Saturday, December 26, 2009

Birthdays of my favorite stars

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you are enjoying your time with a love one or doing something you love.

It's not only Christmas, yesterday was Christmas Eve isn't it? I also want to say Happy Birthday (though a bit late) to my two favorite actress/entertainer/singer. :)

Both are born on the eve of Christmas. Satomi was born in 1986, while Aiba was born in 1982.

Ishihara Satomi had appeared in various drama and movies. Her range of acting are broad, but the characters she played are somewhat limited (or was it the other way around?). What she lacked as an actress was filled by her overflowing charms and charisma. I can't helped but liked her. Truly a beautiful and charming actress.

Aiba Masaki is a bit different. Sure he's a good looking Johnny, but what made me like him wasn't because of his pictures, since I do think there's a lacking in beauty. What made me fall for him was because he's a great entertainer and an extremely funny baka. Just picture doesn't do justice of how he is. In fact, it's a let down. If I want to see his charms, I'll go over to youtube and watch his videos. In Arashi, all of them have talents, but only Aiba will make me laugh and smile, well ok, leader is great too. But, Aiba is just awesome as he is.

Please enjoy few of my favorite vid about them.

Now are the birthdays of other stars that I like.

Shoon who was born on December 20 is adorably funny. And Leila, a great HK actress, who was born on December 5. Eita, gives of a a cool look but is quite naive in a sense, also a great actor, was born on December 13. These three are the other people I fangirl over that had their birthday in December.

Changmin, a wonderful singer and extremely witty cheeky kid, was born on February 18.

Kamiki, who's a good actor despite being still young, was born on May 19.

Tsutsumi Shinichi was born on July 7. He's an amazingly charming actor. Lee Byung Hun, who's also a wonderful and charismatic actor, was born on July 12.

Mayuko was born on August 4. She's a great actress and quite cute as well. The few actress her age that can express her emotions with her eyes. She's starting to grow up to became even more beautiful even though still young.

Last, but not least is Aichan, who was born on September 14. She's a wonderful singer and a promising actress (if she's given more chances).

Almost half of the stars I like are born on December. No wonder why I like December so much. lol Uh, I also like January, since it's the month I was born on. :x

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