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Shinko, finally meeting with Kiiko

Taken from Making of Maimai Shinko blog.
Dubbing begins on Sunday, the 5th day of the month.

The castings are determined, the main casts are inside, a man from Yamaguchi prefecture is present to help, while women and children are familiarizing themselves with Yamaguchi dialect.
Coming from Houfu to supervise dialect is Morikawa Nobuo-san, who talked a bit about the rules of Yamaguchi dialect.

Members presented at Matsutake headquarters' conference room are:
- Shinko = Fukuda Mayuko (junior high student)
- Kiiko = Mizusawa Nako (junior high student)
- Mitsuko = Matsumoto Tamaki (elementary student)
- Shigeru = Nakashima Kazuya (elementary student)
- Tatsuyoshi = 江上晶真 (high school student)
- Mitsuru = Nishihara Nobuhiro (high school student)
- Ippei = Tomizawa Kazato (elementary student)
- Kioka-san = Kitamura Shizue (adult)
- Hatomi = Semi Kikuyo (adult)
- Maid = Hisano Michiko (adult)

This day is the first meeting for the cast. Playing Hisako, Honjou Manami-san, and Nagiko, Morisako Ei-san, are unfortunately unable to come due to conflicting schedules.

Also today, Mizusawa Nako-kun came pulling luggage from Nagoya.
Fukuda Mayuko-kun discovered Nishihara Nobuhiro-kun during the greeting. Both of them co-stars together in "Jyoou no Kyoushitsu".
Shinko's grandmother "Hatomi" played by Semi Kikuyo-san is a stage-performer. She became the one to oversees the younger children and was called "Obaachan", it was inexcusable of us, however she was the first to plunged into "Maimai" party after playing the magnificent Yezo elder for a play called "Kamuinomi" (To Pray to the God). Up until Shinko's grandfather's generation, her family are people born from the earth (farmers), Obaachan, who's a landowner's daughter, is aloof with a composed presence.
Originally from Yamaguchi prefecture, from the beginning during the audition, Hisano Michiko-san is care for the child actors in front of the mike, which helps us tremendously. As for the performance, she was asked to lead in helping with the small nuances of the dialects for the actors to follow.

"From Yamaguchi, for the people who don't know and people who knew, I'm Morikawa."

Morikawa-san is a personnel from Houfu city library (currently the director), with a role of dialect researcher, come to helps introduce Yamaguchi prefecture. He also seems to bring a catch phrases as well.

Comparing Yamaguchi dialect with Tokyo's intonation, just these three names "Hiroshi" "Mitsuru" "Fukuda", the intonations are different.
Because, there are numerous amount of vowel.

"'Akai' is 'akee' (あけー), 'kaigishitsu' is 'kaagishitsu' (けーぎしつ)" (Akai = red, kaigishitsu = conference room)

This 'kee' (けー) is a sound between 'ka' and 'ke'. For standard Japanese, there are numerous of vowels 'A I U E O' in order to express in writing.
I felt that it's a little bit similar to Nagoya dialect.

"For Nagoya dialect, it's 'Kyaagishitsu' (きゃーぎしつ). To compare Nagoya dialect, Yamaguchi dialect is ___ ____." (note: yes, it's a fill in the blank thing.)

With this, he teased Nako-kun a bit, who came from Nagoya.
We then had a rehearsal, where Morikawa-san show then a model sentence with everyone else trying to copy.
After feeling that everyone seems to understood Yamaguchi dialect.
"Who want to listen to their lines?"
"Me" said Kitamura-san, "This 'Houtacchoukisan yo' line..."
"'Houtacchoukisan yo' means 'Please ignore it.'"
With this atmosphere, everyone raise their hands with questions. From elementary, junior, high school students, as well as adults, everyone are mixed in this Yamaguchi dialect school.

"It's break time. When it's finish, lets go one time to watch the movie."
Everyone started talking at the same time.

However, during the break, Fukuda Mayuko-kun is by herself, staring fixedly at the script. Like a racehorse, earnestly put forth efforts into her role. While the children around her are loosen up, she's still like that even at break time?

Then, Nako-kun slowly took a seat beside her.

Nako: "Would you like to eat dango together?"
Mayuko: "Eh?"
Nako: "Hajimemashite." (First time meeting. /Nice to meet you.)
Mayuko: "Ah. U, un...."

Mayuko extended her hand out for the dango.

It's going smoothly, these casts.

Fukuda Mayuko, who's playing the lead part, come prepared to get into her role before anyone else.
Mizusawa Nako is, even though a year older than Fukuda Mayuko, able to became friend with Fukuda Mayuko, who enters the world of acting at the age of 4.

Elementary student Nakashima Kazuya is frolic around while following high school student 江上晶真. 江上-kun also properly grabs his hand.
Like a situation in a drama, Matsumoto Tamaki who is embarrassed of adult, would have a constant face, occasionally showing a innocent "childlike" face.

Random note:
- Translations are wrong, very wrong. D: Journal entry are hard to translate, harder than spoken interviews. :< I'm sorry. <(_ _|||)>
- I tried my best with their names, but I can't seems to find the correct furigana for 江上晶真. He is actually playing Sunako's first love (which he rejected her) for the drama Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge with Kamenashi Kazuya. I didn't want to butcher his name so I left it in Kanji. ^_^;;
- Nishihara Nobuhiro and Fukuda Mayuko, Jyoou no Kyoushitsu reunion. XD;; Surprisingly I like his character in the show. :) My favorite male student character (I guess). Hahaha.
- Kiiko and Shinko first meeting is cute. :) The awkwardness of Mayuko and the assertiveness of Nako. Highly amusing. X3
- Yamaguchi dialect lesson was interesting. But I failed translating them.
- The whole time line thing totally confused me. Corrected me if I'm wrong, is he saying the first recording was done when Nako was in junior high? Which means she's probably 9th grades at the time? o_O;; I thought it was only last year, while she was a 10th grader.

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Tantei Gakuen Q Special Interview: Kamiki Ryunosuke-kun (神木隆之介) x Shida Mirai-san (志田未来)

Because I did mentioned before that I like interviews between people. It shows their friendships. :D

I actually like Kamiki Ryunosuke a lot. He's on even platform with Fukuda Mayuko in my book. Even though he's still young, he has a lot of talents. He's also extremely cute, and gradually becoming handsome as he grew (hahaha). I don't usually/never translates his stuffs alone, since he has much much much more international fans that are willing to translate, and their translation are probably better too. To compare to Mayuko, who received a lot of hates/dislikes from the international fangirls, of course I would want to promote her more. Right? But once in a while, a Kamiki Ryunosuke interview without Mayuko-chan is good too. ^__^;;

Though I'm kind of meh for Shida Mirai, I think her role as Megu is definitely one of the best so far for her, right after her role in BOSS and a bit before Jyoou no Kyoushitsu. The rest are rather boring. Yes, even her "14-sai no haha" and her princess Seira roles are boring. I actually watch them from beginning to the end just for her, but in the end, I felt like it was a waste of time. She didn't impress me. And lets not talk about "Dream Again"! UGH! Also watched "Nobody to Watch over me", it was alright. *ducksfromflyingbricks* But I also think that it was also partially the story lines' fault for my lacks of interests in Shida's acting. Maybe one day, she will impress me, who knows.

Anyways, enough of my ranting and on to the interview.

Taken from MouRa.

Everytime, members of class Q would reliably solve difficult but skillful tricks. This time, playing the the lead parts, these two will talk from the other side of filming site to the highlights of the show from now on. In the drama, with a bit of adult faces of Kamiki Ryunosuke-kun and Shida Mirai-san, please enjoy as we take a peek to their entire manzai-like (comic) talk.

Kamiki: "Her atmosphere become more adult-like, most of all, her hair also gotten longer."
Shida: "Kamiki-kun is, his height became longer (laugh)."

After 1 year since appearing together, what are you impressions of each other?
--Both of you met from last year "Tantei Gakuen Q" special drama right? After 1 year since appearing together, what are your impressions of each other?
Kamiki: It'd been a long time since we see each others, her atmosphere become more adult-like, most of all, her hair also gotten longer.
Shida: "Hair gotten longer." he said (snickers).
Kamiki: That's because, your hair was spread out at shoulder length during the special. Ever since then, we haven't see each other, so that's why, my impression is "Ah, her hair gotten longer", I was shocked.

--A year ago and today, which hair style suits her?
Kamiki: ....... (troubled).
Shida: The one right here is "today".
Kamiki: Lo.. long hair, it's long hair (in a state of confusion).

--What about your impression of Kamiki-kun?
Shida: Kamiki-kun is, his height gotten longer (laugh). And then, I think he became more gentle. Even though up until now, he's in a daze, there are times where he will do things with spirits. The other day, when my hand was full with carrying bento and tea, unexpectedly, he would lend me a hand.
Kamiki: (awkwardly) Even though, it looks like I "stole it away".
Shida: At that moment, I thought "Hey, you stole someone else's tea!" (laugh). But after, I realized "Ah, he was worried about me."

The atmosphere of the filming site is entirely like a school.
--Because there are a lot of co-actors around the same age, the atmosphere at the filming site seems fun.
Kamiki: It's incredibly fun. It felt like we are friends from the same class. In reality, we would goes back and forth between each others, and talks about school would pile up. Yamada (Ryosuke)-kun, Wakaba (Katsumi)-kun, and even Kaname (Jun)-san are very interesting characters, we never stop laughing.
Shida: Because I'm the only girl, at first, I would be anxious and wondered "Is it going to be alright?", when we began filming, that worry was forgotten... It was fun making friends with everyone.

--Because Kaname-san is the only one with an age gap, was there any uncomfortable feelings?
Shida: None at all.
Kamiki: Kaname-san talk to all of us about various interesting things. Just before the filming, he would make all of us laugh with his interesting talks, but when filming started, he will be the only one not laughing. I'm always unable to stop laughing and became a victim (laugh).

That reminded me, even when there are nothing, I would fall down.
--From Kamiki-kun point of view, is there a feeling of gap between the usual Shida-san and her role as "Megu"?
Kamiki: Gap.... When talking about this, they mostly resembled each others. Very cheerful, bright, and occasionally level head.
Shida: Wait a second... "Occasionally"?
Kamiki: Ahaha...... (sweat).
Shida: Don't say "occasionally"!
Kamiki: But, trully, the always fun and talk a lot "cheerful Megu" is like this.

--Then, what about Kamiki-kun and "Kyuu"?
Shida: Aren't we always together? Cheerful, always facing forward, also a bit scatterbrain.

--And your counterattack is....
Kamiki: Which reminded me, even when there's nothing, I would fall down. Even when there's a level on the road, I would often bump into it. Even things such as wall....... I would bump into meaningless things. For such things, I may be a bit of a scatterbrain.

--Does the fall caused you to NG?
Kamiki: Occasionally (laugh). The scene in the mission room where I sit down on a chair and then quickly get up, the seat would go into the interior of the desk, so I'm unable to escape.

--Does Shida-san have any big mistake?
Shida: Even though I didn't make any big mistakes..... The steps at the mission room entrance is shaped like a net. My heels would get stuck in it and fall out.

Kyuu and Ryu, which type do you like?
--So far, while filming, which scene do you think is the most impressive?
Kamiki: Episode 6, when I had a quarrel with Ryu. Before the rehersal, Yamada-kun said "Considering Ryu's character, even in a quarrel scene, he probably would still be composed." I also said "Conversely, he would has a lot of strength." But, during the practice, the beginning of the rehearsal, for the line "Don't say trust so easily!", he said it in a incredibly threatening manner, and hit my chest with an incredible force.... For a moment, 'my eyes became round' and "EH?" (laugh). I was shocked.
Shida: As for me, episode 1, the scene where Q class have to solve a riddle. At first, everyone try to solve it by themselves, the scene for the solution for the case, it really left an impression.

--Well then, when making your character, do you have something you aim for?
Kamiki: The usual Kyuu and the Kyuu that changed after solving a case. He's always a scatterbrain, even though a cheerful boy, switching to become diligent when concerning a case... With liveliness, I want to try to be like that.
Shida: Megu is a girl that's always facing forward, even when facing a painful scene she won't be sad. I thought to express those kind of cheerful expression is good.

--Megu has a special talent for 'photographic memory'. Does Shida-san has confident in your memory? I heard that before going to film a scene, you seems like you memorized everything...
Shida: It's not just only me, my co-actors and everyone remember their lines. Right?
Kamiki: ........
Shida: No no, really, everyone remember it.
Kamiki: As for me, for example, during the rehearsal, only occasionally I'm able to leap into my lines. Because of that, sometimes I think I'm so troublesome... I'm sorry (then, bowing to Shida-san).
Shida: But, for the scene where Kyuu solve the tricks, there a lot of must have explanations. So, it's normal to make a mistake (encouraging Kamiki-kun). It's really difficult for Kamiki-kun.

--Nice support. Then, from Shida-san's point of view, the Kyuu and Ryu from the drama, which is your type?
Shida: Both of them are not my type (plainly). It's not exciting talking to Ryu. And Kyuu is Kyuu, when I'm in a pinch, it doesn't look like I'll be able to be saved by him.....
Kamiki: How about Kinta?
Shida: That's right, among the people from Q class, I think Kinta is the best!

To believe that "This is justice!", I think each person have their own thoughts about it.
--By the way, do you read mystery novels?
Kamiki: Even though I don't really read mystery novels, I occasionally watch case and reasoning dramas. I like to "solve mystery", it's not only in drama, I also really like quiz. But I don't have Kyuu's level of reasoning (laugh).
Shida: I often read them. While reading it, reluctantly I become troubled by the criminal and the trick. Then, eventually, I would read the end. After knowing who the criminal is, I would continue to read it, kind of like that.

--This time, while acting as a "detective", what impression for this type of career do you have?
Kamiki: I think it's cool. Reasoning power and insights are needed for this job. That type of parts are what I admired. Anyhow, cool.
Shida: I also think it's cool. To excel at insights and actions, I think it's a occupation that we definitely unable to do.

--Dan-sensei taught "The most important requirement of a detective is a heart to enforce justice", do you two have this part in you?
Kamiki: Justice.... I haven't really thought deeply about it.... but for every person, I think that there's "justice in self". Among that, for each person would believe that "this is justice", I also want to go through this.
Shida: Me too, everyone's justice are different. But, even if someone say otherwise, I would still believe and go through that justice.

--The filming is nearing its end, please tells us some highlights from now on.

Kamiki: The truth to the organization "Pluto", the past of each members of Q class and little by little the truths will be clarified at the last episode. Please look forward to this part. I would be happy if people watch it.
Shida: The anxious confrontation between "Pluto" and tantei gakuen, Ryu's true meaning as a comrade for Q class, I want to give attention to such points.

--And lastly, please give a message to the viewers.

Kamiki: For those that read the original work, and even those that doesn't, I think this drama is interesting, myself and even Kyuu with all our might, became acquainted with each other. Please watch it.
Shida: Please enjoy watching it, we did our best while filming even when hot. Even though there's not a lot left, yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

--Thank you very much. We will look forward to the development of end stage.

Random Notes:
- It was really fun translating this, though as usual, there are some parts that I wasn't sure about (especially at the end where my brain cells are fried).
- For some reason, I think Kamiki's type of girl is Shida. *laugh* He's always say "Cheerful, bright, and talk a lot!" when ask to describe his ideal girl in interview. Lol. Though the Mayuko fan girl in me is crying a little inside. ^^;;;
- Kaname Jun seems really fun and cool.
- I laugh out loud when Shida said that her type is neither Ryu nor Kyuu, but Kinta. What will the Kamishi and Yamashi fans think now. Poor Kazuma, who wasn't even considered as a choice. lol
- I also laughed when Shida thought Kamiki was stealing her tea, even though he was trying to help her. XD;; They seems really close, I wondered if this period is when all of them decided to enter Horikoshi together. ^__^;;

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Gyao Magazine Dec 2009 - Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Taken from

December issue of Gyao Magazine that was on sale on November 4th, on page 98-99, there's an interview of the seiyuu for the anime movie "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", Fukuda Mayuko.

Because the original work is from year 30 of Showa, an era way before Mayuko-chan was born, what kind of image does it has as you read the script?
Honestly speaking, at the beginning, I wasn't able to form an image of a lot of scenery and city parts. However, as I was watching the clips, I noticed that the things written on the script was different. "The daily life at that period is like this." I thought as I read Takagi Nobuko sensei's original work after. When there are things that I don't understand from the script, I would turn to the clip and the original work for help.

Have you ever been to the Yamaguchi, where the movie is set at?
Actually, my father's hometown is present in the story of the movie, Houfu City. Because right now, my grandfather live near there, during Obon and New Year, around 1-2 times a year, I would go to visit.

That's really a strange coincidence! Well then, do you have a scenery that you remember?
It's as I thought, now, it's different... when comparing that time, there were advancement. So when I look at my grandfather, who live at that place forever, I think he will get a different impression. I want my grandfather to hurry up and watch it.

You seem to really looking forward to going to Yamaguchi next time.
: Even though I am looking forward to it, I'll be worried about speaking dialect. I'm nervous on hearing what the locals think about the way I speak their dialect. Yamaguchi dialect are different through the period. When my grandfather, who's from Shinko's era, speak with accent, occasionally I wouldn't be able to understand. (laugh)

How is it when trying voice acting?
Even though the dialect gave me a lot of trouble, but thanks to this I became conscious of the importance of delivering voices. The atmosphere will be different even with a slight increase of volume. I think it doesn't just apply to being a seiyuu, but also a normal performance. Up until now, because I realized that I haven't taken notice to the importance of voice, I think that "I still have more to go."

This time, you're playing Shinko who is a third grader, what kind of child is Mayuko-chan when you're the same age?
I might be even more proactive (laugh). I was in the representative committee. I like speaking in public and putting the class in order. Also, I would always think with spirit "I won't loose to the adults." Because when I go to work, there are always adults around me, I would want to quickly become and adult and over take them. But recently, because in order to become adult, the me now need to put my most efforts in doing what I can do now, I think that's more important. It's because now, I'm a third year junior high student, that's why I must think of my work and what course/direction I will take.

You're a student preparing for exam right? Right now, you must be studying everyday so that there aren't any free time to play with your friend?
Now, in order to prepare for entrance exams, I'm restraining myself from taking works, on the contrary, because of this, the time I'm able to meet up with my friends increase. Everyday, meeting friends at school, naturally right now, it's incredibly enjoyable.

What do you do with your friends?
We will have a DVD appreciation meeting and play Shogi.

Shogi are not considered to be cool right! Had it became fashionable at school?
Maybe, perhaps it's not just between me and my friends (laugh). At first, I didn't really know how to play, so before, I would quickly advance my pieces, not I'm able to play properly. Because our levels are low, that's why the battle will be fun, but lately, when having a battle with my father, it became 3 consecutive defeats (laugh). Beside that, we also play Othello and board game. After that, we will do nothing but talk. Recently, for 8 hours straight, we would talk with each other.

What kind of topics come up?
"What's the best thing to do to make our chest bigger?" or "How to make our leg slimmer?" (laugh). We also often discuss about our favorite artists and actor/actress.

Who's your favorite artist?
Porno Graffiti and Shiina Ringo-san. As for actress, I like Ohgo Suzuka-chan. Also, the number one person that I respect is Kawakami Mieko-san. I'm a big fan!!

You really spent your junior high school student life with study and play. Next year, as you enter high school, do you have something that you want to try?
When I became a high school student, I'm determine to work seriously! When I try to detach myself from work for one year, as I thought, I felt that I really like working on drama. Even though it's only natural that my current status of work is like this, when I watch the actor/actress on television, I would feel jealous for the first time... Although I'm not sure how I came to love it that much, now, when I act, I will have a fuzzy (モヤモヤ) feeling.

Are you not impatient for more works?
I considered to continue to work as an actress for life. But right now, the things that I can do is to study, go to school and experiences various things. Facing forward, that's the most important thing I want to do right now... For that, I also study for this work. Shinko is always facing forward. That straight forward aspect is wonderful. There are also various things that I'm troubled about, but it's no use to only think about it. She taught me that even with only one thing, practice at the thing in front of you, it will become extremely valuable. Right now, go with your chest forward and do things you want to do.

Shinko came to understand that the eras are not constant. For different generation to come to watch, I'm very happy.

Random Note:
- Some of the translations may be incorrect.
- I laugh at her girlish worries. So cute and funny.
- She probably will not going to accept any work until after she got her acceptance letter, which means she probably won't be a possibility for the Kimi ni Todoke film. *disappointed* Ever since watching that fanmade video on the actor/actress for live action film, now I would always think Sawako is Fukuda Mayuko. lol Yes, I know I'm sad. >_<;;

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UTB 185: From White to Colorful Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子)

Taken from Scans are not mine, taken from the web. ^__^;;

UTB (Up to Boy) June 2008 Issue 185, in 100 People of Today: Young Women Talent feature (on page 17), there's an interview with Fukuda Mayuko.

From movies to drama, she played many roles from the shadow (side roles?), but as she matured, she gave a powerful impression as an actress. However, as we listen to her speak, that image quickly crash.

Fukuda: When shooting for a movie, because I always was given young or flashy clothes to wear, I begins to think "It's fun wearing cute clothes." Even though there are a lot of clothes that I want, but my mother decided on how to spend the budget (laugh).

Having a limit on pocket money, she's really a junior high student (laugh). Addition to clothes, right now, what other interests are rapidly increasing?

Fukuda: Perhaps a favorite band! From song to the musician, I love them all. Every time there's a live, I would go!! There are various songs that I listened to, because my dad and mom taught me a lot that's why my school friend's hobbies sometimes don't match a lot (laugh). Also, currently, at all cost, I want to try bass guitar, that's why my dad promised that he will buy me one, I can't wait.

Due to the results of busy works, she's may be a slow starter compare to her friends. To be honest, recently she started to become assertive when having various interests.

Fukuda: Up until earlier, to like who and to like what, I really don't have any thoughts about it. Even I was shocked. At school recently, I got into the fads of love stories. I want to fall in love!

Just open her eyes in an enjoyable world, and begin liking various things!! The girl was able to say it honestly as she sparkles.

- This was in 2008 (a year an a half ago), and she want to play a bass?! My, that's so cool. Her image in my mind keep changing. lol
- And she like cute clothes. XD;; So cute! Definitely different from the characters that she played.
- I wondered what how much pocket money she was given. Shida Mirai was given monthly 1000 yen for her 1st year of junior high, 3000 yen for 2nd year, and 5000 yen for her 3rd year. I don't know, back in the day, I didn't get any pocket money at all. :/ We were really poor.

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Animage Original: 5th Issue Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

Taken from

On page 34-35 of the 5th Issue of Animage Original, an anime specialized magazine, published on Nov 2009, an interview of Fukuda Mayuko, who is the voice actress of the heroine, Aoki Shinko, in the anime move, "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou".

Interview of Fukuda Mayuko in the role of Aoki Shinko.

"From a young actress and talent, she become unexpectedly fit as a voice actress." Whenever a new anime movie is made, there will be a lot of gossips and news about who will lend the voices to the characters. As for "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", we will listen to Fukuda Mayuko talks about how she became conscious of the anime's location.

Interviewer: Do you remember your experiences with anime when you were young?
Fukuda: I love the first season of "Digimon Adventure" (1999-2000). When I was younger, I don't really like sports in general, and I don't have such hobbies. That's why, television became my enjoyment. Above all, I would recorded "Digimon Adventure" and rewatched it multiple times.

Interviewer: Why did you like it?
At the time when I was watching it, the protagonists are older than me. That's why, I would strongly want to become like them, I love their bonds with the digimons. At that time, though I had a lot of close friends, I would still long for a digimon-like partner, somehow, I would imagine that Agumon is there next to me. For example, when sleeping, I would want him to turned back to Koromon (laugh). As for the story, I was deeply moved by the frustration of Yamato when he's unable to protect Takeru. My childish mind would often thought, "I don't think I would be able to be be devoted to the point of frustration." Thus, even now, I will still think back at the story, currently, though there are various things that I'm frustrated at, when I'm compared at the older days, I found I'd grown.

Interviewer: During the period of Digimon mania, did you also appeared in drama?
It was from when I was 4th years old, I did appeared. But, to appears in drama at that time, and then going to school, it was very ordinary thing to do. From then to 1-2 years, it swiftly became something special, my consciousness changed.

Interviewer: For such change, what happened?
I became a first year junior high student (7th grades), everyone around be started to have club activities. For the junior high students that come in, everyone will set their mind on finding their dream, but as for me, I had work and can't join club activities. Because I didn't have anything like that, I was feeling extremely depressed. But now, "to continue with work" is my only dream.

Interviewer: Your first anime work was "Piano no Mori" (2007) right?
Yes, it was my first.

Interviewer: Though it was a completely different girl role, was it difficult?
It was difficult. Even though just a while before, I did try dubbing a Western Movie .

Interviewer: Dakota Fanning of "Charlotte's Web" (2006) right?
That's right. I borrowed the video home, and with the whole film there, I would practice my lines a lot. But, at the actual spot, no matter how I tried, I wasn't able to deliver it. I wasn't able to match the lip movements. When I in the normal drama, everything was spoken in monotone, so I did a lot a reflections. With such reflections, for "Piano no Mori", in order the fill the whole time, I practiced multiple times. At that time, I notice the importance of high and low voice. With a loud volume, the differences between rise and fall of your voice could be noticed. But at that time, I still felt that "It's not quite there yet."

Interviewer: With these two works, they already gave you hardships right.
If it's work that deals with voice, you must be able to deliver on time and what is asked. When to call myself a voice actress by playing around, and unable to give them the fundamental, I would be extremely embarrass. In addition to this, for "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", because the basic is Yamaguchi dialect, I used my the clips from the two earlier works as I was working on this.

Interviewer: Because the director is Katabuchi, what kind of guidance on acting was there?
Basically, it was "relaxed". But during the rehearsal and test, I wasn't able to relax at all. I would recalled the uncomfortable feelings from the time when I was doing "Charlotte's Web". But, as I used my voice a lot at home, I felt that I gradually become Shinko. Thus, at the recording, not forget the "relaxed" advice, I was able to work.

Interviewer: For the trivial portions, did the director gave you any instruction?
When Shinko is sad, feeling down, and becoming angry, my mood would also be down. The director would explain to me the meaning, "Even in that setting, Shinko's strength and positivity will not be falter."

Interviewer: From your performances, Shinko's character is a bit different right?
Shinko is, an 3rd grader, with everything in front of her eyes, doing things and not thinking about the consequences. The story of how she "want to become a companion", I can't be like that. Shinko is, not thinking about things, speaking what she think, as for myself, I always think of various things as I was playing Shinko. That gap gave an extremely unpleasant feeling... As I tried that, the things I thought about came out with the voice was pointed out, I was told, "Don't think about anything while talking." This way, it became more fitting. "For this, raise your voice a bit." and small instructions we given, and there are scenes that the advice of "Don't think of anything." were given. In such way, as the recording complete, I realized that I understood the the director's acting guidance completely.

Interviewer: For the "Don't think about anything!" advice, what kind of scene was it?
It was the second half of the Bar California scene. Because I was thinking of various things, the way I speak gradually became unnatural, and the work became fake. In the end, the without thinking take was used for the movie.

Interviewer: You had abundance of drama and movie experiences, but from there, do you have any feedback for anime?
When for a clip in a drama, things such as voice are not accounted for. For how long, as usual, not caring about the voices, if I had to say then, I think the experience of animation is making the picture coming alive portion is more important. In the case of the clip, according to your partner's facial expression and way of talking, you can transformed your way of talking from there. In the case of anime, there's also always facial expressions, but when you compare, there are much more parts where you have to think about the person. For Kiiko's role, Mizusawa Nako-chan's voice is not heard but consciously it's there.

Interviewer: Then, is Mizusawa Nako-san at a different recording time?
No, everyone, even Nako-chan, are recording together. But, at the site, I was able to properly reacts to Nako-chan's way of speaking. For the recording of "Piano no Mori", it's just one person at a time, but this time, the discussing things over was fun, because I was able to see Nako-chan's Kiiko, I felt that I experiences a wonderful drama.

Interviewer: Comparing the anime and video dubbing, which is easier to do?
Of course, there are a lot of experiences for video dubbing, you can make it fit. There are also dubbing for movie, but the recording studio is like a different world. But, you can't experience a clip if you are only consciously aware of just the "voice" portion. Concentration is needed in order to received it.

Interviewer: What do you think of the professional voice actors?
For things like the timing to match mouth movement, the comprehension of how to deliver the voice, the voice actor is very talented. I'm unable to match them. With the direction of the clip and just able to perform adequately, to be able to get accepted to do voice works, I would shamefully think "Am I alright?". With great pains I accepted, I have no choice but to try to do it with all my might. I, who's not a voice actor, if I were to choose, I want to recorded in an environment where the children, and everyone, can produce it together. For this reason, you need to considers the things you can do and need to do, and not acted like a spoil child. You can't think that "It's because I'm not a voice actress.", and you can't think of trying to overtake a voice actor. Because "using voice to act in anime" or voice actor is an occupation, I can't go in thinking that I am at lower position. "The usual drama, and this time is just doing voice acting", you can never have this naive thoughts, I would thought it over again.

Interviewer: But while watching "Maimai Shinko", I never once thought it was Fukuda-san's voice.
: Thank you very much. That really made me happy. I'd never played such character before, that's why, I think it's somehow a miracle.

Interviewer: From the beginning, it seems like director Katabuchi was thinking the role is for Fukuda-san.
That's because, from the beginning to end of the recording, I was able to listen to his instruction (laugh).

- As expected, when she started to talk about voice acting, my head started to hurt so the translation became even more confusing.
- I'm also a fan of Digimon Adventure, and learning that she liked it as well as a kid, I'm surprised. The parts where she talk about Digimon really bring me back to my childhood. lol
- As expected, Mayuko is very serious in her work. I'm surprised and awed at her professional attitudes. I was extremely impressed.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 Top 10 Weekly Entertainment Ranking for First Leading Roles.

From Fukuda Mayuko News blog. Partial translation.

Nikkei Entertainment! January 2010 issue that went on sale on Dec 4th had a feature story "2009 General Hit". In this article, there's a section with "First taking the lead part in movie" that mentions Fukuda Mayuko (page 51).

During the period of this year, roughly around 400 Japanese films are made. There are many actors and actresses that begin taking leading parts on television drama, thus from the top 10 weekly box-office records, actors and actresses that first lead in a film are picked and narrow down. For 2009, 6 actors and actresses are chosen.

Koide Keisuke
Sasaki Nozumi
Nakamura Kantarou, Kabuki actor
Fukuda Mayuko, played the lead part when she's 14 years old. With Nagase Tomoya, acting together even with a huge age different, she accomplished in shedding her child actress image to become a full actress.
Rokkaku Seiji
Minamisawa Nao

Fukuda Mayuko Recording Test

From Making of Maimai Shinko blog. This was really hard because the writing is so poetic/grammar heavy that I didn't really understand much. =____=;; Have to go back to my book. But even then, it's still doesn't make much sense. I hope you enjoy.

When I was a kid, because I enjoyed manga and movie for kid, I also entered the world of animation.
When turning toward children animation, I had such talks about "Children are possessing a prosperous future."
But how? On the tv, to play Panchinko, parent will leaving their child to die from the suffocating steam in the car, and children who died due to abuses, these types of unnatural news are one after another presented in front of my eyes. Before such children, the happy "self fulfillment promise to your future" conversations quickly disappeared.
During this period as these feelings cause my tendency to do varying job, when coming back home to watch a drama on tv, there's a child that will glare at me like an adult. The child actor at that time was Fukuda Mayuko.
Even if the adult were to mention the irrational things, for a child, there is a child's world. From "Jyoou no Kyoushitsu", "Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 3", and to "Byakuyako", this young girl looks at the unreasonable of the adult through the eyes of the child's world.
I was back to my childhood sense, and, I'd learn about the girl that acted in many more "roles".

This Fukuda Mayuko, during the interview said "Laughter is the true me."
The smiling face of this girl, was asked to act as Shinko gain victory with the character of "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" by her loud laugh. Or that's what I thought.

During the meeting, I tried to declared the decision.
"Isn't it a bit like the drama before? Fukuda-kun is, even though her period of child acting is soon over, she's not really like an adult yet."
And such feelings are put in.
And there are also thoughts like,
"No, even now, she still appears to be a young lady."
And people also say things like
"Judging from the roles up until now, Fukuda Mayuko is more like Kiiko don't you think?"
No, that's wrong.
With an acquaintance and producer Matsuo, we slipped into the private showing of director Micheal Arias' "Heaven's Door" to ascertain the appearance of Fukuda Mayuko several months before. I see, was what I was thinking.

In order for the decision of "Shinko role = Fukuda Mayuko" was made, on the first 10 days of September 2008, we finally summon her to the studio for a recording test. Even though she'd becoming increasingly adult-like this year, all of this happened last year. She came only dressing up in jeans and parka (hooded jacket), she was a calm and slender junior high student.
"She read the script and had dialect coaching on intonation."
"She prepared properly." from her manager on the side.

Alright, then let's try it.

There are several lines from different situations.
On the projection, there are only still/incomplete images. The girl standing in front of the mike only have the image of Shinko on her mind as she speaks the lines. It's not dubbing (adding sounds after the animation has been made), but a free performance.
"As expected!"
I thought, due to her the cheerful tone from her deep voice. The child-like vitality that spontaneously appears is great. The unreasonable adults was somehow overturned. This time, not only from the point of view, but from her voice. And thus, everyone watched. I knew it, I knew it. Look, as I thought, there are possibilities like this in this girl.

"Alright, that's good."

"After this, what should I do to make it better?" said Fukuda Mayuko.
As is it, you don't have to be overdoing it. A little bit more of tension, and also natural feeling would be good. Instead, try to keep the feelings you had just now is good..... and such contents was said to the professional actress.
"Then, lets meet next month for the actual performance."

"But director, we will have a hard time to find the person for the partner role, Kiiko, right?"
I suppose.
But, I also will have fun searching.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter drama: Hidarime Tantei EYE (左目探偵EYE)

It's winter! I finally got a chance to checked.^____^;;

I know this news had been out for quite some times, but as was predicted by multiple viewers, Hidarime Tantei EYE is going to be extended to a full drama. Hidarime Tantei EYE (or I'll just write EYE from now on) was first introduced to us as a special on October of 2009. The ending left a lot of things unanswered, mainly the capture of the villain, thus the perhaps the drama will helps answer these questions. Unless the drama became a fan success and they decided to make a movie out of it like Liar Game (looking forward to this one), that Yamapi drama (that I didn't care about), etc...

Yamada Ryosuke, Yokoyama Yu, and Ishihara Satomi revised their roles from the special.

Quoting myself:

"The story about Tanaka Ainosuke (Yamada Ryosuke), after recieving a left eye transplant from his brother, Tanaka Yumeto (Yokoyama Yu), found his brother dead from an explosion. Because of the transplant, he begins to noticed visions, possibly concerning his brother's death. And thus, Ainosuke, along with his school nurse, Sayama Hitomi (Ishihara Satomi) try to solve the mystery."

It appears that other casts included Crystal Kay as the genius hacker ( apparently a must have in all detective drama), and guest appearance of Nakayama Yuma from NYC Boys (also a must johnny promotion when another Johnny stars in the show). The theme song for EYE is going to be performed by Hey!Say!JUMP or NYC Boys. A shame since I rather have Crystal Kay sing the theme (better voice).

You can see a bit of clip that kamichan upload. The first part was Satomi's birthday celebration on the set of EYE, where Yamada presented her flowers. I found it weird that she called Yamada "Yamada-san". I guess their relationship wasn't that close yet. :3 Also a short sneak peek of the drama, and some first impressions of each other for Yamada and Yuma.

My question is that since Ainosuke's power is to see the things what his brother had seen in the pasts (before the eye was transplanted between the brothers), how would that work in the drama. Because almost everything that Ainosuke saw already was addressed in the special. How would Ainosuke see the Yumeto's actions after that special? The eye power is only helpful to an extent, after that how would they work that out?

If Ainosuke can see what Yumeto'd seen in the past, does that mean that Yumeto also seen what Ainosuke'd seen in the past as well? Or is it just Ainosuke? Well, it's not that it matters since, what is so interesting about what a middle school student see. lol.

The show will begin broadcast at January 23 on NTV network, every Saturday at 9:00pm. I'll look forward to it.

Anyways, I'm happy that Satomi is working on another drama. For some reasons, she has a lot of works out lately, or in 2009. I'm especially looking forward to Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanoka-kan sp.