Friday, November 13, 2009

The beginning of "Liar Game episode Zero" with the protagonists from 7 years ago.

Taken from MovieWalker. Not direct translation.

From April of 2007, Fuji Terebi began broadcasting the popular thrilling and stylish drama, "Liar Game". In 2010, there's plan to begin showing a movie adaption "Liar Game The Final Stage". And also, on November 10th (Tuesday), the drama "Liar Game season 2" will also begin. But before that, from October 27th, the characters of Liar Game will appear on FujiTerebi On Demand with "Liar Game episode Zero".

The drama, "Liar Game", is an original work by manga artist Kaitani Shinobu that's currently serialized in Young Jump. The "honestly naive" college student, Kanzaki Nao (Toda Erika), is challenging a game with various rules. Where if the player won, he will be able to keep a large sum of money, while if he loses, he will be in debt. In order to win, the other players have to bluff, trick, and use mathematics and psychology knowleges. Can Kanzaki Nao fight without losing her honesty?

This time, "Liar Game Episode Zero" is a story 7 years prior where Kanzaki Nao save the genious swindler, Akiyama Shinichi (Matsuda Shouta), from the torment of the sly Yokoya Norihiko (Suzuki Kazuma). Why they are participating in Liar Game, also, why they hold such values when they begin the game. These questions will be answer. Look forward to it.

By the way, FujiTerebi On Demand is an internet channel by FujiTerebi that's contained a wide variety of services. From drama to variety, you can watch all kind of genres at the time most convienient to you. Those who haven't seen Liar Game Episode Zero before, why don't you check it out?
Also, excerpt from fujitv.

Episode Zero is about Liar Game characters 7 years before with Nao, played by Fukuda Mayuko, and Akiyama, played by Furukawa Yuuta.

Fukuda Mayuko's comment:
"Since everyone already got an idea of how Nao is like, I'm very nervous to be participating in this. Please look forward to how the spin off, drama, and movie tie together. I'll do my best."

Furukawa Yuuta's comment:
"This story, the protagonist's past is an important part. I'll try to work past my best, please treat me well!"

Random entry that doesn't say anything new. =_=;; This is just my excuse to post screenshots from those that were fortunate enough to be able to watch it. :x Enjoy


  1. Is it not going to be any possible way (free 2) to get to watch Liar game episode 0?

  2. I really want to say yes, but sadly I have to say no at the moment. Perhaps if some generous Japanese person is willing to spend the money and upload it, we might be able to see it. :(

    If you find a source please tell me. :<

  3. I really hope that someone uploads this soon! I really love the Liar Game series.

  4. I wanna watch it too... but I can't pay for this that much. plus, I'm not in japan. :P

  5. I feel a bit ashamed that I didn't know the existence of Episode 0 until yesterday!!
    Thanks to the free stream link website, here is the link on pandora.

    good luck and hope he will upload the rest of the episode!!

  6. I actually already posted the episode on youtube and in this entry. Pandora never works for me, but thanks anyways.