Sunday, November 29, 2009

History of Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko

Interestingly, despite them telling us Little DJ is the only project that they worked together, Mayuko and Kamiki worked together 3 times already. Though Little DJ is probably the one that they interacts with each others.

Both of them worked on the 2007 anime movie Piano no Mori, based on a manga, along with Ueto Aya. Ueto Aya as the main character, Ichinose Kai. Kamiki Ryunosuke as Amamiya Shu, Kai's friend and rival. And Mayuko voiced Maruyama Takako, Kai's rival and perhaps love interests. Since it's voice-acting, their schedules probably do not have to be the same. But at most they did attend some PR events for the movie together so they should be slightly familiar with each other. :) The pictures from Piano no Mori times of them are very cute, and perhaps some of my favorites, because during this time, Mayuko still got her long hair before she had to cut it for the Death Note movie. ^__^;; Sorry for my bias. Mayuko is especially cute and stunning with long hair.

The second time working together is of course, our favorite, Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~. This is where they are almost always appearing together in interviews since both of them are lead actor and actress. I'm not sure how long it usually takes for movie to be film, at least 2-3 months right? With this time together, they had plenty of time to talk and become friends (as you can see from the interviews). Mayuko did admit that she's not a social person, but from what we'd seen, both of them seems to be very comfortable with each other. While Kamiki is still shy around Mayuko (I wondered why), we can assumed that they developed a standard friendship.

Now I'll bet everyone will ask what's the third project that they'd worked together is. Surprisingly it's the last of the popular triology, 20th Century Boys: Our Flag. Of course, we all knew that Mayuko is acting as Sanae in this movie, but which role does Kamiki has? Acording to serveral Japanese blogs, after seeing this movie, they mention the appearance of Kamiki as one of the key character (which I will not name despited being spoiled ;__;). So you will be happy to know that he is indeed in the movie even though he's not listed as an actor. I am especially looking forward to his appearance, as well as Mayuko. Of course, for this movie I doubt that Kamiki and Mayuko have any scenes together, and they probably don't see each other at all while filming for their part, but it counts lol. I must also say that since their roles are secondary, we will probably only see them for 2-3 minutes max.

So, what will the future of Kamiki and Mayuko? Both Kamiki and Mayuko are still young, yet their popularity and credibility as actor/actress are continuously increasing. Eventually (or at least I hope and pray), they will work together once again, either in a drama, special, or movie. Which ever it is, I'll look forward to it. Seeing as Mayuko is getting ready for her highschool entrance exam, there's a possibility that she'll enter the same high school as Kamki (Horikoshi). With Mayuko's idol (Ohgo Suzuka), friends and collegues (Shida Mirai and Mizusawa Nako) are going to Horikoshi and are classmates of Kamiki, the chances of her going to Horikoshi increases even so slightly. I will also look forward to that.

But before that, I wish someone would write some fanfic about them.... T____T;; Even if you put Fukuda Mayuko as the evil character or something to stand in the way of Kamiki Ryunosuke, Shida Mirai, Yamada Ryosuke, which ever. I really don't care, I'm bored and want to read fanfics. T___T;; Though I do prefered her to get decent characterization. Someone give me one to read! lol

Mean while, I'll make due with these... lol. XD;; Thank you for making them.


  1. Hi, I am Kantsuki, one of fans of mayuko.Your articles are great and wonderful.

    I have watched 20th Century Boys:Our Flag and mayuko has done a good job. Besideds, I was surprised that I could see her for 5~9 mins.

  2. Thank you, that's great to hear. I can't wait to watch 20th Century Boys: Our Flag. :D

  3. thanks for the articles...they are both cute..
    are the horikoshi high school the best high school in japan???i wonder..hahaha

  4. Ah, I'm feeling a bit ashame now that I finished reading your comment. XD;;

    Definitely not the best highschool. But from what I was told, it's a highschool that have allows their student to focus on their career, whether it be sport, actings, or other things. I rather that she have time to do more works during her hs life, instead of just studying and wait until she graduate to continue with her career, you know. ^___^;; Because Ohgo goes there, I think there's a possibility that she will also go there as well (at least I hope so, or another chance for them to work together). But in the end, it's still hers and her parents own choice for where she will be going.