Friday, October 16, 2009

"LIAR GAME" Spin Off Distribution.

From Sanpo. Not really a direct translation.

Actress, Toda Erika (21), and actor, Matsuda Shota (24), will be appearing together again for "LIAR GAME Season 2" on FujiTerebi starting on November 11 (every Tuesday evening at 9). But before this, the same company's motion picture distribution service, Fuji Terebi On Demand, it's learned that on the 14th, there will be a showing of a spin off drama.

This spin off drama will be called, "LIAR GAME Episode ZERO". In episode ZERO, the story is about the characters 7 years before the start of the tournament. The actress for the protagonist, Nao (Toda) will be play by Fukuda Mayuko (15), and Akiyama's (Matsuda) role will be play by Furukawa Yuuta (22). There will be 12 episodes shown, and will be distributed on to cellphones on the 27th.

Next year, on Febuary 6th, the "LIAR GAME The Final Stage" movie will begin showing. "From the spin off, drama, to the movie, please look forward to how it all tie together." said the full of expectation Fukuda Mayuko.

Mayuko's new work. :D

Not a surprise that she was choosen as the younger version of Nao. She's an amazing actress, and Toda Erika and Fukuda Mayuko are both from the same company (Flamme). Funny that Kichise Michiko is also from Flamme, and she also stars in LIAR GAME as well.

In order to watch shows on Fuji Terebi On Demand, you need to pay an amount. I'm not sure how it works, but it's probably going to be hard to watch this spin off if you don't live in Japan, which I don't. D:

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