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Fukuda Mayuko Recording Test

From Making of Maimai Shinko blog. This was really hard because the writing is so poetic/grammar heavy that I didn't really understand much. =____=;; Have to go back to my book. But even then, it's still doesn't make much sense. I hope you enjoy.

When I was a kid, because I enjoyed manga and movie for kid, I also entered the world of animation.
When turning toward children animation, I had such talks about "Children are possessing a prosperous future."
But how? On the tv, to play Panchinko, parent will leaving their child to die from the suffocating steam in the car, and children who died due to abuses, these types of unnatural news are one after another presented in front of my eyes. Before such children, the happy "self fulfillment promise to your future" conversations quickly disappeared.
During this period as these feelings cause my tendency to do varying job, when coming back home to watch a drama on tv, there's a child that will glare at me like an adult. The child actor at that time was Fukuda Mayuko.
Even if the adult were to mention the irrational things, for a child, there is a child's world. From "Jyoou no Kyoushitsu", "Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 3", and to "Byakuyako", this young girl looks at the unreasonable of the adult through the eyes of the child's world.
I was back to my childhood sense, and, I'd learn about the girl that acted in many more "roles".

This Fukuda Mayuko, during the interview said "Laughter is the true me."
The smiling face of this girl, was asked to act as Shinko gain victory with the character of "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" by her loud laugh. Or that's what I thought.

During the meeting, I tried to declared the decision.
"Isn't it a bit like the drama before? Fukuda-kun is, even though her period of child acting is soon over, she's not really like an adult yet."
And such feelings are put in.
And there are also thoughts like,
"No, even now, she still appears to be a young lady."
And people also say things like
"Judging from the roles up until now, Fukuda Mayuko is more like Kiiko don't you think?"
No, that's wrong.
With an acquaintance and producer Matsuo, we slipped into the private showing of director Micheal Arias' "Heaven's Door" to ascertain the appearance of Fukuda Mayuko several months before. I see, was what I was thinking.

In order for the decision of "Shinko role = Fukuda Mayuko" was made, on the first 10 days of September 2008, we finally summon her to the studio for a recording test. Even though she'd becoming increasingly adult-like this year, all of this happened last year. She came only dressing up in jeans and parka (hooded jacket), she was a calm and slender junior high student.
"She read the script and had dialect coaching on intonation."
"She prepared properly." from her manager on the side.

Alright, then let's try it.

There are several lines from different situations.
On the projection, there are only still/incomplete images. The girl standing in front of the mike only have the image of Shinko on her mind as she speaks the lines. It's not dubbing (adding sounds after the animation has been made), but a free performance.
"As expected!"
I thought, due to her the cheerful tone from her deep voice. The child-like vitality that spontaneously appears is great. The unreasonable adults was somehow overturned. This time, not only from the point of view, but from her voice. And thus, everyone watched. I knew it, I knew it. Look, as I thought, there are possibilities like this in this girl.

"Alright, that's good."

"After this, what should I do to make it better?" said Fukuda Mayuko.
As is it, you don't have to be overdoing it. A little bit more of tension, and also natural feeling would be good. Instead, try to keep the feelings you had just now is good..... and such contents was said to the professional actress.
"Then, lets meet next month for the actual performance."

"But director, we will have a hard time to find the person for the partner role, Kiiko, right?"
I suppose.
But, I also will have fun searching.

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