!

You really spent your junior high school student life with study and play. Next year, as you enter high school, do you have something that you want to try?
When I became a high school student, I'm determine to work seriously! When I try to detach myself from work for one year, as I thought, I felt that I really like working on drama. Even though it's only natural that my current status of work is like this, when I watch the actor/actress on television, I would feel jealous for the first time... Although I'm not sure how I came to love it that much, now, when I act, I will have a fuzzy (モヤモヤ) feeling.

Are you not impatient for more works?
I considered to continue to work as an actress for life. But right now, the things that I can do is to study, go to school and experiences various things. Facing forward, that's the most important thing I want to do right now... For that, I also study for this work. Shinko is always facing forward. That straight forward aspect is wonderful. There are also various things that I'm troubled about, but it's no use to only think about it. She taught me that even with only one thing, practice at the thing in front of you, it will become extremely valuable. Right now, go with your chest forward and do things you want to do.

Shinko came to understand that the eras are not constant. For different generation to come to watch, I'm very happy.

Random Note:
- Some of the translations may be incorrect.
- I laugh at her girlish worries. So cute and funny.
- She probably will not going to accept any work until after she got her acceptance letter, which means she probably won't be a possibility for the Kimi ni Todoke film. *disappointed* Ever since watching that fanmade video on the actor/actress for live action film, now I would always think Sawako is Fukuda Mayuko. lol Yes, I know I'm sad. >_<;;

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