Sunday, November 22, 2009

Takakura Fuminori's beautiful girl actress report

Taken from Fukuda Mayuko's picture bbs.

Partial(?) transcript from the "Takakura's Pretty Actress Report" that I was talking about earlier... For the "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" movie.

How was it like to be a voice actress?
Mayuko: (Even though I'd experience it before,) just going to the recording site is already made me nervous. It was a very tense 4 days of work.

You have some sort of relation with Yamaguchi right?
Mayuko: My father's hometown is Yamaguchi, and even now, my grandfather is living in Yamaguchi, both my grandfather and father are looking forward to this movie.

What is the charm of this movie?
Mayuko: The children are very honest and frank. Even though I don't really know how it was for the generations in Showa 30, not a lot had changed between now and back then. I think the charms of this movie are the warmth of friends and family.

You're a student preparing for exam right?

Mayuko: Because this year is the year I'm preparing for exams, when I'm waiting for work, I would go to school. Not only am I going to school to continue my education, but also to gather experiences and having fun for my last year with my friends. I read a lot of books, and watch a lot of DVD, I tried to experienced as much as I can.

What will happen when you became a highschool student?
Mayuko: Until now, I've been going to school like always, and work as always. For one year beside from work, I have no idea what kind of valuable experiences I will get.

From your elementary days to your junior high days, you'd always been giving interviews?
Mayuko: It's kind of embarassing... Just thinking about myself the year before, I would get embarass. From the view of an adult, I think the me right now give the feeling of is still "a child". But, now, going to school is very important. "I don't think you will become an adult" is what I think as I go to school.

What are the atmosphere at school?
Mayuko: Even though I talk normally with my friends, I'm not really social.... I want to become more sociable. Even though I'm really close to my friends, otherwise I will go into my shell. I would think "I don't want to be hated", this me I really don't like.

When you become a highschool student, what's your strategy for making a lot of friends?
Mayuko: For this, because first impression are important, I'll try to be friendly and cheerful when I begin school.

Movie's PR
Mayuko: This is a very warm movie. The scenery and actions between now and that time period are different. With only one person, you can't do much, but with friends, you can achieve many things, this feeling of today and the older days haven't change, made it into a pleasant movie. I think my generation and the younger generation will be able to enjoy it, and even though adults might have different impressions while watching this movie, I hope they will still enjoying themselves. Please watch it!

What are you looking forward to when you become a highschool student?
Mayuko: Right now, my number one is to quickly do a play or drama. And then, I want to try working on cultural festival.... maybe as a Takoyaki seller.

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