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U15 Actress: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) x Ohgo Suzuka (大後寿々花)

While browsing the internet, I found this picture with Ohgo Suzuka and Fukuda Mayuko. I'm actually interested in friendships, especially between celebrities, because we get to know more about the people we like since the friends will tell us things that we, as the outsiders, don't know about. Also, in one show, Fukuda Mayuko talk about how looks up to Ohgo Suzuka as an actress so I'm interested in their interactions with each other. That's why I went and find the article (on the web). There's a website that actually post all of Mayuko's magazine interviews and talks! It took a few minutes to an hour finding it, but here they are. These two are surprisingly cute. :D Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy translating it.

The article is published in 2008 where both of them are still U-15.

Taken from As usual, not direct translation as my translation is incorrect. :<

"Nikkei Entertainment!" Feb Issue of 2008, page 38-39.

Ohgo Suzuka x Fukuda Mayuko

2008 recognized junior high actresses are talking about work, studies and love.

Aoi Yu and Nagasawa Masami debuted in junior high and received their big break. With the recent Narumi Riko, Shida Mirai and the like are junior high students that begins to play the leading ladies, 2008 is becoming a year for "U-15 actresses". As these girls get noticed, they will become popular before they are even 20 years old. Because there is a rising needs for freshness, younger generations are getting promoted.

For this magazine, there are 2 U-15 actresses that are being noticed. Playing Sayuri in a Hollywood movie and acting as the heroine in 2007 "Sexy Voice and Robo" is Ohgo Suzuka. Also, playing Maruko's older sister in "Chibi Maruko-chan" as well as appearing as the heroine in the movie showing in December of 2007, "Little DJ ~ Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", is Fukuda Mayuko.

Begining their acting carreers at a young age, these two have passed through their "child role" image to display their talents in their performance. Certainly, these two heavenly sent children of the "U-15 actress era" are confronting their thoughts to each other, speaking about their private life.

-How many times have you two met?
Fukuda Mayuko: This is the second time.
Ohgo Suzuka: From 4 years ago, we worked together for the NHK drama "Ai no Ie". The first time we met, Mayuko-chan is the person I talk to, and there's a spot that we ate together right? It'd been a long time since we see each other, I think she gotten taller and become more adult-like.
Fukuda: For me (Ohgo) is like a big sister, even though I'd only recently learn that she's older by a year, it's shocking. Erm, there's something I want to ask. How should I adress you?
Ohgo: (laugh) All my friends call me Suzuka, or Suzu.
Fukuda: Then can I call you Suzu-chan?
Ohgo: Yes.

- From each other's work, what are your impression for each other as an actress.
Ohgo: The crying scene from the drama is very impressive, when we meet, I think the gap between her bright atmosphere and that is so great. The crying for each works are not the same.
Fukuda: Thank you very much (laughing brightly). For me, out of all the drama, I love "Sexy Voice and Robo" the most. Even now, I rewatch the DVD around twice a week.
Ohgo: Mayuko-chan appeared together with Matsuyama Keinichi in "L", while I worked with him for "Sexy Voice and Robo". In Matsuyama-san's mail, he will tell me "Mayuko-chan is always talking about SekuRobo" (note: short of "Sexy Voice and Robo").
Fukuda: When I watched that drama, I really admired Suzu-chan. That's why, right now, I'm really nervous. Usually, I'm not this nervous, but for some reason, I became nervous. I'm secretly planning to ask you to sign my "SekuRobo" DVD afterward.
Ohgo: Do you have a signature board?
Fukuda: I don't. I called the people in the office to see if they are making some, but just write the name in Kanji is enough.
Ohgo: Me too. I guess writting a lot is difficult, but right now I haven't sign in kanji yet.
Fukuda: Then, when Suzu-chan signing the signboard, I'll write kanji as well. When you finish signing, please contact me (laugh). By the way, is acting enjoyable?
Ohgo: Usually, I don't think about it, but when I tried it and feel that I'm able to do it, it's enjoyable. Even the role in "Sexy Voice and Robo", I'm not usually a tsukkomi, as I was doing it, it became even more fun. For Mayuko-chan, is acting enjoyable?
Fukuda: Yes. There's a lot of people within me, when it's time for rehearsal, it felt like a person with the role I'm acting will come out, it's fun.
Ohgo: That's amazing. For me, it's a bit different. When I'm doing a play, I will try to take out and became similar to my role.

- What kind of character does your partner has and what the real person like to you when you met them?
Fukuda: A little bit like a variety program (laugh). Because I heard from various staffs that she's very smart, that's why she have the feel of a honor student.
Ohgo: I could say the same. At the first when we talk, I thought she was very adult like, but at school, she's must get excited very easy, a normal junior high student (laugh). I think Mayuko-chan is perhaps, usually a very cheerful girl.
Fukuda: Yes, that's true.

- What's on your mind for your partner?
Fukuda: Right now, are you in love?
Ohgo: Eh? (laugh) Right now, I'm not. I have the feeling of love, but now I don't feel anything. Have Mayuko-chan?
Fukuda: I don't have it, but from many people I've been researching how to have it. People have told me that "If you see them for a while, you'll will like them." There's 3 guys that I'm close with and I'll will be near them one day for each, but love wasn't able to be born.
Ohgo: (laugh). I also don't really understand what love is, but I will probably not notice the feeling of like. Are you studying for test at school?
Fukuda: Before the test, yes. (laugh) Since the test are approaching, I brought my text book to the dressing room.
Ohgo: What's your favorite subject?
Fukuda: Math and science.
Ohgo: Is that so. I'm poor at math and science. For some reason, after working on movie and drama, my result for Japanese got better.

- Right now, the actress from the same generation are standing out.
Fukuda: For me, I only want to be like Suzu-chan (laugh). Even though she's a bit older, I think Horikita Maki is also wonderful. The actresses that I think are wonderful isn't just great at acting, she also need to possess an intimacy. Somehow there's not a lot of people that possess the later trait nicely.
Ohgo: For me, when I was working in Sayuri, I was able to meet Gong Li, her presence is what I aspired to be like.

- From now on, what would happen if Ohgo-san and Fukuda-san work together?
Fukuda: I want to play a younger kouhai in a club, and Suzu-chan will play a sempai with bad characters. Up until now, I want to see a role that haven't been done before. A good girl role and a bad girl role will intensify the difficulties. I want to do that.
Ohgo: As for me, a role where I will be very close to Mayuko-chan or a role where we would be on bad terms, and there's many more I want to try. I want to co-star together. Please let that time come.
Fukuda: Same here, please.

Now I really want them to work on a drama together! :<

Fangirl Mayuko is cute! And I love how she's trying to look for love and fail. :) So cute!

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