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History of Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko

Interestingly, despite them telling us Little DJ is the only project that they worked together, Mayuko and Kamiki worked together 3 times already. Though Little DJ is probably the one that they interacts with each others.

Both of them worked on the 2007 anime movie Piano no Mori, based on a manga, along with Ueto Aya. Ueto Aya as the main character, Ichinose Kai. Kamiki Ryunosuke as Amamiya Shu, Kai's friend and rival. And Mayuko voiced Maruyama Takako, Kai's rival and perhaps love interests. Since it's voice-acting, their schedules probably do not have to be the same. But at most they did attend some PR events for the movie together so they should be slightly familiar with each other. :) The pictures from Piano no Mori times of them are very cute, and perhaps some of my favorites, because during this time, Mayuko still got her long hair before she had to cut it for the Death Note movie. ^__^;; Sorry for my bias. Mayuko is especially cute and stunning with long hair.

The second time working together is of course, our favorite, Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~. This is where they are almost always appearing together in interviews since both of them are lead actor and actress. I'm not sure how long it usually takes for movie to be film, at least 2-3 months right? With this time together, they had plenty of time to talk and become friends (as you can see from the interviews). Mayuko did admit that she's not a social person, but from what we'd seen, both of them seems to be very comfortable with each other. While Kamiki is still shy around Mayuko (I wondered why), we can assumed that they developed a standard friendship.

Now I'll bet everyone will ask what's the third project that they'd worked together is. Surprisingly it's the last of the popular triology, 20th Century Boys: Our Flag. Of course, we all knew that Mayuko is acting as Sanae in this movie, but which role does Kamiki has? Acording to serveral Japanese blogs, after seeing this movie, they mention the appearance of Kamiki as one of the key character (which I will not name despited being spoiled ;__;). So you will be happy to know that he is indeed in the movie even though he's not listed as an actor. I am especially looking forward to his appearance, as well as Mayuko. Of course, for this movie I doubt that Kamiki and Mayuko have any scenes together, and they probably don't see each other at all while filming for their part, but it counts lol. I must also say that since their roles are secondary, we will probably only see them for 2-3 minutes max.

So, what will the future of Kamiki and Mayuko? Both Kamiki and Mayuko are still young, yet their popularity and credibility as actor/actress are continuously increasing. Eventually (or at least I hope and pray), they will work together once again, either in a drama, special, or movie. Which ever it is, I'll look forward to it. Seeing as Mayuko is getting ready for her highschool entrance exam, there's a possibility that she'll enter the same high school as Kamki (Horikoshi). With Mayuko's idol (Ohgo Suzuka), friends and collegues (Shida Mirai and Mizusawa Nako) are going to Horikoshi and are classmates of Kamiki, the chances of her going to Horikoshi increases even so slightly. I will also look forward to that.

But before that, I wish someone would write some fanfic about them.... T____T;; Even if you put Fukuda Mayuko as the evil character or something to stand in the way of Kamiki Ryunosuke, Shida Mirai, Yamada Ryosuke, which ever. I really don't care, I'm bored and want to read fanfics. T___T;; Though I do prefered her to get decent characterization. Someone give me one to read! lol

Mean while, I'll make due with these... lol. XD;; Thank you for making them.

Myojo January 2008 issue: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) x Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介)

Take from
The scan is not mine and never will be mine. Taken from sl_miyuri who graciously scanned the page.

In the monthly January 08 issue of Myojo, on page 165, a conversation between Fukuda Mayuko and Kamiki Ryunosuke, two co-stars for the movie "Little DJ ~Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~".

After the event, "Even though before you called me Mayuko-chan, why today you call me Fukuda-san? You're becoming distant." Mayuko-chan said with a smile. "Is.. Is that so?" replies the overwhelmed Kamiki-kun. This type of charming conversation was carry out before between these two.

First, what are your impressions of each other?
Kamiki Ryunosuke: Before we met, I was wondering what kind of person she is, but after the meeting, she's a very energetic and bright person. But she's also level headed, because I usually go off topics, she would put me back to place, I really respect her.
Fukuda Mayuko: Eh- I'm not level headed. But, because we are actors of the same age, especially since I don't usually work with a boy before, I was a bit worried about how it will be. Even though Kamiki-kun is close with my age, but he's a year older, and also an actor... I'm worried about what kind of things we can talk about, but after we met, we just talk about ordinary things (laugh).
Kamiki: At that time, I was only a first year junior high, the entire time until then, I'd never talk to a girl before... Because I wasn't accustomed, during the shooting, I will rushed when I talk, so I was nervous. When listen to talk about love, on the contrary, I will become silent. "Ah, that's true, un..." kinda like that.
Fukuda: At first, I thought it was annoying.
Kamiki: When it went to a trivial off topic.
Fukuda: I became relieved (laugh).

What did you do during the interval of the recording?
Fukuda: We study right?
Kamiki: Did I brought my studying tools?
Fukuda: Yea, you did. The something notebook? Something about must do one page each day.
Kamiki: Ah, the Dream Realization notebook?
Fukuda: Yes, that.
Kamiki: For the Dream Realization notebook, everyday, I wrote down a dream. There's a "Let's like math more" target in there, I heard that Mayuko-chan like math. That's why I thought, Alright! and immediately ask her to teach me. Anyways, near the filming site, on the platform of Hakodate mountain, we also watch the night view right.
Fukuda: Eh, viewing platform?
Kamiki: You know, I was there. The night view was WHOA pretty.
Fukuda: Hm, the spot where we were lost? Is it the place that kind of look like a building? Where the oji-san was asking "Where's the toilet?"
Kamiki: Yes yes.
Fukuda: I remember. I remember. The night view there was pretty.

Were you conscious about the theme "love"?
Fukuda: Even though it's a bit different, because I thought that the love between family and the love between the opposite are similar, I wasn't really conscious about it. But of course there are some dokidoki scenes, particularly the scene where Tarou-kun confessed to Tamaki, my heart went "Doki".
Kamiki: For me, I was cornered by my emotions (laugh). Even though I did have roles that have illness, but my face was "ghastly pale". The scenes where we were together always made me nervous. But because of that, I was able to realistically convey Tarou (laugh).

Then, please tell us about your type in the opposite sex.
Kamiki: A person who is energetic and bright, and is able to say things clearly. Not only able to think, but also can express her heart.
Fukuda: As for me, a person with beautiful hand, black hair, and has his own determination.

Lastly, if you were to request a song to a DJ, what kind of song will that be?
Fukuda: "Ageha Buterfly"! Porno Graffiti's Okano Akihito-san is the personality for Saturday's "All Night Nippon", because I love Porno Graffiti-san.
Kamiki: SMAP-san's "Arigatou". Even as it is, I want to say "thank you" to everyone. (laugh).

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Takakura Fuminori's beautiful girl actress report

Taken from Fukuda Mayuko's picture bbs.

Partial(?) transcript from the "Takakura's Pretty Actress Report" that I was talking about earlier... For the "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" movie.

How was it like to be a voice actress?
Mayuko: (Even though I'd experience it before,) just going to the recording site is already made me nervous. It was a very tense 4 days of work.

You have some sort of relation with Yamaguchi right?
Mayuko: My father's hometown is Yamaguchi, and even now, my grandfather is living in Yamaguchi, both my grandfather and father are looking forward to this movie.

What is the charm of this movie?
Mayuko: The children are very honest and frank. Even though I don't really know how it was for the generations in Showa 30, not a lot had changed between now and back then. I think the charms of this movie are the warmth of friends and family.

You're a student preparing for exam right?

Mayuko: Because this year is the year I'm preparing for exams, when I'm waiting for work, I would go to school. Not only am I going to school to continue my education, but also to gather experiences and having fun for my last year with my friends. I read a lot of books, and watch a lot of DVD, I tried to experienced as much as I can.

What will happen when you became a highschool student?
Mayuko: Until now, I've been going to school like always, and work as always. For one year beside from work, I have no idea what kind of valuable experiences I will get.

From your elementary days to your junior high days, you'd always been giving interviews?
Mayuko: It's kind of embarassing... Just thinking about myself the year before, I would get embarass. From the view of an adult, I think the me right now give the feeling of is still "a child". But, now, going to school is very important. "I don't think you will become an adult" is what I think as I go to school.

What are the atmosphere at school?
Mayuko: Even though I talk normally with my friends, I'm not really social.... I want to become more sociable. Even though I'm really close to my friends, otherwise I will go into my shell. I would think "I don't want to be hated", this me I really don't like.

When you become a highschool student, what's your strategy for making a lot of friends?
Mayuko: For this, because first impression are important, I'll try to be friendly and cheerful when I begin school.

Movie's PR
Mayuko: This is a very warm movie. The scenery and actions between now and that time period are different. With only one person, you can't do much, but with friends, you can achieve many things, this feeling of today and the older days haven't change, made it into a pleasant movie. I think my generation and the younger generation will be able to enjoy it, and even though adults might have different impressions while watching this movie, I hope they will still enjoying themselves. Please watch it!

What are you looking forward to when you become a highschool student?
Mayuko: Right now, my number one is to quickly do a play or drama. And then, I want to try working on cultural festival.... maybe as a Takoyaki seller.

"Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" Premium Preview!

Excerpts/summary from presepe.

On Nov 11, 2009, at the technology building, science hall, the event for "Come, Yamaguchi Premium Private Showing" took place. Before the private showing, there's a greeting on stage from Shinko's voice actress, Fukuda Mayuko, Shinko's mom, Honjou Manami, and director, Katabuchi Sunao.

They were also visited and presented a bouquet by the wife of the prime minister, Hatoyama Miyuko. Matsumura Kunihiro, who was the previous "Hometown Yamaguchi ambassador" was also there.

Fukuda Mayuko: The setting for the movie is Yamaguchi in the year Showa 30. I know nothing about this time period. Even though the dialects, and the way to play are completely different, the scenery and playing even changed, what havn't change are the merits of "friendships". Right now, my grandfather is living in Yamaguchi prefecture, that's why I was delighted to do this work. Because I think that there are various different opinions from different generation after watching this, I hope that you'll watch it with your family.

Excerpts from

Fukuda Mayuko, before graduating from junior high, "I want to be honest with my friends".

Serving as the voice actress on the first day of showing (Nov 21) for the long animation movie "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", Fukuda Mayuko came to Pikaderi of Shinjuku, Tokyo, for a greeting event.

"Even thoug the era is completely unknown to me, however, I still can empathized with it. It's a wonderful story" said Fukuda at the PR. Right now, she's a 3rd year junior high student, getting ready to enter high school, "I was surprised at the large amount of High schools. I'm going to have to say farewell to my friends that were together with me from elementary. Shinko-chan and her friends are still possitive when they have to part, I think they are tied together by self cofidence. From this point onward, I also don't want to have any regrets, so until graduation, I want to be like Shinko-chan, be honest and frank with my friends." she said as she carefully connect her private life with the work.

On the other hand, the role of the new student, Kiiko, is Mizusawa Nako's first attempt at voice actress said, "Even though I was nervous the first time meeting with Mayuko-chan, I think as little by little, while working together, our friendships developed similar to that of the work. I want to continue to experience this atmosphere." Director Katabuchi earnestly talk about the appeal of the movie, "Even though there's only one circumstance from the adult world that can't be avoid, with this exception, this movie depicts it in a genuine children's world. When the adult watch this movie, they may be able to return to that time, with this, everyone may be able to find that important thing. Please think of that sort of feelings while watching this work."


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Actress Fukuda Mayuko-chan interview ~ Takakura's pretty actress report

Taken from Enta! 371. Not direct translation. Just an overview, not actual interview. Perhaps the interview will come out some days later. :/

Appearing in one after another well-known works. Although still young, she is still very popular. In Takakura Fuminori(?)'s beautiful girl actress report, Fukuda Mayuko-chan served as the voice to the main character, Shinko. She talks about the charm of the anime movie "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou", and her private life.

Right now, before the official showing of "Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" on November 21, we are just before the actual "Please come Yamaguchi, premium preview meet".

Appearing in 2009 "Heaven's Door", "GOEMON", "20th Century Boys last triology: Our Flag" and etc... Appearing in various popular works one after another is a young, but popular actress, Fukuda Mayuko (15 years old).

Beside from frequently appearing in movies and drama for work, she is also a student preparing for exams. While a portion of the work is a relief to her, she also spend a lot of times with her friends from school. Until now, she's most like a 15 years old and has the most fun when talking about having fun with her friends.

On her day offs, she try her best to catch up with her studies. Even though she has to prepare herself for works, she also recently began to watch DVD, read books, completely enriched herself.

After entering highschool, she would like to quickly work in a drama, and to give happy words to fans. From now on, we will be looking forward to her activities.

Each responses are spoken in steady manners. You wouldn't think the composed and quiet Mayuko-chan is still a middle school student.

When compare with talents and actress from her own generation, you won't be able to find someone that possess a unique charm as her. Isn't this why she became heroine in such important roles for movies and dramas again and again.

This interview for "Takakura Fuminori's beautiful actress report" is broadcast on November 11th of "Cinema Actress" corner.

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Nakamura Masatoshi My Home Page: Guest Talk

Not direct translation as it's probably not correct. I'll continue to translate anything with Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko, because I like them. :)

In TBS Radio "Nakamura Masatoshi My Home Page" Nakamura Masatoshi is serving as the host. Every week, a variety of different guest came and a pleasant talk take place.

This homepage is the script of the most interesting portion of the talk deemed by the viewer.

The guests for the week December 3rd, 2007 are actor and actress, Kamiki Ryunosuke and Fukuda Mayuko.

Nakamura: Two performers for the movie that shown on December 15, "Little DJ~ Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", are here at this radio program.

Kamiki and Fukuda: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Nakamura: This movie, even though it's a bit sad, it's a warm heart love story. How is it?

Kamiki: This time, because there are a lot of first times for me, I studied diligently for it. Not only as a patient role, also as a DJ, and first love.

Nakamura: Because both of you are the same age, what kind of atmosphere were the filming site?

Fukuda: We were filming in Hokkaido. It was fun, and we talk a lot.

Kamiki: As for me, I was being taught mathematics at the filming site. (laugh)

Nakamura: Of course, since you are still a student (laugh), do you have a subject where you are you good at?

Kamiki: I'm not good at anything (laugh), like work, even though it's unrelated, I think I have no talent in studying (laugh). But strangely, I really like physical education.

Nakamura: But perhaps, half of the people in the world are like that, so it's alright! Fukuda-san, somehows looks as if she always recieve good grades.

Fukuda:.... For the time being, there are no bad grades.

Nakamura: Isn't working and studying together difficult?

Fukuda: That's because I want to reach my own target. Because, isn't it vexing? I don't want to make excuses.

Kamiki Ryunosuke's "My Favorite Song":
Utada Hikaru - First Love

Nakamura Masatoshi's thoughts:
Young, and cute.... But not only that, they also have their own plan, giving of a feeling of wonderful talents in front of our eyes. Their activity don't seems to ever stop. (note: I think he means that they will continue to be popular. Not sure.)

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The beginning of "Liar Game episode Zero" with the protagonists from 7 years ago.

Taken from MovieWalker. Not direct translation.

From April of 2007, Fuji Terebi began broadcasting the popular thrilling and stylish drama, "Liar Game". In 2010, there's plan to begin showing a movie adaption "Liar Game The Final Stage". And also, on November 10th (Tuesday), the drama "Liar Game season 2" will also begin. But before that, from October 27th, the characters of Liar Game will appear on FujiTerebi On Demand with "Liar Game episode Zero".

The drama, "Liar Game", is an original work by manga artist Kaitani Shinobu that's currently serialized in Young Jump. The "honestly naive" college student, Kanzaki Nao (Toda Erika), is challenging a game with various rules. Where if the player won, he will be able to keep a large sum of money, while if he loses, he will be in debt. In order to win, the other players have to bluff, trick, and use mathematics and psychology knowleges. Can Kanzaki Nao fight without losing her honesty?

This time, "Liar Game Episode Zero" is a story 7 years prior where Kanzaki Nao save the genious swindler, Akiyama Shinichi (Matsuda Shouta), from the torment of the sly Yokoya Norihiko (Suzuki Kazuma). Why they are participating in Liar Game, also, why they hold such values when they begin the game. These questions will be answer. Look forward to it.

By the way, FujiTerebi On Demand is an internet channel by FujiTerebi that's contained a wide variety of services. From drama to variety, you can watch all kind of genres at the time most convienient to you. Those who haven't seen Liar Game Episode Zero before, why don't you check it out?
Also, excerpt from fujitv.

Episode Zero is about Liar Game characters 7 years before with Nao, played by Fukuda Mayuko, and Akiyama, played by Furukawa Yuuta.

Fukuda Mayuko's comment:
"Since everyone already got an idea of how Nao is like, I'm very nervous to be participating in this. Please look forward to how the spin off, drama, and movie tie together. I'll do my best."

Furukawa Yuuta's comment:
"This story, the protagonist's past is an important part. I'll try to work past my best, please treat me well!"

Random entry that doesn't say anything new. =_=;; This is just my excuse to post screenshots from those that were fortunate enough to be able to watch it. :x Enjoy

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U15 Actress: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) x Ohgo Suzuka (大後寿々花)

While browsing the internet, I found this picture with Ohgo Suzuka and Fukuda Mayuko. I'm actually interested in friendships, especially between celebrities, because we get to know more about the people we like since the friends will tell us things that we, as the outsiders, don't know about. Also, in one show, Fukuda Mayuko talk about how looks up to Ohgo Suzuka as an actress so I'm interested in their interactions with each other. That's why I went and find the article (on the web). There's a website that actually post all of Mayuko's magazine interviews and talks! It took a few minutes to an hour finding it, but here they are. These two are surprisingly cute. :D Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy translating it.

The article is published in 2008 where both of them are still U-15.

Taken from As usual, not direct translation as my translation is incorrect. :<

"Nikkei Entertainment!" Feb Issue of 2008, page 38-39.

Ohgo Suzuka x Fukuda Mayuko

2008 recognized junior high actresses are talking about work, studies and love.

Aoi Yu and Nagasawa Masami debuted in junior high and received their big break. With the recent Narumi Riko, Shida Mirai and the like are junior high students that begins to play the leading ladies, 2008 is becoming a year for "U-15 actresses". As these girls get noticed, they will become popular before they are even 20 years old. Because there is a rising needs for freshness, younger generations are getting promoted.

For this magazine, there are 2 U-15 actresses that are being noticed. Playing Sayuri in a Hollywood movie and acting as the heroine in 2007 "Sexy Voice and Robo" is Ohgo Suzuka. Also, playing Maruko's older sister in "Chibi Maruko-chan" as well as appearing as the heroine in the movie showing in December of 2007, "Little DJ ~ Chiisana Koi no Monogatari~", is Fukuda Mayuko.

Begining their acting carreers at a young age, these two have passed through their "child role" image to display their talents in their performance. Certainly, these two heavenly sent children of the "U-15 actress era" are confronting their thoughts to each other, speaking about their private life.

-How many times have you two met?
Fukuda Mayuko: This is the second time.
Ohgo Suzuka: From 4 years ago, we worked together for the NHK drama "Ai no Ie". The first time we met, Mayuko-chan is the person I talk to, and there's a spot that we ate together right? It'd been a long time since we see each other, I think she gotten taller and become more adult-like.
Fukuda: For me (Ohgo) is like a big sister, even though I'd only recently learn that she's older by a year, it's shocking. Erm, there's something I want to ask. How should I adress you?
Ohgo: (laugh) All my friends call me Suzuka, or Suzu.
Fukuda: Then can I call you Suzu-chan?
Ohgo: Yes.

- From each other's work, what are your impression for each other as an actress.
Ohgo: The crying scene from the drama is very impressive, when we meet, I think the gap between her bright atmosphere and that is so great. The crying for each works are not the same.
Fukuda: Thank you very much (laughing brightly). For me, out of all the drama, I love "Sexy Voice and Robo" the most. Even now, I rewatch the DVD around twice a week.
Ohgo: Mayuko-chan appeared together with Matsuyama Keinichi in "L", while I worked with him for "Sexy Voice and Robo". In Matsuyama-san's mail, he will tell me "Mayuko-chan is always talking about SekuRobo" (note: short of "Sexy Voice and Robo").
Fukuda: When I watched that drama, I really admired Suzu-chan. That's why, right now, I'm really nervous. Usually, I'm not this nervous, but for some reason, I became nervous. I'm secretly planning to ask you to sign my "SekuRobo" DVD afterward.
Ohgo: Do you have a signature board?
Fukuda: I don't. I called the people in the office to see if they are making some, but just write the name in Kanji is enough.
Ohgo: Me too. I guess writting a lot is difficult, but right now I haven't sign in kanji yet.
Fukuda: Then, when Suzu-chan signing the signboard, I'll write kanji as well. When you finish signing, please contact me (laugh). By the way, is acting enjoyable?
Ohgo: Usually, I don't think about it, but when I tried it and feel that I'm able to do it, it's enjoyable. Even the role in "Sexy Voice and Robo", I'm not usually a tsukkomi, as I was doing it, it became even more fun. For Mayuko-chan, is acting enjoyable?
Fukuda: Yes. There's a lot of people within me, when it's time for rehearsal, it felt like a person with the role I'm acting will come out, it's fun.
Ohgo: That's amazing. For me, it's a bit different. When I'm doing a play, I will try to take out and became similar to my role.

- What kind of character does your partner has and what the real person like to you when you met them?
Fukuda: A little bit like a variety program (laugh). Because I heard from various staffs that she's very smart, that's why she have the feel of a honor student.
Ohgo: I could say the same. At the first when we talk, I thought she was very adult like, but at school, she's must get excited very easy, a normal junior high student (laugh). I think Mayuko-chan is perhaps, usually a very cheerful girl.
Fukuda: Yes, that's true.

- What's on your mind for your partner?
Fukuda: Right now, are you in love?
Ohgo: Eh? (laugh) Right now, I'm not. I have the feeling of love, but now I don't feel anything. Have Mayuko-chan?
Fukuda: I don't have it, but from many people I've been researching how to have it. People have told me that "If you see them for a while, you'll will like them." There's 3 guys that I'm close with and I'll will be near them one day for each, but love wasn't able to be born.
Ohgo: (laugh). I also don't really understand what love is, but I will probably not notice the feeling of like. Are you studying for test at school?
Fukuda: Before the test, yes. (laugh) Since the test are approaching, I brought my text book to the dressing room.
Ohgo: What's your favorite subject?
Fukuda: Math and science.
Ohgo: Is that so. I'm poor at math and science. For some reason, after working on movie and drama, my result for Japanese got better.

- Right now, the actress from the same generation are standing out.
Fukuda: For me, I only want to be like Suzu-chan (laugh). Even though she's a bit older, I think Horikita Maki is also wonderful. The actresses that I think are wonderful isn't just great at acting, she also need to possess an intimacy. Somehow there's not a lot of people that possess the later trait nicely.
Ohgo: For me, when I was working in Sayuri, I was able to meet Gong Li, her presence is what I aspired to be like.

- From now on, what would happen if Ohgo-san and Fukuda-san work together?
Fukuda: I want to play a younger kouhai in a club, and Suzu-chan will play a sempai with bad characters. Up until now, I want to see a role that haven't been done before. A good girl role and a bad girl role will intensify the difficulties. I want to do that.
Ohgo: As for me, a role where I will be very close to Mayuko-chan or a role where we would be on bad terms, and there's many more I want to try. I want to co-star together. Please let that time come.
Fukuda: Same here, please.

Now I really want them to work on a drama together! :<

Fangirl Mayuko is cute! And I love how she's trying to look for love and fail. :) So cute!

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"Maimai Shinko to Sennen no Mahou" Special Interview: Fukuda Mayuko (福田麻由子) Mizusawa Nako (水沢奈子)

Taken from goo. Not direct translation as it's probably incorrect.

Fukuda Mayuko,Mizusawa Nako- First time working together, what are your impressions of each other?
Mizusawa Nako: She does not look like she's a year younger! Mayuko-chan is very adult-like with a calming atmosphere.
Fukuda Mayuko: Nako-chan is very easy going (laugh). I think it's nice that her smiling face is always sparkling.

Fukuda Mayuko- As you try to perform your role, what's is a point to look for when you are creating your character? And likewise, what's the most difficult?
Fukuda: First, it's Yamaguchi dialect! In order to say it naturally, I practiced a lot at home. Even at the site, I accepted the instructions. Anyways, I need to be able to speak dialect properly, is what I thought. When Shinko is feeling down, or happy, her emotional change is very intense. But even though I'm not Shinko, even when she's depressed, frankly I'll be very worried. When the take wasn't good, we will try to correct it many times, when you think about it, one after another, it comes to look like an imitations of each other. At that time, the director will say "Reset 1 more time, lets try to make it more naturally" to ease the situation. It's not a one person work, it's a work with Nako-chan and other coactor's voices working together to make it possible, and it became easier.
Mizusawa: It's my first time being an anime voice actress. At first the rhythm of my mouth when I speak wasn't good. On the animation screen, I keep thinking that the tone of my voice doesn't seems to be in sync with the picture... The most difficult part was the narration without picture! Using just voice to convey is extremely difficult. But I was very glad that everyone was recording together. It give me a sense of relief (laugh).

Mizusawa Nako- After watching the finished product, what are your thoughts?
Fukuda: The pictures are very beautiful and the music is great as well... I was greatly moved that there are many possibilities with animation. The conversations are very nice! While watching this movie, I was frantically holding back my tears (laugh). Even the serious scene doesn't have a gloomy feeling. It easily give off a good message. Even when Shinko and her friends are feeling down, or troubled, they will still give the feeling that they immediately advance forward. I thought this frank nature is cool. It really sparkle (kirakira)!
Mizusawa: I had a different viewpoints when viewing it the first time with the second and third time. First, at the begining, I would be ashame at my own voice (laugh), but after the 2nd and 3rd time watching it, I noticed other portions of the film. When I watch the children playing happily, the scene gives off a harmonious feeling than, on the other hand, when they are worried about something. That time, together with your friends and climb over your troubles, I thought that was really nice. I noticed the importance of friendships and it gave me great encouragement and happiness.

Mai mai shinko to sennen no mahou- The setting is year 30 of Showa. What's the responses from your family about this movie?
Fukuda: My father is from Yamaguchi prefecture Houfushi city, my grandfather is currently living in Yamaguchi prefecture. I was glad to work on this movie (laugh). They want it to be show soon.
Mizusawa: I usually I listen to talks about their childhoods. My mother is a tomboy similar to Shinko. From her house, she would walk along the drainage, carrying a knapsack on her shoulder as she go to school (laugh).

Fukuda Mayuko- How are the mothers' impression when they watch this movie?
Fukuda: Even though it's an anime, I think there is something that can transmitted across generations. Even though I also able to experiences many things, there are many things that my grandfather and my mother went through that I'm unable to experience. It's vexing when I don't understand them (laugh). Of course for me, I would want to learn about others' thoughts from the same generation, but I also want to hear the impressions from other generations. The 9 years old elementary students like Shinko, I also want to hear their thoughts (laugh)! Also, later on when I'm older, I would like to see if my thoughts have changed.
Mizusawa: I also have an 8 years old sister who's a elementary 3rd grade student same as Shinko and Kiiko. This time, I observed my little sister in order to work my role (laugh). The children from my little sister's generation are playing in the city, so I think to be able to play in the mud is great and I would be happy if given that chance.

Mizusawa Nako- What are the similarities and differences between the children from Shinko's era and the children from today?
Fukuda: The children of today use tools like game to play, while the ones from Shinko's period have each others as playmates. Even though that's the differences, but I think the basics are the same. Even if fathers, mothers or us, the way we play are different, there's not a big change despite the different eras. It's still lonely when you don't have any friends, and only when you have friends that you can be happy. I also think everyone have friends.
Mizusawa: Even if you don't have the tools to play, and even if you don't have a place to play, just by having friends, you are able to enjoy yourself. With a companion, you can have conversations. That's why I think, even with different eras things won't change.

Fukuda Mayuko,Mizusawa Nako- What's the highlight of the movie?
Fukuda: The children are very honest, each characters are different, and even though each have their own troubles, they never give up. Always holding on to your beliefs and facing forward. This frankness in this movie is wonderful. Just being with a person allows you to be able to do things together, it's a important feeling. After watching it, it's a warm work. Definitely, please watch it!
Mizusawa: I am similar to Kiiko's obedient and quiet character, even though I didn't play so many things with my friends, I was happy that I'm able to define a lot of my friends in the characters while making this movie (laugh). The high school and middle school student of today watch it, as well as myself when I become an adult, I think this movie will be able to instruct the children many different things. I think taking advantage of such experiences would be nice. I want the people of our generation to be able to watch it!