Monday, December 21, 2009

April Bride rant

Recently, I got a chance to watch Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome, or April Bride, staring Eita and Eikura Nana. This movie is a dramatized version based on the real life of Chie Nagashima, her fight for cancer, and the support of her boyfriend and soon-to-be husband, Taro.

The plot is pretty predictable. Boy meet girl; they dated and fall in love; girl found out she has cancer and try to break up with no prevail; family learned she has only a month to live; boy granted her greatest wish; she died.

There are several reasons why I decided to watch this movie despite knowing the evident outcome already. First, it was recommended by a lot of people (Aichan, Ishihara Satomi, etc...). Second, I'm willing to give Eikura Nana another chance to showcase her talents. Third, I love Eita and EVERYTHING he does.

Because of my previous experiences with Eikura Nana and Eita, along with the boring sounding plot, I went in with a half and half expectation (half for Eita, the other half for Eikura and plot). To sum up, the movie was 2 hours of boredom with perfect characters that showed no/little growth. Eita and Eikura both played too good to be true characters with no weakness. There was a part where Taro asked Chie if he can meet her father and she decline, in my head, I was literally jumping of joy and screaming "Yay! Angst!", but it turned out to be nothing important. The only part where I found good was where Taro and Chie dad (Emoto Akira) was bonding on Taro's birthday, and Chie's dad thanks Taro. It was truly a heartfelt moment where you see Chie's dad gratitude but unable to properly express it. Emoto-san is a great actor.

There were a lot of silences used in this film, perhaps to enhance the emotions and drama, but to me, who was already bored, it was an eternity of even more boredom. Chie took forever to finally died. I spend 3/4 of the movie checking the time every 10 minutes. There was a large part of this movie that I was spending it doing something else rather than properly watching it. And the part where Chie tells Taro about breast cancer and the need to spread the awareness, for some reason, sound like a commercial to me. Perhaps it's due to the execution, not the fault of the actors. So overall, I wasn't crying at all with all the tear jerking moments, nor was I touched. Because I was bored, I'm not the best judge of the acting nor the chemistry between the leads. But it was truthfully boring.

Watch it if you're a fan of the leads, or if you like tear-jerkers and romance, otherwise, stay clear.

Now for the shallowness. After watching Eikura Nana in Mei-chan no Shitsuji and skimming her blogs from Kawaii Joyuu, I tried to ignored it, but the first half or one third of the film, I keep thinking "Wig" whenever I saw Chie. Other than that, Eikura Nana have very long leg, which explained why she was a Seventeen model. Eita looks good in in a suit. Very good! His skinny frame suited it very well.

And this is the reason why I don't review, I rant. lol

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