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Myojo January 2008 issue: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) x Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介)

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The scan is not mine and never will be mine. Taken from sl_miyuri who graciously scanned the page.

In the monthly January 08 issue of Myojo, on page 165, a conversation between Fukuda Mayuko and Kamiki Ryunosuke, two co-stars for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~".

After the event, "Even though before you called me Mayuko-chan, why today you call me Fukuda-san? You're becoming distant." Mayuko-chan said with a smile. "Is.. Is that so?" replies the overwhelmed Kamiki-kun. This type of charming conversation was carry out before between these two.

First, what are your impressions of each other?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Before we met, I was wondering what kind of person she is, but after the meeting, she's a very energetic and bright person. But she's also level headed, because I usually go off topics, she would put me back to place, I really respect her.
Fukuda Mayuko: Eh- I'm not level headed. But, because we are actors of the same age, especially since I don't usually work with a boy before, I was a bit worried about how it will be. Even though Kamiki-kun is close with my age, but he's a year older, and also an actor... I'm worried about what kind of things we can talk about, but after we met, we just talk about ordinary things (laugh).
Kamiki: At that time, I was only a first year junior high, the entire time until then, I'd never talk to a girl before... Because I wasn't accustomed, during the shooting, I will rushed when I talk, so I was nervous. When listen to talk about love, on the contrary, I will become silent. "Ah, that's true, un..." kinda like that.
Fukuda: At first, I thought it was annoying.
Kamiki: When it went to a trivial off topic.
Fukuda: I became relieved (laugh).

What did you do during the interval of the recording?
Fukuda: We study right?
Kamiki: Did I brought my studying tools?
Fukuda: Yea, you did. The something notebook? Something about must do one page each day.
Kamiki: Ah, the Dream Realization notebook?
Fukuda: Yes, that.
Kamiki: For the Dream Realization notebook, everyday, I wrote down a dream. There's a "Let's like math more" target in there, I heard that Mayuko-chan like math. That's why I thought, Alright! and immediately ask her to teach me. Anyways, near the filming site, on the platform of Hakodate mountain, we also watch the night view right.
Fukuda: Eh, viewing platform?
Kamiki: You know, I was there. The night view was WHOA pretty.
Fukuda: Hm, the spot where we were lost? Is it the place that kind of look like a building? Where the oji-san was asking "Where's the toilet?"
Kamiki: Yes yes.
Fukuda: I remember. I remember. The night view there was pretty.

Were you conscious about the theme "love"?
Fukuda: Even though it's a bit different, because I thought that the love between family and the love between the opposite are similar, I wasn't really conscious about it. But of course there are some dokidoki scenes, particularly the scene where Tarou-kun confessed to Tamaki, my heart went "Doki".
Kamiki: For me, I was cornered by my emotions (laugh). Even though I did have roles that have illness, but my face was "ghastly pale". The scenes where we were together always made me nervous. But because of that, I was able to realistically convey Tarou (laugh).

Then, please tell us about your type in the opposite sex.
Kamiki: A person who is energetic and bright, and is able to say things clearly. Not only able to think, but also can express her heart.
Fukuda: As for me, a person with beautiful hand, black hair, and has his own determination.

Lastly, if you were to request a song to a DJ, what kind of song will that be?
Fukuda: "Ageha Buterfly"! Porno Graffiti's Okano Akihito-san is the personality for Saturday's "All Night Nippon", because I love Porno Graffiti-san.
Kamiki: SMAP-san's "Arigatou". Even as it is, I want to say "thank you" to everyone. (laugh).

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