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"Little DJ" Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介) and Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Interview

I'd been lazy and haven't practice translating in a while. =_=;; Real life problems.

Taken from CSGYAO. Bad translation.

Interview with these two who acted in a painful love story that leave a deep impression.

Kamiki Ryunosuke, Fukuda Mayuko

Meeting for the first time for this work, what were your initial impressions of each others?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Fukuda-san is very adult-like. At the site, I would usually say boke (stupid) things, she would be in charge of correcting it (laugh).
Fukuda Mayuko: Whenever I think about it, Kamiki-kun is a mysterious person that I don't really understand. But because he has that mysteriousness to him, I would think how nice.
Kamiki: I'm happy to be call that (laugh). But when you examine it, it's really not a good impression. I think my tension will go up and down violently, because of that perhaps people will think "Huh?" and became thus I became a mysterious person (laugh).

What kind of impressions do you have for the characters that you are playing? For example, concerning the character Tarou that Kamiki-san played, please tell me more about him.
Kamiki: For me, Tarou is energetic, cheerful, even though he's sick, his emotions is very strong. Moreover, even while he's doing baseball, in secret, his dream is to be a DJ.
Fukuda: He's a boy that will show his thoughts on his facial expression, when playing Tamaki, I thought about this. This is very cute.
Kamiki: When Tarou became sick, his condition continues to deteriorate, even though I only did it properly once in a while, I was aware that my facial expression was changed because of the sickness.

Likewise, Tamaki that was played by Fukuda-san, what kind of character was projected?
Fukuda: I think Tamaki is a bit like me in living as a honest girl. Even though it's not egotistical, I did say that I, myself, thought she's honest. While broadcasting in the hospital for example, she would say things like "The food here isn't good." (laugh). Even if it's cute, there's also a charm about it.
Kamiki: Absolutely honest, always do things clearly, she's an existence that give the feeling of sometimes pulling Tarou along.

In this film, Fukuda-san's character is older, but in reality, Kamiki is older right?
Kamiki: When I was acting with Tamaki, I wasn't bothered by it. However, in reality, age is not something to be bothered by right?
Fukuda: Even if it's may be true that ages are different, I don't think it would change much, because it's the feelings that you possessed. But in reality, when you try and watch it, somehow dividing the older from the younger, I also thought that it was nice.
Kamiki: That's why, at the filming site, I'm always being taught (laugh).

How did you go about in creating your role?
Kamiki: For me, even though it's a role of a boy with a disease, I haven't had any experience of getting a fever and become sick to the point of passing out. So the feelings and facial expression of contracting a disease, I really didn't really understood it. When I was a baby, I did became extremely sick, but there was no recollection of it. That's why I keep turning to my family and various people and ask them "What kind of feeling is being sick like?". But I didn't want to show the person being weaker as he got sick, but to show that he lived his life to the fullest.
Fukuda: The director just told be "Act as a frank person!", so I didn't have to do much for my character. When I try acting, I wondered if the not changing feelings from the situation that I did was good enough. Because I didn't really go into details on creating my character. But because I had never experienced love, I would as everyone from my school, "What kind of feeling is love?". There would be answers like "A feeling like making your teacher angry." or "Wanting to see someone." and various other answers. I also asked my teacher about it. "It's when the boy you like start to talk to another girl, and you became irritated toward the girl." was the talk that followed. Somehow it's awfully complicated, a maiden's heart.

By the way, Kamiki-san, do you understand a maiden's heart?
Kamiki: I have no idea (laugh)! I don't really understand a boy's heart either. I only thought that I want to live as honest as I can. (laugh).

How was shooting on location at Hakodate?
Kamiki: I went with Clutch (Tokawa Fumiya), Nura (Tsuchiya Takumi), and Koro (Nakamura Takuya) to Akarenga Warehouse, went to eat ramen, and seafood with rice (海鮮丼). And we also went to Goryokaku... nearby to karaoke (laugh). "Huh? Why didn't we go to Goryokaku? But went to karaoke instead?" (laugh). I think I've become familiarized with Hakodate.
Fukuda: I also went to Akarenga Warehouse. Because the food from Hakodate is delicious, especially squids are very tasty, I went to eat them.
Kamiki: Ah, after Clutch and I played on the seesaw for an hour (laugh). For an hour, it would always go gi-ko-gi-ko (sound of the seesaw).

Eh, 1 hour just playing on the seesaw?
Kamiki: "We are having a male bonding moment right." and "There's nothing to do right." while saying these, we would play on the seesaw (laugh).

Did you have any problems while filming?
Kamiki: I mentioned it earlier, but acting the mental state of a sick patient is a bit difficult.
Fukuda: There are difficulties with other works as well, but mostly acting opposite of someone and creating the role together for a drama. That's why mainly there wasn't a lot of problems, but the scenes by my self was difficult. For example, the scene where I was wrapped up in bandages on the bed, I can't really connect to the other actors, it's just feeling sad by myself. In that way, to work on something alone is can't be done and hopeless, it easily became difficult.

This time, you are acting together with wonderful people. Among them, Harada-san is a veteran, how was co-acting together?
Kamiki: Because Harada-san like train, and I also like train, I was very happy that we was able to talk about it when we met. "This ____ series in retrospect is a very good train." we would talk forever about it. Harada-san played as and give off the feeling of the older doctor, where ever you look, there's an intensity in his performance. While acting, he's also kind, I would heartily think, "He's so kind."
Fukuda: Even though while reading the script, I gotten a bit different image for the older doctor, a different meaning. I would think "There are also such older doctor." Harada-san's older doctor is profound. Because I didn't think of such image of a doctor, I thought it was great.

Do you have any other co actor that left a deep impression?
Kamiki: I would play Othelo together with the younger doctor played by Satou-san. He also taught me how to take pictures with a camera. We also become accomplice in taking pictures with a camera.
Fukuda: I was never taken a photo of.
Kamiki: Because that's embarrassing, I would feel guilty (laugh). Some how, I would feel apologetic for taking a picture.
Fukuda: Even though we didn't appear together in the play, Hirosue Ryoko-san. Even though I played the child version of Hirosue-san's Tamaki, I would wondered, "When I grow up, how would I became Hirosue-san?". I would think "Is this alright?", but when watching the real thing, everything seems to tied together well. It was normal when I became Hirosue-san. I thought that was wonderful. To appear together with other actress with each of their own powers, it's great that we were able to properly connected.
Kamiki: There was no out of place feelings. It felt normal when watching it.
Fukuda: Really? I'm glad.

The theme for this work is "Convey your thoughts". I think actors are conveying thoughts through their works, from hereafter, what do you two want to convey from your works as actors?
Kamiki: Of course to convey the feelings of your role is important, I also want to be an actor that can cheer up a person who is sad, bring hope and dreams, and give something plus to their life.
Fukuda: By observing people, not really a big change in their everyday life, but a work that changed something. Even though there's a possibility of unable to do things but still trying, I think that kind of work will be good.

Random Notes:
-There were a lot of places that I didn't entirely understand what they are saying. D: Please enlighten me.
-Hehehe, Kamiki admitted he's flail-y.
-Tokawa Fumiya, Tsuchiya Takumi, and Nakamura Takuya are the boy actors from Little DJ who played Tarou's hospital friends.
-海鮮丼 I really have no idea what's the romanji reading is so I just put seafood with rice. =__=;; Google if you want to see an image. Very appetizing.

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